【Translation】 Onee-sama to Boku ~Yakusoku no Juliet~


Thank You to Berri for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

お姉さまと僕 ~約束のジュエリエット~

CV: Suzuki Yuuto (鈴木裕斗)

Track 1: Promise


Big Sis, thank you for saving me.

Mhm. Because I’m like a girl, I’m always getting bullied.

Hehe, I guess so. Big Sis is like a boy. Strong and dependable, I want to become like Big Sis one day.

Will I be able to, someday…?

When I do, next time, I’ll be the one to protect Big Sis.

Uh-huh, and then Big Sis and I will get married.


It’s a promise.

Mhm, pink swear……


Hey Big Sis, you promised. You promised, you know?

You’re finally awake.

Good morning Big Sis.

Hehe, what’s with that face? Were you surprised that I’m here? You promised we’d go to school together starting today, no…?

Did you forget?


Ah. Hey! Excuse me? Since I purposefully came to wake you up, I won’t forgive you for falling back asleep again.

Come on, wake up.


Good morning.

You look sleepy. In any case, you were practicing your lines late into the night again, weren’t you?

It’s the usual, so I can tell.

What’s the public stage performance this time?

Oh, Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare! How nice, I like it too.

So what’s Big Sis’ role?


Romeo, and not Juliet…?

I agree that it’d be cooler than if an imprudent guy were to do it. Big Sis has a tall back and a pretty face, after all.

But well, I won’t lose in terms of face, though.

I’ve been solely praised for my doll-like face since before. …And only for my face.


Yup, yup, thanks to being bullied in the past I grew to be rather bitter. There’s nothing cute about me besides my face, plus, I’m a deplorable child.

You don’t have to comfort me, it is the truth.

That aside, this is the first time you’ve seen me in uniform, right? What do you think? Is it cool?

Cute…? I really wanted you to say it’s cool, though.

Come on. Hey, come on, come on…

Haha, I did it!!! Big Sis has called me cool.


True enough. If you don’t quickly change, you won’t have time to eat breakfast.

I’ll head outside.

Ah! Don’t take it off just yet.

Okay, it’s fine. Now hurry up and change your clothes.


It’s been a long since we’ve been together on the way to school, hasn’t it?

Since there’s a difference of 2 grades between me and Big Sis, even if I work hard to get enrolled into the same school, Big Sis would soon continue on to the next stage in education.

I’m no longer being teased. Rather than being bullied, everyone wanted my attention and were simply making passes that’s all.

In the past, I was a lot more like a girl than I am now, right?

Your granny is still saying to this day that I’m like Big Sis’ little sister, and that’s why I was able to readily enter your room this morning.

Yup, not like a little brother, but rather a little sister.


It’s strange, isn’t it?

But that can’t be helped, can it? Big Sis was always the one who instead of meddling, had protected me.

Even the bullies would listen to what Big Sis says no?

Big Sis is my hero.

Yup, not a heroine but rather a hero. The Big Sis from those days was just that cool.

Though right now, you’re not so much cool as you are…beautiful. Big Sis has become beautiful.


I’m being serious.

That’s why you’re popular within the theater club and Big Sis is even popular amongst the girls in my year already.

Next is Romeo, and you’re going to be even more popular again.

It’s a public stage performance for the 1st years’ welcome party, right? So then, it’ll be the end of this month.

Hmm…? By any chance, is the practice not going well?


I see, so the girl in the role of Juliet is taking a short break from practice.

How troubling. It’s the major performance we’re gathering for during the 1st year’s welcome party, isn’t it?

Me…? I’ve passed on club activities, they don’t suit me and I prefer to be by myself.

Say, Big Sis, that girl seems to be waiting for you.

They’re not your friend, right…? And they’re from a different year.

I’ll go on ahead then.


I saw it, you received a love letter from that girl earlier, did you not?

As expected, Big Sis is amazing.

To think my rival would be a girl……

Nope, it’s nothing. But well, I won’t lose in terms of the number of love letters, I receive them from both the boys and the girls.

Doesn’t make much difference which I receive them from, though.

Because I have no interest in anyone besides the person I like, being liked by others only makes me troubled.


Is Big Sis different?

I see, I suppose so. These acts towards you are also the product of the hard work you put into your plays.

If so, then it’s fundamentally different compared to me who receives love letters simply for my face. Had it been that kind of love, then I might’ve been happy as well.


Hey Big Sis, I’ve been thinking… If you’re willing, I can be your practice partner for script reading?

I have no experience with acting, but it’d be easier than practicing alone, wouldn’t it? Besides, I haven’t joined any clubs, so I’ve got time.

