【Translation】 Shinai naru Thanatos vol.3 Zanmu


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親愛なるタナトス  第三巻 残夢

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Revival


Uh, umm, are you perhaps…?

I knew it! Yes, it’s me Haruka.

You’re the real thing, right? It’s undeniably you, right?

But it’s been 10 years. I didn’t think you’d reply since it’s so sudden and I thought that you might not have wanted to see me again.


To think it’d make me this happy to have you call my name.

Eh? But I really am happy, I’m almost moved to tears.

…So you really did come back.

Mhm, welcome back.


Oh, so that’s why you were walking around here. I’m happy that the first place you visit is my place.

Since when have you been back?

Last night? You’ve traveled quite the distance. Thank you for coming.

Will you be returning back to the other side right away? Change…? That’s, does that mean you’ll be finding a job here?

I’m happy. Then, we can visit each other again whenever we want like in the past, right?


Me too, I’m in your care.

What about Aunt and Uncle?

I see, that’s unfortunate. I was thinking of going over to greet them.

I…when both my parents died in an accident, I was genuinely saved by your family. Finding a job and working at an orphanage, I’m realizing once again how major that was.

That’s why, now, after becoming a member of societyーーI wish to formally express my gratitude to them once more.


Thank you.

But if both of them are still over there, you’re in the house alone right? Will you be alright with the housework?

Hmm…you were always dependent on Auntie so I’m a little worried.

Haha, but since we’re in the same neighborhood, rely on me if you’re troubled. Still, if you were going to come back, I wished you left me a few words. We’re friends, aren’t we?

A surprise? …That aspect of you is still the same as always.


Really? Rather than coming over to my house, the current situation is a lot more surprising.

I’m serious, I’m serious. You were suddenly in front of me and I was so surprised that I was hesitant to call out.

I wasn’t confident whether it was you.

A little, no, I think you’ve changed quite a lot. You changed your hairstyle too, I wonder if it’s dyed? And your height’s gotten taller.


The vision of you inside my mind froze 10 years ago. During those days, you were this small, right?

Eh? You weren’t that small?


As for me, it’s as is, not a single thing has changed. Oh of course, my body’s gotten bigger though.

Would it have been better if I had an image change?

Really, if you’re going to say that then I suppose staying like this is fine.


Eh? I have no girlfriend.

Hmm…I guess I’m completely occupied by work.

I understand your feelings but calm down, I’m not in any particular rush.

Mhm, that’s the same with me. You’d get troubled about what to discuss, right?

Heh? After this…?

I planned to return after dropping by the postal office. It’s fine even if you come along, so what’s wrong?


Oh, that!

I believe both Mother and Father would be delighted for you to light some incense.

After all, they cherished you like a daughter and practically considered those people as family.

Thank you, let’s let them hear those words directly.

So then, let’s go.


Uh huh, I’m only sending some registered mail so it’ll be over quick.

The number of residential buildings surrounding the house has increased considerably. A new convenience store was built, and they also opened a drugstore on the right side of that intersection.

For the time being, careful not to get lost.


That’s fine, I’ll show you around. I think you’ll surely be astonished by the change.

Oh, how about the shopping mall in the neighboring town? It’s at a distance where we could return in about half a day.


Track 2: Recollection


Sorry, are you free right now?

Do you have time this week Thursday? If you don’t mind, I’d like to celebrate your birthday.

Mhm, it was one month ago wasn’t it? It’s a little late, but I wish to celebrate it directly with you. Come on, the coffee shop we often went to in the past, how about there?

The truth is, that shop will be closing its doors at the end of next month. The master was already at that age, so it seemed tough.

Last year, the book store in front of the station closed. Little by little, both the town and it’s people change just like this.


Even though I know it’s inevitable, I miss it all the same because every place in this town holds memories with you.

But I’m glad that we made it in time for the coffee shop’s closing.

Best regards on Thursday, I’ll pick you up at about 12 o’clock


So then, good night.

Make sure to lock the doors properly and go to bed.


Hmm…I wonder if I should have.

I came often when I was a student, though not so much as a working member of society.

Things are hectic, however it’s a job I’ve always dreamed of doing. It’s worth it and I find it rewarding.

Yup, I’m still continuing to volunteer, but as a hospital clown.

I wanted to help children with the same circumstances as me to move forward and live in life and so I have taken on my current job. Nevertheless, aside from that, at the hospital, there are children who are lonely due to the fact that they’re unable to attend school due to illness.


