【Translation】 Rabbit Hunt Stellaworth Rendou Tokuten

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Extra Stage ~Hunter side~

CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋), Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも), Fukushima Jun (福島潤)

Track 1: Extra Stage ~Hunter side~


M: It’s pretty dreary ain’t it.

Y: A large room with simple lighting and a single queen-size bed eh.

R: It feels like a room blatantly designed for that doesn’t it?


R: Hmm? What’s this, were you not told anything?

Y: You were caught by a hunter during the rabbit hunt. Following the game’s completion, their ownership of you was renounced and therefore, you’ve become a stray rabbit.

R: And so the u were hoping to obtain new ownership rights over you.

M: We each are participating as hunters in a different game from you.


Y: The fact that all those who desired you were people with connections to you, was nevertheless surprising though.

R: We’re former boss, childhood friend, and former boyfriend. It’s truly quite the amazing coincidence is it not.

M: But you see, of the 3 people here, not a single one of us were willing to surrender ownership of you.

R: That’s right. However, if we don’t decide soon, it appears that you’d be forced to belong to the sponsors.

Y: Ultimately, we’ve agreed to share the ownership rights amongst these 3 people. Ain’t that great? You were nearly at the point of being made into the toy of an unspecified large group of people.

R: Well, since that’s how it is, I’ll formally give my best regards from now on.


Y: Well then, it’s a bit prompt but let’s begin.


M: What exactly…? Can you not tell?

R: There are 3 guys and 1 girl in a room with nothing but a bed. The only thing we can do is sex no?

Y: That’s what it is.

R: Come on, just give up and come over there.


R: You…rather than doing it with men whose faces you don’t even know, it’s better with us who you’re familiar with is it not? Right?

R: There, there, you’re an obedient girl, aren’t you?

Y: Well then, as the first step…….

Y: I suppose so. How about I have you lick me?

R: Why are you thinking the exact same things as me!?

Y: It’s not an issue, she simply has to do us both at the same time.


Y: Well? You can do it. can’t you?

R: Ah, I suppose that’s true.

Y: Now then, get on your knees and use your hands and mouth to pleasure us.

R: You can properly do it. right?


Y: Just like that, just like that. Deeper.

Y: Yes, that’s good.

M: Are you happy swallowing up the thing of two men other than me? You weren’t even aware what fellatio was until you did it with me, and now you’re doing it for the sake of those two.

Y: My my, is it jealousy?

M: I’m envious isn’t that obvious? After all, this place…look, it’s already wet. So you felt it from licking and holding them inside your mouth eh. Even though I was supposed to be the only man you knew……


R: Hey, that’s high-handed! Is she not hurting from having fingers suddenly shoved inside her?

M: Heh, that might be the case. After all, if it hurts, then at that moment she’d only think of me, right? If so, it’s alright for you to cry.

Y: So you had an unexpectedly sadistic side to you.

R: I think that’s the one thing that you don’t want to be told by you though.

Y: That might be true, it is as you have said.


Y: Having my thing jammed deep inside her throat, that face of hers distorted with pain is unbearably tantalizing.

R: What nice hobby you have, but someone else’s pastime isn’t of importance.

R: Come on, continue. It won’t feel good unless you steadily move your hands, you know? Grasp it properly and use some strength to stroke it.


M: Your insides are slowly getting more slippery.

M: Look, you squeeze down on my fingers again. Is it because you’re turned on from licking or perhaps, did it feel good from having me do this to you?

M: Hey, tell me, the reason you’re dripping wet is because of me, right? In the past I often churned it up like this too, didn’t I…? Have you forgotten?

M: Just as I thought, you remembered it properly. I’m happy.

M: Now then, I’ll make you feel even better.


R: Oi! What are you doing? We are finally at a good spot.

M: No, I won’t hand her to you two since she’ll be pleasuring me.

R: You…we decided to share her amongst all of us, did you forget? If you break the promise then she’ll be fiddled around with by guys we don’t know.

