【Translation】 PRISON ~Fujita Atsushi no Baai~


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PRISON ~藤田篤の場合~

CV: Ichijou Kazuya (一条和矢)

Track 1: The Light that lit up the Darkness


Prisoner #16, I’m coming in.


Ah! I apologize, I must’ve frightened you when I arrived in a hurry. I won’t do anything, so rest at ease.

Though it’s not unreasonable for you to be scared, a girl of your age’s been placed into a cramped prison after all. Not to mention, you’re alone in the dead of night with this kind of man.

I too had wanted to avoid being alone with a prisoner if possible.

Like I said, I won’t do anything.


Hmm…to be frank, I would’ve liked to have explained it more step by step, but there’s no time right now so I’ll get straight to the point.

Today you disobeyed prison guard Hikami Eiki during the day, no?

Oh no, I know you were sticking up for other prisoners. At any rate, because of that, you caught that guy’s eyes. Moreover, Hikami Kyouji, the chief of this prison was also there at the scene to witness it.

Worst of all, it appears that he’s taken an interest too.


Why’s it horrible? Ah, the chief has…eh, uh, a perverse hobb-I mean a bad habit of making strong-willed women succumb to him.

Basically, that bad habit was about to show itself the first time in a long while and so I wasn’t able to just let it be.

No, it’s not as if I protect people every time. You’re different from other prisoners, somehow you’re… I don’t know it’s because it seems as though you’d give in if coerced or because there’s some part fragile. Either way, I became worried.


Y-you’re mistaken! I’m not saying that you seemed easily swept away.

I thought you seemed like a kind girl. If that wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t have protected another prisoner right?

Well, let’s just leave that to the side.

The chief appeared excited, so to protect you, I lied in the spur of the moment.

“I and her are in love, so please keep your hands off her.”

As forーー


No. Like I said, it’s a lie! I’m not starved enough to lay hands on a prisoner, you know?

Above all else, I want you to understand that.


Is everyone like that…? In what way?

Oh, of course, love between prisoners and prison guards is more or less prohibited under current regulations. At least on paper.

I may be a prison supervisor, but sadly, I cannot possibly monitor everything. There are also guys who’d divert my attention and then lay hands on a prisoner. Additionally, even if matters practically do get out, here you’d escape legal punishment after receiving a mere scolding.



Haha, absurd eh. That’s certainly true, however, this is reality, the prison you’re in is recognized by the country as a lawless zone.

To be free, either you serve a decades-long sentence or be purchased by some wealthy family before that. These are your only options.

The mental anguish of constant surveillance, and the terror of being potentially made a slaveーーall of it, is retribution.


Human rights?

It’s unfortunate but, you were stripped of all your human rights the moment you entered this place. If that wasn’t the case, there wouldn’t be the foundations for human trafficking would there?

Although thoroughly menacing, buyers don’t readily appear.

Because slaves are so expensive that the average person cannot afford to buy one. Moreover, in order to complete a purchase, one must pass the rigorous examination process set by the government.


One, does the family have sufficient financial resources to both buy and support the slave?

Two, is there an understanding between the people in their environment?

Three, are they of proper standing?

The types of standards are so outrageously high that, you’d wonder whether the ones who set them were sane.

I was shocked the first time I heard it as well.


Hmm? How much?

Aah…a regular slave would require about this much.

Huh? To not be surprised by this, were you perhaps the young lady of a well-off family?


That family name……

Is it possibly the one that erected the largest industry group for precision equipment?

I see. Speaking of which, it became news that the daughter of that household had murdered her parents.


It’s heartbreaking, but even if you assert your innocence here, there’s nothing I can do. I’m not a member of the Hikami family who manages this prison, I’m merely a prison supervisor.


I’m sorry. No matter much I believe in your innocence, in the end, I have no power.


Yes, I believe in you.

After all your eyes aren’t those of someone who’s lying.


Is it too simple? But after working this job for many years, your intuition in these regards will sharpen.

I can recognize a dangerous fellow with a single glance.


It’s painful to see you overjoyed. Like I’ve said before, I’m merely a prison guard who’s capable of nothing.

Ah! This is bad, that’s surely Kyouji or Eiki. They’re probably here to ascertain whether what I’ve said is true……

Uh, err, please just endure this for a bit.

Not yet, just a bit longer.


Okay, are they gone?

S-sorry! I wanted to have them believe we’re lov…wait, if I think about it carefully, I should’ve just hugged you.

Ah, aahhhh!!! Aah, I’m an idiot!

Even though I was flustered, what the hell was I doing!? Aaah, I’m r-really sorry.

Uwah this is embarrassing, eh umm……

I want to just bang my head against the head!


Hey, is the look of me withering in shame that funny?

