【Translation】 Omiai Renai no Susume case.3 Arima Sousuke 


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

お見合い恋愛のスゝメ case.3 有馬荘介

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Customer



Yes, one of the usual daily bento please.

Ah…I just thought that it would’ve been nice to have the daily special.


Sousuke! I’m Arima Sousuke.

I know your name.

Things have became unclear right? Besides, whenever your father calls out for you, there’s the possibility that I could’ve hear it from him.

Isn’t it fine for your parents to be always around? You have a good relationship with your father don’t you?

Eh? Just the two of you…? What about your mother?


……I’m really sorry for asking a thoughtless question.


Eh? Oh, to be frank it’s not like I’m particularly close-by or anything, but you know that  there’s a boulevard a short distance away from here right?

I’m a pharmacist at the pharmacy located along that street.

No, rather this level of distance is good. I’m no longer young anymore, so I believe I ought to do some moderate exercise. Although, I guess I can’t quite continue on with this.

I know right. But you’ll strangely work harder if there’s a reward at the end no?

The reward to me, are the bentos here.


Oh, but it isn’t just the bentos……

No uh, that’s, I don’t get tired of them at all. I loved the simmered food here, how should I say it, I get a gentle, calming sensation when it’s in my mouth.

It’s not flattery, I genuinely enjoy them. I’d want to eat your cooking time and time again.

I-Is that fine with you?

Aah, I’m really happy. Oh but if I were to receive that much service……


Eh? Have customers decreased?

Could it be because the teaching hospital relocated?


You really are always optimistic, it’s almost blinding.

Ah! Err…umm, by any chance, are those flyers meant to call in more customers too?

If you’re willing, may I take these? I want to help out a little as well. Your food’s this delicious so I wish much more people knew about this shop.

I’ll pass them out to my acquaintances okay?


Oh, but if this place becomes packed full with customers then I won’t be able to have long chats with you.

No it’s nothing.

Here, 500 yen.


Aah…I’m so happy, you really did add in the simmered ones.

I’ll come again tomorrow. See ya.


Track 2: Sudden Invitation



I apologize, but even so, what heavy rain, the morning weather report said nothing of this sort.

Yes, just the usual.

Eh…? Why?

I’ve decided that this place’s bentos would be my lunch. Regardless if the weather’s poor, I’ll come. Besides, I definitely would’ve come today either way.


Ah no, I told you that it’s my pleasure to come here did I not? So even if there’s a typhoon that day, I’ll come.

Are you worried?

I’m happy. As I thought, if you’re worried about me then I ought to come.

Hehe, I know. I’ll restrain myself on typhoon day as one would expect.


Thank you.

It looks delicious today too.

Huh? Did you give me original food service? That’s…I……


Umm…next time, could you go on a date with me?

Oh uh sorry for suddenly, it’s troubling to be invited by an old man like me right? Please pretend you didn’t hear that just now.

Eh? You weren’t against it?

I see, that’s a relief.

So then, your answer is “okay”?


Hmm, could I ask you the reason why things are difficult?

It’s more serious of a situation than I had thought. I’m sorry for not realizing from the outside.

Haha, both of us are apologizing a lot, aren’t we?

I’ve understood your situation. But regardless, could I still ask you on a date?

No matter how difficult things are, you ought to take a breather once in a while. Besides, we can make it so that we don’t have to spend money on the date.


Are you aware of the hiking course at the athletics park? It continues all the way to the tip of the mountain, but the scenery that could be seen there is the best.

If you’d like, could we go view that scenery together?

Haha, going to a fashionable place isn’t the only thing that counts as a date. I believe it’s more about who you’re with and how you spend your time.


Do you not like this date plan?


Thank you so much! It’ll surely become a wonderful day if it’s with you.

So then the schedule……

I see, how about 3 days later on Saturday?


Eh? Bento?

I’m so happy to be able to eat your bentos.

That’s true but, you’re preparing it for my sake only no? So nevertheless I’d be happy.

Eh? What I like…?

What should I do, err hmm……then some simmered dishes, tamagoyaki and onigiri would be fine.

Oh for simmered dishes, I’d like chicken stew with boiled vegetables. Is okay for me to ask so willfully?