M: I haven’t forgotten. Although I haven’t forgotten……

Y: Oh dear, almost like children. If that’s the case, then hurry up and enter inside her, Shinomiya. You’re against us going before you, no?


M: I suppose so.

M: I’m against those other two having their way with you but I’m even more against you being touched by some person whose face I don’t even know. At the very least, I want to be the first one to pleasure you.

M: After all, turn this way

M: …I love you.


M: Hot!

R: Well then, I guess I’ll take this chance and loosen up this place as well.

M: What are you trying to…?

R: That’s enough, you go focus on her.

Y: See? We’re getting impatient. How about you hurry up and start moving?

M: Even if you don’t tell me……


R: Aah…I can’t get enough of this. This scent of yours that’s different from the front, I’m about to cum from just sniffing it.

Y: To lick the back hole like that, this childhood friend of yours seems to have quite the fine tastes as well. Though, in leaking your voice as though it’s pleasurable, there’s a resemblance.


Y: Oh, your hands appear lonely. Since we stopped halfway earlier, shall we continue?

Y: You know what you should do, right? Grasp onto it and stroke it.


M: Please turn this way, I want to kiss you.

M: Does this place feel good? Or perhaps here?

M: It’s good, it feels good.


R: The place around here is twitching, you can properly feel it from your ass too eh.

R: Look, my fingers can enter in smoothly already.

Y: How about you stir even deeper? You intend to insert it either way, no?

R: Of course, since her virginity’s already been taken by Shinomiya, I’ll take her anal virginity.

Y: The figure of you being satisfied as you’re penetrated from the back would certainly be quite the sight.


M: Don’t tighten up all the way, please let me stay inside you longer.

Y: Hehe, if you’re at your limit, why don’t you just cum? Holding back is harmful for the body, Shinomiya.


M: I can’t, I’m cumming. I’m already…..

M: Hey, I’m cumming. Please let me cum inside you!

M: Cumming, cumming!!!


M: Look, I came a lot. See? The stuff I release is oozing out from the place we’re joined at.


M: I love you.

R: Haha! It’s true, the muddy liquid flowing down your thighs. It’ll be nice if I can scrape out what another man has let out.

M: What’s with that? Sounds perverse.

R: I don’t particularly think much of it. I’m aware that my fetishes are different from most people, but right now, more importantly……

R: I shall help myself to her anal virginity.


R: It’s fine right Shinomiya?

Y: What scary face. However, with that, how should I have you entertain me after the front’s first time’s been taken by Shinomiya and the back’s first time’s been taken by Kirishima?

Y: I suppose it’s also amusing to repaint you with my own hands following the two men.

R: Whatever you do, come join. I don’t really care whether it’s simultaneously front or back.

Y: That seems fun. Well then, I’ll take you at your word.


Y: I’ll help myself to this side of you.

R: For this, should I sit down on the bed? Look, I’m entering.


R: It’s really clenching down.

Y: Why, aren’t you moved to tears? Doesn’t appear to be because of pain though. You’re shaken by the first time experience, is that what it is?

Y: That’s good. It’s truly arousing.

Y: I’ll give it to this place as well. Please open up your legs.


Y: You can’t…? What exactly are you saying? You, right now, have no right to veto. That’s enough, just spread it open.

Y: Well then, I’ll be entering.


R: It’s tightening……

Y: Look…both mine and Kirishima’s thing have entered inside you.

R: Hey, how does it feel to be double penetrated?

Y: Oh dear, doesn’t seem like she could articulate words. Her mouth’s flapping around like goldfish.


M: Are you okay? How pitiful, it’s painful, isn’t it…?

M: Come on, turn this way. It’ll surely be a bit easier like this.

Y: It appears that her breathing has settled down a little.

R: Then, it’s okay to move already, right?

Y: I suppose so. I’ll make plenty of love to you.


R: This is bad, if I learn of the tightness of her ass, I feel like I won’t be able to cum from the front anymore.