Uh huh, in those places I make everyone laugh while in a cartoony pierrot costume.

No, rather it’s the opposite.

Whenever I see the children’s smiles, I’d become more cheerful. Besides, I was like that myself, so every time I see a lonely child, I just can’t leave them alone.

Don’t make such a sad face.

Thanks to you and your family, right now…look! As you can see, I’m well. I’m alright now.


It’s fine, thank you for being considerate.

Like I said. Similarly to what your family has done for me, if I could create a little fun time for the kids then I too, would like to do as much as I possibly can.

Just kidding.

Did that sound like lip service, I wonder?

Thank you. But I’m not that admirable of a person, you know?


Excuse me, may I place my order?

Umm…I’ll have this shrimp pilaf lunch set and ice coffee for my drink.

Oh wait! Should I give you the menu? I think I probably at least know the drink.

On your marks…..

Napolitan and orange juice!


Haha, I knew it. I was worried that your tastes might’ve changed after becoming an adult, but I’m relieved that they haven’t.

Then we’ll also have a napolitan lunch set and orange juice for the drink, please.


You enjoy this place’s napolitan, don’t you?

It’s been 10 years already. After such a long time, make sure to enjoy this shop’s taste because it’s as delicious as it was in those days.


Here. It’s a bit late but happy birthday.

Mhm, try opening it.


It doesn’t seem as though you had a wristwatch so I thought it might be useful to have during future job searches.

Should I put it on for you right now?

Bring out your arm. What do you think?

I’m glad that you took a liking to it. And is it not tight on your wrists?

…That’s a relief.

A week has passed since you’ve been back, have you been eating properly?

If that’s the case, then I have a peace of mind. But once you’ve become a member of society, things will get busy and people tend to increasingly rely on convenience stores and so forth, so be careful.


Oh, was I exposed?

Yup, it’s my personal experience. I would occasionally prepare food in advance during my time off, but even with this, the recipe variations have increased.

I recommend that you pre-prepare. You can simply warm it up and you can also bring it along in your bentos too.

There was a recipe book for pre-made meals that was popular in Japan a while ago. I’ll lend it to you this time.


Hmm? Ah no, it’s already been a week since you’ve returned to the country, but it doesn’t feel real, it’s like I’m looking at a dream.

It’s not an exaggeration at all. Besides, the vision of you inside my head froze 10 years ago.

When I see your grown-up appearance, I think to myself “Is this the real thing?”

Mhm, quite a lot. Your exteriors have changed, but I’ve realized again that your insides have changed as well.

From here I get a more adult-like impression. Besides, you were fearful of strangers so whenever we went out, you were always walking behind me and the neighbors would mistake us to be siblings.

That’s why I was a bit surprised that you changed into this lively type of feel.


I suppose so, it’s a good thing. I believe that type of personality is advantageous during job hunting.

Speaking of interviews, when would you be changing back the color of your hair? Look, when you’re job searching you ought to have your original black hair, no?

Hmm? Is that so…?

I understand the feeling that it feels constrictive, but that’s how job hunting is in Japan, so it can’t be helped.


Oh, it looks delicious.

Then let’s dig in.


As I thought, I really do like the seasoning here. Somehow it feels like we’re slowly reverting back to those days.

Oh, did you not know? Just as soon as you left to study abroad, this area has become a lot more unsettled.

Do you not often see police patrols? There are posters plastered around too. Several people have gone missing over these past 10 years. Incidentally, they say there must be a serial criminal present as they’re all concentrated within this prefecture and the victims are all young women.

It’s written on the net that oddly, neither their lost possessions nor their remains could be found.


Scary isn’t it? In each case, it seems that girls of the same generation as you were being targeted.

10 years ago it was a middle schooler, 7 years ago it was a high schooler. See? It applies to you too.

Sorry, I was just teasing and accidentally frightened you.

But if I remember correctly, last month it was a female university student in the neighboring town this time. It’s best if you avoid going out alone during late hours if possible.


I can pick you up at the station.

Otherwise, if something were to happen I’d be too late. Besides, that was what I promised Aunt and Uncle.

Oh, I had received a phone call from them the first time in a long time earlier which also doubled as a check-up on the current situation. And so, they told me, “Please take care of our family’s child.”

Eh? Not at all, it’s not a bother.

Rather, I’m really happy that I’m trusted soーーI’ll definitely protect you.


