【Translation】 Bloody Endings Aka no Kariudo Hen


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

Bloody Endings 赤の狩人編

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: The Hunter and the Little Girl in the Bewildering Woods


Once upon a time, often called the bewildering woodsーーthere was once an ominous forest.

It was feared by the people and no one dared to approach. Nevertheless, deep within, existed a tiny village. Inside the village lived an equally robust young hunter and a sweet little girl donning a red hood over her head.

The pair were very close siblings, however, the happiness did not last for long.

It was a short, short bliss until the moment the little girl grew up.


What are you doing out here!?

I told you that you mustn’t leave the house on your own accord did I not? Do you not realize how worried Father and I were?!!

More importantly, the day’s already getting dark andーーit’s full moon.



I told you that if you want to pick flowers then bring me along no? Besides, the flowers adorning the house are still healthy.

Do you really like flowers that much?

It’s not that I’m reprimanding you-no, I guess I am blaming you. But I’m not angry, you know that, right?

Come on, let’s go home.


You’ve picked quite a lot of flowers, haven’t you? Did it not take quite some time?

When I returned from hunting, you weren’t there and so I was worried.

Was I scary?

You were scared, weren’t you? Lately, you’d immediately look frightened whenever I utter a word.


I know, I allowed you freedom until now and it’s not unreasonable to want to go out whenever you feel like.

But please understand, not letting you leave the house alone is for your own sake.

No matter what! You don’t need to know the reason.

What’s wrong? You’ve seen countless wolves until now, haven’t you? Why have you become so afraid of them…?

Well, it’s fine, a normal wolf won’t be able to harm you. You realized that, right?


That aside, you’re hungry, aren’t you?

Let’s cook some rabbit stew, it’ll warm you up

Since it’s grown cold and the snow’s piling up, it’s best if you eat something warm and sleep soundly.

Because the moon’s outーー


Track 2: A Virginity Offered to Jill


Are you awake?

To fall asleep in the kitchen, it appears that your sleeping posture has gotten pretty bad. Father was laughing as well and he got up to check.

You were attacked by a wolf…? Looks like you’ve seen a nightmare.

Besides, I had been asleep in my usual bed the whole time last night.

It’s a dream. It’s a dream.


You saw a scary nightmare precisely because you went out by yourself yesterday to pick flowers. On the way home, you were frightened by the wolf calls that you should’ve been accustomed to.

Aah…I taught you what you should do when something scary happens, right? So what should you be doing?

Yes, the ring hanging from your neck is your protective charm. Were something to happen, it’ll protect you without fail.

And so, whenever you’re afraid…….give it a prayer of “Please save me.”

Come on, try it.


It’s calming is it not?

This ring and I are your allies, your amulet.

If you understand, then place the ring back under your clothing. From now on, you mustn’t let anyone see it.


Why…? You’re all questions lately.

What are you so worked up about!? It’s not something you need to know, so……

Either way, once the time comes you’ll understand everything and until then we’ll be together. Okay?

Don’t make that face, you’re my cute little sister.


Are you falling asleep again from the lack of sleep?

I got it. Then, let’s do something you enjoy today. Yes, it’s fine. I’m not going hunting so I’ll be your company today.

Is there something you’d like to do?

I thought you’d say that. It’s a rare chance, as per your words, let’s go outside.


Don’t be so frolicky.

Good grief. No matter how much time has passed, you’re still like a child.

Haha, don’t take it so seriously. I’m well aware that you’re no longer a child, that’s why I said that you’re simple-minded ‘like’ a child didn’t I?

Cheer up, aren’t we going to visit your favorite lake?

As expected, you really are like a child.


It’s nothing, it’s nothing. Let’s go.


Okay! Take a seat, let’s eat the bread I brought along.

There’s also wine. How about it?


What a nice breeze, if only time could stop right now.

……No, if only it stopped earlier.

It’s nothing, I was talking to myself. You don’t have to worry about anything.


Agh! Shh, be quiet.

It must’ve remained starved since last night, but for it to be unable to revert.

No, it’s nothing. Get behind me.


Calm down, I am a comrade.

Fast until the next full-moon and in doing so, you’ll be able to return to the village. You realize that, right!?

Get it together!!! Stop!



We’re running!!!

