【Translation】 Bloody Endings Aka no Kariudo Hen SS 「Prologue」


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation



Once upon a time, an adorable princess was born between a gentle king and his queen.

Red stained cheeks, cute round eyes and a tiny mouth that was always smiling. Her sweet appearance brought everyone to happiness.

The two were extremely overjoyed and loved the princess so much that no pain could exceed it.

However, that happiness ended all too quickly.

One day, the neighboring country invaded the castle and the king was slain mercilessly.

The queen managed to escape through the loss of the king’s life and arrived at a riverbank. However, she was discovered by her pursers at last. Letting her sleep, the queen lowered the lovely princess into the basket, placing inside gold coins and the royal crested ring and allowed her to be taken by the river flow.

“ーーMay a kind person please protect this child. Please, somehow please, raise this precious girl to be healthy.”

A sword was swung down upon the queen as she continued to pray in the direction of the river. The splash of blood that sprayed from her mother was not something the still infant princess had seen.

Pitiful princess. Her parents and her kingdom lost, the princess was lolled to sleep on top the swaying river as though rocked upon a cradle.

As it eventually drifted deeper into the forest, the basket struck up against a tree root and shook violently causing the princess to wail loudly. As if to say this was the fated location, as if to say that this is the place the queen wished for, she cried out in search of something.

The healthy cry that reached far into the woods and was heard by a single boy.

“I hear the cries of a baby, what does this mean?”

The boy peeped quietly into the basket and witnessed the princess shift from a teary expression into a smiling one.

“How adorable.”

That was what the young boy thought. Yet somehow, his heart was pained.

“Father,” the boy yelled out.

The boy lifted up the princess without realizing this love would destroy itself. And eyes that appears to suck one in looked up intensely at him.

There was no way of knowing that beyond this destiny, lies nothing more than a cruel, cruel futureーー

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