【Translation】 BBB -Traplip- TYPE.2 Biyoushi


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

BBB -Traplip- TYPE.2 美容師

CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋)

Track 1: What if I meet someone special?


Say, do you have a moment?

Mhm, I’m referring to you. Hmm……

That hairstyle is amazing, where did you get it done? At a proper salon? What did the hairstylist say?

Hmm? Is that so…?

But it doesn’t suit you at all, this hairstyle isn’t suitable for the amount and type of hair you have. And the color isn’t well mixed.

If it were me it’d be moreーー

Ah! Sorry sorry, I just think it’s kind of a waste considering you have such beautiful hair.


Please w-wait a minute! Don’t get so angry, I’m not a fishy person.

Am I really that suspicious? Then, err business card, business card…


Yes, I work as a beautician in that shop. Or rather, you could say I’m famous for it.

Haha. You’re quite honest aren’t you? But well, I guess it’s inevitable that you thought of me as a playboy.


Ah no, this is the first time a girl had reacted this way so you could say it’s a new experience. It’s interesting.

Besides, a playboy wouldn’t be picky about a girl’s hair.

Huh? You’re going to listen to what I have to say?

Thank you.

To be frank, my hair salon’s creating a new catalog and although I was searching for potential models, I couldn’t readily find girls that would fit the image.

So then when my eyes focused on you earlier, I couldn’t think of any other girl who could be the model and that’s why I called out to you without thinking.


Ah, wait! Do you not want a change?

Yes, the clothes, hairstyle, and makeup you have on currently, are all chosen by you right? I think that’s part of your personality and I believe it’s wonderful right now as is.

But you see, by simply altering your hairstyle and makeup, you’ll become a different you. You’ll become much much cuter than you are now.


I’m not saying I’ll make you into a princess, I simply, how should I say it…?

I simply wish to teach you how by simply getting dressed up, you’d be excited and your mood brightens and that your daily life would change dramatically.

I believe that’s what us hairstylists are meant for.

And so, could you go out with me for a little bit?


Haha, you still think I’m dodgy, right?

Then search up the name of the shop, that way you might come to trust me a little more.

Yes that page, yup yup. From the menu, I’d like you to open up the hair catalog page though.

Mhm, there.

I know right? I was responsible for that person. Look, it properly has my name there, no?

There are no before photos so I can’t quite convey it, but their aura changed substantially. And also, hmm……


Uh-huh, that person too.

It’s not that these people were particularly special, all girls can become like this.

Of course! These girls were unreasonably talked into becoming models as well, but at the end of it all, everyone was smiling. And that makes me happy.

With this, have you come to trust me a little?


No, it’s not that I want you to apologize, I’m not concerned about that at all,

Hey, more importantly, what do you think? Will you accept?

Hmm? Ah! Sorry, I just unintentionally.

Eh…? What was that just now? REALLY!? Yay, thank you.


I know, I know, just once, right?

Well then, can we have a preparatory meeting for next time after the shop closes?

Yup, examining your hair type, considering what hairstyle would best suit you, there are lots of different arrangements to be made, you know?

Oh! Let’s exchange contact information.


Like I said, I’m not a playboy. You understood that just before, no? I won’t contact you outside of work. …Probably.

No, it’s nothing.

Here’s my QR code. Oh, it’s been received, thank you.

Hehe, what a cute stamp.


It’s a bit prompt but, is tomorrow okay? If you’re willing… It’s a bit late, but how’s 9 p.m.?

Then, I’ll be in your care.

Is the location easy to figure out? Although there’s a map on the site, if you’re worried, I’ll pick you up at the station.

Heh? Is that so…? How cold~


Ah! No last-minute cancellations, I’ll wait until you arrive.

Thank you for today.

See you tomorrow. At the shop.


Track 2: Over the magic


Good evening, I’ve been waiting.

I believed that you’d definitely come. The timing is exact, did you not lose your way?

You don’t often come here?

I see. There’s quite a lot of beauty parlors here in this area, so if you don’t properly differentiate yourself, it’s difficult to get a flow of customers.

