【Translation】 BLOOD CHAIN


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CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀), Ootani Yuki (大谷祐貴)

Track 1: The Change that is Yutaka


Guy #1: Hey, hey! Have you heard? A dead corpse that was completely drained of its blood had been recently found in this neighborhood. They say it was the work of a vampire.

Guy #2: Haha, there’s no such thing as actual vampires. You’ve been looking at too much the occult if you’re gonna go off and say that.

Guy #1: Ah! Sorry, are you hurt?

Guy #1: That’s a relief, I’m really sorry, I was too absorbed in the conversation. Oh, no I’m fine, please take care.

Guy #2: The girl just now was hella cute. Her skin was pale and even though she’s adorable, there’s a bewitching atmosphere to her too. Look, it’s sorta like the vampires you were talking about earlier. Haha, just kidding!


E: Recently the humans have been having it easy haven’t they? They treat our existence as entirely occult, despite you and me properly existing as vampires.

E: Hah, what’s with that surprised expression? Did you really think you could escape this great Enki? Even if you’re mixed within a crowd of 100 million people, I’m confident that I can find you.

E: Besides, I’ve been chasing you for 30 years so I know your movement patterns like the back of my hand.

E: Whoa there, I won’t let you run away tonight. Tonight, you’ll become mine.


E: As always your might is great, but that part’s to my liking though.

E: Tonight, I’ll rob you of the strength of that blood…


E: Hehe, have you finally relaxed? If you were normally this weak then doing it would be easy.

E: Hah? Don’t make such a racket as to rip your own clothing. I’ll buy as many clothes as needed afterwards.

E: It can’t be helped right? Because you’re always resisting, I’m impatient.

E: ……I want to quickly become one with you and make you my mate.


E: Of course I’m serious. The one I want, and the one I wish to kiss, is just you.


E: No, I won’t let you escape.


E: That hurts!!! There’s no need for you to bite that hard!?

E: But even so, as expected, the face you make after sucking blood is tantalizing. I want to shove it inside you and mess you up right now.

E: Don’t worry, tonight we’re commemorating many things. Even though we’re in a place like this, after loosening you up slowly, I’ll enter inside and soak your deepest regions with my scent.


E Ugh, this strength again……

E: WAIT!!!


Y: Augh! Ow, ow.

Y: Are you okay? Sorry, I was turning the corner so I couldn’t see-

Y: That appearance… Could it be that you were caught up in some incident?!! Umm, in any case, let’s go to the police station, I’ll escort you.

Y: Oh, but should the hospital come first?

Y: Eh? Both the hospital and the police station are a no go? …But with your circumstances.


E: I’ve found you. The game of tag was a short one this time.

E: Huh? What’s with that human?

Y: Are you the PERPETRATOR?!! Don’t you DARE THINK you’ll BE FORGIVEN, for DOING THIS TO A GIRL!!!

Y: I’ll DEFINITELY get you handed over to the police!

E: Heh? Police eh.


Y: Don’t worry, despite looking like this, I’m a master at karate. I won’t lose to some average man.

E: HAHAHAhahaha!!!

Y: What’s so funny about this?!!

E: Well, I just think that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an unusual type of human.

E: I don’t dislike idiots who are overflowing with a useless sense of justice. However, right now, you’re a bit of a slight inconvenience.


Y: What’s with this guy, his eyes are red.

E: For now, how about I seriously wound you……


E: Y-you’ll hate me? Why are you saying that now?

E: Oh that’s right, you said earlier that you’d hate me if I were to lay hands on a human.

E: Well, it can’t be helped then. Tonight I’ll comply, but next time, I’ll definitely make you mine.


Y: What was that guyーー

Y: Are you okay!?

Y: Leave you alone? There’s no way I could do that!!! Your face is flustered and your body’s trembling.

Y: Aah jeez, I get it. The truth is, I think that proposing this to a frightened girl is a bit inappropriate but, err…if you’re against going to the hospital or the police station, how about you come over to my house?

Y: I don’t have the slightest bit of ulterior motive so it’s alright. I’m serious.


Y: I’m glad you trust me.

Y: Then, let’s go. That appearance is conspicuous after all.


Y: Oh umm, I’ll go prepare some drinks so you can sit down on any place suitable.

