【Translation】 Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru・Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi Complete Edition – Haruto


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その愛は病にいたる・そこは狂った夢の淵 コンプリート版

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Haruto Happy End After Story: Things that Change


Welcome home, today you’re back a little later than usual.

Eh? Your friend’s gone…? Are you referring to the guy you’ve been getting along with lately at your part-time job?

That’s abrupt news again is it not. Based on what you were saying, he headed towards the manager of that shop at the front of the station, but to suddenly stop……is he perhaps feeling unwell?

I get it, because he was an excellent employee, there came talks of promotions. Although there’s a head office, Osaka isn’t at a distance where you can come and go for fun.

It’s lonely, isn’t it…?


I see, and so there was an unexpected farewell party today.

For you to be so lonely that you’re down, I’m a bit envious. The ribbon you’re wearing in your hair right now, you received it from him right?

You don’t particularly have to hide it.

……But for a split moment, I instinctively wanted to do something to him.


I’m joking.

If it was the previous me that is, but anyways, I’m now walking down a respectable path thanks to you.

Well then, go wash your hands and I’ll be making meal preparations.


There’s no need for you to feel apologetic, I cook because I enjoy it.

If you understand then…come on, go to the washroom and don’t forget to rinse your mouth.


Is that already enough for today? Whenever I cook these dishes, you’d usually ask for seconds, don’t you?

Hmm? Diet eh…

……The truth is you’re lonely because he’s gone and so you lost your appetite.

Ah no, it’s nothing.

Then, I’ll put the remainder in the fridge.

If you happen to feel hungry tomorrow, eat it. Don’t force yourself to eat if you don’t need it, it’s fine to throw it away.


For you to hug me out of the blue, what’s wrong? At this rate, I won’t be able to wash the dishes you know?

And besides, if you do it from the back…it’s a waste when I can’t see that precious cute face yours.

Mhm. I very much understand your desire to wash them, but today I felt like washing them instead so it’ll make me happy if you hand it over to me.

Eh? Oh, though I do certainly feel as if I’ve said that both yesterday and the day before yesterday.

My mood hasn’t changed, so it’s unavoidable.


Since I’ve been struck by you, it appears that the old wound’s aching. I’m serious, why is it this……

It hurts so much that I can’t breathe.


Wait, don’t call the paramedics.

And instead, lend me your breath…


Hmm, maybe a little more. It seems as though I require more of your kisses to cure this pain in my chest.


Sorry, I guess I was so greedy that you’re left breathless. Your face’s gotten red.

You’re not breathless? Then I wonder why……

Don’t glare, if you stare at me with those cute eyes, it’ll have the opposite effect.

Eh? What I’m doing? You seem unable to stand, so I thought I might as well carry you to the sofa in such a state.

…Or is going straight to the bed more preferable?


Jeez, I wonder why you react cutely each time. Even though you’ve been held by me countless times and yet you unknowingly make faces that stir me up.

Even if you look down, it wouldn’t hide your flushed ears.

No, they’re red. Look…if I place them between my lips, you can tell that they’ve gotten hot no?

I’m sorry, don’t pout. I’ll carry you to the sofa properly so forgive me.

Okay, we’ve arrived.


Hmm? The aching wound?

It’s already a year-old injury, there’s no way holding you in my arms would have an effect you know?

And to be fooled despite that, you really are pure.

No no, I’m not trying to mock you. I hold you with respect, after all, you have a beautiful heart that I lack.

But because you’re too pure, I’m worried that you’d be tired out by that love.


Sorry, I hugged you too strongly there, didn’t I?

I wonder if it’s because I’m looking forward to the day off tomorrow so much that I’m overly static. I’ll take the opportunity to cool my head while I go purchase some alcohol from the convenience store. Are you fine with the usual?

Roger. Then I’m off.


Hello? My side’s going well, how about you Sadatsugu?

I see, that’s great to hear.

