【Translation】 Kankinkon ~15000DL Anniversary Drama CD~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

監禁婚 ~15000DL Anniversary Drama CD~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: If at that Time


Excuse me, I apologize for disturbing you on the streets this late at night, but there’s something I’d like to inquire about.

To tell you the truth, I’m having difficulties reaching my place of meeting. I was supposed to be guided by the automatic navigational system equipped inside this car, however, I ended up in a completely different location.

Oh, the name of the place? Err…it’s this, it’s this restaurant.


I see. Go straight down this road, turn right at the end of the street and then make a left.

You saved me there, I’m terrible at reading maps so I would’ve never been able to arrive on my own.

Despite being a proper man, it’s laughable. Though, I believe it’s more so an issue with everyone else’s method of explaining.

And on that note, your way of teaching is accurate and easy to understand. Surely, you’re quite clever. And not only that, you’re also kind enough to give directions to a stranger like me as well.

Haha, you’re being modest. In the eyes of a mediocre man like me, you look dazzling.


Eh? I’m not average?

Attractive…? Me?

To compliment even this type of man, you truly are kind.


Oops, I’m already out of time.

Well then, I hope you have a nice evening.


Track 2: Accidental Meeting


Whoa there, young lady. It’s dangerous to walk without seeing what’s in front of you.

Are you by any chance the person from the other day…!? Are you alright? Somehow your face looks pale.

Heh??? Coffee on my clothes?

Hahaha, oh just that. If so, then there’s no need to worry; I own countless numbers of these types of suits.

It’s true.

Or rather, thanks to you spilling coffee on it just now; it might be a good thing that, at a glance, it just looks like any other suit under the sun.


Reimbursement? You genuinely have a sense of duty, don’t you…?

……I like that aspect about you as well.

Ah no, it’s nothing! In any case, I really don’t need reimbursement. And also, with all due respect, I don’t think it’s an amount of money you can compensate me for any time soon.

Don’t feel so down. It’ll be a waste of that precious cute face if you hang your head.

It’s not flattery, these are my true thoughts.


Hmm…if you say you won’t believe me no matter what, then please think of it like thisーーyou are absurdly to my liking.

Haha, I love how you turn red when you’re shy too.

And not just your face. I very much like that honest part about you as well as the gentle atmosphere around you.

Ah! Saying it like that makes me seem like a playboy, doesn’t it?

I never had many opportunities to speak with a girl personally so I apologize.


Eh? Despite seeming popular…? Are you referring to me?

It makes me happy that you’d say that.

Hmm…I suppose so. People have said they liked me, however, they were primarily aiming for me because of my wealth. To be frank, they’re the ones I’d like to avoid.

Also, there are particular parties that aren’t comfortable with me being close to another person.

Yes, that’s right.

And soーーthis will be our little secret.


With this, that’s it from me.

Eh? Are you still concerned about the suit?

Have you not been told that you have a disadvantageous personality? If we just parted without a word as is, then you wouldn’t have needed to pay a large sum of cash.

I understand, if you’re going as far as to say that……

How about we go have some tea at that cafe? I just happened to be wanting a break, and with that, we’ll be even in regards to the suit this time.

To me, having tea together with a cute girl like you is worth far more than several million yen.

Well then, let’s go.


Yes, 2. If possible, I’d like to request seats by the window.

It appears that this cafe makes exquisite cakes, have you had any before?

Heh? You also enjoy the cakes here so you pass by here often?

Well then, I guess I’ll take whatever you recommend. I see, so the Mont Blancs here are superb. Will you be having that as well?

So then, we’ll both be having Mont Blancs.


Eh? Ah yes, I love sweet things too. Our tastes are the same.

Oh, what shall we drink?

Hmm…then I’ll have the same thing as well.


Ah excuse me, I would like to place my order.

Two of this cake-set please, and both drinks will be Darjeeling.

Yes. Okay, please do.


Hmm…? Why are you making such a strange face?

So it’s usually more crowded here at this hour? Then that means, today’s our lucky day!