Y: Coffee or tea, which one do you prefer? Or is hot milk better?

Y: I got it. Then take a wash in the shower while I make preparations. You’d want to wash the blood off your neck right?

Y: Uh…if I think about it more closely, I guess you can’t just shower at the house of a man you just met.

Y: Sorry, please forget what I said just now!


Y: Huh? It’s alright?

Y: I see. If you aren’t against it, then please go ahead and use it. Oh, and there are towels on the shelves in the bathroom.

Y: Hehe, don’t mind it. Rather, I’m happy that I’m relied on.

Y: Mhm, it makes me happy. I wonder if it’s because I have a lot of younger brothers, but whenever I see someone younger than me in trouble, I just can’t leave them alone.

Y: Anyhow, please take care.


Y: Welcome back.

Y: Sorry that they’re for men, but I left a change of clothes in there. But as I thought, my T-shirts are a little baggy…….

Y: But the bagginess is cute.


Y: Ah! It’s nothing, sorry!!!

Y: For the time being, let’s fill our stomachs! It’s simple but while you were taking a wash in the shower, I made us dinner.

Y: If you’re willing, let’s talk whilst we eat.

Y: Oh, of course, if you don’t wish to talk, I won’t force you.


Y: You don’t have to think of yourself as dragging me into this, you really are conscientious aren’t you?

Y: Well then, I’ll take your words and ask, but who was that man from earlier?

Y: Ah, hmm…I could tell that he was superhuman from his movements. A regular human can’t jump that high, after all. At that time, I thought that there might’ve been some trick involved, but is that not the case?


Y: I see, but it’s strange. Even after hearing everything just now, I simply can’t believe that you’re a vampire.

Y: Ah! No, it’s not like I didn’t believe in what you just said. How should I say it…uh, I mean it in the sense that, you wouldn’t think that of a cute girl like you.

Y: It’s true! I thought you were cute since the first time I laid eyes on you.

Y: Aah, no, umm…my talks aside, the problem is with that vampire Enki. To be shadowing you for 30 years, that’s not the determination of your average stalker. He may or may not be horrifying beautiful, but although he was an attractive man, to attempt rape, I feel like that’s -1000 point for him.


Y: Sorry for making you remember……

Y: Anyhow, it’s late so how about we sleep? You can use that bed over there since I’ll be sleeping on the floor.

Y: Hmm? It’s fine, even though I say floor, there are guest futons so it’s no problem at all.

Y: Eh? No, no, there’s no way I could let a girl sleep on the floor. Let’s just calm down a little, your face is too close……


Y: This is troubling. Hmm? A compromise? In what way…?

Y: Me and you in the same bedーー

Y: NO, NO, NO, THAT’S EVEN WORSE!!! Why? That’s uh…umm, I’m a man too and you should be more cautious in general.

Y: I understand. Then, let’s sleep together?

Y: Uh-huh, I really won’t lay hands on you so sleep soundly.

Y: Mhm, good night.


Y: Hmm? What’s wrong…? Your face looks red.

Y: Sorry, I was somehow intensely looking at your eyes and got all flustered on my own. I’m sorry, just forget it already.

Y: Umm, do you perhaps have a fever?

Y: But you seem in pain.

Y: I’ve said it earlier, but when a girl’s hurt, I can’t just leave them alone. If there’s something I could, I’ll do it so I want you to not refrain yourself and just tell me.

Y: Mhm, I’d like to help you.


Y: I got it, umm…when you say “touch me”, where should I touch you? Your shoulders?

Y: Eh, uh sorry, I somehow mistook it for something indecent!

Y: It’s not a mistake? In other words, that means……

Y: Hah? Heat…? So that’s what it was. So then, during this period, you’d suddenly end up in that state. It’s quite different from the publicly circulated image of a vampire.

Y: I guess this isn’t the time to be surprised.

Y: Err, it’ll be subdued once you climax once? Mmm. Please wait a moment, I need to sort out my feelings right now.


Y: Okay! T-then, I’ll touch your chest for the time being.

Y: Sorry, did it hurt?! I-I see. I’m relieved. I’ll continue then.

Y: It’s extremely soft, it feels good to just touch them. Can I l-lick them?

Y: I got it. Like this…?


Y: Bring it down? Down…uh, then I’ll touch it but tell me if it hurts.

