【Translation】 Ouji-sama, Hiroimashita


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Crisis


Uh…nghh, hmm? Who? Is miss, police?

Apartment resident?

I’m, it’s secret. Mmm, can’t answer.

That hard to answer, I understand little Japanese.


Yes, I in middle of studying.

My name is Malik. And you are…?

Your name, wonderful. I like it. Thank you for telling me name. Earlier, when I opened eyes, your face was very close.

Bushitsuke (rude)? I know that, it the thing you put in miso soup.

Aah…katsuobushi (sliced dried bonito​)? Come to think of it, that might be it I think.

Don’t understand. How your bushitsuke and the katsuobushi I confuse it with different?


Can explain later, err…I must say something.

Ah, that’s right! Your face was very close, I thought it was a goddess. I saw bad dream, very very bad dream.

I yell out, “Someone please save me!”

And then, you were in front of my eyes.

I was taken…but it’s not good if police so I cautious at start.


I didn’t do anything bad. And I don’t hate police.

Can’t say.

No, please don’t call!!! I can stand. See? Look, I fine.

I know. Ambulance will go to hospital, if I go to hospital, I may be reported to police and I don’t want that.

Listen to my request. If you won’t no matter what……


I’ll hold you like this and make it so you can do nothing. If you call no one, I let go.


If you lie, I will kiss a lot and steal your words.


Ah ugh……I’m so hungry.


Track 2: My Goddess


Mmm, delicious. The meal you made is very delicious.

Ah! I know this, it miso soup.

I like this taste.

Mhm…I remembered miso soup. This fish, I like the taste.


Yakizake (grilled salmon)?

Unknown name, but every one is delicious. You are very good at cooking.

On h-and…? I don’t really understand, but I want seconds for every one.

I love white rice so I eat a lot.


Why are you glad I’m cheerful?

Collapsing and dying on the streets, I’ve heard of it. It happens in Osaka.

Heh? Why?

Is there no collapsing and dying on the streets? Oh…I heard once of ruining life with extravagance in food.

Mhm, I’m happy right now. You letting me eat food, I’m happy. That’s more than enough.

Thank you for seconds.


But not just anyone……I think.

Surely many people will pretend not to see, even if they see collapsed person.

But you were different. You’re letting me eat food right now.

Yes, I was really hungry.

Thank you for the meal. I’m really grateful right now, at such time, thank you is only natural.


Why are you saying thank you?

Because it really was delicious and gratitude is real.

Uh-huh, you are a really kind person. Truly are a goddess-like person.

Mmm…I’ve already finished eating.


This might be the last time I see you.

I don’t want to go back, I want to be with you a bit longer. If I uh…really were an abandoned puppy, could I still stay here?

Really!? Could I really stay here?!!

I sleep in kitchen. I won’t do anything, I promise.


Thank you.

This time I’ll surely see a good dream. Like I thought, you’re a good person.


Track 3: Many Thanks


Ah! Welcome back.

Mhm…I didn’t go back. I don’t want to go back.

I want to drink tea, I like the tea you make.

Oh, I remember it. You’re saying you’re making tea.


Thank you, I’m happy to enter your flat again.


Japanese tea is delicious. I love Japan, there many things that are relieving.

My body is well, I’m not tired.

I saw a good dream last night too, it’s been long time not seeing a bad dream. I always see bad dreams when I’m at my country.

Thank you. “It’s good to let it out”, you really are good person.


That might be true.

If there was someone I could talk about my troubles to, I might not have ran away.

My country’s in the middle east, there’s rare minerals and the food is tasty. It was a very very wealthy country.

Yes, that’s the name of the country. I’m the 3rd prince of that country.

Royal court?

Umm, it’s true my house is big. Very vast. Only relatives and family of royalty live there.

Maid…? Are you talking about servants?

Servants, there are many men and women.


It’s not amazing.

I’m 25. I was told I was of marriageable age. I was about to marry a high profile woman I never met and didn’t know at all.

I really didn’t want that.

I tried saying that I was against it, but it was no use.

Royalty do not necessarily marry for love. Both mother and father and everyone else said so.

……And so I ran away.


I want to properly marry the person I love.

Even though you’re together until death, if it’s a person I don’t like…I don’t want it. Or am I wrong? Am I saying something strange?