The difficulty is the same regardless of where you locate, though. Even if you’re in an unoccupied area, it’ll be tough in terms of this and that.

Ah! Sorry for talking about this so suddenly.


Can you sit down in the back there? I’ll go prepare some drinks.

Coffee or tea, which one do you prefer?

What about iced or hot?

Okay, roger that. Just wait for a moment.


Okay, here you go.

Hmm? Is there something wrong?

I told you before that it’s after closing, no? Besides, our beauty parlor is a completely private room so whether the other people are bizarre or trendy isn’t relevant from the start.

The one in charge of you is of course me though.

Huh? Did I not tell you? I’m ranked number #1 in this establishment, and obviously, I search for the models myself.

Are you surprised?


Hahaha. As I thought, you’re good. I can’t get tired of viewing the change in your idle expression.

I haven’t, it means you’re cute.

Eh? I’m being serious though. As expected, are you not able to calm your nerves?

Nah, I just thought you were constantly nervous since earlier.

I see, hmm……then, how about a massage to get rid of that anxiety? It’s hard to have a preparatory meeting with an awkward atmosphere around and since it’s a rare chance, enjoy it.

Heh, I wonder about that~

More importantly, what do you mean by “weird” things?



Your expression has softened hasn’t it? Then, excuse me as I begin from your shoulders. Please relax.

How is it? Does it not hurt?

It’s gotten pretty stiff, your posture isn’t terrible, right? Hmm, do you spend a lot of time on your smartphone or computer?

Eye strain can become the cause for stiff shoulders as well you know? It might be different if you rest your eyes occasionally and warm them up. I recommend this hot eye mask, it’s available at the drugstore.

After buying and despite thoroughly massaging them like this, there are still many people with stiff shoulders.


How is it? Does it feel a bit different now?

That’s a relief.

Then next up is this place.

Hmm? Why? I was thinking of giving you a hand massage. Hmm…? Did you think I was planning to do this instead?


Ah! Sorry, I teased you too much.

I won’t do it anymore, I won’t do it so is it okay if we continue? …Thank you.

There’s plenty of acupuncture points in the hand and since you can do it quickly, it’s pretty delightful. By using hand cream like this, your hands will be moisturized too.

Say, it’s a nice scent right? I enjoy it as well, the floral mix also has a relaxing effect.

Are you okay with the amount of strength? Please tell me if it hurts.


Such tiny and cute hands.

Nope, it’s nothing. But still, have you been doing proper hand-care?

Like I thought, you got to take care of your hands even outside dry seasons. Your hands are unexpectedly seen by other people you know?

I’ll give you a sample for this hand cream, so use it on your hands starting today okay?


After that is your nails.

You’re cutting corners here too, no? I’m not saying you have to go to a nail salon, but at the very least, do some self-care.

Hmm…it’s just my opinion, but after using that excuse time and time again, ain’t the reason you’ve lost self-confidence?

Little by little is fine, let’s change your thoughts to be more optimistic.

For example, “I’ll become cute so that person will turn towards me”, by having that type of goal, your personality and behavior will shift, no?


Mhm, let’s do our best.

I can talk as many times about acknowledging that fact, but there’s no meaning if it doesn’t reach your thoughts.

No no, can you tell that it’s gotten a little nice and warm?

Much better now, it’ll prevent swelling so you can try doing it yourself next time too. Of course, you can contact me at any time to……

Eh…? You really are indifferent. Hey, do you perhaps hate me? Though, it is true that my first impression wasn’t the best.

Do you hate me? Then, do you like me?


Since you aren’t denying, can I take that as you liking me?

I’m not exactly asking you unfairly. Now then, which one is it? I wish you’d just tell me~

Oh? That type of exchange is clever. Well, I guess that’s enough for now.


Aah…if I look closely, it’s not just your hands, you’ve been skipping out on lip care too, haven’t you?

Heh? Really? How do you do it usually?

No no, there’s plenty of girls who get it wrong but the lip creases run vertically no? And so, to varnish it as though tracing those creases is the correct method.

Then, change it starting today. Once your lips become bouncy, I’ll choose a cute gloss that’ll suit you.