Thank you, I’m looking forward to it more and more. That’s right, could we exchange contact info?

Eh, huh? How was I suppose to do it…?

Oh I see, do this here and……ah, I’ve done it!


Ah no, you were of great help!

So then I’ll contact you again with further details. I’ll be looking forward to Saturday.


Track 3: Shared Experience


Be careful with your footing.


Ah, we’ve finally arrived.

It’s pretty nice to look at a familiar city from a different spot than usual, isn’t it?

I discovered this during an extended walk. For there to be such a scenery after taking a couple more steps, it’s a bit of surreal feeling is it not?


I’m happy to be able to share what I like with you. I wish I could’ve shared more of the other various things I enjoy.


Ah haha, t-that’s right, let’s eat.

Here, go ahead.

Uwah! Did you make all this?

I won’t leave behind anything you went through the great trouble of making. So then, let’s dig in.


Hmm? Oh! The inside is salted salmon. Mmm…the onigiri is really tasty.

Is it okay if I have some of the simmered dishes?


Mmm, it’s tasty. It would’ve been so happy if I could eat such delicious cooking every day.


Ah uh, s-sorry, I’ve said some strange things.

Eh? You would teach me? Oh, but I don’t know if I make it properly.

I’m not skilled at it I guess. To be frank, before I started buying bentos from your shop, I didn’t much attention to my meals so to speak.

It’s exactly what it means, what caused the me of the past to remember the joys of eatingーーwas that bento.


I thought the one who made such gentle and delicious simmer food would surely be a wonderful person and that was the impetus for visiting your shop.

You were a splendid girl like I had imagined. You were always positive and would always show me a bright smile and before I knew it, your existence grew into something big inside me.


It’s not a misunderstanding, I am indeed confessing to you right now.

I fell in love you, I’m enamored.

If you’re willing, would you go out with me?


Thank you, I really happy.

Ahh…I was so nervous.

I’m glad that I didn’t look that way, the truth is my heart was pounding. Oh, but I guess there’s no meaning if I spilled the beans myself.

Until now, I had to remain a bit uptight because was just a customer at the end day. But from now on, we’re lovers so……

Is it okay if I shorten the distance little by little?


Thank you, but even so, I’m really happy. I’m glad it didn’t end as a single date.

We can go on another date right?


That’s right! If you’re up for it, let’s cook together at my house for our next date. The talk earlier about teaching me how to cook is still valid right?

Mhm, I’ll look forward to it.

Aah! Hehe, err…speaking of which we still haven’t eaten the tamagoyaki yet.

Oh it’s good!


Track 4: Cunning Man


Go ahead, please enter.


We’ve bought a lot more than I had imagined.

Not at all, this much is nothing.

Before we start cooking, let’s take a short break. We’ve been walking for like forever after all.

I’ll go brew some tea, so please waiting in the living room.

It’s fine, it’s fine, you go sit down on that sofa.


Hmm, then…….

Here, the sweets we bought earlier. Could you bring this to the living room? And I’ll brew the tea in the meantime.



Sorry to keep you waiting, are you okay with black tea?

Hehe, is my room that unusual?

What are you apologizing for? I’m happy that you’ve taken an interest in me. And so, what is that you’re so keen about?

Hmm…? Picture album?

Bring it over, it’s a rare chance so let’s browse it together.


Somehow, it looks like you’re looking forward to it. It’ll be nice if you aren’t disillusioned by it though.

Eh? It is really that different? Personally, compared to now, I don’t feel like I’ve changed too much.

Oh this is…my colleges years I think, so about 15 years ago.

And just as we bought up past history, I’ve remembered some old memories……


I wish I could’ve looked at your old photos, I should’ve told you to bring an album.

Because you seemed to be really having fun and besides it’s only natural to want to know more about one’s own girlfriend no?

Nope, I heard that clearly.

I want to see your photos~ After all, I can’t see your smartphone screen until I get closer.

Come on, let me see. Eh?


But I never knew it took that much time and effort.

That’s not it. I’m not making fun of cooking, I was just surprised that it took a lot more time and effort than I had imagined.

It should be delicious, I ought to eat your bentos with more gratitude.

Okay! With this, the clean up is finished.