You too?

If you’re going to get married, you want it to be a person you like?


I’m glad I talked. I thought, surely my feelings would be understood if it’s you.

You let mem who you just met, into your flat and made delicious food and let me eat and said you were glad I was cheerful.

……And you let me stay.

I felt you would understand!

You understood just now and I’m happy about that.


Mmm, I have nowhere else to go.

Really!? I could live here?!!

Shelter? You mean you’ll hide and protect…?

Thank you!


Eh? No hugging? Or is the kiss on the cheek?


Oh……people don’t often do this in Japan.

Refrain from physical contact. It’s hard, but I’ll try because I want to live with you.

I’m the one who’s thankful. Many many thanks.

As I thought, you’re my goddess!


Your face is red, it’s cute.

I’ll treasure you. I promise!


Track 4: Changing Day-to-Day


Welcome home.

Smell…? It’s true! Very burnt smell.

I tried to copy, but it was no use. Even though I wanted to let you eat delicious home-cooking……

I wanted to be useful to you. I tried hard, but I burnt the tamagoyaki.


Yes, let’s cook together!

I want you to teach me the taste of your cooking.

So tamagoyaki is made like that?  Wait for a moment. Memo…memo……

Soy sauce, sake, and sugar. How much?


Thank you for the meal.

The food you made was very delicious. It was fun, it was delicious. Two birds with one stone!

Uh-huh, hey, hey, listen.

While house-sitting, I read bunch of picture books. For the one week since I came to this house, always.

I studied Japanese through picture books.

Yes, and so I remembered “Two birds with one stone!”

Uh…it was a bit difficult of a picture book, but I read a picture book about going to the mystical island of demons and the palace of the dragon king.

It was interesting. It was exciting.


I came to Japan once when I was young.

I saw a lot of seas and mountains. And I saw temples and shrines and all sorts of houses.

Japan has a beauty no other country has.

There’s a myriad of gods. Holding the belief of there’s a god dwelling in everything, that way of thinking is very beautiful.

And so from then on, I treated everything with great care.

I’ve always adored Japan ever since time and that’s why the place I ran away to was Japan.


It was correct. After all, I met you.

Kind, I met my one and only goddess. And you cherish me a lot too, the same way you cherish everything in this room.

Really!? I’m dear?!! Then would you listen to my request?

If I’m dear, then you would listen, right…?

Hehe…I want lap pillow.


It came up in a picture book, the child use their mother’s lap as a pillow.

Come on, do it.

Yay! Thank you.


It’s soft and it feels really nice.

Bring your hand over.

A thank-you kiss.

Huh? What’s wrong? No kissing the back of your hand…?

“No need to thank”? Really?


You cuter than usual when you’re blushing.


Track 5: The Prince inside a Dream


Turn a bit more this way.

Your place here is already this sticky and making wet sounds. And your nipples are quite stiff too.

You, who’s turned by my touching and licking is really cute and erotic.


It’s gotten stiffer……

And the face that’s dyed red is irresistible.

Do your nipples feel good? Then, how about here?

You’re weak to this place as well right?


No running away.

Let me see more of your face and feel more of me. If I seize your wrists like this, you won’t be able to escape from me can you?


You really are easily turned on by your ears.

You’ve let out your voice. Since the walls of this apartment are thin, the neighbors might’ve heard it.

I don’t want to, I won’t stop.

…After all, you’re extremely cute.


Look, it’s gotten wetter.

Allow me to lick over here as well……

It’s not dirty, I want to kiss all of your body. No closing your legs, please spread them open like this.

Your place here is glistening from the wetness and I’m almost painfully hard from just looking at it.

Right now, I’ll pleasure you lots.


Even though you’re resisting, your voice is leaking out. It’s so cute that it makes me want to mess you up.

Can I put it inside already?

I’m a little bit bigger than a Japanese, so I’ll enter from the back in a way that won’t hurt.

Please turn your bottom this way. Yes, just like that

Hehe, what a pretty butt.

Just by pressing the tip there, your place here is twitching……and I can’t resist no more.


Can you tell? I’ve entered all the way inside you. Your belly is filled by me. You can feel the shape, right?

No? What are you going “no” about?

Are you embarrassed because it feels good…? If so, then I won’t stop.