Haha, it’s fine. If that makes you laugh then looking unsightly is fine. Because those smiles and laughter will become your energy to live.

So please smile more.


I see, so it’s been a long time since you last laughed.

Then I’ve shown you something precious. I’ll gladly protect you from now on, in order to continue seeing that smile.

Hmm? It resembles lines in a picture book…?

Oh. If you’re referring to that book, I would often read it to my younger sister as well.

If I’m not mistaken, the prince swore promise and allegiance to the princess by kissing the back of her hand right?

I clearly remember that scene because my younger sister took a liking to it.


Huh? Why am I not doing that now?

There’s no way I could do it……

What happened prior was inevitable, it couldn’t be helped. Don’t lump me together with the other guards, I try to treat my prisoners as equally as possible.

Just kidding, it’s not convincing when I come here like this at this time of day.

Haa…well, I guess it’s fine.

We’ve safely diverted the chief’s eyes, so it’ll be business as usual starting tomorrow.


Well then, I’ll be leaving already, but continue to remain cautious around the Hikami men because you’ve got one too many chinks in your armor.


T-that’s not it! I wasn’t aiming for your weak spots earlier……

Oh jeez, just hurry up and sleep!


Yo! Despite having free time, you’re spending it being a bookworm, eh.

It’s been a week since then, but you’ve been diligent each day. The one who used this library the most is undoubtedly you.

What are you panicking about? Are you by any chance reading some embarrassing book-

Ain’t this that one picture book…? So it’s here as well.

That’s right, it’s nostalgic.


Me? It’s my break. There was something I was slightly interested in so I thought I’d go read a book after such a long time.

Hmm…? Oh, the one I’m carrying in my hand? It’s a book of law.

Unexpected? How mean. Even if I’m like this, I’ve read plenty of books.

Yeah, in the past I was a bookworm, same as you. Amongst them, I enjoyed the stories of heroes who protected the weak and longing to become one someday, I had aimed to be a lawyer.


I suppose so. Being a lawyer and being a prison guard here is vastly different, it’s not unreasonable for you to be surprised.

Don’t mind it, I know there’s no malice behind it.

Hmm? The reason why I’m a prison guard here? Ah, uh…….


Don’t make such a sad face, it’s not that I find it unpleasant. However, it’s a bit difficult for me to discuss.

But well, you’d hear it from the other guys either way, so there’s no issue in me saying it.

The other guys know the general gist. Previously, there was a subordinate who didn’t warp to the ideals. However, he spoke about everything; after which, Kyouji’s wrath was brought upon him and he was fired.

With that aside, we’ve arrived at the reason why I came here. First, where should I start from……


The cause of the matter was my sister committing a crime and being subsequently housed here.

That’s right, I’m family to a criminal and that’s why I couldn’t become a lawyer.

Huh? Did you not know…? A new law was put in place where the close family of a felon cannot be employed as neither attorney nor prosecutor.

Normally, such people cannot enter this place, but the chief is a friend of mine from my university days and so I asked the impossible of him.


Hmm? The reason I joined?

How should I say this, I probably wanted to see the scene that my sister last saw. If I can share in just one of them, then I felt I could distract myself from the bitterness.

It was frustrating. You see, here you’re forbidden from meeting a family member face-to-face, so I couldn’t ask her why she committed that crime even until the very end.

In the end, even now, I still don’t comprehend why.


No, that’s not it. My younger sister didn’t become a slave, she passed away from illness inside this prison.

It really is vexing. I wanted to at least ask her that.

Heh? Resent my sister? Why…?

Oh, I suppose so. For a period of time, I was talked about harshly behind my back, “You’re the brother of a murderer” and “You should go die as well”.

Those times were certainly tough.

If it were just completely unrelated people then it wouldn’t matter, but for even relatives to desire my death…

It was pretty painful.


I see. You too. So we’re the same.

That’s why, to tell you the truth, I was a bit scared of you. There were more feelings of myself than there were of you. Although I believed in treating everyone equally… Lately, I end up thinking about you without realizing it.

Somehow, you have a similar atmosphere to my younger sister, specifically in terms of your claims of innocence.

And so I occasionally think of this, “Aren’t I just using you as a replacement for the sister I failed to protect?” But on the contrary, I might just feel that I could atone by protecting you.

For using you out of my own convenience for my own atonement, I’m sorry.


Hmm? My existence became your strength to live?

If that’s true, then I’m really happy.

I see…and so you want to become my strength as well?

Thank you, it’s been such a long time since my heart’s been this calm.


But you know, who knows what’ll happen if you grab a man’s hand in this manner. As expected, you aren’t wary enough after all.

Don’t laugh, I’m saying it seriously!

Be particularly careful around Hikami Eiki.