Oh sorry, I’ve accidentally dropped my car keys.

……Hey, she’s getting suspicious so increase the number of extras a bit more.

I apologize for that, it was the same way when we first met. That clumsy part of me is no good right?

More importantly, you were slightly dazed when we collided into each other earlier. Is there something on your mind?


A-a-are you okay!? For you to suddenly start crying……

Please don’t apologize, this is a chance encounter so if you’re willing, please allow me to hear it. Sometimes feelings will become lighter just by speaking to someone.

Now then, use this to wipe your tears as we talk.

Uh-huh, mhm. Eh? Such thing is, yeah that’s pretty tough.


I see. So in other words, despite there being a nice ambiance between you and the senior from the same circle, you were all of sudden rejected by him.

And not only that, you weren’t even told the reason.

It might be rude of me to say this but, isn’t it a good thing you were turned down? A man who doesn’t appreciate the merits of a girl like you who’s beautiful both on the inside and outside has no right to date you.

The time to search for a better, more proper man had increased, so today’s conversely a lucky day.


That’s a relief, you’ve finally laughed.

You constantly had a gloomy expression ever since we’ve met again so I was concerned. If you pass the day with that wonderful smile, there’s no man whose heart wouldn’t be charmed.

So cheer up.

I don’t need your gratitude, more than anything that smile’s my reward.

Was my way of talking a bit dull? Age-wise, from the perspective of a young lady, I’m like an old man, right?

Eh? Rather it’s great…?


Haha, are you embarrassed from saying it yourself?

You really are cute, I want to devour you.

Ah, it meant I can’t help but want to devour this Mont Blanc. I too only have eyes for sweet things

Well then, let’s eat.


Mmm…it’s delicious. I’m shocked that you can eat such delicious cakes with just a few hundred yen.

Heh? I suppose so.

Normally I’d have a dedicated patissier so I may not have been conscious of the pricing.

If you’d like, next time let’s visit a place I recommend.


Track 3: Unforeseen Event


Thanks to you, I was able to spend my day meaningfully.

Thank you.

Is that so? I’m glad that you were delighted as well.

If by any chance you want to cry again, I’ll listen to your grumbling anytime so please feel free to call the number on this business card.

Err…although it’s a bit late, I’ll introduce myself.

I’m Saijou Touji.

There are a couple small companies entrusted to me, but I’m not that important of a man so don’t get too surprised over it.


Eh? You know of my corporation!?

How troubling. It’s true that as you’ve said, my household, the group governed by the Saijou family is a world famous enterprise. However, like I’ve said earlier, as an individual I’m not that important of a man so it’s not anything spectacular.

Heh? Your father’s a subcontractor of the Saijou Group…?

That’s yet another coincidence, somehow, it feels a bit like fate.

Did I sound slightly conceited again? I’m sorry.


Haha, to praise me like that is something only you would do.

Now then, allow me to escort you all the way back to your house.

Hmm? What’s with these men…? This wasn’t part of the plan. No, without my permission my branch should’ve remained as is.

What do you guys want? Aren’t you swinging around something dangerous?

Calm down, I’m with you so it’s alright.

If it’s money, here I’ll throw the wallet there so take whatever you want from here.


What? Hand her over?

Oh I see, so it was indeed true. What foolish demands.

As part of the Saijou family, I’ve trained in self-defense so this much is nothing. But I’m happy that you’re worried.

Though it’s imprudent regardless of what I say.

I’m sorry, there was surely never a single person who had ever been genuinely concerned about me so I was simply moved by it.


It’s true.

Almost all the people that approached me were after the power of the Saijou family. There were exceptions……but they were all destroyed.

First off, let’s move locations.

I targeted vitals so they won’t wake up for the time being, but this ain’t a comfortable place to sleep after all.

Afterwards, my men will deal with it somehow.

In any case, please wait for me at that bench over there. I’ll be tying these guys up so I’ll meet with you again soon enough.


Sorry to keep you waiting. Are you unharmed?

Heh? Me…? I’m fine.