Your insides are really hot, it feels good

Do you feel good as well? …I’m glad.


I’ll kiss your ears along with it too.

It feels good……

Come on, if you don’t hold back properly, your cute voice will be heard by the neighbors.


Are you about to cum? I’m about to too.

Please accept my everything, and I’ll cum inside.

No, you belong to me after all.


Cumming, I’m cumming!


Your insides are constantly twitching, did you cum too?

That’s a relief.

Nope, I won’t remove it just yet.

Let’s go one more round as is. Because I love you, I want to make lots and lots of love with you.


Hey, if you don’t wake up soon, you’ll arrive late for work.

Heh!? What’s wrong? Did I say something that surprising…?

Dream? Did you see an unpleasant dream?

But your face is completely red though. Please tell me what kind of dream you had.

Oh, a dream that you can’t tell me…..


Mhm, you ought to hurry.

It’ll be bad if you’re late right?

Let’s make breakfast together so that this day would become a good day for you as well.


Track 6: Family


Commercial: A family is not something we make, a household is reared by those who live within it.

Commercial: And we offer assistance for the sake those you hold greatly dear to you.

How wonderful. The commercial that was just aired on the T.V. was extremely wonderful.

Yes, the heartwarming couple that were holding hands and were very close even in old age.


Home CM?

If there are people that love their own homes, I’d like to work hard and build one too. Being in love with one another like that married couple, ideal.

Mhm, I want to marry the person I love. It won’t change, it’s my dream.

How about you? Do you want to marry someone like that?

A household like that family just now…?

In other words, you’d like a large family!


I think so too! Having lots of children seems fun!!!

It’s nice having an ideal for your own family.

Uh-huh, somehow I thought that I ought to get myself together. I ran away from my country, and I feel like I’ve also ran away from my family.

…But you’re different.

It’s wonderful that you think of your own family as precious, that’s what I think. I should’ve had a proper talk with my father and my brothers without fleeing.


It’s alright, I’m not forcing myself.

I want to bring reality closer to the ideal future. I want to make dreams a reality. And in order to fulfill that, I mustn’t keep running away.

……That’s what I felt like saying to you.


Your hand is warm.

You’d always give me warm things. Meals, a kind heart, and dreams as well.

Please wait for a bit longer. Wait and without fail…….

No, it’s nothing.

Let’s make meals together again today. I want to eat miso soup, simmer vegetables and tamagoyaki too.

Yup, let’s also cook without burning anything today.


Track 7: Setting Off


Welcome home.

Thank you again for all the hard work today. You’re always buying a lot to prepare meals too, so thank you.

Uwah, it’s really heavy. It must’ve been difficult carrying these on your way home.

It’s true there’s no potatoes, eggs nor rice. I’m sorry, I should’ve gone out and bought them instead.

Thank you.


Sorry, I just wanted to kiss you on your cheeks no matter what.

Allow me to cook for today.

It’s nothing. Change your clothes and slowly drink some coffee, or perhaps you can take a bath first? I’ve filled it with hot water.

Okay then, do something you enjoy as you wait.

First I’ll cook the rice and the dashi for miso soup is……this. Afterwards is soy sauce, rice wine, and sugar…….


I DID IT!!! Haha, let’s eat.

Yup, I made everything myself.

Oh…have you noticed? It’s the first meal you made for me. Miso soup, tamagoyaki, grill salmon, and also spinach dressed with sesame sauce.

It’s my favorite menu.

I’m glad you’re delighted by it. Come on, take a seat, and dig in.


Let’s dig in.

Really? That makes me happy. I’m proud of my tamagoyaki today, it turned out quite nicely.

Say, which one is the most delicious?

Really!? Which one do you think I’m most self-confident in?

Nope, it’s the spinach dressed with sesame sauce. The truth is, with that soy sauce I added……


Here’s your after-meal coffee.

I was always being taught by you and so I’ve gotten good at brewing coffee. And that’s why the me who’s here right now is all thanks to you.

It’s not an exaggeration, I really do think that.

Really!? I have a lot of fun being with you too. Mhm…we’ll always be together.


Please don’t take it as a joke, I really do plan to stay with you forever.

Now don’t look down, how about a second helping of coffee?