It’s not dead, I merely shot its leg. It might chase after us immediately.

……At this rate, it’ll catch up.

Hang on, hang on tight. I’ll be running like this!


Just in time.

Right when the rain began to pour, I’m glad there was a little hut nearby.

You were scared, weren’t you? I’m sorry, this is the first time you’ve seen such a large wolf right?


Like I said, that was a dream. Last night was a dream.


Don’t cry, it’s alright now.

To be this soak by the rain, you’ll catch a cold. Come here, it’s tattered but there’s a blanket.

Until the rain stops, let’s take shelter from it here, and I’ll hold you inside my arms.

I know, you’re no longer a child. Right?

But it’ll be warmer this way no? So, s-so……


J-Just now was-don’t look, I won’t be able to resist!

Despite enduring this whole time.

What are you saying!? This isn’t good, after all, we’re, we’re…….


I suppose so, that type of thing doesn’t matter. I’ve always desired you.


Even though I intended to have you escape before it came to this.

It’s cold, right? Adhere close to me.



You must think it’s odd that I’ve always wanted to do this.


No, spread your legs properly.

Good girl.

There’s no going back now, I’ll make you mine.


It’s wet.

Loosen up your legs, I told you there’s no going back didn’t I? I won’t listen to what you have to say.

Now spread your legs.


Embarrassing? I know everything about you, the only one who can understand you is me.

That’s why I won’t hand you over to anyone!


Ah look, it’s overflowing. See?

It’s no longer scary, right?



You aren’t scared of me anymore, ain’t that right?

Don’t bite your lips, if you tense up……it’ll be difficult for me to enter.

It’s in.


Bare with it for a bit longer.

Can I cling onto you?

Wrap your arms around my neck. Yes.


It feels good.

The truth is, I’ve always wanted to make you mine. I know it’s unforgivable, but……

No, I won’t hand you over to anyone!

If the two of us run away somewhere as we are now, and if that happens.


We mustn’t, right? I know but, you’ve noticed haven’t you…? I had always been looking at you with these eyes.

Each time you smiled at me innocently, I had these feelings.


I’m already about to cum.

Please hold on for a bit longer.


……Sorry, I’m sorry.


Track 3: Jill’s Love


Keep the events of today a secret from our father.

It was tough, wasn’t it? Show me.

Open up your legs and let me have a close look. Even if it’s dark, I can see. My eyes are more effective in the dark.

And to begin with, I can see clearly even without light.

Despite cherishing you this much, I lost myself during the day and didn’t stop in spite of it causing you pain.

……I’m sorry.


Could you please spread your legs? Our father won’t return for some time.

Does it still hurt?

What’s wrong? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, there’s no one else looking but me.

With this, does it not hurt?

It got properly wet when I licked it in the daytime. Would you like me to do that again?


It’s alright, this time I’ll pleasure you properly until the end.


No closing your legs, it makes it difficult for me to do it you know?

No “but”, open them up properly.

Yes, just like that. Give your hand, it’s calming if we link them no?


It’s fine. The throbbing is because you’re feeling it, go ahead and feel pleasure.

But you understand right? I’m the only one who can do this, I won’t allow anyone else to do this to you.


That’s enough, just let out your voice as is.

If it feels good then I’ll do it again to pleasure you.


I’ll do this any time so please stay by my side.

Good girl.

You’re…because you’re an honest good girl, you would’ve lived here forever, wouldn’t you?

I’ve managed to protect you from the village customs. You’re always smiling and calling out “Brother, brother” and yet…….


No, I shouldn’t be crying. I was simply reminiscing a little.

Look. Once a year, for the one month you couldn’t go out, we’d often fall asleep together like this no?

You were overly afraid and said you couldn’t sleep.


Frightening howls?

You’re confusing your scary nightmares and memories together again. I’ve never once heard such howls.

Like I said, it’s a dream.


There’s nothing for you to be anxious about because I’ll protect you.

Besides, there’s this ring too.

It’ll protect you without fail. Okay?


Okay! Then, how about we sleep already?

Let’s fall asleep before Father comes home. I really would like not to be lectured about various things today.

Aah…that’s right, we’ll sleep as is.

I don’t wish to be separated from you and if possible, ever.


Track 4: Blindfolded by the Jill who’s become a Beast


Shh, it’s me.

