【Translation】 Kare no Plus Minus Jijou 3 +Hetare na Ojisan -Nikushoku na Kare


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彼のプラマイ事情 3 +ヘタレなおじさん – 肉食な彼

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: +Step Uncle


Ngh. What’s wrong? Oh, it’s that time already?

Hehe, I know I know.

Is this enough?

It’s Saturday, please let me sleep a little longer…I don’t like mornings.


Mmm? Breakfast…?

What’s with that? You aren’t asking me for a kiss? I was certain that you were awoken by loneliness.

Ah, it’s a shock to this Uncle.

Huh? I don’t feel like getting up. I might not recover without my favorite body pillow.


Hmm? What are you searching for?

Ah, no, it’s not that I actually bought a body pillow. The favorited body pillow I’m referring toーis you.

Mmm. It’s healing like I thought. Tiny, soft, and your skin’s smooth and brimming with youth.


Reeks of an old man? Eh, really?

Well, you were disillusioned more than once so I can’t point to any specific moment. And also, it doesn’t change the fact I’m actually an old man.

If you’re the stepdaughter of my older brother, that would make me your uncle no?

Ain’t that right my little niece?


Certainly a geezer? But I don’t believe I’ve resigned myself to it yet though.

Do you not see this body forged by the university rugby union? You know too, right? …The fact that I’ve got more than enough stamina.


Eh? Ah, u-uh..argh, ow, it hurts. Uh, umm, my back, my back. It’s cramping, it’s cramping. Ah! W-w-wait, no, I’m alright.

Nah, I just moved too quickly after getting up. And I guess it’s also because I’ve been doing nothing but desk work so I’m lacking exercise.

Aah…o-ow, ow.

Hmm? Oh, you’re gonna give me a massage? Thanks.


Ah right there, right there. Nghhh, haha…..it feels nice. Aah, it’s great.

Hehe, it’s the best feeling.

Thank you, that’s enough for now.


Uwah…thanks to you, I feel relaxed. Any more than this and it’ll feel so comfortable that I’d fall asleep again.

I know, I won’t sleep. It’ll be a waste to sleep when you’re in front of me.

Either way, could I stay close to you like this for a bit longer? Since I didn’t return whilst you were still awake last night.

Isn’t it fine to causally idle about? Right?


I’m sorry, you were lonely, weren’t you?


Hmm…that’s right, I returned at about 4 a.m. in the morning. I was immersed in model calculations and lost track of time.

When I glanced at the clock, I left the laboratory in a hurry and returned home via taxi.

Yes, and then I was fast asleep right after.


Aah…don’t make that face.

I’m completely awake now so it’s alright. Besides, because of the wake-up, I could… Do this.


Let’s do some nice things with this Uncle…

To make up for yesterday.


Track 2: +Saturday, Morning Flirtation


Hmm…? I know, it’s about breakfast right? You had asked me earlier, so I’m eating my superfine breakfast right now, no?

Oh, apron and shorts? How nice, it’s my favorite meal.


Your arms and legs are smooth too. It’s soft, and these upper arms are particularly to my liking.

What? No touching? But it’s this soft and feels nice, though…?

Hmm…? It’s not that embarrassing, is it?

Mhm, I got it. Then I’ll give up on your upper arms and do it here instead.


Your chest’s soft too. Your upper arms and chest are about the same, but as expected, I sense your chest is definitely softer.

…Your eyes are dazed, was being kissed while having your breasts massaged that pleasurable?

How cute.

Well then, I’ll make you feel even better so let’s take off your clothes.

Hmm? Look, I’ll help you out so please turn to the back.


Nope, taking it off is part of my enjoyment.

Oh, the apron. I feel like taking it off would be a waste.

It’s nothing, just some grumbling.

Heh, today it’s white eh. Mmm…that’s nice, like I thought, white’s a color that suits you.


Hmm. Hmm? Huh? How exactly do you remove this?

There’s no hook though……

Front hook? Eh? So there are types where it’s located in the front.

Oh, it’s true. This is the first time I’ve seen it, I just have to slide it here right? It’s scary when it looks daunting.

It’s as though your breasts are spilling out, this and that are quite…besides, it’s nice being able to see your face while taking it off.


It’s sticking up a little, probably because I touched them over your clothes earlier.

Just ripe for the picking.

Thanks for the meal.


It’s steadily getting harder. Does it feel good? Well?

Look, it’s already gotten this big and swollen.

Aah…it’s completely different from the size of the other one. I’ll nurture this one deliciously as well.

Don’t bite your fingers, it’ll leave a mark later you know? Despite having such beautiful fingers, were your lips lonely because I was only focusing on your chest? Well…?

Good grief, you’re too cute.


I’ll remove the bottom as well, please lift your legs.

Hehe, come on don’t hide it. You won’t be able to feel good if you close your legs, you know?

