【Translation】 Bloody Endings Aka no Kariudo Hen SS 「End of Red」


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


End of Red

It was a warm early afternoon. Before he even knew it, Jill who was eagerly maintaining his hunting gun inside the house had noticed that he could no longer see the sight of his little sister.

He searched frantically up and down the house, but she was nowhere to be found. Quickly rushing outside the house, he called out his sister’s name. But there was no reply.

Scour the village at once and if she isn’t there, extend into the forestーー

While thinking those exact thoughts, Jill paused for a moment. He was being far too hasty and told himself to calm these feelings of restlessness.

Jill slowly searched the area around the house and turned around to the rear. And once he did.

“So you were in a place like this……”

There was the figure of a cute girl asleep against a wolf’s fluffy body. Jill breathed a deep sigh of relief, though at the same time, the sheer beauty of the all too pure and defenseless sleeping face swelled up inside him.

He sat down quietly beside the girl so as to not wake her. The wolf that was used in exchange for a pillow looked up towards Jill and faced back down again immediately.

10 years have already passed since Jill found his “sister” by the riverside. The young girl has still yet to realize that in truth, she wasn’t his “sister”. The little infant he picked up had quickly grown and blossomed into a healthy, cheerful and lovely young lady.

This time, Jill let out a mixed sigh. There was no sign of unease in the girl’s expression as she breathed happily. Regardless, the little girl’s body is transforming into that of a woman. The breasts that have begun to enlarge rocked up and down as she breathed. And the once small and puffed up hands too are shifting into being slender and supple.

ーーSoon, the end will come……

Beloved “sister”, precious “sister”

However that relationship was grounded in falsehood and once the young girl approaches her first menstruation, everything will come to an end.

Jill gently stretched his hand towards the young girl’s rosy cheeks. At the thought of whether or not to caress, he stopped moving and narrowed his eyes. A sad smile appeared on Jill’s lips.

Perhaps noticing the signs, the girl woke up in a snap. And Jill promptly withdrew his hand.

“It’s because you’re out taking a nap in a place like this that I had to search for you, no?”

The young girl blinked her still sleepy eyes and apologized as she rubbed them. And since the wolf was there, she showed it a friendly smile and stroked it’s back.

“You were the same way in the past. You aren’t in the slightest way scared of wolves”

Jill asked “Why is that?”, and the girl tilted her head in response.

“ーーThey smell very similar to big brother and so I find it soothing.”

Jill became startled. Nevertheless, he instantly switched to a smile and patted the young girl’s head.

“……I see. That might just be the smell of the sun though.”

As sad lies accumulate​, even Jill himself no longer knew just how more of this suffering he could endure.

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