【Translation】 Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi SS 「Harboring Murderous Intentions」


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


Harboring Murderous Intentions


“That’s right, Sadatsugu. That girl will marry the heir of the Takatsu Group”

This was no doubt out of the blue. The moment I heard the word ‘engagement’, I questioned whether or not it was merely a thoughtless remark; that was what I genuinely thought.

At any rate, the father who laid on the king-size was gnawed at and in a state where his terminally ill body was stricken by a mix of pain and pills.

Hazy from seeing an impossible dream, I was, in turn, floored. And lit by the moonlight, father’s two eyes stiffened. Never disappearing despite the encroaching illness, in those eyes fixated upon me, was the sight of an intellect deep within.

The tone of a ruler who had governed many people quietly reverberated through his voice.

“I know of your deeds”

My heart rate instantly shot up. Sweat ran down my back. I was attacked by the illusion that all my blood had drained to my feet. And here, I fully demonstrated the act of a “well-nurtured heir” that I’ve cultivated over many years.

“What do you mean, Father?”

“The one you’ll marry is a bride who would benefit the Mamiya Family. It’s not that girl. Yet despite knowing that, why did you taint her?”

“Ahaha, I haven’t tainted anyone, though?”

If Father is going as far as to say that then he probably found out about all my misdeeds. And about the fact that I forcibly violated the girl that was my younger adoptive sister to make her mine.

I do not know where he obtained the conclusive evidence, but this has become a troublesome situation.

As thoughts on how to overcome this situation circulated through my mind, I kept on smiling.

(Calm down. Father has weakened and full authority over the Mamiya has already more or less transferred into my hands. Tomorrow, if I increase the dosage on father’s medication and seal his mouth, then this engagement will return to naught)

Immediately drawing that conclusion, my smile deepened. But this time it was a mixed heartfelt joy.

Right now there is no one who could stop me. The obstacle of a father will stop breathing before long. And that was unbelievably joyous.

If people had heard, they’d reproach for being a heartless son. They’d unmistakably point fingers behind my back, saying that this was the act of a demon.

However, internally I was laughing away.

I treasured that girl more than the father who only sought the societal value of a successor and more than the mother who’s concerned about nothing more than public image. As long as I have that girl by my side, I have no need for anything else.

And so that she couldn’t leave my side, I deflowered her. Penetrating deep into her body with my member, I had left behind my proof of ownership.

It appears that in the end, she gave up as a result. Whenever I hold her in my arms I’m able to fuck her without much resistance.

Her crying appearance at the beginning was cute, but her current eyes that brim quietly with hatred fans my lust the most. More hated I am, the more I can truly sense that I’m having sex with her while she’s conscious.Thinking back to the days where I defiled her after she fell asleep, this is paradise.

……Like so, my body heats up from simply imagining sex with that girl. The inside of my head is painted with images of her, and I’m wholeheartedly enjoying my arrangements as to how I would embrace her today.

Immersed in pleasure, father’s cold voice pierced my head.

“If you wish to deny it until the bitter end, that is fine. But that girl has already approved of this engagement. This is as far as your wrongdoings go”


“Yes. We talk this morning, but she was pleased”

“I see. That’s good”

I secured the cheeks that were seemingly pulled and continued the act of an excellent heir the same way I had until now.

Whether I’m exposed, it’s my loss if I were to lose my composure now. If a panicked father were to call on people now, everything might come to light. However, I must not kill all emotions. It’s more preferable to display a little sadness.

I smiled and showed a hint of tears in order to calm him, and as planned, father had breathed out a sigh of relief. And as to signal that Sadatsugu’s heart had been broken just like that, he settled his head down on the pillow.

“Sadatsugu, will you not celebrate?”

“Yes, I’m celebrating from the bottom of my heart. After all, it is for the sake of my adorable sister’s happiness”

Holding back tears, I pulled up the blanket.

With a peace of mind, closing his eyelids, Father was hit with an immediate drowsiness and succumbed to the effects of the drugs.

While smiling, I gently turned my body. Quickly leaving the room and closing the door in a way that would make no sound. And at that very moment, the mask of happiness dropped.