Hehe, that’s the spirit!


Speaking of which, you said you were nervous, but is this your first time at an establishment with this type of ambiance?

This way, even wives with kids can come without worrying about the public gaze, right? Besides, you don’t have to worry about other people hearing about the contents of the counseling, so it’s easier to hear the customer’s true thoughts.

Yup, people’s trouble are each their own. It’s not just their hair, I want them to leave with a weight off their mind as well.

Haha. Certainly, in your case, it’s mostly me examining you, but you like that me, no?

Yeah yeah, only as a person.


I sense that if I poke fun at you any further, I’ll be hated.

Now then, I guess it’s about time I move onto the real issue at hand. I’ll be touching your hair so stay still for a bit.

As I thought, the ends of your hair are a little damaged. Moreover, this is the first time you consulted anyone, so I ought to give it some clear treatment.

Say, are you trying to grow out your hair? Is it okay if I trim it a little?

I understand. Then, how about around here?


This the color catalog, but hmm……it seems to fit the image.

Is there something you’d like to specifically request? Would you be bothered if it were too bright?

That’s right! I believe this will suit you.

It’s dark, but it doesn’t look heavy at all, right? And by adding minute highlights, it’ll bring out a feeling of translucence.

Mhm, it’ll definitely suit you.


Oh, umm……I’ve noticed it slightly but, why are you looking down so often? You weren’t like that when I called out to you?

Hmm? I’m confident, I’ve got the self-confidence that I can make you cuter than everyone.

No, that’s, well, I’ve said that to other girls as well; however, it’s not a lie. With my hands, I can make you cuter. I called out to you that one time because I wanted you to notice more of your own brilliance.

You’re already this cute for the start, so it’s a waste for you to hang your head low. Right?


If I were you, I’d definitely catch all sorts of men and after, I’ll send plenty of cute pictures through SNS.

It’s fine isn’t it? What difference does one or two make?

Ah! You’re making that fed up expression again. You’re thinking that I’m gaudy, aren’t you?

It’s showing on your face, you really can’t lie, can you?

No, it’s not something to apologize for, I get told that often. Well I do love cute girls and I don’t think to hide it, but despite looking this way, I’m the type that doesn’t compromise when it comes to my job.

That’s why, when I scouted you… I genuinely thought you would work.

You got called out my by me who’s number #1 ranked, on the contrary, you’d want to brag to your friend.


In any case, I’d like you to go along with me one more time today.

If we’re going to do a minor haircut, let’s wind it loosely around here. The color thickness should be… Around there, I think.

Okay, this much should be enough for today.

Hmm? Ah…could it be that you wanted to miss the last train?

I wonder about that~


I say for myself. Thank you for all the trouble.

Heh? I’ll follow you up to the station.

Mmm…it’s not an issue about distance though. I understand, please allow me to escort you outside of the shop.

Thank you for today, I’ll contact you again later.


Track 3: HoneyTrap


Hello? Sorry for the sudden call and thank you for yesterday.

Since the image is decided upon, so without delay, I wanted to go buy outfits for the shoot. Do you have anything scheduled throughout next week?

That’s a relief. Then let’s go together. It’ll be the usual stores I use for inspiration, I’ll message you the meeting spot later.


Speaking of which, are you at your house right now?

What have you been doing?

Oh, what kind of magazine? You’re remarkable, you’ve been studying properly, haven’t you?

How is it? Can it be a reference?


Haha, I suppose so. The things copied from there may not necessarily be suitable for that person. Let’s go search for something that matches you together.

The magazine’s nice, but you’re lucky to have me. It’s fine to leave that type of consultation to me you know?

Despite going through the great trouble of exchanging contact information, I feel lonely not getting any business calls. It’d be nice if we could get along a bit better~

Then if I were the one to send it, would you give a reply then?

Yay, no ghosting me on LINE, okay?


Send me that cute stamp again. I took a liking to it and bought it as well.

I look forward to it.

Well then, until next time.



Hah? No, I’ve seen you 3 times including today but you’ve been getting cuter each time I meet you.

Eh…? I don’t think it’s my imagination, though.