I don’t want you to look at me today, please let yourself be quietly blindfolded.

Good girl.

Please don’t ask for the reason. I wanted to have sex with you, but……no, isn’t it fine not to see? Your senses will become more sensitive than normal.


It’s just your imagination. The thick fur’s the blanket no?

More importantly, focus on my tongue.

Look, your nipples stiffened right away. You can let out your voice, Father isn’t here.

Aah…he isn’t there, tonight’s a full moon so he can’t return.

Concentrate, I’ll have sex with you more intensely than usual.


Let out more of your voice, you’re already wet, aren’t you?

I can tell. There’s a strong smell, and it’s your scent.

Come on, does it feel good? It’s like it’s sucking up my fingers is it not?

How many times already have you become soaking wet and I’d enter immediately?

Why…? Haven’t I had sex with you countless times when Father’s eyes are averted? In all sorts of places and countless, countless times.

That’s why your body remembers me and is now capable of accepting me any time.


What? I’m not speaking properly?

Turn to the back and get on all fours, I’ll enter from behind.



Lift up your hips more.

It’s better than the usual by many-folds. I can’t, I can’t stop.

For it to be this good……


Please, it’s the best when I move while biting your neck like this.

Plus you’re turned on, and gradually becoming more wet.

It’s like I’m melting from head to toe. I don’t need meat anymore, I don’t need anything else as long as I have you.

This is amazing.


Let out more and more of your voice and cry out like an animal.

Just like that, that’s good.

After all, we’re animals and you’re being ravaged by a beast.


There’s the scent of blood. It’s your blood.

Do you realize just how starved I was until now? Sniffing the scent of blood whilst right in front of you. You’ve got no idea, right?

I was merely protecting you. All I was doing was protecting you.

But I’m okay with that, that was my wish.


Just this time I’ll only be like this with you just this one time.

That’s why, that’s why it’s fine isn’t it…?

I love you.

Either way, it was inevitable.


I love you, I love you.

What should I do…? What should I do to be saved?


I’m cumming!


Track 5: Truth behind the Village


Things are fine. Like I said, she was simply attacked by an animal. I tended the wound so there are no issues at all.

Father, let’s just end this discussion already. It’s seriously alright!

Yes, I KNOW!!! She is our prey.

When the time comes, the person who’ll lay hands on her first is me.

Father, do you not have faith in me!? I raised her in a way she wouldn’t find out until she became usable age did I not?!!

It’s okay, she’s yet to notice and neither has she attempted to escape.

Also, she’s not a girl who’d run away after discovering this is a werewolf village like the other women.


Are you okay!? Ah! A vase fell.

Were you awake?

You were awake, weren’t you. I checked and you wouldn’t open your eyes for some time.


The bite wound you received from me last night was rather deep.

…I see.

Of course you’d be scared. You heard our talks earlier no?

There’s no use to try fooling me, I can tell by the look on your face.

I apologize for hiding it from you the whole time. Would you be willing to listen to what I have to say?


But before that, does the wound on your neck not hurt? I don’t mind applying the pain medicine from earlier a second time.

Okay, I understand.

Like you’ve just heard, this is a werewolf village.

Half man, half beast. Under the full moon, we become the form of a beast and devour humans.

Only men are born in this village and so in order to leave behind offspring, we have no option but to abduct women. For the most part, the women were driven to madness the moment they come to realize that this was a werewolf village.


The reason I confined you once per year was because I didn’t want you to see the women’s crazed appearances during the times of childbirth.

I suppose so. You’re…it’s probably exactly as you have imagined.

The villagers here aren’t human and we aren’t siblings.


But please understand, you’re different from the other women!!!

You weren’t brought here to give birth to children. To me, you’re-you’re……

I’ve always protected you until now. If they realize that you’ve grown into an adult, the lot from the village will target you. That’s why I locked you up in here, so that no one else could find you.

Especially so when it’s mating season right now, there’s no knowing what might happen at any time.

…I didn’t want you to be stolen from me by anyone else no matter what.


I’m sorry for leaving you in the dark and leaving you feeling constantly constrained.

Please don’t cry, I’ll let you escape.

I’m serious.

You can’t, you can’t be with me. Please understand, I want to be with you too!!!