Eh? It was already this late?

I feel like time passes by so fast when I’m when with you, all at a blink of an eye.

Wait, umm do you have work tomorrow?

I see, then could you stay? I just want to be you forever for today, is that not okay?

Mhm, don’t leave.


Come over here, let’s change the locations.


Your body is trembling. Are you nervous?

Hmm? Do you hate it when I stroke your hair? I thought this might relieve some of the anxiety.

Of course I’m aware, because this is the first time I’m touching you like this.


Your hair is so soft.


Is it okay if I take off your clothes?

Are you always wearing such cute lingerie? Is it fine to think that you were expecting this a little too….?

I’m happy. Let me take a better look.

Oh I see, just wait for a moment.


How it’s this? We’re matching.

It’s warm to hold each other against our bare skin.

Haha, like I said I’m nervous too. Did you not believe me?

As the years pile on, you get a bit better at hiding it that’s all. Even if I look calm, my heart’s always racing.

…Whenever I’m with you at least.


This place is sticking up a little.


Hmm? Did you not think I’d lick them?

You told me it was fine to touch them, didn’t you?


Let me hear more of your voice.

Is it embarrassing?

There’s no one else here but me, so don’t hold back your voice.


Cute, it’s gotten hard.

And here too.


How about we take the bottom off?

Can you lift your hips a little? Thanks. Ah…should I have taken it off earlier, your underwear’s all wet.

Open up your legs.

If you spread them so slowly, I’d be jittery too.


You quivered just now. Are you weak to having your thighs touched?

I see, then let’s do it plenty.


The inside’s all sticky too.

Which place should I touch? Deep or perhaps…..

Oh, you feel it more at the shallower places. Then, I’ll rub it a lot for you.

Since you replied so honestly, I’d want to do it more.


Not just the inside, it feels good to be licked here too right?

You’re letting out more moans than before, I’m happy.

Jeez…if you say something like that, I’d want to enter inside you immediately. Is that fine with you?


Has it perhaps subsided a little?

No, just that we might’ve over-prepared. Ever since the time you said you’d come over to my house, I was a little…no, I was really hoping for this.

Mhm, I know.


I’m putting it in.


Are you okay? Is not painful?

Let’s stay like this for a bit.

I can tell since it’s you. Don’t hold back when you’re with me.

Even if we’re simply embracing each other like this, it feels really good. I can sense that you’re closer than you’ve ever been before.


I’m so happy to able to be this way with you.

Ever since we first met, I was satisfied with meeting you every day, but now I can’t be satisfied with just that.

I love you.


Hmm? I’m that happy that seems like you wanted me too.


Hmm…? It’s okay for me to move?

Mhm, I want to feel you more too. How about we clutch each other’s hand?

I’ll be moving then.


Your insides are really twisting.

Hmm? No? Grinding up against here is…..

Is it this place?

You’re squeezing down.

It’s fine, tighten more. It’s alright, it doesn’t hurt…rather, it’s painfully good. Leave your aftermath to me.


When I reach all the way as we kiss, it clenches extremely tightly.

It feels good doesn’t it?

Ah, cu……


Are you about to cum?

Me too, I’m at my…


Cumming, I’m cumming!


Did I push you too far?

In that case, it’s a relief.


Every moment of today was fun.

Going shopping with you, learning to cook with you and spending the night together with you.

Such a fun day off is hard to come by.

I suppose so, that hike was enjoyable too. Since we’re having so much fun spending our in nearby locations, I wonder how I could make it more fun.


Hmm…? That’s right, how’s a hot spring for next time? Or is a hot spring perhaps too fusty?

Do you prefer a lively place like theme parks? …I’m not too familiar with those though.

I’m alright, if you say you wish to go then I’ll gladly research.


Eh? Really…? Then it’s decided. I’ll go search for an inn.

That’s what I intended but, is a day trip fine? Oh your shop, if that’s the case, let’s go a while before.

Hmm, I guess so. How about during your birthday?

I’m glad that you’re anticipating it more.


Even with your birthday, there’s still a lot of things I don’t know about you. That’s why, by going to a variety of places, I’d like to learn all the different sides of you.