Did you, how should I say it? Your makeup, before it was a bit more…..

Pfft, this is my profession so you can’t put one over me. Is it perhaps for the sake of your boyfriend?


Huh? You don’t have one? …I see, then do you have someone you like?

Aah, I’ve been fooled.

Eh, me? Currently, I have no girlfriend.

Yes, is it surprising?

Hmm, the type I like, eh. It’s always based on instinct, so I can’t really say what it is exactly. All girls are cute and you might miss out on a great encounter if you limit yourself to a type.

Of course, you’re my type. Hehe.

Haha, yeah yeah. Let’s go.


Hmm, this might be good.

The color’s softer than the one prior. If we’re using this top, then this skirt might work. What do you think?

Say, could you try on these clothes?

Mhm, take care.


How is it? Have you finished changing?

Hmm…? Is something wrong? If the size doesn’t match, I’ll bring another one.

The zipper on your back?


Eh? I was thinking of helping you change.

Hehe, I’ve already entered though~

Okay! Since we can’t let it get tangled, could you lift up your hair?


The nape of your neck is beautiful.

Come on, if you let out a loud voice the store staff will get suspicious. Fufu…so you’re weak to this place.

That reaction is too good.

Sexual harassment? Sorry sorry, I went too far.


See? The zipper’s zipped up.

It really suits you, this is the best one out of all the ones we’ve seen today.

Okay! Let’s go with this.

I’m glad that we’ve found something nice as well, I’ll be waiting outside then.


Huh? Oh I see, since you didn’t pull it up, you can’t lower it.

Hmm, do you want me to help you no matter what?

What I should do I wonder ~

No matter what? Eh ah……that’s way too cute.

Sshhh. Like I said, you must’ve let out a loud voice. Sorry for being dishonest.


You’ve been properly continuing your lip-care.

I can tell because it was really soft. So much so that I want to go in for one more.

Look…if you don’t quiet down, the staff will come.

Your face has gotten complete red, hasn’t it? Hehe, I see so it’s my fault. Somehow that makes me happy.


Oh, that’s right! I’ll lower it right now, please turn to the back.

At this rate, how about I take it all off for you?

Okay okay, I’ll leave.

That reminds me. Do you still have time afterwards? As an apology for earlier, let’s go eat something sweet and allow me to give you the lip gloss present I promised.


Huh? Do you not want to go…?

Then it’s decided! I’ll wait over there so take your time and change.


Haa…I’m losing my cool.


Track 4: Please keep holding my hands.


What’s wrong? Aren’t you more nervous than the first time you came here?

Did I not say the photo-shoot was tomorrow? There’s plenty of time, shall I massage you again?

I-Is that so? You don’t have to refrain yourself though.

It’s fine that there’s nothing, but I think I’ve gotten pretty good at reading your facial expressions. Was I off?

Mhm, I’m pretty confident in it myself.

I’ve been thinking about you constantly, after all.


How about you? Did you not think of me at least a little?

Ah! You’ve averted your eyes.

It’s the habit you have when attempting to pull one over me. Did you not notice it yourself? Then it must be subconscious.

You, trying to fool me, means that I wasn’t necessarily wrong, right?

You don’t have to worry so much about the matter of being a model, however, I’m happy you thought about me.

Were you by any chance, captivated by the way I work?

Yay! That means our emotions are mutual.


Overly self-conscious? Even if you don’t say it so blatantly……

Oh that, I might be in love with that expression of yours. It’s cute and inevitably troubles me.

Men will always be like children, that means girls tend to always be more mature. Right? In other words, my feelings are still young.

Haha, just kidding!


I’m glad you’ve returned to your usual mood.

I was thinking that something actually happened, if you’re that nervous, I’ll be one losing their nerves.

Then today, we’ll color, shampoo, and treat. Afterwards, I’ll do a haircut and get everything tidied up. It may take some time but, please treat me well.


Later, since it’s a rare opportunity, how about we do some head spa treatment? The carbonated foam wash that’s done here is really refreshing.

It’s a special service.

So then, please wait as I grab the colored dyes.


Hmm……it seems alright.