Y: This is bad, if I hear such a cute voice then there are various things I can’t resist. Ah, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it, right now, just focus on the pleasure.

Y: It’s really wet. So a girl’s body would turn this way.

Y: It’s embarrassing? Why? If this is proof that you’re feeling it, then I’m happy. I want you to feel even better.


Y: Hey, tell me. Tell me where and what would make you feel even better.

Y: Err, here?

Y: That’s a relief, it’s gotten wetter. It feels good, doesn’t it? It’s fine, it’s not embarrassing. If anything, it’s so cute that my self-restraint is about to fly off.

Y: Oh, here? Do you enjoy it when I rub this place with about this level of pressure? Your voice is sweeter than before, after all.

Y: I’m not used to it at all. You’re the first one I’ve ever done this with.

Y: Yes, it’s embarrassing to say but I haven’t been with any woman despite my age. So this sensation, this sweet smell, this voice, you’re the first for all of it.


Y: That voice is dangerous, it’s extremely arousing.

Y: Huh? No? Oh, is it better if I stop?

Y: I see so your “no”, means it’s good. Then I’ll caress it a bit more intensely. Mhm, go ahead and cum okay?

Y: Did you properly cum?

Y: Is that so, I’m glad. I wonder if you can sleep properly with this.

Y: You don’t have to be concerned about me if you’re sleepy then sleep. Look, I’ll hug you until you fall asleep like this so it’s not scary anymore.

Y: Good night.


Y: Did she fall asleep?

Y: Haa…my self-control, please come back to me.


Track 2: Enki’s Declaration


Y: Good morning. Did you sleep well last night?

Y: Is that so, I’m glad. Ah, if you happen to have no place to attend then how about we go out for a bit? Since the weather’s great, let’s take a stroll and go out shopping.

Y: Okay, if it’s decided then let’s leave without delay. I know of a place where we could eat some delicious morning specials.

Y: Oh, money?

Y: You don’t have to worry about that. To be honest, I’m done with my job search and graduation thesis. And with nothing for me to do, I spent my days immersed in part-time jobs so I’ve saved up a lot of money.

Y: In other words, there’s no need for you to worry.

Y: Come on, come on, if you take your time then all the delicious morning specials will get eaten.


Y: Ah…I’m sorry, I intended for it to only take up the morning and now it’s evening.

Y: No, that’s not it. It’s not that you talked me into this, I just ended up having fun so there’s no need for you to apologize like that.

Y: Rather, I’m the one who should apologize for thinking of this as a date.

Y: AH! Uh, it’s nothing!!!

Y: More importantly, about tonight’s dinner……


Y: Huh? What’s with those guys?

Y: Excuse me, I would like to pass through here so could you please move aside?

Y: Ngh! Why did you suddenly……


E: Isn’t that great you brat. If my woman didn’t thrust you away, you would’ve died just now.

Y: She isn’t your woman!

E: Before you fuss about something inconsequential, go protect yourself. If you don’t, my woman’s gonna get involved and be on the receiving end.

E: I guess in this case, it’s the opposite. The problem arose because a vampire woman was near a human man.

Y: What are youーー

E: Protect her, and I’ll go deal with those trash over there.


E: Yo! Did some impure mixed-bloods think they can win against the pure-blood me? I’ll give you some mercy so give up now.

E: Oh? So you think you can win if you attack with numbers.

E: Well it can’t be helped, as a warm-up exercise before I fuck her, I’ll be your opponent.

E: Heh, what’s this? This isn’t even worthy of being called a warm-up. As I thought, garbage is still garbage.

E: Oi oi, is that seriously supposed to be an attack? This some virgin foreplay​, come on, come at me more fiercely.

Y: Don’t mock virgins.

E: …Why are you getting worked up over that?


E: It really wasn’t even a warm-up. You’re 100 years too early to attempt laying hands on my woman like that.

Y: Isn’t that the same as what you’re doing!?

E: Huh?

Y: Disregarding her wishes and snatching away her body!

E: It ain’t the same. These guys are in heat, so in the meantime, they’d want to do it with a vampire woman. However, even if my rut ends, I’d still want to be together with her.


E: Well, my dear woman, you fully understand too, don’t you? I kept saying it over these past 30 years, after all.