Track 5: Father’s Request


Father: Please wait, there’s a matter I need to discuss with you.

Father: Yes, I think you might’ve already noticed but it’ll potentially be difficult to continue this bento business beyond this point.

Father: What are you saying!? You helped out a lot, didn’t you? And yet I……stole time from you.


Father: I was genuinely saved by that bright part of you. Thank you.

Father: Ahem, nevertheless there’s another thing I wish to tell you today. The truth is, a marriage proposal came.

Father: The talk was brought up by an acquaintance of Father’s. It’s this person……

Father: He’s Mr. Takahashi, it appears that he’s a physician who works at a famous hospital. He’s 29, his face ain’t bad. He seems like a kind person doesn’t he?


Father: I’ve always dragged you into misfortune until now. At the very least, I thought I could send you off to a life, where from now on, you could live calm and happy without financial hardship.

Father: I know that it’s not admirable means, but I-I want at least you to be happy.

Father: Sorry, I can’t suppress my tears anymore as I get old.


Father: No, I haven’t given a reply since it’s about your future. I want you to take your time and decide whether or not you’d wish to accept this marriage proposal. Though, you might be thinking, what am I saying by bringing over a marriage proposal so willfully.

Father: Ah…good night.



What’s wrong? Somehow you seem down.

Eh!? Today…?

Sorry, right now’s a bit difficult.

Uh huh. That’s right, I’m helping out with the inventory count so it doesn’t seem like I can leave yet. I’m really sorry.

It’s okay, I’m just happy to hear your voice.


Umm, today’s impossible but it’s fine if it’s tomorrow. So how about tomorrow?

Of course, somehow you seem unwell so I’m worried.

No, as for the location…is my house fine?

Mmm. Mhm, I suppose so. How about we do it at night?

Then I’ll see you tomorrow.


Track 6: Painful Decision


Last night, did you sleep properly afterwards?

It’s because you’re making a tired expression right now. If you’d like, you can take a short rest. Right now, I’ll be your lap pillow.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t meet with yesterday.

There there, it’s alright, I’ll continue this until your tears stop.


If you don’t feel like talking right now, we can do so on another date.

I see, let me hear it.

Eh? The situation with the shop has gotten that bad…? Then it’s only natural that you feel down.

Huh? Marriage interview?

It’s alright I understand. You still liked me, that’s why you were crying so much earlier right?


But even so, you’ve decided to agree to the talks did you not?

You’ve said it was a family with just the two of you before, didn’t you? You really do think of your dad as important and your dad too, treasures you a lot.

I fully understand your feelings for wanting to make your dad feel secure.

Thank you for telling me.


Lift your face.

I know full well that you’ve distressed and suffered over it. About your father, about the shop and about me.

You’ve given it a lot of thought, didn’t you? That’s why, don’t apologize.

I’ll respect whatever answer you give, so let’s break up. I’m sorry for leaving you with such a painful decision.


Hey, just promise me one thing.

Absolutely become happy okay? And I too will pray that your choice would lead to a brighter future.


Ah jeez, you’re crying again.

I’m not kind, I’m not kind……

Come on, stop crying. You can’t have such a sad face.

If we’re going to separate, I’d like to remember your smile. So let’s smile and say farewell.


Take your time. After all, that way, the time I’d spend with you would be longer no?

……As expected, your smiling face is the cutest.


Track 7: A Gentle Lie


Father: Are you nervous?

Father: So we’re the same in that regard, but even so they’re late.

Father: I know, it’s not that I’m particularly criticizing them, how should I say it……I’m just restless. If it’s as rumored then ahem.

T: Please excuse me.


T: I deeply apologize for making you wait.

Father: No no, we just recently arrived too.

T: The truth is, there’s a person I’d like to introduce to both of you no matter what.

Father: What do you mean by this?

T: Brother Sousuke.


Nice to meet you, I’m Arima Sousuke.

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Father: Oh, are you acquaintances with this person?

She allowed me to date a while earlier, but I was turned down up the other day.

Father: That’s…what exactly?

When she decided on this marriage meeting, that signaled our parting.

It’s needless for me to say, but she’s a kind and wonderful girl who thinks of her father. And so if she wishes for the happiness of her family, then I’ll decide to accept it and step down.