Ah, he’s the silver-haired man you were involved with previously. He’s one of the 3 Hikami members who assist in the operations here and sexually harassing prisoners is his hobby.

I’ve warned him thoroughly, but his behavior hasn’t improved in the slightest.


Good grief, he’s such a troubling fellow.

…And he came in just as we were talking.

Listen, what’s established is that we’re in love. Don’t forget that.


What is it Eiki? It’s quite unusual for you to visit the library.

Huh? Me? You can tell by just looking no? Can you not tell unless I explain everything to you?

Proof…? What are you!?

Eh uh, you’re wrong! The fact I’m mutually in love with her is true. As a prison supervisor, to say this is, how should I say itーー

Hah!? A kiss as evidence…? Why must I prove it to you?!!

Yeah, I won’t listen to such a request.


You’ll report it to Kyouji?

W-wait!!! I told you we were in love, did I not? Besides, in a place where a person could walk in at any timeーー

You locked it eh. You’re quite thoroughly prepared, aren’t you?

Aaah, I get it already! I just have to kiss her, right?




How’s this?

Hah!? It’s not like lovers? Damn it! Why must I put on a show?!!

I get it, I get it. I just have to do it right?

However, Eiki, since you’re ordering around me your superior. You better treat me to something afterwards.

Oh, that’s right, some expensive yakiniku that I can’t afford with my salary would be nice.



What’s wrong? Are you embarrassed because Eiki’s here? Normally you’d wrap your tongue even more around mine, no?

That’s right……

Idiot, if you make a face like that, I won’t be able to stop, you know?


Don’t get worn with just this.

Let’s kiss just as intensely as normal.


Cute. I feel like I seriously won’t be able to hold back.

Don’t touch her Eiki!!! She is my woman.

If you understand then hurry up and get going. Your break ends soon, no?

Yeah, until later.


Haaa…one way or another, have we put one over him?

H-hey! Are you okay?!!

If you aren’t able to stand then I’ll carry you all the way to your room.

It’s not your fault, rather I was the one who was absorbed in it……

Ah, no err…I-I got absorbed into the acting. I’m sorry for being a ham actor.


Was it that amazing of a performance? For example where?

The kiss felt good…?

Are you poking fun at me?

Oh, uh…I understand that you were serious so don’t emphasize it so much.

Good grief, the unawareness is frightening.


In any case, let’s move. Although he won’t get angry, it’ll be troublesome if we’re found by Kyouji.

Huh? But, you’ve collapsed at the waist no? I have no choice but to lift you up.

Haha, don’t worry about it. You can just say you’re in the middle of being taken to “that” room.


Track 2: A Prison bearing Joy


Prisoner #16, are you awake?

That’s strange, she said she’d be awake until I came.

Eiki? What are you doing in a place like th-

It can’t be.


Hey! Keep it together!!!

I want to just bash Eiki 100 times over.

I’ll do that after, I’m sorry for failing to protect you.


Eh? He didn’t go all the way?

I see. That’s a relie…no, to not have gone all the way. This isーー

To have your body lick is obviously painful. Please wait, I’ll wet a towel and bring over it to you.


Aaah, umm……if you really think about it, it’s problematic for me to look at you in your present state, r-right?

I didn’t see, I didn’t see!!! I didn’t see anything but your face.

You’re embarrassed that your body is seedy-looking?

No, your breasts were surprisingly large. Also, your waist’s constricted and makes an absolutely beautiful curve and your skin is really smooth too.

I haven’t looked, that’s just what I’ve noticed!

So, come on, you can wipe up before I look.


What’s wrong? It’s okay for you to wipe up.

Can your body not exert any strength?

You’re not pathetic, it’s not unnatural for you to be quivering after being attacked by a man you didn’t consent to.


Say, if you have no strength because you’re trembling……

How about I wipe it for you?

I-It’s not feelings of guilt, I simply want to cleanse your body, that’s all. You don’t want to be wrapped in that guy’s scent throughout the night no?

Sorry, please forget what I said just now, take your time and use that-


Eh? It’s okay?

You don’t mind it if it’s me…? I’m happy you trust me, but it’s a little mixed.

Ah no, it’s nothing.


In that case, I’ll start wiping. Where should I start off first?

I understand. I’ll start from the top.


This much should be enough for your neck.

Eh…? Your ears? So he licked your ears too. Okay, I got it, I’ll wipe there.

How is it? Are your ears clean?

Heh? The inside too? T-the inside of your ears too?

Oh, uh, I’m sorry. I feel like I’m about to lose myself in rage just thinking about it. Poor thing, it must’ve been disgusting to have the insides of your ears licked.

I’ll wipe it at once.


Damn, I can’t see well because of the dark.