Her current state? Hmm…she seems a little lonely, but she’ll surely forget soon enough. I’ll pour enough affection to not allow her to feel trivial loneliness, after all.

Ah, they’re arrangements for her to leave her part-time job.

There’s no need for her to work a part-time job in the first place, but she’s forcing herself under the pretense of buying me a birthday present.

Yes, I’m speaking fondly.


But even so, I’m glad that the shop was a subsidiary of your group. Thanks to that, I could create distance away from her without causing a disturbance.

What bad reputation I have.

If he’s to be put on the chopping block… Anyhow, to him it’s a promotion. Besides, I’ve endured it for long enough.


Oh uh, I received a bit of a phone call from Sadatsugu so I took a detour…


As I thought, you’ve heard our talks just now, didn’t you?

Nevertheless, why did you come to a place like this? I warned you earlier that walking alone late at night is dangerous did I not?

Heh? So you predicted my course of action and came here.

You understand me well, doesn’t seem like I can hide it from you anymore.


Hmm…? Why? Are you referring to why I sent him away? That’s-

When it comes to male friends, Kanoe is more than enough. No…even when it comes to female friends, it doesn’t make me happy that they’re increasing beyond what they are now. Since by simply increasing, your world will begin to open up.


No matter how much your world opens up, the one you love most is me, eh.

You’re always overflowing full of love, I’ll crave those words just now into my heart as well.

No, I’ve said it before, I’m not trying to mock you. On the contrary, I hold you with respect. You’re kind to that point that you’re incapable of abandoning a piece of trash like me.

Occasionally, I could sense a feeling of impatience in that beautiful heart and so I want to destroy that widening world at once.


Talk? After being forgiven by that lenient heart of yours to that extent and for me to think of confining you once more…there’s no way I could possibly say that, can I!?

Enough! Don’t say anything further, I myself know how STUPID it is!!!

I’ve been working hard to change my values since then, I’m working hard at it even now!!! I desperately tell this heart that it’s WRONG to confine you, every single day!!!

Each time your virtues are noticed by other men, I become unable to suppress my impulses. For this 1 year, always, you didn’t realize the thoughts I had as I smiled, did you?

If you knew, then this time you’d surely ru…


You truly are foolishly good-natured.

Why are you attempting tirelessly to heal such a crazy man? Had it been any other person, they would’ve ran away a long time ago.

Eh? Even though I know? What do you…


Ah…that’s right, you loved me this much, that’s why you couldn’t leave.

And since I have a terrible personality, that makes me happy. For you, knowing that you’ll be happier apart, I’ll end up clinging onto that affection.


Can we have the continuation of this kiss at the house?

Then, let’s hold hands……

Looking at this, there’s something I’ve realized for the first time. Rather than binding you with chains, I sense that we’d be forever happy by linking hands like this.


This is the first time the path to the bedroom felt this long.


I’m sorry, it doesn’t seem like I have any patience today. You don’t have to take a wash in the shower, I want to embrace you right now.


Hmm? Oh sorry, I was too greedy wasn’t I? You were so cute that I lost sight of myself.

Since tomorrow’s a rest day, tonight let’s slowly and gently……


Hmm? Eh? It’s fine to tie up…? Like who?

Eh, erm, I never thought you’d say that so I’m shocked. Uh, err….if I were to say whether I want to tie you up or whether I don’t.

Yes, frankly I really do want to tie you up. But if I were to do that, it’ll trigger your trauma.


Are you…truly not scared even if bound?

Are you going as far as entrusting me your body to that extent? Are you planning to show proof of trust towards a hopefully crazy scumbag of a man?

But, it is okay? If it were a respectable man, they would’ve refused by this point, however, unfortunately, the me right now has stopped keeping up with appearances.

If you spoil me, I’ll take advantage without hesitation.


I’ll borrow your ribbon for a bit.


How is it? Does it not hurt? Or more importantly, are you not scared…?

To answer with a kiss, that’s sly is it not?

There’s no response greater than that.