E: Of course this ain’t a game. I want to live together with you in perpetual time. There’s no meaning if it ain’t you.

E: Hmm? The wound on my arm?

E: Oh this…? This isn’t something you should be concerned about. In any case, go hide in that guy’s house so things won’t turn out this way. If you don’t, would you rather be raped by scum like these? Or would you rather do it with me? Which one do you prefer?


Y: Either one is awful.

E: If you understand then let that virgin boy shelter you for the time being.

Y: Don’t go off calling me virgin boy!

E: Oh, call me any time if you want to become my woman. I’ll shove it inside immediately.

E: Vulgar? Hahaha, it’s wrapped up nicely, but I think that virgin boy over there is thinking the exact same thing as me.

E: Then, until next time.


Y: As expected, he ain’t a decent person. Are all male vampires like that!?

Y: Ah! Are you okay?! Are you not hurt anywhere?

Y: I see, then let’s return to the house. It’ll be bad if we come across some guys like these again.

Y: I don’t think of you as a bother. Rather, I’m happy just to be with you.

Y: Why? That’s um……

Y: Aaaahhh, that’s well uh little by little. Come on, let’s go, let’s go.


E: You scum, you’re so fucking persistent!!!

E: Hmm…? Why are you in a place like this? What happened to that virgin boy?

E: Hah? He’s sleeping? This is why humans are useless.

E: Me? I’m that, I’m cleaning out the trash.

E: It’s not a joke. Think about it carefully, it’ll be annoying if something got in the way in the middle of us doing it, in other words, this is akin to some pre-preparation.


E: Wounds? This much is nothing, it’ll heal soon enough.

E: Hmm? Are you worried about me? If this much warrants a rest, then tomorrow, I’ll cover my entire body with wounds.

E: Idiot, I’m joking.

E: ……Don’t start crying even though you don’t like me. Looking like you’re apologetic about that is irritating.

E: If you pity me so much, then fall in love with me. If you won’t like me, then hate me. Please thoroughly despise me. If you do that, I just might be able to give up a little.


E: You can’t hate me? Why?

E: I protected you from other vampires over the past 30 years? Do I seem like that good of a guy?

E: Aah, I simply didn’t want you to be taken by another man. It’s not like I was protecting you, so stop with that half-assed sympathy. And also, why did you come here!? Weren’t you always running away from me until now?

E: You’re stupid for coming over here all by yourself just because my behavior is strange. There’s the issue about the talk of doing it.

E: Or perhaps, did you seriously come here for sex? If so, I won’t hesitate, I’ll fuck you countless times until you are pregnant.


E: Haha, yes yes that strength is more like you.

E: Hmm…? Why are you perplexed?

E: I’m different from before? I’m not particularly any different, I am me, neither my desires nor my goals have changed.

E: Uh-huh, they haven’t changed. I’m following you around because I genuinely like you. What I want to do is to become your partner that’s all. If I do it against your will right, I sense that you’d fall in love with Yutaka and I don’t want that.

E: And that is why I’ll now be watching over you.

E: The average human life expectancy is about 80 years so if you said that you wish to be with Yutaka no matter what then I’ll wait for that approximate time.


E: Don’t think I’ll quietly back down just because I said I’d wait.

E: If it were such a half-hearted feeling then I would’ve given up a long time ago. That aside, don’t come out late at night, it’s particularly dangerous right now with the current mating season. Even if I’m the strongest vampire, there’s the still worst-case scenario, no?

E: Like I said, don’t cry. If you don’t love me then tell me to fuck off and die.

E: Haa, you really are a cruel one.

E: See ya. Make sure to get along with that cherry boy.


Track 3: Point of Branching Fate


Y: That was delicious, hot pots are best for cold nights as expected.

Y: Say, so your favorite isーー

Y: Is there something wrong? You’ve been restless for the past while.

Y: You don’t have to force yourself to smile. You’re worried about that man Enki, aren’t you?


Y: Not even a week has passed, but I can tell since I’m always watching you.

Y: Hey, what kind of existence is that man Enki to you? Why are you unable to hate him despite him shadowing you?

Y: Oh, I see. If you don’t know then I’ll ask you a different question.

Y: What kind of existence am I to you? I wish for you to tell me, am I just a friend?