H-hey, could you relax a little at the front? The insides will get hurt if you move suddenly.

Hmm? Yeah, I’ll do it gently.

Ah…is it okay if I make one request? If you let out a voice like that, I’ll be the one who’s embarrassed.

I mean, it’s that err, it’s poor of me to say it after what’s happened, but I’m also a man. It’s troubling for me in many ways.


You aren’t able to tell from this?

Y-you…just how pure of culture did you grow up in? This is why you’re being targeted by Eiki.

Ah no, I guess that’s wrong. That pervert doesn’t mind approaching even someone who’s vigilant.

Okay! This side’s wiped, next up’s the other side.


Still, Eiki that guy, he’s changed.

To go as far as to repeatedly lick a girl he’s interested in……

Even if you’re infatuated, normally you’d treat the girl you love with kindness.

Huh? Me…?

Me, I’d want to be gentle and I’d like to make them smile. When I see that smile, I feel strangely healed.

T-this referring to ‘if’ I fall in love with someone, okay?


Now then, where next?

Oh, I see, your ches-

That’s not it, it’s not that I’m against it. It’s alright, I’m alright. It’ll be okay, it’ll be okay.

S-sorry, did that hurt!?

Oh, I see, it rubbed against your nip…nipples.

I’m sorry! I was trying to look as little as possible, I didn’t think I’d rub against there. F-for the time being, it’s probably gotten clean so let’s go around it.

This time I’ll wipe even more gently.


If you’re that fidgety, I’ll misunderstand you know?

Hehe…it’s a joke, I know you don’t regard me that way. That’s right, it’s not like that. It’s undoubtedly my eyes that’s tainted.

One, two, three…seven…nine…eleven…thirteen…fift……

Ah, uh, I’m sorry. It’s a habit I have when calming myself down, so please don’t worry about it.

Okay, mission complete!

Now then, with this, you feel refreshed, don’t you?


Somehow you’ve got a strange expression. Was this not everything?

I feel like immediately killing Eiki, but I’ll ask. Did he perhaps, that, err….did he also lick the area around your legs?

I see……

As expected, you’d wanted to wipe that place yoursel,f right?


Here, the towel.

Are you still unable to exert any strength?

First, it’ll be best you’d become self-aware. If you look at me with such needy eyes, a normal man would misinterpret and swoop down on you.

Because the other party is me?

Haa…ah jeez, I get it. However, before that, I’ll ask you one more thing.

Are you not against being touched by me?


That’s a relief.

T-then I’ll start, please tell me if it hurts.


Were you licked enough times that your inner thighs are wet?

Oh, uh, you’re mistaken! I’m not condemning you, this is, which way should I……

I apologize, please don’t worry about it.

As one would expect, I feel very hesitant about wiping the lower parts. I’m sorry, but this part, during tomorrow’s showe-

Uh, d-don’t cry. It can’t be helped, right?

Aaah…sheesh, you’re horribly unaware.


Say, what should I do to stop your tears? For example, if I were to do the same things as Eiki and overwrite those memories, would that stop your tears?

If you believe this is a preposterous proposal then please don’t hesitate to punch me.

By doing so, I’ll snap to reality.


I thought this when we kissed as well but, your way of begging is cute.

Ah, ugh, I’m sorry, my real thoughts just-

Since I’ve received your acknowledgment, please allow me to overwrite those memories.


That’s a cute voice. I won’t forgive him, but I could understand why that bastard Eiki wanted to lick your whole body.

Amazing, it has swelled and perked up.

During the time with Eiki, did this place become like this as well? Your insides are overflowing with nectar, and it’s become lewd.


My bad, it’s just simple jealousy.


You like the shallow parts here, don’t you? It twitches when I lick and overflows even more.

It’s not a strange voice, it’s so cute that I feel like my reason will fly off.


Are you already about to cum?

Don’t hold back, you’d be able to sleep soundly if you cum.

Go ahead…


I’m glad that you came properly, with this, you’d be able to sleep tonight.


There’s no need for thanks, I’m simply doing it because I want to.

……Because I like you to smile.


Huh? Am I okay? What exactly…?

What’s wrong? If there’s something you wish to say, then stop begging with your eyes and properly-

W-where are you looking!? That ain’t a place a girl should be staring at!

Uh, AAH!!!

Sorry, this is inappropriate on my part, right? It’s true that it’s reacting right now, but this is a p-physiological response and it’s not I want you to do anything, okay?


Haa…you’re conscientious in weird ways, my heart’s the one that won’t be able to last.

I’m being honest.

If you don’t believe that then your senses are pretty numb. Though, anyone would become desensitized after associating with the Hikami bunch.

No, it’s not a good inclination.