But…but, I can’tーーbecause you’re human.


Please be happy.

I’ll have you escape from this village at once.


Track 6: Child of a Beast


I’m home, today-what are you doing!?

Raw meat?!

Were you eating raw meat? Why…? What’s the meaning of this?

Huh? You were hungry?

You were hungry and so you ate this meat.


It can’t be……

It’s a child, you’re pregnant with a child.

It’s alright, it’s alright. It’s normal to be hungry when you’re pregnant with a child. It’s normal.

Calm down, there’s no need to be afraid.

It’s our child. There’s nothing scary about it, it’s a child conceived by the two of us.


Come on, let’s wash the blood off your hands.


It’s alright now, I’m with you. Please relax.

Let’s rest a little on the bed.

Come here. It’s alright, I won’t go anywhere, I’ll always be with you.

I know, I’ll hold you in my arms.


Like I said, it’ll be alright.

As planned, let’s escape from here.

I’ll be coming along as well. I won’t leave you alone, I’ll run away together with you.

I had enough of this village.

I don’t hate Father nor the villagers, but it’s messed up. This method of doing things is messed up. The abducted women also have families, people they cherish and emotions.

For them to be mere tools for childbirth, it’s abnormal.

Always…that’s what I’ve always thought.


This was wrong, if we had to go that far in order to continue our existence then it’s better we just die out.

My conscience was constantly suffering.

My mother came to realize it as well and I don’t want to imagine what that was like. I heard that she immediately ran into the wood after giving birth to me but, do you really believe that was actually the case?

It occurred to me that they will not allow a human who knew the secrets of this village to escape alive.


You won’t be happy at this rate!

After giving birth to my child, if your body is still unharmed, you’ll be forced to birth someone else’s child, and I don’t want that!!!

Let’s escape, run away together with me.

I’ll be fine. In any case, if we’re discovered to be fleeing, we’ll both be killed. And so, we’ll escape with our lives on the line.

There’s no other path to your happiness. Understand?


Good girl.

We’ll carry out the plan during the night of the next full moon. Taking advantage of the gap in which everyone else will be satisfying their hunger, we’ll escape.

Just, please don’t hate me.

I’ll resist until the very end, but I might not be able to suppress my transformation on a night of full moon.

Even if you end up seeing my appearance, please don’t hate me.


You saw the large wolf by the lakeshore previously no? That was a village man.

We’re frequently accompanied by wild wolves, so when it comes to actual wolves, there’s plenty of them. However, that was a man from the village.

He must not have satisfied his hunger during the night of full moon and when that happens, we are no longer able to revert to our human forms and are left to wonder.

No, I’ll be fine.

I’m satisfied with this.


Yes, it’s true.

Well…not that it actually fills my stomach though.

Don’t ask any further, I’ll make it so it isn’t a problem.


How’s the state of your body?

I see. That’s a relief.

Children of our kind are born around February. I just hope it isn’t born before the night of next full moon.

Sorry, I said something that made you uneasy didn’t I?

Today’s the day we noticed, most likely, there’s a room past January. We’ll make it until full moon.


If I’m gentle, is it okay if I embrace you?

Our child will be born and we’ll be what humans call husband and wife no?

My kind pairs up until the child’s born, but after childbirth, it’s over. After that, there’s nothing. Surely, there wasn’t any love or affection.

Yet I wonder why? Why am I the only one?


…As expected, you’re too kind.


It swallowed me up with a slurp right away.

The child must’ve been surprised, but if it knows we love each other, our child will rejoice.

No one in this village has a mother, however, it’ll be alright if it’s you. You’d undoubtedly accept everything.

Despite that, I wonder why? I can’t see a future.

It’s an unpleasant thought, a horribly unpleasant thought. What is beyond my escape with you? Where are we running to?

But we’ll be happy right?

As long as you don’t break from my side, we’ll be happy……


I love you. I love you. I wish to protect you.


I’m in love with you.

I love you to the point that I don’t know what I should do.


Track 7: Blooding Ending -the Thing Carried is-


Let’s rest a little.

There happens to be a rock face, it seems like it’ll conceal our figures.

I’m alright, it’s alright.

But to be honest, we can’t be certain whether they’re in pursuit no matter where we run to. We ought to go wherever we can go.