However, I wasn’t able to give up on her.

One who’d make her happyーーI wanted it to be me.

And that feeling has become certain after separating from her.


T: Father, Brother Sousuke and I are cousins. The one who brought up the talk of this marriage was our grandfather, and that there was an extremely wonderful girl.

T: At first it appeared that he wanted to introduce her to Brother Souske, but Brother wouldn’t budge his neck and so the cupid’s arrow was shot towards me instead.

Father: Why did Mr. Arima reject the marriage interview?


T: That’s because Brother Sousuke…


T: Brother, it’s already enough is it not?


T: When Brother Sousuke was 25, the lover he promised the future with passed away from cancer. As a doctor himself, being by her side, not being able to do anything, not being able to save her and in continuing that thought, he took sole responsibility.

T: And that’s why he constantly refused marriage proposals, believing that he lacked the right to love anyone.

T: Earnest, straightforward and kind in every which way, 3 days ago I received a phone-call from such brother. “I’ve found someone precious and that person is your marriage partner and so please bring me with you” and the contents were the same as what was said prior.

T: Since it had never happened before, I was honestly surprised to hear Brother Sousuke speak about a girl. And precisely so, I wished to cooperate.

T: I deeply apologize for doing something selfish.


Father: Mr. Takahashi……

Father: I’ve understood the reason. Well Mr. Arima, are you able to make my daughter happy?

As I was going out with your daughter, I escaped from reality once more and exposed your daughter to painful experiences. However, I’ll no longer run becauseーーI don’t wish to lose the most important person in my life.

I’ll spend my entire life making her happy, so please allow me to date your daughter under the premise of marriage!


Eh? Uh, uwah!

Calm down, I still haven’t received permission from your father.

Father: No, it’s enough.


Father: I’ve clearly understood your emotions and that of my daughter’s as well. Mr. Arima, although she’s an inexperienced daughter, I leave her in your care.


Father: Good grief, if you had a boyfriend then you should’ve just said that. Though the one who created an atmosphere where it’s difficult to say it was me. Sorry about that.

Father: You’ve got plenty of things you’d like to say to Mr. Arima too right? I’ll be returning first.

Father: So then Mr. Arima, I’ll excuse myself.


T: Brother Sousuke, I’ll excuse myself too.

Tetsuya! Thank you.

T: May the two of you be happy.


Umm…what should we talk about? Is there something you’d like to ask?

Oh I see, from there then.

I think you’ve noticed, but the fact I was pharmacist working at that pharmacy was a lie. My actual profession as you have heard is medicine.

My grandfather was the top medical doctor at the teaching hospital, my father was a professor as well. That was the household I was raised in.

I wonder why, I might’ve wanted you to see me as simply Arima Sousuke.


I suppose so, at the end of the day, I’m no one but me.

Also, if I were to come up with one more reason, it’s probably because I had a bit of a guilty conscience. Your bento shop’s decline was due to the relocation of the teaching hospital after all.

I was making assumptions all on my own, wasn’t I? It’s a bad habit from living my life escaping from reality.



No, I realized Tetsuya was the other party after the fact.

When talks about you being in arranged marriage arose, I went ah, I couldn’t make a person happy after all and start remembering the old days.

If it’s that marriage partner, they’d surely make you happier than I ever could. There’s no ground for it, but when I remember those memories, I thought your happiness would be together with that person.

That’s why I decided to quietly let you be taken, but it was impossible.

There’s no way I could forget you.


I love you.

From the time I first went and bought a bento, from the first time I spoke with you, from the first time I saw your smile, from the first time I put the simmered food in my mouth, from that day forward, both now and hereafter.

……I’ll always love you.


Sorry, for lying so much.

Sorry, for hurting you so much.

But I’ll promise that I won’t lie anymore because I don’t want to lose you.


To be honest, I should’ve communicated these feelings to you at that time.

Ow! Sorry, I’m really sorry.

Sorry, I know it can’t be helped if you hate me.

You’re this angry because you like me? What should do…? I’m happy.

Yes, I’m sorry.

Hey, what should I do to have you forgive me? …I got it.


I’m truly sorry.