To ask for compensation for everything is strange, isn’t it? And it’s especially wrong to seek that type of thing from a man.


I’m a particularly good person?

That’s not the case, I am an unseemly person. However, I’m happy that you say that. When I’m praised by a beautiful person like you, I feel like I’ve become a slightly better person.

No, I’m not being humble.

That’s right! More importantly, there’s something I ought to tell you.


Listen, avoid going out onto the courtyard as much as possible.

If you spend your breaks in the courtyard, you might catch the eyes of someone who’s rich and it’s especially dangerous during this time.

There there, good girl.

When I pat your head like this, the charm earlier seems almost like a li-

…Those eyes are against the rules.


It’s nothing, it appears that you’ve calmed down as well so it’s about time I leave. To be frank, there are more things I wished to discuss, but let’s leave it until next time.



I told you one week ago that it was the ONE PLACE you cannot go out to didn’t I?!!!

The other girls said that I’ve been seriously injured here?

I see. I’m sorry, you were jealous about what others have spread about me, right?

Nevertheless, it’s odd. This kind of mischief should’ve stopped when rumors about Yousuke spread.


In any case, let’s return back inside.

Today’s the day, the scumba…the wealthy people visit so it’ll be bad if you caught somebody’s eyes.

Come on, let’s go.


I apologize, there was something I was panicked about.

This morning you went out to the courtyard, right? During that time, it appears that you’ve caught the eye of a man from a certain conglomerate, who, by chance, happened to be visiting.

Yes, a man who’d like to buy you as a slave has appeared.

However, it isn’t all bad news.


The man who had fallen in love with you, at first sight,​ is someone that both I and Kyouji know.

He has an understanding of slaves and is a kind person.

You’d fall to the status of a slave, but there’s a chance you could be happy. If you so desire thenーー


Why don’t you want to go to the place of a man that isn’t me?


That’s an illusion. You’ve grown emotionally weak after being placed into a horrible environment and so you were drawn to the man who happened to be by your side.

Yes, it’s an illusion.

It’ll be like taking advantage of your weakness, so I mustn’t lay hands on you.

That’s right, despite knowing that…I can’t suppress my emotions. When I think of you being embraced by another man, I become unable to breathe.


Ah, I love you.

Despite not having the right to love you, I ended up falling in love with you.

This is the first time I’ve fallen this madly in love with someone, so I don’t know what I should do.

If I were to say that in truth, I remember the feeling of your lips every night would you disdain me?


I’m relieved.

One more time. Just more one more time.

I can’t, as expected I want more.


I’ve finally kissed you.

I’ve constantly thought about indulging in these lips. Morning, day and night, whilst you were calling me a good person, I’ve looked at you with filthy eyes.

See? I’m an awful man, right?

Is that so, so you wanted to feel me as well.

Then there’s no need to hold back.


Are you planning to touch me today?

What’s wrong?

Oh, speaking of which…I guess that’s true. You’d be surprised if you see this so abruptly.

It’s so big that conversely, it’s a complex of mine.

Ah, uh, don’t worry, I won’t forcibly stick it in. I don’t wish to take your first time in a place like this after all.


Oh, that’s right! To have to suddenly stroke this grotesque​ thing is overwhelming, so could you turn to the back a little?

Yes, just like that. And close your legs.

Even if I’m only sandwiched between your legs, I feel plenty good enough.


Hmm? This and that are embarrassing?

That embarrassed part of you is unbearably cute, though.

It’ll be bad if I’m the only one having fun, so would you let me touch you as well?


Where…? If I pinch the tips of these breasts then you’d become extremely wet.

It’s not a lie. Look, it’s wet again.

I’m aroused as if I’m actually embracing you and it appears that you’re excited too. The nape of your neck is completely red.


I remember the time I touched you earlier; that time, I was stirred up by your sensitive reactions as well.

I had a hard time suppressing my urge to fuck you.

Right now? Right now, I think times, where you’re holding back, are nice as well since I can carefully listen to your moans.


That’s right, when I rubbed against you earlier, it felt really good. I wonder if it’s because I’ve been enduring it, but I’m already about to cum.

Go ahead and cum, go ahead and cum. I’m cumming too.


Are you okay?

You’re good at piercing through my heart with surprise attacks.

It means that I’ve fallen deeply in love with you. There’s no way I’d hand over someone I love this much.

I will definitely free you.


What? Don’t worry, I have plenty of allies.

Yeah, they’re friends from my university days and we’ve investigated the truth of your incident together. They’re all good people, so I’d like you to meet them one day.

And at that time, I’ll pridefully introduce you to everyone as my lover.

Let’s be happy together.


That reminds me, there’s something I need to discuss with you at 2 p.m. so could you secretly come to the library tomorrow?

Thank you.

I’ll wait for you then.