Yutaka’s End: This Heart is Eternal


Y: Your heart races when you’re with me? In other words that means……

Y: It’s not a bother! On the contrary, I’m extremely happy. Since uh…um……I like you too!!!

Y: You might be wondering what I’m saying after being together for not even a week, but ever since the moment I first laid eyes on you……you stole my heart.

Y: It’s not a lie. My senior who majored in psychology once told me that there really is such a thing as love at first sight, and moreover about 70% get married. There’s the part about whether or not I’m attracted to your looks because of course, I’m only human, but there are other major factors outside that…err, what was it again.


Y: Oh, that’s right. Instinct! Humans pick up a lot of information both intentionally and unintentionally.

Y: Movements, swallowing of food, that’s all done naturally by involuntary signals sent by the brain. In other words, as a subconscious function, choosing someone instinctively is-


Y: Haha, I guess so. Sorry, I was creating a bunch of reasons, but the only important thing is that my heart chose you.

Y: Whether or not the effect of love at first sight will continue to last, let’s put it to the test

Y: Or rather, I’ll prove it.


Y: Ah sorry, I hit your teeth. I’m still not quite used to these kinds of things so if I’m bad at it… I’m sorry.

Y: Eh…? Despite seeming popular? Me?

Y: Hmm, there was a girl who confessed to me but I’m too interested in that type of stuff, I had found studying to be more enjoyable. I’m surprised at myself that I fell in love with you.

Y: I guess you could say, it felt like it was fate.

Y: Eh uh, calling it fate is unpleasant right? …Sorry.


Y: I-I see, so you felt it too.

Y: Ah, what should I do? My chest filled with all sorts of emotions. I’m so happy that my mind’s going blank.

Y: It’s embarrassing that I’m the only one who’s become like this, so let’s lose ourselves together.


Y: Is it okay if I take off your clothes?

Y: I suppose so. It’s embarrassing for me to ask for each little thing, so I’ll continue on slowly. If there’s something you don’t like, tell me.


Y: You’re weak to the nape of your neck. So then, how about here? …Are you not against it?

Y: I’m glad. I’ve thought about it before but your place here has got a pretty color. It’s cute and it makes me want to continue licking it forever.


Y: It’s delicious. If this place is this delicious then the place down below would be even more delicious, wouldn’t it?

Y: Pervert? In front of the girl they like, all men are perverts. Or are you perhaps against being licked by the perverted me?

Y: If you aren’t against it, then let me lick.


Y: Do you enjoy being licked here? When I did this place earlier, you jolted a little, didn’t you?

Y: It’s not weird, it’s cute. I genuinely want to make you feel good.


Y: Ah, what’s wrong…? Did it not feel good?

Y: You don’t have to touch that place! Or rather, I’m about to cum just by thinking about you touching it.

Y: You laughed just now, didn’t you? No, you did laugh. Anyhow, I’m a virgin, so I’m not used to this. Like I said, I’ll study extra hard, so please tell me all the places that feel good.


Y: It’s gotten wet, hasn’t it? It’s gotten wetter than when I licked it earlier. Soon it’ll be okay for me to enter inside you, right?

Y: Eh? But I ought to loosen it with my fingers and also put that on.

Y: Oh I see, a child can’t be conceived if the male is human. How should I say it? It feels a bit unfortunate…

Y: W-wait a moment, if you say something that cute, I feel like it’ll be over before I even put it in.


Y: I understand. So then, I’ll put it in slowly. If it hurts, tell me.


Y: Amazing, it already feels so good that I don’t know what’s happening anymore.

Y: Mhm, it’s the best, it’s hot, it’s tight and it’s wet.

Y: Sorry, please wait. I can’t move immediately. Besides, I want to really feel that I’ve become one with you for a bit longer.


Y: I love you. If you so desire, whether it be blood or whatever else……I’ll offer it to you.


Y: I’ve noticed. You were close to sucking my blood earlier, right?

Y: I see, so you’d want to suck blood when you feel pleasure.

Y: It’s fine. I don’t mind having my blood being sucked if it’s you, even if I were to become a vampire.

Y: Huh? I won’t become one?

Y: Oh, so that’s how it is. That’s kind of unfortunate. I had resolved myself to become the same kind of being as you.