You still haven’t watched the movie you rented, right?

Let’s watch it together.

The old Japanese movies are delicate and are made very carefully, so I like them. Erm…if I remember correctly my favorite film is around this area.

Film, film. Ah! There it is.


She’s sleeping quite soundly.

I’m truly thankful for everything up until now.

I’m sorry andーーfarewell.


Track 8: The Pair’s Future


Oh, welcome back!

Uh-huh, it’s me. It really is me. It’s Malik.

I suddenly left approximately half a year ago, so it’s not strange to be in disbelief.

Ah…this is the first time you’ve seen me in these clothes isn’t it? They’re prince-like clothing, but I am a real prince after all.

Hehe, besides I came from my country as is.


I’ve always been anticipating this day, I wanted to hurry up and see you so I came in in this state.

I said farewell, but it wasn’t just a simple farewell.

It was farewell so that we could always be together from now on. After parting from you, I returned to my own country and talked to my family.

I talked with them seriously and they finally understood.

Foreign affairs in Japan are now left to me so I can stay here forever. I worked hard at my work, met everyone’s expectations, was acknowledged by my family, and have come to meet you at last.

From the very start, the reason I left your house was to do this.


I’m happy you said you were lonely. During the time we couldn’t meet, you became the lonely one didn’t you?

Uh-huh, that’s right, I’m really sorry for making you feel so anxious.


Do you remember what my dream was?

I wish to marry the person I love. Now here’s the problem, why have I brought a bouquet of flowers?

……It’s for the sake of proposing to you.

Could we grant my wish together? I love you, so please MARRY ME!!!


I’m glad! I didn’t know what I’d do if you refused.

Is it okay if I make you mine?

I want to become one right away……


Close your eyes. Yes.

To us, this is our first kiss and it makes me happy. This is the first time you’re hugging me back isn’t it?


Your lips are extremely sweet, and I want to kiss them forever.

It appears that you’re weak to me sucking on your tongue like this, your body’s quivering.


Your breasts are really soft and it feels nice, is okay for me to touch them directly?

They’re beautiful.

I’ll strip too.

Okay, with this we’re the same. Don’t hide, let me more of it.

Your nipples are already this stiff……


Does it feel good when I kiss this place?

Then, I’ll do it some more.


Both your chest and your nipples are smooth and feel nice to the touch.



Can you open up your legs?

Yes, please spread them like that.

It’s really slippery, a lot’s flowing out. It’s not dirty at all, it’s quite pretty and I like your taste.

And let me hear more of that sexy voice.


I’ll be inserting my fingers, okay?

Does it not hurt?

That’s a relief.

Your insides are really hot.

Are you about to cum…? Go ahead and cum, and I’ll continue licking that hardened place.


You came, didn’t you? I can tell.

Because your hips were moving, I couldn’t stop myself either. I’ve already become like this too.

Witnessing your sexy voice and face, I end up wanting to enter inside already.

Can I put it in?

Thank you, I’ll insert it inside slowly, okay?


It’s completely in, can you tell?

When I’m embracing you like this, our heartbeats are entwined and it’s truly as though we’ve become one.

ーーMy dear beloved one.

I’ll start moving, please tell me if it hurts.


Are you okay? Does it not hurt anywhere…?

Mmm, that’s a relief.

Me? It feels really good for me. Your insides are extremely syrupy, and it’s squeezing down on me. I wish I could stay like forever.

I want you to feel more pleasure.

Please tell me where it feels good.


Does this feel good?

Then, I’ll do it some more.


It clenched quite tightly just now.

Does this place feel pleasurable?

Well then, I’ll grind up against this place a lot and I’ll also rub this place with my fingers.


Sorry, am I a bit rough? I can’t stop my hips.

Are you about to cum?

That’s fine, I’m about to too. Let’s climax together.


Turn your face this way.

Let’s kiss.

I’m about to cum! Cumming!!!


Were you able to properly cum…?

I’m glad.

I let out a lot.

Please wait for a moment…okay, it’s clean.


This is happiness, I’m very happy.

Really? If we get married, I’ll give you lots and lots of love.

Uh-huh, I won’t leave anymore.


We’ll always be together, together. I promise.

I’ll make you the most happiest princess in the world.

I love you, I truly love you.

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