(……Pleased, you say?)

My fist trembled with too much strength. My nails dug into my palm and I felt a sharp pain. ……At least that’s what I seemed to have felt. With fury dominating my five senses, the pain soon disappeared.

I heard the sound of something dripping down with my dulled sense of hearing. It was probably my blood.

At the side of the door was a man in waitingーーthe butler who has served by my side since I was a child quickly pulled out a white handkerchief from his breast pocket.

​And so I whispered a command into his ears with a blank expression on my face. I plainly instructed for my father’s awareness to be robbed from him at once and for his close-associates to be silenced.

With a brief order, he turned his heel as though he understood everything, and began mobilizing at once.

While watching his back move into the distance, I muttered to myself once more.

(To be happy to leave me)

Using common sense, this was only natural. There is no such person who would fall in love with a brother that raped them.

……Yet, an anger that was hard to describe arose inside me.

Driven by rage I stormed down the long hallway and arrived in front of that girl’s room within minutes.

My breathing was rough from my fury and hurried steps, but I opened the door carefully as to not allow the person inside to escape.

However, the stillness of the night did not hide signs of my wicked intentions. Through a faint clang, my angelーーmy cute sister jumped awake from her bed. Her shoulder quivering with movements reminiscent of a small animal as I pulled the duvet down to her chest.

My walk filled with murderous wrath might’ve been reflected as fear in my sister’s eyes. Even with only the dim lighting of the moon, I could tell her lips were pale.

“I was surprised. ……To think that you still believed you could escape my grasp”

My sister swallowed her breath as to declare that she had no intention to run. And then she glared at me with an unusual vigor in her eyes. “As we continue this talk, I can no longer stop even you brother,” said a small, but firmly intent voice.

“You seem to have misunderstood”

Intentionally using a gentle voice, I reached my hand out to her slender chin. Tilting it slightly up, I stared into those big black eyes.

“I have already seized more of the Mamiya household than you think. I’ll make it so that tomorrow, father’s wishes never existed”

Her face looked almost pale as she slumped. And as though to breathe into those slowly trembling lips, I whispered.

“Now then, let’s begin tonight’s punishment. I ought to properly discipline the naughty child who was happy to become another man’s bride”

As I traced her cheeks, the blood that I forgot to wipe wet my sister’s skin.

She must’ve grasped the identity of the liquid by the smell, because upon feeling the lukewarm sensation she had a look of disdain. She shook and stared into my eyes with an expression that could kill.

And just like that, the mind that was governed by rage is instead overflowing with great joy.

Whether it be hate or whether it be fear, but right now I dominate my sister’s heart.

ーーThis reality brings tears of happiness to my eyes.

I gently laid down her rigid body. And while doing so, I stripped her of her lingerie. Whether she was touched by the cold nighttime air or whether it was the impending fear, but she started to shiver immensely.

As to warm her up immediately, I caressed her with the half of my hand that wasn’t wet with blood. And I began to suck on those breasts before I could be reminded of her defiant heart. Persevering through those hardened lips, I entwined my tongue with hers and licked it messily. The other nipple is pinched between my thumb and index finger and I pressed slightly more firmly.

In the meanwhile, a small coquettish voice started to reach my ears. It was a sweet voice that could not be suppressed no matter how much one tried.

As these sounds entered my ears, my lower half began to heat up.

I moved my hips instinctively and I find her body temperature to be rising as well.

A lovely body that is accustomed to my loving caresses.

With a wide grin, I slipped my hand between her legs.

Twisting her body to escape the movements of one hand, my fingers continued in further. Remembering the slippery sensation on the tips of my fingers, I opened my mouth without thinking.

“Did you really think that you could become another man’s bride with a body soaked in my scent? What a laughable joke”

Stroking around the mouth of her vagina, there was noticeably loud watery noise, yet she shook her head and chewed her lips.

If this was the usual, I would’ve enjoyed getting her to gradually acknowledge the pleasure but……tonight I have no plans of proceeding slowly. Although the cute coquetry​ has softened it, the anger and jealousy inside me have yet to subside.