Mhm. Starting today, let’s practice.

Well then, see you at night.


Track 2: Coaxing


“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?”

“Deny thy father and refuse thy name.”

“Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be a Capulet.”


Hmm? Big Sis, your lines.

That’s not good, you ought to focus.

You must be tired, right? Let’s take a short break.

You know, but even so, Big Sis’ Romeo truly is cool! Even though I’m a boy, it always makes my heart pound.

Eh!? My Juliet too…?

Really? Was it that good?!!

What’s with that? That means we make each other’s heart pound, doesn’t it? Hehe.


But I’m glad I somehow became your practice partner.

Still, I’ve been practicing a lot at home and I’ve memorized all the lines because of it. After all, I have no experience with acting so if I don’t use my utmost effort, I won’t be able to match Big Sis’ role, no?

Nevertheless, while doing it…I found it fun!

I somewhat understand Juliet’s feelings.

The feelings of pain caused by an unattainable love in particular, and I think that’s why it remains all the more memorable to people.

Mhm, it immediately stuck in my memories.


Oh, is it granny?

Phone call? Uh-huh, I’m fine. Take care.


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet.”

“So Romeo would, were he not Romeo called, retain that dear perfection which he owes, without that title.”

“Romeo, doff thy name, and for that name, which is no part of thee, take all myself.”


Oh, welcome back. Did something happen?

Eh!? The girl playing Juliet declined? Why did she suddenly…?!!

Is that so, so her health was poor… You did say she didn’t come to the practice. Is there no other girl that could play Juliet?

Speaking of Juliet, she’s a star character of the play, so everyone wants to play her, right?

Oh, I see, everybody’s hesitant simply by having Big Sis in the opposing role.

Hmm, well I do kind of understand those feelings. That’s just the tone amongst the students of the lower grades. Besides, Juliet has a lot of lines, so it’d be difficult to memorize them now.



Ah! Hehe, am I perhaps thinking the same thing as Big Sis?

That’s right, Juliet could definitely be pulled off by me. I can become a much cuter Juliet than all the girls around here.

Mhm, I don’t mind doing it.

Of course, as a basic requirement, my acting needs to be acknowledged by other senior members in the club as well, though.

But with Big Sis’ recommendation, it’ll surely be fine, right?


Big Sis, I’ll work hard on this play.

I’ll have you witness a touchingly beautiful display of Juliet.

And so, if the public stage performance is a success…

Could you give me a reward?

I still haven’t thought about the specifics, but I want Big Sis to do something that would make me happy. Is that alright?

Yay! It’s a promise then.

Pinky swear.


Let’s do our best.


Track 3: Accident


Ah! It’s Big Sis.

I was helping build the set just now, I’m unexpectedly good at nailing you know.

Costume fitting? It’s already at that stage?

I’ll go, I’ll go.


Privately at home…? You as well after this, Big Sis?

The theater club is interesting, not only do you act, but you’re also preparing the costumes and set by yourselves. I was only called on for the role of Juliet so I was told it was fine if I didn’t help, but I’m doing it because I want to.

Since I never joined any club activities before, being able to help out was extremely fun. I never realized that doing something along with everyone else could be this fun.


I guess so. After this public stage performance is finished, I’ll officially join the club.

But…it’s lonely how even after going through the great trouble of joining, Big Sis will eventually leave.

Just kidding, it’s no good for me to be always chasing after Big Sis, right?

Still, it’s strange, isn’t it? Through the course of events, I, a boy is playing the role of Juliet and Big Sis, a girl is playing the role of Romeo.

Though, it won’t be unreasonable to say it was a deliberate casting choice.

…But one day, I’d like Big Sis to be Juliet.

My one and only Juliet.


With this, it’s done. I did the hair and makeup the same way it’d be for the performance. What do you think?

Err, I want you to say something, but…..

Does it suit me that much?

Are you captivated? Jeez, Lord Romeo, I love you.

Oh, Lord Romeo. Your face is red.


Huh? Where’re the other seniors?

I see, you did say they were doing dress fitting next doors. But it certainly appears that there are no issues with my costume.

Hey hey, Big Sis. I was told to arrange the set pieces we just made earlier onto the stage after this, would you like to take a look?

Yup, in these costumes.

It might shock everyone, but ain’t that amusing?


Male Student: Who’s that cute girl?

Female Student: Lord Romeo is so cool!

Male Student: Was there a girl like that?

Female Student: Who’s that Juliet?

Male Student: Who, who?

Female Student: I wish I could walk along with her too.


Hehe, nobody’s noticed it’s me.

As expected, Big Sis, you’re popular. The look of envy from the girls is soaring about relentlessly.