Track 3: Imitation of Happiness


This place opened about 3 years ago, so it’s pretty recent.

You said you wanted to buy some necessities.

Ah! I see, the climate in the place you studied abroad at was different. If it’s ladies’ section then it should be just beyond there.

Making friends within a week after returning home to the country is difficult. I’m happy to be relied on so don’t mind it, besides it’s a lot easier going by car is it not?


Hmm…I don’t go for drives, I mostly just use it for shopping and for work.

It’d be nice to go out by car, if you want to go to someplace in Japan, a hot spring would be good no?

There’s a bookstore on the upper floor, let’s go take a look there afterwards.


Hmm? This?

Isn’t this a bit too gaudy? I believe the store on the opposite side suits your atmosphere better.

Oh sorry! If I, a man says it, it’ll be harder to choose, right? I’ll take a look at a nearby store so you can take your time and shop.

Contact me when you’re done.


Hello? There’s a big clock if you go a bit further, right? Yes, I’m at the bench beneath it. I wonder if you can tell?

Haha, I see you from here.

Have you bought some nice things?

Hmm? This isーーfor you.


Earlier I found a dress that would appear to suit you, it’s a present from me. The present from the other day was for this year’s birthday.

I wasn’t able to celebrate it for the past 10 years so somehow I felt sorry if I just gave one.

Afterwards, allow me to get you 9 more presents.

Just kidding, it’s a joke. Same as my parents, I cherish you so much that I can’t help it.


Yup yup, having you honestly say thank you is what makes me the most happy.

What should we check out this time? If you want tableware and aprons, I think they’re on the second floor.

Oh, give me your bags.

It’s tough to carry them like that no? I’ll carry them instead.


Should I buy an apron too I wonder. I don’t do fried food so I might not need it.

Heh!? Matching…?

That’s fine, you enjoyed matching with me in the past, did you not? Since it’s a rare chance, let’s cook together.

If it’s dinner, I can adjust for the time as well. Also, you always wanted to be taught the way to produce dashi right?

Mhm, I loved the miso soup that Auntie made.


Track 4: Deviating Thoughts


Hmm. Nope. After all, today’s my day to wash, no?

The cabbage rolls you made were delicious. Though they were delicious, I very much enjoyed having a meal at your house like this.

It’s nostalgic. Auntie kindly welcomed me who was left all alone, and I truly cannot thank her enough.



That makes me happy, thank you. But incorporating is all sorts of trouble, so this one week is more than enough. Next week is my turn so I ought to think of what we should do.

Hmm? I don’t particularly mind if you make requests though.

Ah! Can I guess what it is? Oh, that’s right, if I guess it could you give me a reward? I won’t request anything strange so rest assured.

Okay, on your marks…..



I did it! I guessed it right.

Well, when we went to eat earlier, you really hesitated as you were deciding whether to have curry or omurice. In the end, you chose curry, but since it’s you, it definitely hasn’t left your mind.

If it’s regarding you, I know just about everything.

As for the reward, I’d like to take some photos together. So can we?

I was planning to send it over to Aunt and Uncle to show that the two of us are doing well. It’d nice if they were delighted.


Err, could you come a bit closer this way?

It’s alright. Well then, I’ll be taking it.

3, 2, 1……

Hmm? It’s okay, it’s a cute picture.

That’s fine, I’ll send it to you afterwards.

Recently, it’s been rather common to take smartphone pictures at private events. During company and volunteer events, I bring a single-len reflex camera. Little kids find it particularly unusual and rejoice.

I would occasionally look back at the albums, however, during that period, the pictures were taken without much thought so there’s plenty of not in focus, dark or odd photos.

Though the facial expressions of the people I photographed were very rich and just looking at them would make me smile.


Heh? Not at all, although there are loads of photos of you at my house, each one of them is extremely cute.

I can’t listen to that request~

When I go back I’ll take a look at them after such a long time.


Ah…it’s already this late. I ought to leave soon.

No, the one who proposed the idea was me. Besides, my house is close-by too so it doesn’t worry me at all.

And also, here. It happened to have caught my eye as I was shopping yesterday.

This bag will definitely suit the dress and shoes I gave you last week. I’m pretty confident about it.

Oh, have you already worn the dress?


Is that so?

I’d be happy if you could try wearing the dress next week.


What’s wrong?

Not at all, it’ll definitely suit you. You liked that type of design before, no?