Y: Yes, it’s true. I wanted to catch you so much that I couldn’t help myself.


Y: Look, it’s okay to suck my blood. I’ll give you as much as you’d want.

Y: What is this, it feels…extremely good.


Y: Sorry, I can’t endure it anymore.

Y: I can’t, if you squeeze down like this I won’t be able to last since I’m also aroused.


Y: I love you, I love you…


Y: This is bad, I’m already about to cum.

Y: I’m cumming. I’m cumming so relax your legs. If you squeeze down so tightly all of a sudden-

Y: I can’t, I really am cumming!


Y: I’m sorry, as I thought, it was quick wasn’t it? I’ll try harder next time! Besides I think my recovery is fast so, err…umm I’ll compensate with various other forms of affection so please don’t hate-


Y: Hehe, I’m no match for you. Then as you wish, I’ll offer you plenty so be prepared.


Y: I love you.

Y: Even if I’ll die before you someday; when our time of parting comes, this heart alone will forever be with you.




Y: Someone akin to a younger brother?  As someone who’s lived for a long time, that certainly might be the case when looking from your perspective.

Y: Haha, sorry for asking something strange.


Y: Is there something wrong? Although I can’t hear it, could it be that you hear the sounds of Enki fighting?


Y: Go. If Enki dies now, I’m sure you’ll forever regret it.

Y: I suppose so. You and Enki had the worst beginning so I can understand the feelings of not wanting to admit it. But emotions are ever-changing, what’s important now is to accept them, isn’t it?

Y: Mhm, take care.


Y: I’m glad to have met you. And for teaching me what it is like to feel strongly towards someone, thank you.


Y: Hehe, sorry that it sounds like I’m saying my last words, but I wanted to, at the very least, say that.

Y: This time, please take care.


E: Jeez, springing up one after another like bugs. She’s my woman goddammit, you can’t just simply approach…her.

E: You came out again…? I told you…to stay at Yukata’s place for the time being, didn’t I?

E: The situation is as it appears, no matter how many there are there’s…no guy who can defeat the great me. So let me go, let me…stand on my own.


E: Be quiet, I ain’t in pain, I’m simply turned on by you clinging onto me…

E: That’s enough, let go of me. If you stick onto me any more than that, I will seriously fuck you.

E: Like I said, stop grabbing onto me!


E: Huh? The reason I’m obsessed with you…? What do you intend to do by asking me that?

E: Yeah yeah, I get it so don’t make such a teary face. I’m weak…to your tears.


E: Let’s sit down on this bench for the time being. As expected, tonight, I’m a bit tired.

E: It’s a pain, so I’ll omit a variety of things.

E: Hah? It can’t be helped, can it? I’m bad at explaining the reason with this and that.

E: Why? No, well……how should I say it, I’m not used to this kind idle talk. In other words…

E: Shut up, I ain’t shy!

E: Tch, just be quiet and listen.


E: When I met you 30 years ago, I was close to death after being targeted by vampire hunters and in order to save me, you needed to lose a considerable amount of blood, right?

E: But even so, you shared your blood with me with no hesitation and I fell in love with that genuine kindness.


E: Okay! That’s it, explanation done.

E: Yes this is everything, it’s easy to understand, right?

E: My bad for being a simpleton, but isn’t that what reasons for falling in love are like? I’d have less faith if I attached myself to some complicated reason. It feels like it’s just something I created in order to accept it.

E: Yes, after all both humans and vampires live by instinct. Reason is nothing more than something used to manage that instinct.

E: And so, living according to instincts from the start isn’t unreasonable. Isn’t that right?


E: If you say that I should be too faithful to my instincts, then how exactly should I court you in order for you to become my partner. Bring you a bouquet of roses? Or perhaps should I pretend to be helpless like Yutaka?

E: Both are impossible because that ain’t me. Therefore, I will continue to woo you in my own way, so when Yutaka dies of old age, be prepared.

E: Hmm? Well, until then I’ll continue to exterminate the pests that come and approach you per usual. Is there something wrong with that?


E: It doesn’t matter if I get hurt fighting. I told you before but I don’t need you half-hearted sympathy.

E: Well see ya and hurry up get back to Yutaka’s place.


E: W-what are you doing!? Have you lost your mind from your heat?