I want to hurry up and have her understand that this body is mine.

First off, I inserted one of my fingers, with nectar overflowing as it entered. I reached for her weak points with my fingertips and pressed up against them.

“Hnn! Aah, aa……!!!”

The twitching vagina responds to each movement and continuously leaks out more honey.

I quickly inserted a second finger and spread the inside. Enjoying the slippery feeling, I slide my fingers in and out. And whilst doing so, I strongly sucked her increasingly hard nipples.

“Ngh! Enough……stop! Stop! Ah, uwah…!!!”

Each time I knead her insides, her pale neck would bend and let out a flirtatious moan.

I give her neck a little bite. With her trembling stirring up more of my desires. It feels as though I rule even her life.

(Though in reality, I was probably never able to control anything……)

No matter how many times I embrace her, I’ll never obtain the heart I most desire. Despite the excitement, I’m always thinking that in the corner of my mind: this is a void that will never disappear.

So before that could rise to the surface of my consciousness, I quickly removed my clothing and grabbed onto her leg.


Whilst she is still hazy from the pleasure, I pointed the tip of my fierce member……and shoved it in with one stroke.

“Hnn! No…aaah!!!”

Her back warped, her moans reached almost that of a scream.

I wrapped my arms around her back, pressed our chests together and pushed deeper inside her.

That tightening sensation, I simply can’t get enough of it.

Pressed deeper and deeper, her vaginal folds scraped against my member rhythmically.

“Aah…once again your insides have been molded into my shape today. Squeezing down tight, sucking me in deep……there’s no one but me who’d accept such a lewd body. Right now, you have no choice but to become my bride”

In spite of spilling a lot of nectar, regardless, she still continues to shake her head and attempts to resist the pleasure.

I tucked my arms around her waist and shook my hips to destroy whatever reason she had remaining.

Loud splash sounds rang through the room.

By focusing on her weak spots, her limbs would start to quiver within seconds.

“Ngh, haha, amazing……your insides are twisting. Since you’re so indecent, I’m already about to cum”

Although she was supposed to be washed away by pleasure, she stared intently and let out a shriek.

Within a blink of an eye, I used the palm of my hand to silence her.

“You aren’t against it, right? Pulling on it so deeply, you want my semen don’t you?

It would’ve been troublesome if our father had discovered my actions, so I had been using contraceptives for the time being recently. However, I’m not using any today. Each time our genitals rub directly against each other, I can truly feel that gratification and the fever increases.

“Fufu, hahaha, aah…this is the best. Since today’s a risky day, it’s sucking me up much more than usual”

Wanting her to realize that fact, I drove it in forcibly.

Contrary to what her tears may imply, the insides that were accustomed to the pleasure moved to urge my ejaculation.

As her vagina narrows, I can tell that she was about to cum.

I too have risen to the peak of my limit, becoming more intense, the sensation of scraping against her become the most pleasurable.

As she became unable to articulate, I slowly whispered into her ears.

“Look, it feels good, doesn’t it? From now on, let’s live like this everyday, okay?”

“Nghh, hnn……hah!”

Because I silenced her mouth, I did not know what she said. Instead, I conveniently intercepted it as a good thing and smiled.

“As I thought, you want me to cum inside too right? After all, it’s desiring me, and squeezing me this much. Ngh…fufu, I know. Look, I’m cumming…! I’ll pour it deep inside……!!!”

Like I declared, I pressed up against the innermost place and released the hot liquid. Convulsing countless times, I poured enough inside for it to overflow.

Her hips swayed.

I grabbed the swaying body and pushed the still hard tip deep, deep inside with whatever remained.

“It would be nice if you got pregnant from this……”

The eyes that formerly glistened with a sparkle have been dyed in despair.

A slight feeling of regret, and the joy of fulfilling my years-long desire; my mind was in a complicated state.

In place of the hand that silenced her mouth, I pressed my lips onto it instead.

“I love you. For the sake of making you mine, I’m willing to eliminate any and all obstacles”


A few days later. I buried that ‘obstacle’.

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