R: Swallowing me up all the way, it feels extremely good.

Y: Is it that good? Then I’m looking forward to that, I’ll have a good taste of it afterwards. Shinomiya here has of course taken an interest too, no?

M: That’s right. I’ll mess her up to the point she forgets all sensation of you two and then cum plenty inside.


R: You really are deeply jealous, are you planning not to forgive us? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. It’ll be worth soaking her with a bunch of my scent then.

R: Look, I’m cumming. Accept all of it, I’ll pour it directly inside you.

Y: This place suddenly squeezed down. Are you at your limit?

Y: That’s fine, go ahead and cum and I’ll pour it in.

M: Your body just jolted…are you cumming? Hey, if so, show me your both cute and indecent face more closely.

R: Cumming!


M: You came. You, Kirishima, Shiina, all of you.

Y: It was good.

R: It was the best. Your body’s all sticky from what the 3 of us have let out.

Y: Blended together all sloppy, you can no longer tell whose it is.

M: Hey, this time can I do you from the back?


R: There’s no need to purposefully ask no?

M: It’s not something for you to say.

M: Hey, it’s fine right? Come over there.

R: Say Shinomiya, preferably, can you hold her from the back and enter while sitting down on the bed as is?

M: Why?

R: I want to lick the place down below. If you sit down on the bed with her legs open, I can mess around while you’re inside, no?

M: You’re referring to that? Well, fine.


M: Come on, try spreading your legs.

R: Mhm…haha, what a lewd scene.

M: You’re a good girl. Now then, I’ll be entering. This place’s first has been stolen by Kirishima but I’ll pleasure you properly.


M: Amazing, to think this place of yours would be this tight!

R: First off……I’ll scrape out all of what Shiina and Shinomiya had let out and then I’ll lick you.

Y: Ain’t that great, it appears that Kirishima is cleaning up that place of yours. Now then, with that, shall I have you clean this thing of mine?

Y: Look, you can tell, right? It’s sticky from all the obscene juice you let overflow so please lick it all and make use of those lips and tongue, okay?

Y: Well then, please wrap your mouth around it.


Y: Yes……I love honest girls.

Y: Please suck on that place, firmly.


M: Good, it feels good!

R: A lot of white and viscous liquid has come out, you know? And there’s still more left. I ought to thrust my fingers in deeper and get it out, right?

M: I can’t, I’m sorry. A short break, at this rate I’ll cum immediately.


R: What’s this? Are you feeling it?

R: I went through great length to clean it, but there’s no meaning if you let more flow out. Well, I guess I simply need to lick it all up later.

Y: How troubling, I intended to merely have you clean it but your tongue work was so indecent that I gave in again.

Y: Please take responsibility, okay? I’ll make sure to release it deep inside your throat.


R: Okay, this is everything.

R: And now I’ll do it with my mouth as promised.


Y: I’m cumming!


Y: Now then, you know what to do with whatever’s in your mouth, right?

Y: Good girl.

M: Did you drink Shiina’s? Somehow this is frustrating.

M: Hey, I’ll start moving again so only think of me this time.


R: Shall I suck on this swollen up place? It sprung up and turned red.


M: Hey, open up your mouth, let’s kiss.


M: I’m starting…

R: That’s right, how about I churn your insides again?

R: You’re making a face like you’re already at your limit. That’s fine. Come on, don’t hold back and cum.


Y: Kirishima, you’re emitting quite a lot.

R: I know, right? Take a look, see…? I’m soaked with your juices.

R: My body’s letting out your erotic scent. I just can’t get enough of it, it makes me absurdly excited.


R: Huh?

Y: My my.

M: She lost consciousness.

Y: It seems like it felt too good.

R: Did we teased her a bit too much?


M: Hey, we’ll let you sleep now for the time being.

Y: I suppose so. There ain’t anything to be impatient about.

R: Yeah, there’s plenty of time.

M: Once she opens her eyes……


All: I’ll give her ample love again.

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