Track 3: Point of Branching Fate


Hmm…? What is it Kyouji? It’s rare for you to come to me.

A talk with me? Oh, about Prison #16?

Haha, I know no one’s allowed out. If that happens the prison guard faces death by firing squad.

I understand that all too well.


That’s a relief, so you were still awake. You didn’t come to the promised location today so I thought you were sick.

I won’t get angry over this. More importantly, I’m glad that you’re safe.

Though, I won’t be able to explain it to you freely.

I’ll resolve it without fail so listen calmly to what I’m about to say.


Okay, then I’ll start talking.

The man I referred to the other day, has received approval to purchase you as a slave. Rest assured, like I said, I’ll resolve it without fail.

Let’s run away together.

I believe there’s no other route but that.


It’s alright, it’s not as if I’m saying this with no plan.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve been conducting an investigation with my university colleagues.

Yes, I’ve been gathering evidence to prove your innocence. However, for the evidence to all be present, even if rushed, it’ll take at least until the day after tomorrow.

Because tomorrow, you’ll be bought as a slave.

We won’t make it if we were to wait for the message from my comrades and so let’s escape together until then.

Once your innocence’s been proven, let’s live together peacefully, okay?


Why are you wavering?

I love you, and the other day you said that you loved me as well. There shouldn’t be any issues, right?

Are you perhaps unable to trust me?

Hmm? You trust me, but you’re concerned regarding something different?

What’s that other “something”?


There’s no more time. Save the talks for later, let’s get out of here for now.

Now then, take this hand.

Until death do us part, I will by no means let you go.


Happy End: Taste of Victory


I’m relieved. I’ve said all that but, I was a little uneasy about what I’ll do if you were to refuse.

I’m happy you chose me.

I must’ve lived precisely for this very moment.


Alright, let’s go. Please never let go of this hand.



Alcohol after a case resolution is wonderful and the comfort of the brand new sofa is the best. Next up is the bed, right? As expected, new furniture suits a new house.

It’s fine having this much of a sloppy appearance just for tonight, no? The victory party is over, so you can take off your clothes now. If not, I’ll take it off for you-

I get it, I get it, I’ll wait until we get onto the bed.

But even so, you move unexpectedly fast, I didn’t think you could run that quick. And thanks to that, we escaped earlier than anticipated.

Our current happiness is by the grace of your speedy legs, is it not?


Of course, the efforts of everyone else hasn’t been forgotten. Thanks to everyone, all the evidence had been safely present and your innocence was proven.

However…I haven’t quite come to process it.

Just when we thought we were approaching the truth, suddenly all the evidence came out. Almost as though eyes were diverted elsewhere.

We were hopeless in catching him and yet somehow that man who could cut off his tail like a lizard became the culprit.


My bad, I made you worry, didn’t I?

Ah…that’s right, that’s right. Let’s get drunk on the taste of tonight’s victory.

H-hey, ain’t that extremely expensive wine? Too much luxury ain’t good, you know?

No, I know that you’ve inherited a portion of the inheritance.


Hmm…like I thought, it’s a no.

Let’s put your entire inheritance into savings.

Although our investigative firm is yielding a profit and its reputation skyrocketed from the resolution of your case. Nevertheless, who knows what’ll happen if you live a negligent taboo lifestyle.

We’ll live off of my earnings for the time being, okay?


Hey, are you listening? I’m being earnest.

What’s going on all of a sudden? I’ve told you before that you shouldn’t cling onto me like this.

Ah, you’re pretty drunk, aren’t you? Your face is completely red, ain’t it?

“I’m okay”, you don’t look okay at al-


We can’t, I can’t embrace you when you’re not sober.

Ouch ouch, I-I-I get it. But I’ll simply be touching, I won’t go all the way until marriag-

Ow! Why are you so fixated on that? It feels plenty good enough even if we don’t go all the way.

W-wait, who said I was against it!


It’s my fault, I’ll spit it out.

I was scared that you might break. I’m, you see, how should I say it, there’s ‘that’ and also your insides are fairly tight.

When I imagine the possibility of losing myself and hurting you, then no matter what……

Eh? Eiki and Kyouji came to this house!?

T-that’s a lie, right?! Why are you suddenly making that kind of joke…?


Is it true? When? When?!!

The day before yesterday? What did those guys come here for!?

Heh? They weren’t able to give up on you and so they purposefully came here? Hmm…? And how did you respond?

Don’t tell me you gave them a vague answer as to not hurt them, right?


Of course, I’d be concerned!

Were you not touched or licked anywhere?

Why can’t you reply? As I thought Eiki has…I won’t forgive him, I’ll beat that bastard half to death the next time I see him!!!

You belong to me.


Your nipples are already hard.