Just for a bit, once rested we’ll continue onward.


No, I’ll carry you on my back and run from here on as well. Your body’s precious, it’ll be too late if something were to happen.

All the women from the village were secluded inside their houses once they were pregnant with a child.

Truthfully, you ought to have done that as well.


Come here.

You don’t have to worry, I’ll definitely have you escape. But…but if the time comes.

Listen to me properly, this is an important conversation!

Pull out your protective ring.

Mhm…the crest engraved in this ring is the coat of arms of the royal family beyond this point. I never told you how exactly you arrived at our village, right?

The one who found you was me.


When I was a child, I wandered away from our father during hunting practice and heard the voice of a crying infant coming from the river.

As I went to check, there was a basket caught on a tree by the riverside.

That infant was you.

Wrapped in high-class fabric, inside the basket were gold coins and a pouch containing that ring.

I realized immediately that you were the daughter of royalty.


Being shocked is only natural.

For a princess to have lived in a village amongst commoners and moreover, for someone like me to have fallen in love with you…

That’s why, if something were to happen, please rely upon your kingdom.

It’ll surely be alright. You’ll be able to live more normally than you did in that village. Okay?


Please understand!!!

This is a discussion of ‘what if’ something were to happen to me. I’ll protect you, but if something were to happen to me, I want you to escape alone and depend on your country.

I’m begging you, you can promise me that, right?

I can’t fully protect you if you don’t.


Good girl. Okay, let’s go!

Come here, I’ll carry you on my back and run again.


After coming this far, we should most likely be okay.

As things are, let’s find us a place to live.

Ugh! I’m sorry, we’ve been walking for countless days. You’re tired too, right?

I ought to hunt.

You’re pale as well, if you don’t eat something soonーー


To have no strength during a time like this.

Come here. As I thought, let’s both rest…I’m already at my limit. Continue straight ahead for about a day and you’ll reach your country.

Don’t make that face.

That’s right, I picked this path on purpose.

But I truly did dream of living together with you. Before we escaped, I genuinely wanted to grant it……or at least that’s what I thought.


I’ve already been constantly starved.

Once the next full moon arrives, I’ll probably never return to a human form ever again. After losing my sense of reason, I’ll unmistakably devour you.

And I don’t want that to happen!


It should’ve gone better than this, I was short-sighted.

Be as it may be, perhaps I couldn’t survive in any place besides the village. But you’re different. You’re human.

Live. Live on!


I smell the scent of hunger from you as well.

At this rate, it’ll be dangerous. The truth is, you’re so famished you feel faint no?

Try licking my blood.

That’s enough, just lick it!


Let go of your reason just this one time and then eat me.

With your body walking for one whole day is impossible nor do I wish to degrade into a senseless beast.

So eat me.

LOOK AT ME! There are no other means but this!!!


I love you, so please save me.

If I won’t even know who I am, then I’d rather be eaten by you. By doing so, we’ll…always be together.

Don’t cry.

I’m happy to become a part of you, this is the correct answer.


If I transform then kill me with this.

It’s possible if it’s you. For the sake of protecting our child, you can do it, right?


I love you.

I’ll pray that in the next lifeーーI can be reborn as a human.

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  1. Kborenai

    This was the highlight of my February purchases. God-damn, this CD was so so SO GOOD! Makino Hideki was freaking phenomenal – with the plot being heart-wrenching as is, his stellar performance elevated the story. Thank you for the translation sweetie. Glad to know my understanding of the words weren’t so far off.

    I have to ask though: what do you think happened on the last few seconds of the last track? Was there a baby wolf or was that just werewolf Jill being ugh, eaten by MC? Really hoping their child is safely born and raised properly.


    1. Criy

      I think it’s safe to assume that in the end, Jill ultimately did die and MC had killed him with the knife (hence the whimpering sfx). What happens afterwards is hard to say… seeing that her country was seemingly conquered prior to the events of the story. (・ˍ・、)


  2. oNalle

    Thank you for translating this~~~ this is one of my fav bloody endings stories and how good makino’s acting in this one ヽ(´▽`)/

    Thank you very much again~


    1. cryandbleed

      In my theory, he forced the heroine to kill and eat him, so he would become “one” with her. And because she was pregnant with his child, he would be reborn as her son.


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