I see, so that’s how it is. So preferences in clothing change. I apologize as well, thank you for telling me clearly.

Eh? You were concerned about that too?

I’m giving it to you because I want to.


I suppose so, it was all just self-satisfaction.

I keep mistaking you as being the same way as you were in those days and forced various things upon you.

Even though you’re already properly grown up, once I came……

But that’s how important those days were to me. If it can be reverted, then I’d revert it. However, like I said, I mustn’t cling to that.


My eyes have opened after being told off by you.

I’ll go cool my head for a bit.

I’ll be leaving for today and will contact you again later. Good night.


Track 5: Gibberish


Ah…it’s been a while. Are you free at this moment?

Eh? C-calm down a little, I’m not angry and I don’t hate you either. Besides, the one in the wrong was me.

I was constantly reflecting over it over the past 2 weeks.

Even though you’ve developed into a wonderful lady, I’m really sorry for always treating you the same way I did in those days.


Both of us have been apologizing a lot since earlier, haven’t we?

Don’t apologize anymore, you’ve gone through the great trouble of returning so have more fun. Let’s make up.

That’s right, do you have anything scheduled on the day after tomorrow? Come over to my house, I’ll make the omurice that you wanted to eat.

Hehe, I just thought I finally managed to hear your cheerful voice. It gives me a peace of mind, I’m relieved.


I’m looking forward to it, I’ll wait for you at noon.

So then, good night.


Track 6: Lying Clown


Just a wait a second, I’ll open it at once.


Does my room work for today? I’m readying things, so go up first.

Oh, that’s right, I’ve left out my treasured photo albums. You can view them at your leisure until I finish cooking.

That’s the fun in viewing. I’ll be up soon enough.


It’s horrible, isn’t it? They’re all failed works.

Have you already seen everything? As you were looking at that album, did you notice anything?

You’ve noticed, haven’t you? Isn’t why you’re trembling so much…?

It was terrible. Volunteering in social welfare events and searching in all sorts of places for a child resembling you, who was of the same generation and had no known relatives.

I would give those children an invitation to my house and project your grown-up image onto them. After reaching high school you’d have this kind of hairstyle or after reaching university you’d wear these kinds of clothes etc. The times I spent pondering were the most thrilling.


Although they were close to you in appearance, their insides didn’t go hand-in-hand. It’s obvious, isn’t it? They aren’t you, after all.

Why are there so many vulgar children? You were more, like this…neater, nicer, purer, you were a girl that I felt couldn’t survive alone. Even looking back down, it was truly horrible, each and every one of them.

They were truly good for nothing.


Hmm…? What? Me?

Did I say that the children who disappeared were in the same generation as you? Ah, I guess I must’ve said too much.

Eh? I don’t remember how many people it was. You’d know if you went to the basement, would you not?

This long long event, will, at last, come to an end today.


Quiet down, this type of thing is my forte.

Not a single child has removed this type of binding so I want you to stop your pointless resistance. I don’t want to hurt you after all.

You’re a smart girl so you understand the meaning of what I’m saying right?

Even without makeup you’re beautiful and yet why did you apply so much? I wish you would stop immediately after today. Who exactly you learned all this from, I wonder……

And this hair, we ought to do something about it.


It’s a filthy color, it doesn’t suit you.

More importantly, I wonder how many times you’ve dyed it? You used to have such beautiful black and much more glossy hair.

Don’t worry, I’ll return it back to its original form later.


That’s……what exactly is that apology for?

The apology for disappointing me? The apology for leaving my side…? Or perhaps, the apology for turning my life insane?


My life became crazy because of you.

I will tell the truth to you, I am the life resulted from the struggles of fertility treatment. However, unfortunately, what my parents desired was a girl.

The reason my name’s Haruka was because of that.

Everyone says that if it’s your own child then you’d love them unconditionally, but that’s a lie though. Because I was a boy, no love was offered to me who was born.

Just a simple reason like that.


It’s not unreasonable to be surprised.

From your perspective, it looked like a happy family. They pretended to be kind parents, but inside the house, they were scum who abused their own son on a daily basis.

I wanted to be acknowledged by my parents and I lived fully with that one goal in mind.

There was only one being who was capable and it was you. I was envious, the love that I’ve always wanted was poured unconditionally into you.


But I worked hard though.

Contributing to community events, volunteering and of course I studied desperately. Despite being recognized as a reputed honor student in the neighborhood, my parents never once acknowledged me.