Oh, my suit jacket got stained with blood while I restrained those men so I discarded it. Like I said, to me, it’s an unimportant suit.


Well then, this time I’ll properly escort you to your house.

Rest assured, I won’t become a “gentleman” who’s simply escorting you home, just to make a pass at you.


Track 4: As Lovers


3 months have passed since I’ve met you, but I never imagined we would come to visit the zoo like this.

No, that’s it. I don’t hate animals, on the contrary, I love them.

I meant that I did not expect to be able to go on a normal date like this.

Although it might sound unscrupulous again, I glad you depended on me in regards to the decline of your father’s company.


Look, you’re reproaching yourself yet again.

Come on, lift up your face. I’m your what right now?

Yes, I’m your lover.

To me you’re my one and only significant other, that’s why it saddens me each time you criticize yourself.

Besides, I’ve probably said it earlier but that amount of money is simply at my fingertips. In fact, I earn that amount mere seconds so it’s nothing you should be concerned about.

And if I was able to save your father, more than anything, it makes me happy.


Are you worried about the first thing I said?

You’re mistaken, you’re completely different from the others. You’re not using me, you’re gratifying me as my lover.

There’s no man who isn’t happy to be relied on by the person they love.

Oh sorry, it’s embarrassing to be kissed outdoors right? You’re always so cute that I unintentionally extend my hands onto you.

I’ll restrain myself so please forgive me.


No…? D-did you hate it that much?

I’m sorry, next time I’ll make sure I kiss you in the place where there’s no one else.

Eh? You won’t forgive unless I do something other than kiss?

T-that. Umm, in other words.

W-we can’t. It’s true that we’ve been dating for 3 months, but I mustn’t leave a mark on a maiden’s body before marriage.

Wait, by the way, people are……


Jeez, despite holding back to the point that I thought I’d puke blood…I’ll teach you what happens when you instigate an adult.


Are you okay? If your legs give out from the mere kisses just now, then you won’t last tonight.

Say, are you truly okay with me taking your first time?


If you’re going as far as to say that then, I won’t hold back. I will take your everything.


To tell you the truth, I was thinking of making a major confession today so I reserved a suite room at a hotel.

I’d like to embrace you there.

Ah! What about your father’s approval?

I see, so he said that anything’s fine as long as it’s me. Somehow, I feel guilty for practically betraying his trust.

Well…I’ll definitely take this ticket, though.

No, it’s nothing.

How about we go then?


Eh? Me liking animals was unexpected?

Nevertheless, in the past, I owned a large breed dog.

Hmm? That dog?

That dog suffered misfortune and passed away. And I regret not being able to protect them even now.

…If only I had more power at that time.


That said, this type of depressing talk doesn’t suit a date, right?


Track 5: Hearts and Bodies Joined


Sorry for being greedy.

But when I think about how I can finally touch you, I can no longer stop myself anymore.


Can I hold you up in my arms as is?

You can save the showers for later because tonight we’ll get messy either way.

I’ve always imagined me carrying you over to the bed like this. For that wish to be granted, this is undoubtedly a dream.

Look, we’ve already arrived.

Would you like to escape?


When you say something like that, it troubles me.

You’re so cute that I might be the one trying to run away.

Yes, I’m scared. The true me is an awful man so it’s inevitable that I have the fear of hurting. And so, I want to flee.


Hmm…? Eh, unfair? What is?

Hehe. Oh I guess so, I’ll get naked as well. It won’t be embarrassing if we’re both naked, right?


No hiding your chest. Come on, relax your arms.

Good girl.

With this, I’ll be able to make love to your nipples.


Are you embarrassed?

But from now on, I’ll be doing even more embarrassing things. For example, I can tease your nipples like this while stroking your clitoris and tickling that little entrance.

Nope, since this is your first time, even if you’re embarrassed; I ought to get it thoroughly accustomed.

Good grief…like I said, we can’t. I won’t insert that early.

Besides, I still haven’t tasted that other nipple yet.