This time could you move over to the shampoo table? It’s over there.

Shall I use a blanket?

No no, girls get cold easily after all. I’ll bring it down slowly.

Could you move your body up a bit higher? Mhm, that’s fine. Thank you.

Now, could you close your eyes?


How cute, it’s almost as if you’re begging me for a kiss.

Ah! Hey, don’t struggle, the colored dye will accidentally runoff.

You’re red all the way to your ears. By merely hearing the word ‘kiss’, did you end up remembering what happened the other day?


I-I see, sorry. I won’t do it anymore.


Hmm? What?

I won’t do it to just anyone. To you, my actions seem thoughtless so you may not believe me when I say it now.

Like I said, I’m dishonest. Hopelessly so.

I might be gaudy like you said. I’m bad with managing distance. Hehe…


Look, let’s just end this talk already.


Is it alright? Please tell me if it’s hot.


Track 5: I’m in love with you…


Thank you for your hard work. There were so many good hairstyles that I wavered on which one to use.

I’m not exaggerating, it’s true, it’s true. Weren’t you complimented a lot by the other staff?

Still, it’s usual for the shop manager so go as far as to say that. They may look kind, but they’re a pretty strict person.

Thank you for trying your best even though this is your first photo-shoot. You were quite nervous, weren’t you?

I suppose so. It’s not unreasonable when you come in with no experience.

Thank you for all the hard work.


Ah! Sorry, I unintentionally……

Were you against it?

That’s a relief. There there.

What’s with this deja vu, it’s as though I’ve tamed a cat.


You won’t say you’re cat-like? If I think about how extremely wary you are, and that you have the heart to forgive my whims. Somehow that part of you is cute.

…I’ve already told you countless times, you’re cute.


Hey, could I ask you one thing? During the photo-shoot, there was a shot where you were instructed by the cameraman to imagine the person you love, right?

At that moment, who were you imagining?

It does matter! Like I said, I’m confident that I can make you cuter than anyone else.

The reality is, you’ve already gotten this cute. Slowly altering your usual makeup and clothes… It was painful, every time I met with you.

Although the one who gave the advice was me, after becoming beautiful, your nails, your lips, have gone beyond what I as a beautician have the right to touch. It’s strange, isn’t it? I should be genuinely happy that the model I’ve selected has gotten cuter.


Even when I ask you whether you think of memories of me, you’d vehemently deny it. So lately, I’ve been constantly wondering “Then, just who is it for?”

I was seriously envious of the guy you were thinking of and I became jealous.

It’s the first time I realized my own feelings were when I wanted to draw your attention. But it’s the first time I’ve become this serious so like you said, my behavior came off as being child-like.

Because the times we’d meet were limited, I was internally very flustered.

That’s whyーーI did various things without asking for your feelings.



And then, the cameraman said that earlier, no? “That girl, she’s made expressions you’ve never seen before.”

That was truly frustrating.

For the day we met until today, I’ve never once made you show that expression.


Hey, am I no good…? Do you hate guys like me?

I know I’m being selfish, I’m aware I’m saying something pathetic. But……the one who found you was me.

I don’t want to hand you who had become gradually more beautiful over to anyone else.

Please become mine.


Heh? Really…?

Were you genuinely thinking about me?

Are you not teasing me? It’s true that I’m always teasing you, but that’s because I like you.


I’m happy, I like you too.

I love you.


You know, I’m serious during times like these.

Did you hate this side of me?

That’s a relief.


Hey, is it okay if I kiss you?


My girlfriend’s too cute……


Hmm? Nope, I won’t wait. I’ve been holding back the whole time after all.

Can I mark you as mine right now?

The photoshoot’s already over. Then can I leave it on a place that isn’t visible?

Let’s do it here.


It’s on there nicely.

That face is dangerous. It’s too lewd. Please never show that face in front of anyone besides me. It’s a promise.


Track 6: I would like a kiss from you…


Please excuse the intrusion.


Eh? It’s really pretty. It’s arranged cutely with the feeling of a girl’s room and also, it’s got your nice scent.

But it’s true, I like it.

As I thought, you’re weak to pressure. Jeez, that’s cute.