It’s alright, please have faith in me.

Come on. Okay?

Spread them a bit more. Good girl.


It’s wet.

Fufu…what would you do if it were a lie? It’s true though. See?


Looks good, you enjoy being rubbed here firmly, right?

It’s fine. Don’t hold back your voice.

If it feels good, then be honest and say it feels good.

Mhm…yup yup. I like honest girls. I give you a reward for being a good girl.


Haha, you let out quite the voice. Did it feel even better when I touched the insides as well?

Then one more. Let’s increase the number of fingers inside.

It’s overflowing continuously. Aah, amazing. Does it feel good?

You can’t even let out proper words, can you? With just that, it means it feels good right? And your hips are moving like that too. It’s cute.


Hmm? You wanna cum…? If you wanna cum then ask properly.

Mmm, you said it properly.

Well then…go and ahead and cum. Look, I’ll rub both the insides and outside a lot so……

That’s good. Come on, cum.


Uwah, amazing. To squirt on my clothes…….


Did it feel good? Well…? If so, I’m relieved.

Would a tissue work for the time being? I’ll bring a towel later.

You’re drenched down to butt, no?

Don’t mind it. We can just wash the sheets and clothes. And in the first place, the one who made it go this far was me.


Now then, it’s about time I get up. Sorry about that, the breakfast you prepared is going to get cold, after all.

Hmm? What’s wrong…? You’re dazed.

Oh, was it perhaps not enough? Eh? Aah, my that. Don’t worry about it, it’s just morning wood, it’ll subside by itself.

Or shall we continue?

We won’t be able to leave the bed for the whole day. Are you okay with that?


Just kidding.

I very much wanna do it but, well…my back was aching quite a lot earlier.

Sorry for being a pitiful old man. Let’s continue at night.


Hey! W-what are you!?


Of course, I’d be turned on if I looked at you in that state. Come on, stop with the mischief and remove your hands alrea-

Eh? You’ll do it?

Hey, wait! Don’t pull on it.

Aah…a little came out as expected. Even with this, I was desperately holding back. It’s already enough, isn’t it? Come on, take your hands off.


To suddenly lick it……aah, hey, don’t.

Don’t lick the underside.

I can’t anymore. I’m begging you, please stop already.


W-wait wait, what I wanted to say was…

It feels good, the insides of your mouths feels too good. You can’t, I was seriously holding back so I won’t last if you do this to me.

I’m already about to cum.

Thank you, it’s a-already enough. Hey, if you don’t let go of it from your mouth, I’ll release as is. Come on, please let go! If you don’t then-

I can’t, I’m cumming.


Sorry! Come on, it’s disgusting, right? Spit it out quickly.

Why? You’re an idiot, it’s not delicious or anything but, it makes me happy.

I knew it. It’s a strange taste.

Thank you.


Track 3: +Occasional Outdoors Date


Thank you for the meal.

Aah…it was delicious today too. Usually, I’m stuck with the 2 options of either cereal or porridge but thanks to you, I can eat Japanese-style breakfasts on weekend mornings.

Thank you as always.


As expected, Japanese white rice’s the best. Rice pudding is similarly delicious to Japan’s, but when you compare them, it’s completely different.

But still, the weather’s great today.

It feels like a waste to shut ourselves inside the house with such wonderful autumn weather.

Mhm, a date.

Hmm……I suppose so. We almost always spend the weekends indoors, but is it okay? Is it not embarrassing to be walking at such date-like locations with an old man like me?

You know, even if you don’t think that’s embarrassing, people around us wouldn’t think the same.


Aahhh! I get it, I get it.

If you beg me like that, that’s no way I wouldn’t listen. Jeez, you aren’t doing it because you know that I’m weak to that expression are you?

No self-awareness? That’s a nasty move again.

Okay, I got it. Let’s go for a date outdoors the first time in a long while.

Is there someplace you’d like to go?


Hmm…cake, movies, and general store.

That’s quite varied.

Ah no, it’s fine. Continue making requests, let’s go out to any place you wish to visit today.

Is it joyous of a thing? But well, I’m glad you seem happy.


Okay! Since we’ve decided on our destinations, let’s make arrangements.

Oh, you can leave the plates as is, I’ll do the cleaning up. It’s bad if you’re the one always doing it after all.

Uh-huh. Leave it to me.

I soak it properly with not just tepid water. Huh? Am I somehow wrong? I’m putting in detergent as well though.

I see, so no soaking?


Aah, it’s fine! I’m alright.

I’m a man who can do it when they want to. Washing dishes is simple…

Huh? That reminds me, where’s the dishcloth?

Oh, it was there. I remembered seeing it somewhere, but uh somehow sorry.

Ahem, well well…i-in the meanwhile, I’ll complete this so you can go make preparations. Girls need time right?