I always thought about it. How can I be loved, how can I be acknowledged by those two?

The solution I arrived at was to be married to you, whom my parents loved. Ever since I was young, I’ve always, always loved you. I held you with respect.

You said that you liked me and always wanted to be together with me as well, didn’t you?

That’s why this is the best choice for us.


However, things don’t work that well in practice.

As you know, my parents died in an accident while I was in high school. Moreover, your whole family moved overseas.

I was in despair because I lost all goals in life.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t able to give up on you. Your existence was the sole thing that gave me hope and so I had no choice but to search for a new you.


Those things?

That almost sounds as if I’ve done something wrong, doesn’t it? You’re aware too, right? I’ve gone on and done plenty of good things.

If so, I believe a little selfishness should be permitted.

The one who became odd was you.

That day, I was genuinely happy to see you again, it was like I was in a dream. But you changed.


Your attire, your speech and conduct, anything and everything.

It’s all the fault of your father who aimed for pointless improvement and transferred overseas. I should’ve stopped it by killing him. It’s all because you went to a foreign country that you’ve become like this.

I’ve been observing your behavior over the past few months, but there are no signs of recovery.

And so I’ve decided to revert you back to real you.


Why are you against it? Have you become unable to trust me? It’s alright, no matter what happens, I’ll have faith in you.

I wonder how many times you’ve worn these clothes in front of me.

2, no 3 times?

It shows skin, and it exposes a lot too. It’s vulgar.

Do you like these clothes more than the ones I gave you? Your tastes have gotten pretty bad, haven’t they?

Don’t wear these clothes anymore, okay? From now on, wear only the ones I select.


Your underwear’s cute. Just like I’ve imagined.

The clean color suits you quite well.


Your lips are soft.

Wrap your tongue around mine more. You can do it, right?

Your voice’s leaking out, it’s cute.


If you left out a voice like that, I’ll get bigger immediately.


Your nipples are standing up already too.

Did it feel that good to be kissed? It looks sad, so I’ll lick this place as well.

Cute breasts, they’re soft and mold themselves to my hands.




It’s already stained, even though you went through great pains to wear this cute underwear. Because you’re sensitive, it’s ruined.

“Don’t say it”? Why are you pretending to be innocent now?

Look, it’s an amazing sound. It’s all coming out from you and your legs are quivering this much too.

Does it feel that good?

Hmm? Let me where you like it.


The truth is, it’s good, isn’t it? That’s why you’re soaking wet and swallowing up my fingers.

…And also why your face is that flushed.

Are you trying to tempt me? Since when have you become this way…? Even without doing that, I have eyes for no one but you.

Look, I’ll make it even better.

Go ahead and cum, holding back isn’t good for your body. Okay?


It’s already dripping down all the ways to my wrists. Amazing.

Whilst saying “No, I don’t want to”, you still came.

The lewd you is cute too.

I’ll lick it clean for you. Come on, don’t close your legs. Relax.


Delicious. It’s really delicious.

If I bite down on this place, I wonder what’ll happen.

You jolted again and it’s flowing out constantly.


Look, you can tell, right? I’m the same as you. It’s swelled up so much to the point of bulging that I accidentally stained my underwear.

Hey, could you lick it? You can do it, right?

Since you can’t use your hands, lick it a lot instead.


Deeper, yes yes.

It’s a nice view. You’re wrapping your mouth around my thing for dear life, I really loved that praiseworthy aspect since before.

There there. You’re doing well, trying sucking it harder.



It’s creating quite the sound.

Hey, you can tell that I’m getting bigger inside your mouth, right? I’ve been desperately resisting the urge to cum for the past while.

Because it feels this good, it’d be a waste.

Turn this way.

Cute, desperately holding it inside your mouth. Am I that delicious?

I’m happy. Afterwards, I’ll make sure to properly pleasure you, okay?


It feels good.

It feels good, more. I can’t stop my hips.

The depth of your throat, damn it, this is bad. Can I just cum once? I’ll make sure to fill up the insides of your mouth.

You definitely cannot remove your mouth, drink it all.


What’s wrong? Even if you don’t concern yourself with it, I’ll pour plenty inside you afterward.

It’s fine.


Because you let go, it got onto your face.

It’s a shame that you didn’t get to drink it, but with this, a little bit of makeup came off. That slightly foolish part of you is cute as well.

You’d be forgiven no matter you’ve done, my parents were sweet to you, weren’t they? I guess I’m no different.