I’ll remove your underwear, so can you lift your hips a little?

Are you still not scared? Are you alright? With this, it’s not like it’s all off……

This is bad, sorry as I thought, let’s end this. It’ll be better if we do it normally.

We can’t, how should I say it…umm, I’m way too aroused. For me to be close to climax from looking at you tied up, it’s the worst.

Yes, these desires are disgusting. They’re wrong, and in order to become a respectable human being, I must discard these feelings.


Eh? What?

I’m looking. I’m looking at you bound.

I suppose so, right here is the you who loves me even when bound. It’s not the you who was forcibly fastened with chains.

Even so, I’m so happy that I’ll cry…I’m unsalvageable, aren’t I?

Spoiled by your words, I indulge in you.


You’re trembling a little, as I thought you’re scared, aren’t you?

Heh? Then this, if I lick your nipple this way, is it not frightening as one would expect?

You really have no sense of danger. If you don’t stop me soon, I might just get a wild idea and bite down on them.


They’ve gotten hard, is it because you’re scared? Or are you perhaps feeling it?


Come on, hurry up and give up and say you’re scared. If you don’t, I end up going all the way.

For you to say something that would excite me further, it appears you still don’t understand my ugliness, do you?

I wonder if you’d understand if I lick your deeper spot.

It’s pointless, you’re no longer allowed to close your legs.


Somehow, it’s getting wet at a faster rate than normal and this place’s already swelled up.


It’s true, look, your insides are twitching like it’s been waiting for my tongue too. This place here excites me no matter how many times I’ve tasted it.


I can’t endure it anymore.

Hey, from this point onwards, I’ll thrust up inside you repeatedly, stir up a mess and grind up against your deepest parts.

Be gentle? There’s no way I could, is there?


This is seriously bad, sorry, but I’ll be moving.


It feels so good that I don’t care about reason.


I love you, I don’t need anything but you. I only need you in my world, so please stay by my side forever. Please be captive to my world.

Bound by me, why is you, who has no choice but to be penetrated by me, this cute……

Every day I think of you as cute, but tonight you’re so cute that I’d want to break you.


I know. If I grind up against this weak spot here, you’d cum immediately right?

I’m teasing you, because I do know.

No, I won’t stop. I must let your body learn what happens when you lead me on.


To be feeling it so much that you’re scared, you really are good at riling me up. I too feel so good that I’m scared.


This is bad, I can’t stop.

I’m about to cum too. Can I press up against your deepest spot and cum?




Can we stay like this a bit longer? Somehow, there are various things that need to be done to reach a settlement.


Are you okay? Does it hurt anywhere?

I see, that’s a relief.

You let yourself be tied up today to calm my emotions, right? I’m sorry for making you worry and also, thank you.


But as expected, next time I’ll resist restraining you. I’ve realized anew that it’s something I mustn’t do.

Well, it’s true that it felt really good like you said, but originally it’s something I mustn’t be aroused by.

No, it’s wrong.

Even now, by merely looking you tied up, various desires rise to the surface. I’m aroused to the point that the insides of my head disintegrate.


Ah sorry, can you pretend you didn’t hear what was said just now?

I love you, I wish to make you happy.

I’ll work hard to change, so please forever be my wife.


Haruto Bad End After Story: Endless World


I’m home, did you wait like a good girl today?

Huh? Why are you frightened? I haven’t blindfolded nor left you with a toy inserted today.

Eh? Is it that scary to see me in a good mood?

Haha, you’re saying strange things. I’m in a good mood any time I’m together with the beloved you.

Well, something really great did certainly happen today.

Do you want to hear what it is?


Goes without saying that I’ll let you hear it.

You see, today I quit the company and with this, we can always be together.

Hmm? Oh don’t worry, we have plenty of savings and it’s not as if I’ve become unemployed. I’ve decided to run my own company starting tomorrow.

The truth is freelance would’ve been fine too, but then there’s the issue with taxes.