But well, I think you’re cute as-is, though.


That’s a nice smile.

Oh that’s right, I forget to mention one thing. If we happen to meet one of your acquaintances outside, make sure to properly say that we’re uncle and niece. If they knew such a young lady is lovers with a man who’s much much older, they might get a knee jerk reaction.

And on that note, it’s not that strange to watch a movie together with family.


Don’t “eh?” me.

If it’s your very close friend…but in any case, I don’t want you to be looked at strangely by anyone who isn’t.

Your reply?

Mhm, wonderful. Well then, go cast magic that’ll make you cuter.


Once huh. As I thought, it’s immense.


Track 4: ±Male Friend


That was an interesting movie.

I thought it was just comedy but to think it’ll end with such an emotional scene, even I was in quite the danger of crying.

Doesn’t seem like one handkerchief is enough, the color’s already changed.

Come on, use mine as well.

It’s fine, let’s have a seat for the time being. And the vicinity around the exit is packed so we won’t be able to leave immediately either way.


How about we hold hands?

Yup, you wanted to hold hands right? Right now, there’s no one looking.

Laying back and watching a DVD at home is nice, but as you’d expect, watching it at a movie theater is great too.

Is that not so? The large screen and intense sounds, the ambiance is completely different. But beyond that, the sense we’re on a date is extremely nice. It’s as though we’re normal lovers.

Ah no, the fact that we’re already lovers doesn’t change.


I wonder what would’ve happened if we were of the same age and weren’t uncle and niece.

Sorry, I said something odd, didn’t I?

…Please forget what I said just now.

Looks like your tears have stopped, and it seems like most people have left. I guess it’s about time we leave.


Whoa there! Hey, isn’t it dangerous to stop all of a sudden?

Oh, did you forget something?

Hmm? I knew it, it’s not strange for 1 or 2 of your friends to be at the movie theater on a day off. I’ll let go of your hand.

From the same university? I see, feel free to go over if you wanna chat with them.


What are you holding back for?

Even if they’re relatives of your friends, the other side will be wary of the fact you’re accompanied by an old man they don’t know.

This uncle will considerately watch over the mingling of you young folks.


So which girl is it?

The girl with the tied hair? Or is perhaps the girl with the blue one-piece?

No girl is approaching this way though…?

By any chance, is that guy your friend?

Hmm? The same seminar, huh.

I’ve changed my mind, let’s go.


Track 5: -Hidden Fangs


The sun sets quite early now, it’s only 5 p.m. and it’s already dim out.

It’s hard to walk while holding my back right? There’s certainly a difference in height. Then, let’s hold hands.

Hmm? Oh, the guy earlier…?

I suppose so. He probably thinks we’re lovers, is there something wrong with that?


I see, then no, there are no problems at all.

He, likely towards you……

No, that must’ve happened.

Say, are you hungry?

I know right. You ate a bunch of cake before the movie. But I’m hungry. I’m so starving that I don’t know what’ll happen with this level of hunger.

I’m hungry and my body’s hot.


Can we go to a place where it’s just the two of us? I want to eat you right now.


Despite just entering the house, I’m greedily devouring you.

…But it’s not enough at all.

I’m so starved, I crave anything that can be craved. I desire you so much, I can’t stop.


Is it painful? I’m sorry, but I’m suffering too.

You’re so cute and beloved, I won’t hand you over to anyone else, and have no intention to either.

I wonder what is it with me? To be jealous over a student who’s younger than me……

I never thought I could have such an explosive emotion inside me. My heart’s a mess, I can’t see overhead like normal. It’s as though I’m not being me.


Whoa there, ah…did strength leave you?

It’s alright, I’ll support you.

Come on, allow me to devour you more.


Hmm? Different from usual? Me..?

That might be true, do you hate this side of me?

That’s a relief.

Say, could you forget the fact that we’re uncle and niece just for now? I want us to be just a normal man and woman while we’re at the hotel.


Mhm. Then, let’s go over to the bed.

Look, I’ll carry you so hang on tight.

Hmm? It’s light with you alone, it’s not as if you’ve got a ridiculously large frame.


Track 6: -Yuuto’s Plus Minus Situation


I’ll let you down.

What’s wrong? Are you nervous…?

That reminds me, this is the first time we’ve visited this type of hotel. We’ve only ever done it at the house, but since it’s a different environment than usual, you don’t have to be reminded of unnecessary things.

You are a woman, I am a man, and we are lovers, and that is more than enough.


It’s nice taking off this kind of one-piece undershirt while kissing.

Is it not a front hook this time?

I’ll remove it so could you lie down? My fingers are fat, if I don’t do it while looking, I won’t be able to remove it properly.

It’s true I’m more accustomed to this, but the defenseless feel your back gives is nice.

Doesn’t seem like it was a ticklish feeling.