Do you remember this, I wonder?

This photo was taken at the dining table the day before your whole family flew overseas. Since my parents were already dead, I was invited to dinner every single day until that particular day.

They accepted me like real family, didn’t they?

This here is a two-person shot at the airport. You didn’t want to be separated from me so you were throwing a tantrum. You were all teary-eyed, it was so cute and I was really aroused.

Those were happy times.


My plan was to propose to you when you graduate high school and we were supposed to have become a real family.

While I was separated from you, I would masturbate to old pictures of you like this.

I wonder how many times I did it to this summer festival photo, it’s my favorite. We watched the fireworks together, didn’t we? Goldfish scooping and then raising it.


Look, it’s gotten big already.

I’d only react this much to you. Have you come to somewhat understand just how much I love you?

I want to hurry up and have a child between you and me. I’ll be happy whether it’s a boy or a girl. If possible, I’d like for them to resemble you and for the sake of that, we ought to have lots of sex.

Let’s promptly do our best today.


It’s alright, you’d be merely feeling pleasure.



It’s all properly in.

Hey, be more delighted. You’re happy becoming one with the beloved me are you not? That’s why you’re crying right?

I’m extremely happy too.

Since you already came once, your insides are really twisting.


I’m glad your body is now able to accept my thing like this.

Growing up isn’t all bad I guess.

Hey, I wish to show both Aunt and Uncle this situation of us making love. You don’t have to be so shy, I’m sure they’d be overjoyed.

Their own daughter, letting a sweet voice they’ve never heard, with her body trembling as she swallows up my thing and satisfies herself.

I wonder what feeling they would have.


Could it be that you’ve imagined that just now? Your insides tighten up.

You’re such a lewd girl.

If you truly desire it, I’ll send it over to Auntie’s e-mail address for you. I’ve made sure to videotape it since the start.

Hmm…? Isn’t it obvious? There’s no way I wouldn’t capture such an important day.


It’s too late now.

More importantly, come on…focus over here.


Does deeper feel good?

Look, when I hit up against this place, your voice would get louder. It’s cute.


I love you, I really love you. I’ve always wanted to do with you.


I truly intended to precisely follow the steps and behave like a normal lover, but it can’t be helped can it?

No matter how much passes, it’s not a situation where you’d revert back to that period and I was at the limit of my endurance.


Hey, why didn’t you wear the dress I gave you? I was expecting it today too.

I wanted to have sex with you in that outfit.

Look, the photo on the current open page… You see, I wanted to revert you back to you of that time.

Come on, look at it properly.


How many years has it been, you remember it, right?

The still pure you, was truly cute. I pulled out that picture a lot too.

With this, little by little, both the exterior and the interior will be reverted back into the original you.

The cheerful you wasn’t bad, but I preferred it when you were quiet. Walking behind me and relying on me for what you should do, I loved you more than anything.


I’m begging you so don’t go anywhere far, don’t leave me alone!


Already, I’m cumming…I’ll cum plenty inside so…….


I wonder if it reached all the way. I want to hurry up and become a real family with you.


Track 7: So that a Bad Dream Stays a Dream


Oh, have you opened your eyes?

Hmm? I won’t return it. Besides, have you not noticed anything?

Clothes, it’s your clothes.

Since you won’t wear them, I brought them all the way to my house. It’s so cruel to leave them still in the bag with their tags still on.

Perhaps, you never had the intention of wearing them even once?


Come on, look at the mirror in front of your eyes.

It suits you quite well and the size is perfect. Just as I thought, the original is the best.


What’s wrong? Put on a happier face.

As you’ve worn the clothes, next, let’s cut your hair.

Leave it to me, I’ve practiced a lot until today. I wanted to just cut the damaged ends, but since we’re going through all this trouble, let’s vaguely cut it to the length you had in those days.


Hmm? It’ll be terrible if my hand goes amiss.

After this, I’ll transfer you to the bathroom and dye it black. Although I genuinely wanted to bring you to a hairdresser, the present you look so terrible that I couldn’t keep calm.

So bare with having me.

Next, let’s return those nails back to normal. I don’t like the way they are.


Oh, your earrings were in the way so I threw them away.

Were they that precious? Could it be that you received them from a man?

I’m relieved.


A little more, a little more and you’d have returned.

With this, those girls will finally be rewarded at last. This time, I ought to make sure I don’t fail.

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