Nope, I don’t hate it. Rather it feels great.

Big Sis-no, Lord Romeo belongs to me after all. Is it ticklish? But I won’t let you go, though…Lord Romeo.


Uwah! Amazing, it’s already this close to completion!!!

We’re hosting the play here next week, aren’t we? There’s a bit of nervousness, but more importantly, there’s a lot of excitement.

Even if it’s a play, I get to be lovers with Big Sis.

ーーAnd there’s a kiss scene too.

Hehe, I know it’s pretend. I wouldn’t want my first kiss to be in a place like this.


Eh? I haven’t yet. Did you not know…?

There’s that, but, I’m well-liked by the same sex simply for my outwards appearance. And like I said before, I’m not interested in anyone but the person I like.

And the person I like, you already know right?

Mhm, I love Big Sis.

Ever since I was little, that has never changed. I’ve always loved you, Big Sis.

You don’t have to give a response, I merely wanted to convey the feelings I had. It goes without saying that you understand those feelings of mine, Big Sis. So in the unlikely event that you come to like me, you can tell me then.


But even so, it really is a big set.

Big Sis that set-piece is shaking so be carefu…BIG SIS!!!

You were startled, right? Are you alright?

I’m fine.

Uh-huh. Although I am bleeding, it’s just a little cut.

Calm down, I really am fine.


Track 4: Confession


Good grief, how long are you planning to keep up that expression?

The injury is nothing major and the doctor said that as well. It’s just a little cut, I can still do the play.

And in the first place, it’s my fault for telling you to come to arrange the set pieces onto the stage with me. Besides, I’m glad that Big Sis wasn’t hurt.

Also, I’ve finally protected you, Big Sis, and that makes me happy.

I’m sorry for feeling overjoyed even though Big Sis’ feeling this down.

But I am happy. Of course, naturally, I’ll still continue playing the role of Juliet. I won’t hand over Big Sis’ opposing role to anyone.


Big Sis is rather zealous when playing Romeo, after all.

If you say such things with such eyes, everyone would misunderstand and that’s why I won’t forfeit this role to anyone else.

I know it’s just a play, but it tightens my chest.

Eh? Because it’s me…?

What do you mean?

Umm…can I interpret that as you being passionate precisely because the other person was me?

But in other words, that would mean Big Sis likes me though.


Wait a minute.

Somehow my heart’s pounding so hard, I feel like it might stop. After all, for Big Sis to like me is like a dream.


I’m alright now, I’ve calmed down.

Big Sis, I love Big Sis.

Unchanged from when I was little, I’ve always loved Big Sis. I believe I’d love Big Sis for the rest of my life.

Can I say that this is mutual?

Then… Would you go out with me?


I’m happy!

For the sake of Big Sis, I’ll become an attractive and dependable man. I’ll work hard on my studies and acting and I’ll strive every day so that Big Sis would come to like me more and more.

I’ll work hard so thatーーBig Sis won’t regret choosing me.


Is it okay if I kiss you?

…Somehow, this is nerve-wracking.


Can I kiss you some more?

Hehe, I’m glad.

Could you open your lips a bit more? Yes, just like this.


Track 5: The Pair Approaching Drawing Closer


Hey, how about we idle about?

Come on, come to my side. Closer.

Hehe, I’ve caught you!!!


It’s only natural, but Big Sis’ very much a girl. The softness of your skin is completely different from that of a boy.

Oh sorry, did that tickle?

You’re fine? Then, I’d like to touch you some more.

It’s soft when I press down with my fingers. Hehe.


Say, I want to touch you with something besides my fingers? Umm…err, as in my lips?

Is it okay? Really?


It’s conveyed even through my lips. It’s soft and every time I kiss, it feels good.

I’d like to lick various other places.

For example, here……

Big Sis’ ears are supple too. Can I lick them some more?


What a cute voice.

It’s a different voice than usual, isn’t it? For you to let out such a voice, does that mean you enjoy this?

Well then, I move on to the other one.

Hmm? Strange feeling? I might be the same as well.

…I’m different from my usual self.


No, err…um, it’s nothing.

Uh, I knew it, you noticed, right? Sorry, this is unpleasant, right? However, this is a natural response, all guys will react like this when kissing the person they love.

Don’t mind it, it’ll take care of itself if left alone.


Please don’t hate me.


Really? That’s a relief.

Big Sis, if you come so close, I won’t be able to suppress what I’ve suppressed.

Touch? Mine…?

I’m not against it, there’s no way I’d dislike it. But, are you really okay with this?

Then, please.


Somehow, this is embarrassing.

Uh-huh, I’m alright. It feels better than I imagined, so my voice leaked out.