Your back’s a weak spot too eh.

That bottom of yours is soft, it’s completely different from mine. Your upper arms are nice, your chest’s nice. Why are you this squishy?

I’m taking off your underwear, I want to touch it directly.

Aah…you can stay face-down, just stretch out your legs.


What beautiful skin, it’s so smooth.

What I’m doing? I’m kissing your cute butt. No one else but me knows of this pale and sleek body, right?


Lovely, a red flower’s secretly blooming in a place only I know of. It’s got quite the effect.

My bad. I was only teasing your butt. Were you frustrated?

I’m not mistaken right? Could it be that you haven’t noticed? You have been rubbing your thighs together for the past while.

Look, see? It’s already completely wet.

Come on, don’t trap my hand. If you close your legs so tightly I won’t be able to move you know?

Mhm. Good girl.


Your insides have loosened up more than I had imagined.

I still haven’t touched any place besides your back and bottom though. Or perhaps is it because I thoroughly teased this place in the morning? Well?

If I touch the insides like this while rubbing against the front, your body might clearly remember it.

Hehe, you’re sticking your butt up. Did it feel good?

What should I do? Should I fiddle with it the same way I did this morning?


Are you truly okay with that? It’ll be tough on this place if I stop, right?

I see, so you want me to cum with me. I made you climax alone in the morning, didn’t I?



Come on, turn face-up this time.

Being desired is a joyous thing, to be frank…I wanted you as well, I wanted you so much that I couldn’t help myself.

The view from the back is great, nevertheless, the usual position is calming.


It’s the usual confirmation, but you didn’t forget to take the pill, right?

Mhm, okay.


I’m putting it in.


It feels good.

Is it not hard on you…? “Your inside’s filled”? I still haven’t entered all the way yet.

It’s not a lie.

Here, take a look. It’s alright., I’ll fit it in slowly.

Don’t hold your breath, breathe properly.


I have no choice but to open it by force eh. Come on, open your mouth.

Yes, just like that. Breathe.

I haven’t touched your breasts at all right? I’ll pleasure this place as well, okay?


It’s sticking up.

Does it feel good? Well?

Can you tell the sound’s changed? The insides have softened up considerably. With this, it looks like we can go all the way.

Look, it’s entered in completely. You’ve worked hard, didn’t you?


Is it okay if I move?

Doesn’t look like I can endure any longer.


Hmm? Of course it feels good, almost too much so.

It’s irresistible.


Your insides are moving.

Huh? Is this spot pleasurable…? That’s cute.

Squeeze your insides more, the time between the sensation of you tightening is getting shorter.

That means it’s getting close, right?

Good. If you wanna cum, don’t hold back. I’m about to cum as well.


Huh? You want to climax together?

Hehe. A request, eh. How cute.

Me too…

No matter what others say, I’ll never let you go.


I love you. I love you. You’re my lover and I love you.

I see. You love me too.

I love you too. I love you.


Are you cumming? Me too. I can’t any longer.

I can’t, I’m cumming.

Can I cum inside as-is today?


I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Cumming!


Did it feel good…? Me too. It was really great for me too.

I’ll pull out now.

Ah, so much is leaking out from inside.


You seem happy.

Hmm? When you say it, that’s certainly the case, this is the first time I came inside you since I’d always cum outside.

Why? You’re impure so you’ve always been taking the pill. That I know.

But the reason why I haven’t done so no matter how much you pestered me was that, in my mind, that was a line I mustn’t cross.

AH! It wasn’t because I didn’t love you, okay? Or rather it’s the opposite.

I love you and so that I wouldn’t restrain you and so that I can just barely let go of your hands, that is why I did it.


Even though it’s fine right now, after about 10 years, there might come a time where you’d prefer to be with a young man of your own age rather than a much older geezer.

If I’m separated from you, I’d probably never recover.

That’s why, I purposefully hit home the fact I’m an old man and treated you like a child. The one who demarcated us as being uncle and niece was me.

We’re already gotten to a point where I can’t exactly let go of your hand anymore, though.


I love you. It has nothing to with the difference in age or the fact we’re uncle and niece. And we aren’t connected by blood in the first place so the two of us can get married.

I’ve decided to no longer think about trivial matters from now on.

I love you and that’s all there is to it.

I won’t give you to anyone and I won’t let you go anywhere.

Look at only me.

And ultimately, I’ll make it so you won’t have the spare time to look away.


Be prepared.

I haven’t noticed until now, but it looks like I can be quite possessive.

It seems like we’ve finally become true lovers, doesn’t it? It’s as though the fog that’s always clouded my heart has finally cleared.

…Sort of like the sky tonight.

And so I’ll say it formally, please take care of me from now on.


Well then, let’s go for one more round.

I told you, didn’t I? I’ve got confidence in my stamina.

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