E: For you to hug me, I can’t think of any other reason but that.

E: That again? It doesn’t matter if I get hurt, so leave m-


E: Why did you kiss me?

E: Haa, are you okay with this? If you pity me any further, I’ll get the wrong idea.

E: Yes…I’ll end up believing by mistake that I’m loved by you and end up desiring everything.

E: It’s unfair for you to make that face now. I thought that you fell in love with Yutaka and was planning to wait……but with this, I won’t be able to hold back damn it.


E: So you’re really okay with this?

E: You’ve been out-pushed? Haha, I see so my 30 years of hard work wasn’t for nothing. Then, I’ll push through without refrain.


E: Hmm? We’re going to my hide-out, I can’t take my time having sex with you in a place like this right?

E: Since you’ve finally decided, I want to indulge in you in a place where there are no hindrances.

E: Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry for being vulgar so hold on tight.


E: Okay, we’ve arrived!

E: Hmm? There’s none of what?

E: It’s just a place I return to sleep at so of course there’s no lived-in feel. At best, it’s a place I spend brief periods at. Right now, as long as there’s a bed for me to have sex with you on…that’s more than enough.


E: Over the 30 years, I had thought of doing this and that and thoroughly ravishing you inside my head. But once I look at you like this, I’m so excited that I’m unable to do anything.

E: Idiot, of course I’m gonna do it.

E: To be frank, I have no composure. After all, in the 1000 years that I’ve been alive, this is the first time that I’ve been teased to this extent.


E: Don’t stir me up, even with this, I’m suppressing my bloodsucking.

E: No, you are stirring me up, you’re inviting me in with this smell.

E: Were you not self-aware? You’re seducing me with your utmost strength, my mind’s gone blank from the sweet scent you’re letting off.

E: This is bad. Because you let a cute voice……I nearly sucked your blood.


E: It’s okay to suck your blood?

E: Do you even understand the situation? Once I suck your blood, there’ll be a bunch of things I can no longer subdue. I won’t be able to stop, even if you scream and cry y’know?!

E: You know, even I want to be gentle with my partner. If possible, I’d like not to push you.

E: Don’t say it ain’t like me, idiot.

E: I’ve changed from before, my attitude has changed.


E: That’s enough, try not to provoke me if you can-


E: For you to suck my blood right now, that’s cheating. Dammit, I don’t know what’ll happen from now on!

E: Ah, your blood is extremely sweet.

E: Shit, it’s no use……just let me enter inside you already.


E: Hmm? What’s this, you’re already pretty wet? There’re lewd sounds coming out just by touching it.

E: Were you that excited by me licking you?

E: Cute, it makes me wanna tease some more.


E: You don’t want just fingers? Then tell me what it is that you want. I’ll give it to you if you say it.

E: I got it. As you wish, I’ll give you everything.


E: Tight.

E: Could you…please relax a little? If you squeeze this tightly, I’ll cum immediately.

E: Of course, it’s no good. First, I ought to make you cum.


E: Heh? Do you like it here? If I grind up against this place, your insides would just clamp down on me.

E: It’s fine, isn’t it?

E: Come on, beg for more. If you do, I’ll drown you to death in pleasure.

E: Well done, here’s your reward!


E: Hey, don’t run away. You like it here, don’t you?

E: I’ll thrust into you some more so let me hear more of your cute voice.


E: You really tighten up there. Are you already about to cum?

E: That facial expression is great. It’s thrilling to think that I’ve brought you to tears.

E: Go ahead and cum. Come on.


E: You came, didn’t you?

E: Your insides are really twitching and your deeper regions are sucking on me like it wants my semen.

E: Huh? Are you still in the middle cumming?

E: I can tell. I’ll pour plenty into your climaxing insides so have a good taste of it.


E: Cumming, I’m cumming inside!


E: Ah, I came a lot. This is probably the first time I’ve let out this much.


E: Can you tell? Your insides are a mess with me. If I came inside this much during our heat, you’ll probably be pregnant with a child immediately.

E: Oh I don’t mind. If anything, I greatly welcome it.

E: The feelings that continued on through those 30 years… It would be proof of our bond.


E: I won’t let go of you anymore. Your time hereafter, I’ve taken it.

E: And so, let’s spend the rest of eternity together.

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