Are you still able to continue?

Yes, it feels good when you move up and down.


Let’s kiss……


Sorry I, I want to cum.

Big Sis, could you grab a tissue? Thank you. Can you leave your hand as is?

I’ll touch it as well, so let’s both…


I let it all out into the tissue.

Aah, what am I doing? If it were Romeo, he would’ve drank the poison and died. But even so, I can’t die. I love Big Sis, after all.

Is it okay if we continue on from earlier?

…I’m glad.


I’ve removed all the buttons.


Sorry, I was kind of enthralled. Big Sis is beautiful.

Could you remove this?

Mhm, as I thought…it’s beautiful. To think your chest would be this soft. Even though your body’s soft, your breasts are even softer.


Can I do it some more?

That pleasurable voice, so this is good. And it’s lewd how the tips are sticking up stiffly.

Wow, it’s gotten harder.

Here too……


Big Sis’ sexy.

I don’t know if it’s because you’re a girl, but there’s a grown woman type of feel and it makes my heart race.

And not as Romeo.

The current Big Sis is my one and only Juliet.


Can you move your hips?

It’s wet.

So you felt pleasure. I think this is nice but…

My fingers are in. Are you alright? Does it not hurt?

That’s a relief.

Big Sis’ insides are warm and it’s wrapping around my fingers as though it’s hugging them tightly.


Can I lick it some more?

As I lick this place, does it feel good? Your insides are twitching.

Eh? Here?

Is it like this…?


Did you perhaps cum just now? Your voice was different, wasn’t it? And your insides were convulsing too.

There’s no need to be ashamed because it also made me happy.

Hehe, how cute.

It makes me happy that I made Big Sis feel pleasure.


How about we stop here for today?

To be honest, I’m already erect but I don’t want to force it upon Big Sis in a hurry. After all, there’s an important public stage performance tomorrow.

In exchange, let’s kiss each other a lot more.

As long as time permitsーーalways.


Track 6: Day of Performance


Good morning Big Sis.

For one reason or another, I was ashamed to look at your granny in the face so I waited out here.

Mhm, let’s go.


Umm, about last night. I don’t regret saying that I like you, nor the various things that came afterwards.

How about you, Big Sis? Do you not regret doing those things with me?

…That’s a relief.

Then, let’s go.


Big Sis, here.

We haven’t held hands like this since primary school.

During those days, the meaning behind it was completely different. We didn’t entwine our fingers this way right?

Big Sis’ hands are soft. Ah, I just happened to remember.

Sorry sorry, I’ll forget it at once.

But it’ll be a waste so I’ll store it in a corner of my mind. Hehe.


“O churl, drunk all, and left no friendly drop to help me after?”

“O happy dagger, this is thy sheath. There rust and let me die.”


Big Sis, sorry to keep you waiting.

I never told even my own classmates that I was playing Juliet so I got mobbed, but it looks like everyone enjoyed it though.

Everybody’s staring at us, and that must mean the performance turned out favorably, right?


Your hand, Big Sis.

It’s fine, isn’t it? We’re dating, so it’s fine if we’re seen by people, no?

Is that a no?

Then, let’s go.


Still, it’s nice. Because everyone worked hard to prepare, to think we’d delight this many people…

Mhm, it was very much worth doing and it was extremely fun.

Cute, pretty, or occasionally, attractive, I didn’t enjoy the compliments that were solely based on my appearance. Being constantly praised for my looks, made me feel like my personality was insufficient and I hated it.

But I believe that was because I didn’t like my own self. I lacked confidence in myself.


However, being called cute or pretty made me really happy while I was playing Juliet.

I feel like all those who had lent me their strength and allowed me to play the role of Juliet had been praised. And I began to like the me who had played Juliet.

And so, even though those were unavoidable circumstances, I’m extremely grateful that Big Sis invited me.

Thank you.


Hey hey. Now that the performance’s over, you’re free from club activities for the next week right?

Mhm, since we’ve finally started dating… I want to do something fitting of lovebirds.

I suppose so. An amusement park’s nice and I’d like to visit an art gallery too. Shopping’s great as well.

If I think about it more closely, wouldn’t this be the first time that Big Sis and I go out by ourselves? We went to all sorts of places when we were kids, but each time, one of our respective parents would accompany us, right?

First off, it’ll be on Sunday.

Let’s decide where we’d go together.


Or perhaps a different day?

Big Sis, do you remember your promise with me? Yes, I told you to offer me something if the performance was a success, right?

So reward me, please~


Track 7: Promised Reward


Big Sis, I love you.

I remembered the places Big Sis liked from the other day. You enjoy it when I lick you like this right?