Wait…this is bad! I’ve completely forgotten, I’ve bought a cake in front of the station. Let’s eat it together later.

If you become that overjoyed, I’d want to offer you more and more presents. Since I gave you lip gloss earlier, how about a manicure this time?

Yes I know, I’ll keep it in moderation.

Ah! Thank you.


Thank you, I’m delighted since I was thirsty.

The sun rays were really harsh, there wasn’t much distance from the station but I’m already sweating. It was correct not to have you come and meet me there.

Since it’s a long-awaited moment for me as well, so I thought it’d be nice for you to guide me around this neighborhood. However, as expected, it ruins the mood to be walking around in this level of heat. Let’s leave it until next time.

Besides, you wouldn’t want your skin to get burned, right?


Have you been properly applying sunscreen? You can still get burned when entering indoors if you don’t apply it, you know?

Please apply it properly, okay? Your skin’s beautifully pale, after all.

Hmm…I wonder what you’d call this feeling?

Look, since we first met you’ve been taking a lot of advice from me and changed little by little, haven’t you?


Ah! Like I thought, of course they’d say that. …Since you’ve gotten extremely cute.

Was the one who said that a girl? Or was it a man?

Men too, eh. I half want other people to see the now cuter you and half don’t per se. Is that what they call possessiveness?

Listen, regardless of the tempting words, you mustn’t carelessly accompany another man.


No, I called out to you for work purposes!

In any case, even if you’re in charge, you’re forbidden from leaving me.

Eh? Uh…you know, where did you learn that method of stirring me up? I’m referring to how you’re tempting me. You understand?

Nope, if you say it like that I…t-that was dangerous, I was sweating.


No, I’m alright, I don’t think I’ll catch a cold with just this but I still want to hug you today.

Ah! Then, let’s get in the bath together?

Pfft. Your face’s completely red.

Eh? No…?

Oh, you’d lend to me. Hmm, are you embarrassed to get naked? …I see. It’s too sudden I suppose.


Then, you can stay as is so could you wash my body?

There’s no that.

To be so clear, as always, despite finally starting to date, you still don’t get caught in the mood.

If my body’s no good then, hmm…would you wash it if it’s my hair? There’s nothing embarrassing if it’s hair ,right? And I’ll wrap a towel around my waist.

It doesn’t feel good to wash one’s own hair, it’s nice to have other people wash it.

And so, I’d like you to wash it. It doesn’t matter if you’re good or not, I’m fine with you.


Really? Yay, thank you.


It’s okay for you to enter now.


It’s alright. Look, I’ve wrapped my waist like promised. Okay? Please.

You’re too nervous. Come on, relax, relax.

Mhm, it’s fine. Thank you for worrying about me, then could you go a bit lower…ah, right there.

This is well, my profession. But to have the girl you love to wash it is a completely different feeling. It’s comfortable so to speak.


You were being shy just now, weren’t you?

Hey, can I see your face?

Eh? I’ve been enduring the bubbles though. Haa…what a shame.

I’m half wanting to still like this forever and half wanting to hurry up and finish washing so I can see your face.

It’s a pretty serious dilemma to me right now, you know?


Oh, but even so, it’s a nice smell. Since when have you been using this shampoo?

We have matching scent’s then. It’s a nice and sweet smell.

Look, you’d immediately divert the conversation.


Hehe, I’ve finally opened my eyes.

Huh? Oh, is your heart racing because my hair’s different from usual?

T-that’s unfair, isn’t it?


No, I won’t let you go. It’s your fault for unintentionally saying something cute.

Nope, you said it. I didn’t miss hearing it you know?


Your heart was racing, no? My heart’s really pounding as well.

You’re extremely cute when you’re honest too.

I’d like you to get more used to it, but I love that innocent reaction. It’s so cute that I’m about to lose my mind.

Come on, don’t run away.


I’d feel lonely if you’re against it.

Oh, it’s true, your clothes have gotten wet. It wasn’t on purpose, though.

Since it’s become like that, let’s just enter the bath together as-is.


Well then, I won’t get you go……

Until you say okay.

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