【Translation】 Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru・Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi Complete Edition – Sadatsugu


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

その愛は病にいたる・そこは狂った夢の淵 コンプリート版

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Sadatsugu’s Happy End After Story: Coming to Grips


Why are there so many people out this Christmas? Despite fooling around so much quietly recently during Halloween, instead, they rush out even sooner.

Do they not have any sense of Japanese identity?

Ah, sorry, being out with you is fun.

However, it’s way too crowded and it makes me want to reserve the entire mall using the Mamiya’s power. Like I thought, it’s better to simply have shop items delivered to our house…


Hmm? Tch, who’s this idiot.

Even though I said that no one should be calling me for all of today……

It’s Haruto eh.

Heh, what I said just now’s a secret.


What is it Haruto? Did I not tell you to not call me either?

Oh, the aforementioned camera? I get it, please wait a second.

I’m sorry, there’s something we must discuss no matter what so could you sit down over on that bench? I’ll be back soon enough.

My bad, okay?


I’m grateful for your cooperation on that matter, but from now on, I have no intention of telling her that so just leave me alone…!!!

I know that! Ever since the moment I prepared myself for death, I’ve always known thatーー


Hey! Why did you disappear without saying a word, I was worried about whether or not you’ve been kidnapped you know!?

Once I started searching for you desperately, I found you dazed standing on-top of an empty pedestrian overpass.

Are you listening!? The snow’s piling up and if you stay here any further, you catch a col-


Are you okay…?!!

Like I said, surely you’ve caught a cold. It’ll be best if we quickly return home and warm your body.

Is your head hurting that much? Whichever way, I’ll check if you’ve got a fever, so your face-

Eh…? You sense that you’re about to remember something?


It’s fine! It’s fine if you don’t remember!!!

The reason your head’s hurting is surely because there’s no need to remember.

That’s why, please don’t force yourself anymore……

So, let’s go home.

You being out here, is bad for my heart.


Sorry, I can’t wait for showers. Allow me to warm you with my body.


Dammit, I want even the time it takes to walk.


Hmm…? Oh sorry, I was devouring you a bit too greedily, wasn’t I?

I’ll lick the place below instead, so you can just rest.


At this rate, you can’t rest?

Ah, it’s true, your place here is swollen and aroused. It’s trembling like it wants to be licked, to be sucked, to be stimulated.



If I wasn’t aroused, I wouldn’t become like this, would I?

I want to hurry up and be enveloped by your soft insides, unbearably so.


Hmm? Do you want it inside too?

Then, please say that you love me.

Even if it’s something I hear all the time, I want to hear it coming out from your mouth, regardless of the count.


……I love you too.


I’m putting it in.


Aah…the nape of your neck is completely covered by the reminiscent of my kiss. It might be better if you wear clothes that don’t show your neck for the time being.

Sorry, I was just a bit too engrossed.

Your neck truly is slenderly beautiful. To the point that I squeeze it like this, it appears as though it’ll immediately snap.


Your insides have gotten narrow, it’s painful, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, I let you feel lonely for being the only one, once you stop breathing…I’ll follow soon after.


I love you. I love you.

I want to die together whilst still loved by you.


I really do, I really do love you. Even though I know kind of love is wrong…

……I can’t stop myself.

Until you kill me, I’m incapable of letting you.

Sorry that I’m only capable of loving you in this way. I’m sorry.


In spite of these feelings, because I’d feel good each time I embraced you, I personally think I’m a complete, utter degenerate.


Long before even that snowy day, the feelings of wanting to taint you engulfed me all the time.

I wanted to thrust into you deeply just like this and make you mine.


Even though you seem this pained, you’re about to cum, aren’t you?

That’s fine, let’s climax together.

For you, it won’t be scary even if you die.


Eh? The reason I let go of my hands?

Everything earlier was a joke obviously. I thought that this type of play wouldn’t be bad every so often.

……I’m sorry about me dragging you in this.


Yes, it’s all lies.

After all…this place is a paradise filled with nothing but joy.


Sadatsugu’s Bad End Prelude: Off the Beaten Path


Hmm? For you to be in such a rush, what’s wrong?

Is something…..?

That’s mean of you to hit me so suddenly, at the very least, let me hear the reason.


Oh, is it about that?

You willfully looked into my desk, didn’t you? And so you came to realize the cause of our father’s death.

If hitting me will bring you ease then hit me as many times as you’d like.

However, our father isn’t coming back

This is the punishment for attempting to separate us. I will not pardon anyone who tries to rob you from me, whether they be blood relatives or close friends.


Haha, he’s a foolish man. He seriously believed that he could protect you from me by marrying you into another house.

Even if you change your name, even if you change your face, even if you’re on the other side of the Earth, you can’t escape from me.

I’ll use any and all methods to find you.

Even if I die, I won’t let you escape.


HAHAHahahaha! This is hell?

If you call this hell, then I’ll take this punishment with pleasure.

However, you’re a fellow companion. You’ve committed no sin, but I’ll bind you to this purgatory for the rest of your life…and never let you go.


Don’t you dare think of escaping from me ever again, you belong entirely to me…!!!

It’s been a long time since you’ve struggled this much. It makes me remember the previous time where you clawed me.

Are you that against it?

If that’s the case, I’ll give you a special present tonight.


This…? This is a special drug made for your sake.

If you smear this…

No matter how resistant of a virgin they are, they’d orgasm like crazy.


Come on, I’ll slather it properly all the way so don’t struggle.

I don’t want to hurt your insides.


Is this enough? Hmm, no, I’ll give you a bit more.

Aah, it’s reached a nice feeling and the entrance’s twitching greedily.

Hey hey, if you don’t get a grip and quiet down……I’ll get rough. And besides, no matter how much you resist, you can’t escape from the pleasure I give.


It’s going in, it’s going in.


Since your insides are narrow, you can tell that it’s being pushed open bit by bit right?

……And the deeper parts are squeezing down tightly.

Just a bit more, just a bit more and it’s in all the way.


What a shame, but today your insides are filled with me as well. Tonight, you’ve ended up violated by your detested brother’s thing again.

Hmm…? What are you saying? There’s no way I’d prevent pregnancy, right?

Naturally, I intend to ejaculate inside.


Because I haven’t loosened it up much, it’s really cramped tonight…I feel like I’ll cum quite soon.


Oh, that’s right. You just might get pregnant today too.


Your face painted with despair is cute as well.

When I think about the fact that I’m the only one who’d make you show such an expression, I love it.


Look, can you tell? It’s been trembling since earlier, and it might even release right now.

I want to push up against the entrance of your womb and pour in every last drop.


How exactly are you planning to escape now?

If you struggle, conversely your insides will tighten and I’ll ejaculate even sooner. Since your cute today as well, I feel like I’ll cum a lot.

Now then, give birth to the child of me whom you hate and carry around a scar you can never forget for the rest of your life.

If I won’t be loved, then I wish to be hated.


Look, I’m cumming, the semen of the man who killed your beloved father is being pumped inside!


What’s this…? Are you crying again?

No matter how much you cry, a lost life can never be returned. With that, don’t you think it’ll be easier if you let yourself be drowned inside this pleasure?

I suppose so.

You’re just that type of girl. Retaining sanity even amidst despair is one of your good points.

But to me, it’s a very painful aspect.


I alone am sinking down into the depths of this crazy dream. No matter how many times I attempt to drag you lower, as I thought…even if tainted, you won’t come.

It’s prideful and sad.


That’s why, I’ll be forever waiting at the bottom of this darkness――for you to fall.

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