Would you like me to do the other one?

Then I’ll lick it lots for you later.


Big Sis, you’re making a really lewd face.

When I look at that face, I’ll get aroused too.

Your breasts are already pointed, you like it when I lick these tips, right?

Nope, I won’t stop.

And now the other one.


I’ll work hard, so feel more pleasure.


You’re already wet.

It feels good when I lick this hardened place a lot, right?

No moving, allow me to do it more.


I’ll be inserting my fingers, okay?

The insides are warm and it’s more sticky than before. Are you alright? Is it not painful?

Then, let’s kiss.


More’s flowing out again as though it’s melting.

…I’ll stroke even deeper.

Here, you like this place, right? It feels good when I do this, right?

I can tell.


Did you cum?

Hehe, I’m happy. Would you do me as well?

Thank you, but if possible I’d like to enter inside Big Sis. However, if it hurts then refuse me properly, I don’t want to do anything Big Sis hates.

I’ll wait as long as it takes.


Really? Would you be alright?

Then, let’s do it slowly.

It’s the first time I’m using it so I don’t really understand how.

On the outside of this…? Mmm, like this?


It’s on.

Is it okay? Could you spread your leg a bit more?


So tight.

It hurts, doesn’t it?

Mhm, that was about half. I don’t mind stopping if it’s too painful.

……I understand, I’ll continue.


It’s all in.


Your insides are hot.

When I’m squeezed by Big Sis’ insides, I sense that I’m loved through your body.

I’ll start gradually moving then.


It’s good.

Are you okay? Are you not suffering?

That’s a relief.

Hmm…? Me? That’s, of course I feel good. It feels good no matter which place on Big Sis’ body I touch.


Is your body alright?

If we don’t do it slowly, I’ll run wild.

It hurts less than before?

I wonder if it’s because you’re getting accustomed to it. Then, let’s draw our bodies closer and do it.

…I want to do it while holding onto each other tightly.


Amazing, all sorts of places on my body are being touched by Big Sis and it feels good.

Because your insides are clenching down, I’m almost to cum.

I feel like I’m really loved.

Can I cum? I can’t hold on any longer.


Cumming, cumming, I’m cumming.


I’m sorry, I became a bit rough at the end. Is your body unharmed?

That’s a relief.

There’s still more time right? Let’s stay like this for the time being.

Rest your head on top of here.


But, I don’t like it when you’re not by my side.

How about we hold hands?

Mhm, I’m spoiled. I’m a child spoiled only by Big Sis.

I love Big Sis’ hands, but your legs, your body, your neck, your ears, and your cheeks, I love everything about you, Big Sis.


Hey, Big Sis, do you remember the promise with me?

When I was crying from being bullied, we made a promise whilst Big Sis was comforting me.

That was probably around primary school.

I would become stronger, and once I became an existence that could protect you, Big Sis, you promised to marry me.

I’ll cherish you even more now, so please don’t forget your promise, Big Sis.


Well then, pinky swear.

Even if you don’t lie I’ll kiss you lots.


Hehe, more.


Track 8: The Pair from then Onwards


Good morning Big Sis.

Haa…it’s quite the summer. It looks to be hot today too.

The theater club is the same as always. Everyone’s in low spirits in the meantime because Big Sis and the bunch are retiring, but right now, we’re working hard towards our fall performances.

Uh-huh, I’m working behind-the-scenes on stage sets. This time I ought to build something that won’t break as easily.


I was only able to play Juliet because the other party was you, Big Sis, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to act.

Like I said, I understand the feeling of an unattainable love. I always felt a one-sided love towards Big Sis so I was painfully aware of Juliet’s feelings.


Hmm? Ah! Can you tell?

My height’s been increasing rapidly lately and because of that, my legs are sore. A bit more and I’ll surpass Big Sis. Hehe.

And Big Sis has gotten more beautiful.

You were beautiful to begin with, but after going out with me, you’ve become more feminine and grown more mature.

Recently, you’ve been receiving love letters from the male students too, no?

I’ve heard, even though in the past it was only from the girls.


We’ll be alright no matter who comes, because the one who’s protecting you is me.

After all, you are my one and only Juliet.


I won’t hand you over to anyone.

We’ll always be together, that was our promise.

Mhm, let’s go.

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  1. Kborenai

    Ahh, thank you for this translation, sweetie. This one is classic vanilla. I vaguely remember it was 2015 – me stumbling across this in soundcloud back when the only things I knew were BL pron CD’s, ahh, what a blast to the past lol. This and Hanae Natsuki’s Mikkare dragged me down into this rabbit hole, and I never turned back since.


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