To be this turned on from being kissed, did you also show this appearance in front of those two?

Silent again, eh.

That’s enough, from now onーーI’ll make you mine.


Growing increasingly stiff and with a color as though to invite men, I guess I ought to punish it.


Did Eiki lick this wet place again? How turned on were you?

Not feeling it is a lie, I’ve been constantly training it with my fingers, so it’s gotten rather sensitive, has it not?

When I imagine you letting out this cute voice in front of Eiki and Kyouji, my vision darkens with rage……


Ah. It’s already this wet, did you end up remembering the time you were licked by Eiki? Or did Kyouji insert his fingers inside?

If that’s not the case then why’s this place all syrupy?

It’s softly loosening and right now it seems like a second finger can fit inside, no?


I-I’m sorry, did that hurt?

This type of thing…even though I never intended to hurt you.

No, this isn’t your fault! All the blame is on me who wasn’t able to listen to restraint and those bastards that both touched and licked you.

Like I thought, I’ll beat both Kyouji and Hikami Eiki half to death.



I see, so they never touched you…?

That’s a relief, but why didn’t you say that earlier? We were a point where I was about to high-handedly take your virginity, you know?!!

You wanted me to take it???

How sly, I’ve been completely duped.


No, I’m not angry.

But even though I know now that nothing has happened, I can’t mend this feeling of jealousy. I feel like I’m about to go mad just by hearing about the visit of the man who had repeatedly licked you.

I want to just put this inside at once and rob it from you.


Are you truly okay with this?

I might lose self-control in the middle of it, you know?

Don’t bank on it. You were trembling when I merely pressed the tip up against you and weren’t you making a tearful expression earlier?

Tears of joy…? I really can’t rival you.


I’ll be putting it in then.

As expected, it’s cramp. Are you okay? I’m putting it in slowly so relax as much as you can.

It’ll hurt to move, right? Let’s stop here for today.


Ahem, idiot, it’s not an issue of inserting it all in. As long as we’ve communicated our feelings that’s enough.


Ah! Uh o-oi! You mustn’t move like tha-

Hey, I told you that you shouldn’t force yourself, did I not? Why are you this impatient?


You want my everything?

What are you saying? I’ve already offered you everything a long time ago.

So you’re truly alright with this, right?

I understand.


A little more, just a little more.

It’s all in. Your insides have been filled with me.

I said something self-important just now, but looking at this…

I’m deeply moved.


Not yet, let’s stay this way for a bit longer.

I’m happy, I’m so happy that I feel like I’m about to die like this.

We’ll die together? You’re surprisingly extreme.

I like that part too, though.


I’ll move gradually so please tell me if it gets difficult.


If you bite your lips so hard, it’ll hurt. Besides, rather than enduring it, it’ll be easier if you let out your voice.

If you don’t know how to let it out then……

Look, I’ll tease the tips of your breasts so you can focus there.

Yes, just like that.

And your insides are wrapping around me so nicely that I’m going to cum the moment I relax.


You truly are cute. If I don’t trap you inside these arms, you’d be swept away immediately.

So that doesn’t happen, I ought to mark you all the way with my scent, right?


Do you like this depth?

Are you that thrilled even though it’s your first time? Moreover, it’s with a size like mine.

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, I love this place of yours too. Sucking me up as though it’s begging more, I just can’t get enough of it.

Nope, you’re the one who riled me up so take responsibility and have a good feel of me.


I’ve remembered, you love it when I force up against this place and rub against it, don’t you?

It’s alright, let yourself feel more pleasure and in doing so, I’ll feel even better.

I love you.

I definitely won’t ever hand you over to Eiki nor Kyouji!


I’m also about to cum too.

Hey, can I cum inside? I want to push up against here and pour it all in. Of course, it goes without saying that I’ll take responsibility.

Or rather, you can’t possibly escape now. Feel at ease and accept me.




Sorry, as expected, I feel like I’ve lost myself in the middle of it. I really can’t avoid this midway.

Was it tough on your body?

You’re happy even if it was tough?

Next time, I’ll work harder so that you’d only feel pleasure. Ah, no. I guess next time would be impossible.

Probably the time after next time.

You’ll surely become accustomed. Besides, I want to make it so no one but me can satisfy you.


Did you not know? I’m pretty possessive.

Next time, please stay forever captive inside these arms.


Bad End: Salvation


What’s wrong? You were acting strange earlier.

In any case, I’ll listen to your talks later. Right now let’s quickl-

Why are you refusing my hand? Rather than being with a normal man like me, you think it’ll be better to become the slave of a multimillionaire?

Certainly, you can become happy this way, but…

Then why!?


Because you don’t want me to die…?