Thank you. Even though I’ve been forgiven by your father, I didn’t what I’ll do if I wasn’t forgiven by you.

I’m relieved to see your smile. For now on, instead of crying, I’ll make you smile a lot lot more.


How about we leave soon?

Take my hand.


Oh, the rain’s heavier than before.

Hey, do you remember the day I first invited you on a date? There was this level of downpour on that day too.

There are many people who are depressed by just the rain, but I don’t think it’s that bad.

After all, happiness falls upon me on rainy days.


Secret Track


I’m home.

Come on, say “welcome home” one more time.

I feel so happy to come home and for you to be there.


There’s a nice scent, is it tonight’s dinner?

What did you make? Wait! Don’t say it. I want to check with my own eyes.

Ah! It’s simmered taro, and this is sliced daikon isn’t? Either one looks delicious.

I enjoy anything simmered. By any chance, are these perhaps the simmered dishes inside today’s daily bento?

Ah…I wanted to eat some hijiki. It was a very short window today so I wasn’t able to buy the daily special bento.


That’s charming but, I’m sad that I’m no longer able to buy the bentos.

It’s not strange, it makes me work harder thinking that I’ll meet you during my lunch break.

I’ve decided. As I thought, for the time being, I’ll go buy them on my two feet. But even so, I’m relieved that the shop appears to be flourishing.

The shop’s crowded because the things you make are delicious.

Everyone in the hospital staff were pleased, and that they’re happy to go near the shop. But lately, there seems to be a lot of businessmen too right?


That talk again…? Like I said, I told you not to worry about it didn’t I?

Me helping you relocate the shop is less for your sake and more for my own selfishness.

Yes, I simply wanted more people to eat the delicious bentos that you make, that’s all. Besides, what’s so wrong about lending a hand to the person who’d become your future wife……

Nope, it’s nothing.

Though being too crowd means that I can’t take my time speaking with you like I did in the past.

That’s what it is, but I feel a little lonely.


Hmm? What is it?

Mhm…I know, but I want you now because I haven’t touched you recently. I’m lonely.


I’ve started living together with you, but time just passes by in the meanwhile since both of us have been busy.

Or were you not lonely?

Then let’s go over to the bed.


Open your mouth a bit more. Just like that.


Was it hard?

I’m sorry, you were cute so I just.

Hmm…? Are you taking it off? Even though you should just let yourself be pampered more on the bed…..

I want to spoil you more.

Eh? It’s not enough at all.

Just now, saying cute things like asking me what I’d want to do……I’ll fall in love you more and more.


Hmm? Huh?

It’s a struggle…? Then you can simply turn to the back can’t you?


How is it? But it’ll be easier to tell intangible things no?

Hmm? I thought it’d be nice to hug you from the back. What do you think? Does my back seem reliable?

W-What!? No, I just surprised since I didn’t think I’d be kissed that’s all.

HahahaHAHA, that’s ticklish!


Please let me touch you.

I thought it earlier when I touched your back, but it’s soft.


I’ll do it with my fingers here.

Doing with my mouth or doing it with my fingers, which one do you prefer? If you tell me what you prefer, I would’ve done just that.

Then, I’ll do both.


You’re panting and it looks like you want to be touched here too.

Open up your legs.

Do you know what this place has become? It’s already dripping wet.


Ah, there’s so much flowing out.

Feel more pleasure. You like this place too right?


Why are you this cute I wonder, I just fall in love continuously.


Sticking your hips so much, you want to be licked more? Or do you want it deep inside already?

Are you embarrassed to say it?

If you asked for it, I would’ve been happy knowing that you desired me.

It’s fine, the shy you is cute as well and I like it. Besides, I’m already……


I’m entering.


Your insides are so warm.

It feels good.


Your lips were lonely, weren’t they? Me too.


I love you.

Hmm? Say it more, say that you love me.

I love you too.


It’s no use, I’m already about to cum.

Hmm? Let’s both together……


Your eyes are dazed, have you gotten sleepy?

Then let’s stay like this for a bit longer.

Hmm…if our meal could grow legs then I’d hurry, but if it won’t run away then we can leave it until later.


Besides, passing our time this way ain’t bad.

I’d still want to stay like this with you.

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