Mhm, that’s right, I’ve more or less become a company president. Because of what occurred with my father in the past, I felt resistant in becoming a proprietor​ but now I very much understand my father’s feelings.

There’s no environment more suitable than this for watching your loved ones all day long.

From now on, I can embrace you even more than before.


Are you so happy that you’re shaking? I’m also happy that you’re this overjoyed.

Aah…I want to hurry up and witness the fruits of our love. Until now, I was nervous that I might not be present during the childbirth, but I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Hmm? Why are you making an anxious face I wonder?

Even if you don’t concern yourself, our child will be raised perfectly. They’ll be provided the best education and the most suitable friends and both you and me will shower them full of love.

By doing so, I believe we can rear a child that’s an angel like you.


Ah dammit, I’m excited by simply imagining it. I’ve finally assembled everything together inside this house. There’s no longer anything missing, both you and I will be happy inside this perfect world until the day we die.

Oh, it’s fine if you do nothing. I go alone for parent days and athletic meets, so just stay home.

As for the child, hmm…let’s just say that Mama is in poor health.


No no, as expected after the child is born, I can’t leave you bound by chains. It’ll be bad for their learning after all.

However, I will not forgive you if you leave the house without permission. Any time you’re out, it’ll be with me. And if you ever happen to escape, with the child as your replacement I’ll murder them and commit suicide.


Ahaha, that way’s the wall. And how exactly are you planning to escape while still bound by chains?

If I pull it tightly like this…look, you’re now in my arms.

Let’s enjoy making a child today.

That’s odd, despite being in such despair, for you to resist now is……

Oh, do you perhaps have a different educational policy or were you perhaps against them being potentially killed instead of you?

There’s no need to worry about that, all you have to do is not escape.

And so, rest assured and become pregnant with my child.


Eh? No? Why…?

I see, could it be that you misunderstood? Yes, misunderstood.

What I want isn’t a child, what I want is a perfect space with the beloved you. Even if a child is born, the one I love most in this world is you. The child will never become first, but because it’s yours I’ll devote my entire life to them.

How about it? Does that put you at ease?


You’re moved to tears, aren’t you?

Eh…? I can’t hear you. Since I’m a bit tired, my ears might not be working.

Now then, let’s do plenty of pleasurable things, I’ll let you forget all the sad and frightening things.


Ah that hurts, and it’s really bleeding.

This is the first time my hand’s been bitten like this. I’m happy with whatever you give me, but this time it appears that you require a bit of punishment.


AHAHAhaha! Look, if I lubricate it with my blood, the memories of the day this fun world began, come flowing back, no?

My preparations are all done, I can shove it in at once.

…You still have the energy to pull me away, eh.

It’s unfortunate, but you can do nothing but crawl. Give up, because you have no choice but to be fucked by me.


Since I haven’t loosened it up today, it’s extremely tight as if it’s eating me up. But this almost painful sensation is irresistible.

And besides, looking from the back…each time I pull back like this, I can clearly see the place where your entrance is spread out.

This place is trembling, it’s cute.

And the deep parts are wrapping around me indecently too.

No matter how much you’re against it, this place is saying that it loves me.


I love your insides, I’ll make a mess of it with me today.

If you shake your hip that way, I’ll cum! Last night, I didn’t ejaculate for the sake of today so a lot has accumulated.

Look, can you tell right? That I’m about to cum even now.

HAHAHAHahahaha! What is this? Aren’t you about to cum too? As you continue saying “No, please I don’t want this” if I thrust up against this place, you’d cum like usual, wouldn’t you?

You can cum, and I’ll cum together with you.


Cumming! I’m cumming!!! Make sure to swallow it deep.


Come on, come over here.

Let’s kiss……


As I thought, the happiest times are when I embrace you.

And when I think of the fact that this happiness will continue on forever, tears flow from my eyes.

I’m looking forward to it, soon the perfect world of you and me will begin.


In sickness and in health, we’ll be together until death do us part.

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