I see, you’ve heard the prior talks between me and Kyouji and so you’re saying, you don’t want to go because you’re worried about me?

I see…

Say, it’s persistent of me, but the reality is, you love me, don’t you?


Is that so? I’m glad.

Oh, this? This is the sake I love. I drink it alone whenever I’m irate or whenever I feel a little festive.

But today, I’d like to drink it together with you.

I want to leave a memory before we part.


I suppose so. This will be the last rule violation.

Come on, you take a drink first, it’s my recommendation so it’ll be good.

How is it? Is it good?

I’m glad you took a liking to it, I drink it all the time so it’s fine for you to drink more.


Heh? Have you already gotten sleepy?

So you were weak to alcohol? I apologize for not knowing.

Don’t worry about it, you’re probably exhausted mentally today. You can go to sleep already and I’ll continue to hold you like this until you fall asleep.


You’re unusually sleepy?

Sorry, you might have a headache when you awaken but just that. When you open your eyes, your heart would be at ease.

Hmm? What is it?

Aah, I love you too.

And because I love you, I can’t abandon you no matter what.


Damn it! We’re been found earlier than I anticipated.

Oh, were you awoken?

To be honest, I wanted to wake you up with a kiss, but reality doesn’t function like a picture book.

I’ll leave the apology for forcibly dragging you out for later. In any case, right now let’s focus on escaping.


First, let’s avoid the view of the enemies here. If those guys go that way……

Returning is impossible.

We’ve come this far, you’d be kept as a slave but I’ll be facing the firing squad. If you say you don’t wish for me to die then take my hand this time.

I’m sorry for being a terrible man, but I didn’t want you to become a slave no matter what.


No…I didn’t want you to be taken by another man.

If I think about it, I might’ve been charmed by you the moment I saw you protect another prisoner with your body.

That’s probably why I didn’t want to be touched by Kyouji.

It’s not that, to me it was an important impetus. You didn’t lose your kindness even amidst the bottom of despair.

That bright light lit up my world. It made me remember the feeling of never giving up.

I wanted that you no matter what.

I wanted you, I wanted you so much that I ended up making that drug.


Like I said, the true me is a greedy and unseemly person.

Ever since the moment I was informed of my sister’s death, I had always put on an air of disinterest. However, that’s impossible now.

I want to be happy together with you.


Okay, they’re all gone.

Then…let’s go!


Okay! If we go a bit further…ARGH!!!

Ngh. It’s nothing, turn right at that large tree!


I’m alright. Don’t look so worried, I’ve been grazed by a bullet that’s all.

However, in this situation…it’ll be easier for me to move alone so you can go on ahead first. Turn right at the corner and at the end of that slope will be my comrades.

And in order to deceive their eyes, I’ll go left and join up with other allies.


Don’t cry, we’ll definitely meet again.

Look, a kiss on the back of the hand is proof of promise and allegiance, right?

I will offer you my heart.


Go! Once you start running, don’t you dare look back.




Yo, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

I’m glad you’re well enough to read this. This means my wish has largely been achieved, though it’s a bit unfortunate that I’m no longer there anymore.

I’m sorry, I assume you’re a little thinner at this present point.

You reading this would imply that you’ve successfully broken out of prison and I myself have died.


The ones who’ll deliver this letter if it goes well would be my comrades.

Although I said we’d be happy together, I’m truly sorry for not fulfilling that promise.

Please allow me to take this chance and give you a final confession.

If you believe you’ve made me suffer misfortune then I’ll tell you that’s not the case

ーーBecause I was finally able to be happy upon meeting you.

It’s true, please believe me.


Just kidding, I know I have no right to think this way.

A man who’d say they’d be happy in this type of situation is no good person.

Yes, I am more awful of a person than you had imagined.

Ever since my sister died, I’ve felt like deep inside, I’ve been living with resentment towards others. There were times I wanted revenge on the world and on the people that scorned both me and my sister.

Since that was my state of mind, I thought truly loving someone would be impossible and so I gave up.


But ever since meeting you, I began to love a person from the bottom of my heart, that’s why what I’ve said earlier is true.

You saved me.

Precisely because you’re like that, I wanted to forever be with you. And since this emotion is strong, surely, even if I kick the bucket, it’ll pop up again in some form.

Look…right now, even if we’re parted by death, I’m living on inside you.

Don’t laugh at it for being cheesy, because this is my selfish last will.


It’s important so I’ll say it a second time.

This is my will.

I who wished for your happiness is inside your heart, please don’t forget that.


And for saving meーーthank you.

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  1. Kborenai

    Hallo, great translation! This is pretty much how I understood it (yas! *pats myself on the back*), except for the bad ending part because I really hoped he was just imprisoned and not…ya know, dead.

    Will you be translating the 4th volume?


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