Your clitoris has swelled up and that little entrance has become so wet that it feels good to just trace around it like this.


I wasn’t intending to tease you though.

Well then, first off I’ll just insert a single finger inside.


I’ll search for your pleasurable spots okay?


Hmm…is it this place?

When I do this to it.

I’ve found it, the place that would make you feel the most pleasure is here, right?

Mhm, just like that. Relax and focus only on the parts that feel good.


Aah…I can’t get enough of that voice. It’s much better than I had imagined.

No, it’s nothing.


Hmm? Are you about to cum?

Go ahead and cum as is. That way, it won’t hurt later.

I know, it’s embarrassing so I won’t look. If I’m constantly kissing you like this, I won’t be able to see your face as you climax.


Looks like you came properly.

The face you make when you cum’s extremely cute.

Hehe, sorry, I unintentionally opened my eyes but I only saw a sliver. Yes, it’s true and that’s why I’ll fully burn the image of when I climax into your eyes.

Oh that reminds me, I forgot to buy condoms.

It can’t be helped, today I’ll only make you cum.


Eh…? Is it really okay for me to enter as long as I cum outside?

That’s, fufu-that I can’t do.

I understand, I’ll cum outside then. So allow me to insert it inside.


As expected, it’s tight.

My thing can’t enter all the way but this feels plenty good enough. Let’s gradually get you used to my size without overexerting yourself, okay?


Even though this is your first time, isn’t this bad that you’re squeezing down on me like this?

Uh huh, it’s bad because I won’t be able to hold back.

Amazing! My thing really is inside you. I’m so aroused that a lot of ‘that’ is leaking out.


Hmm? That’s that. It’s not semen.

Come on, relax. You can tell that you’re getting accustomed to me little by little right?

Ah…I want to hurry up and grind up against your womb, but not yet. I’ll resist because I want you to feel good as well.


I love you, I love you.

In this world, you’re the only thing I desire.


Because your insides feel this good, I’m already about to cum.

But just let me rub a bit more.

It’s fine, I’ll make sure I cum outside.


Sorry, your insides felt so good that I wasn’t able to make it in time to release outside

But don’t worry if you do get pregnant…….no, even if you don’t.

Let’s get married.

I’ll be sure to make you the happiest person in the world.


R-Really!? Are you really okay with it?

Thank you, I’m so happy that I won’t mind dying here and now.

I’m serious.

I love you to the point of offering my life.


Where should we go for our honeymoon?



Track 6: Reaffirmation


Ngh, hmm? Oh good morning.

You’re cute as well today.


What’s wrong? You’ve never once brushed me away with your hand like this until now.

Never once have you.

Haha. No, it’s happened countless times.

In the 10 years, we’ve been married, there’s never been a single time where you’ve accepted me. Even though there’s never been a single time…

It looks like I’m slightly half-asleep.


Mhm, I had an unusual dream.

It was a very happy dream.

WAIT!!! If during that first encounter Iーー


It’s all in the past now. During that period, when that shit geezer was alive, I would’ve never taken such means.


No, it’s nothing.

I merely reaffirmed the fact that I have no choice but to devote all the strength I have into loving you.

That’s right, to you it was a time you never needed.

But even so, I-I’d still love you even if you were to kill me. That’s why, I’ll forever continue to be your husband until the day this heart is pierced.

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  1. Marshallcake

    I wish we got a track like this for Soko wa kurutta yume no fuchi, both good and bad ending were so depressing. If only Sadatsugu wasn’t this blind things could have been so different.


  2. Kborenai

    Ah Touji, even when trying to be vanilla he’s still one conniving sonuvabiatch. See? There is merit to approaching courtship like a billionaire daddy. He just went Haruto-mode for a while there. A very calculated whirlwind romance is still better than outright kidnapping lmfao.


    1. Criy

      Too bad he didn’t have the brains for it, hindsight’s 20-20 as they say and even then it took him a decade rofl. Haruto’s another can of worms, can’t trust a single word that comes out of that guy’s mouth even after his supposed “change of heart” lol.


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