【Translation】 Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru・Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi Complete Edition – Kanoe


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その愛は病にいたる・そこは狂った夢の淵 コンプリート版

CV: Sugiyama Noriaki (杉山紀彰)

Kanoe Happy End After Story: With the You from that Day


Hey, what should we do with this muffler? Throw it away?

Merely asking but…right now, we’re decluttering are we not? This muffler I gave you as a present during the time I was a high school student, just throw it away.

Why can’t you throw it away? It’s all tattered and something this cheap is……

I’m happy that you cherish my feelings, however, our original goal for today was a clearance to settle the past. You can just take the important memories with you, can’t you?


I see. It’s precisely because of that, that you aren’t able to discard it. Then, let’s put this inside this box.

Err, next up is this box over here,  right? I wonder what’s in here.

Come look at this!

See? It’s our uniforms from the middle school days… It’s really nostalgic. On that note, it’s been here so long.

Why’s it here?


Oh, your mother said to take these.

If that’s the case, we don’t need these, so let’s quickly get rid of them.

Eh!? Wear them right now? And moreover, me?!!

There’s no way I could do that, y’know?

No, it’s not a problem of size. If a grown adult man wears a middle school uniform. Uh…

Those upturned eyes​ are unfair.


I get it already, but in exchange…you shall wear this sailor uniform.

Hey hey, are you planning to have me be the only one feeling embarrassed?

Ah, for you to that against it. Is it that? Because of a problem with size, you can no longer wear it?

If you’re going to be angry, then prove to me right now that you can still wear it.

Okay, here you go.

I’ll change over in that direction and then we’ll turn around on the same count.


It really is a sensation from so long ago, I’m remembering all sorts of things.

Well, how about you?

I know, right? I feel like I’m about to remember dark pasts and unwanted memories.

Oh, are you done changing? Then let’s go.

Ready, set……


Oh, uh, sorry. I’m not shocked, I was simply surprised that it suited you better than I had imagined even now.

Eh? Me too…?

I guess the size just barely fits. I bought another uniform during 3rd year so it’s somewhat tight.

Looks like you got room to spare.

Ah, the area around the chest looks tighter than before though.

I can’t help but notice. The bulge is different from the one inside my memory, so I wound up comparing and umm……it’s a weird feeling.


This is bad. If you make that shy face, then I’ll really want to touch them.

Hey, just a bit is fine, right? It’s fine, right…? I’m merely touching them a little.


There’s no taking back what you just said.


It’s strange, despite not having a kink for cosplay……yet, I’m oddly aroused.

So, what about you? Does it not feel strange when you’re touched by me while I’m in this outfit?

It is, isn’t it? As if we’ve returned to those days and you’re being touched by me.

Then again, me, from those days, didn’t have the courage to touch you like this. But I’ve always thought about it inside my head, though.

I didn’t want to look at you with such eyes and despite believing that I mustn’t look……I thought about how they’d surely be soft if I were to massage them with both hands like this. Or what kind of voice you would let out.

And no longer able to hold back, I masturbated, while thinking “No, no I want this”


Are you disillusioned?

Eh? So you still aren’t even with this…? Then what if I turn over the sailor uniform this way and want to lick these nipples?


Don’t let out such a cute voice, I’ll end up getting carried away in the mood and want to lick them more.


Sorry, even though I know this is improper……I can’t stop. As if I’m embracing the you that I never had the chance to touch from those days, it’s really arousing.


Truthfully speaking, I want to lick this place too, but more than anything, I wanted to kiss your lips.

My heart pounding each time our faces drew close like this, and so I wanted to occasionally kiss you by force.


I love you.

Ever since I finally became aware, I loved you, I can’t stop loving you.

…I wanted to say that at that time as well.


I want to touch the bottom place too.

Is it fine for me to touch?

Don’t just flip the skirt all on your own, I’ll get so excited that I can’t put down the brake.

Heh, it’s already wet, you’re steadily becoming more sensitive aren’t you? At this rate, won’t you be able to cum from just your nipples?

You’re wrong, I’m not making fun of you. It’s cute…and so I wanted to tease you.


You seriously are too cute.

Damn it, if you get this wet I won’t be able to hold back and enter inside, won’t I?

Is that okay?

It’s a bit late, but to embrace you whilst still in this outfit……

Idiot, the one who wants to immediately become one is me.


I’m entering.

Don’t tighten so much. Even at the best of times, because I’m excited…I’ll cum right away.

When I do this, it’s as though I’m mutually in love with you from that time and I feel like I’m about to cry.

Sorry, I’m getting all happy off on my own.

Huh? I see, so you’re happy too? But surely, I’m 100 times happierーto the point I just want to cry out.


Isn’t that obvious? For how long did you think I had believed this love unrequited? I definitely loved you more.

No, that’s the one thing I won’t back down on.

Right now, at this very moment, my feelings of love grow even bigger. Even now, I fall in love with you again every single day.


Like I said, don’t squeeze down like that.

I can hold on…any longer.


I love you.

I love you. Both now and then and from now on, I love you.

I won’t give you to anyone else ever again.


I’m cumming inside!


I’m happy but somehow I feel like I’m joining the rank of the perverts.

I suppose so. If it’s together with you, becoming a pervert might be too bad.

Ah, shit! Could it be time for Haruto’s arrival!?

Eh? Wait, your current state is…!!!


H: Hello, I bought pudding from your favorite shop……?

H: Hmm, ah, I guess I should… Sorry.

Sorry Haruto, please pretend you didn’t see that just now!


Idiot, you’ve shown Haruto everything.

You noticed just now? You were way too panicked, y’know?

No, it’s not that it’s shameful. I just want to be the only to see you in this appearance.


H: Umm, sorry being impatient, but how many more minutes will it be before I can enter?

To change all our clothes and something else, it’ll take 10 more minutes.

H: I won’t ask what that something else is.

Of course, that time is so that I can kiss you more time while in this state.


I love you, and I’ll never lose to Haruto when it comes to these feelings.


Kanoe Bad End After Story: The Wish that’s Never Granted


I’m alright, don’t worry about me. My body’s a bit hot and I’m feeling a little strained that’s all.

No, it isn’t the flu.

Since Haruto spoke about testing out a new drug, it’s probably because of that.

It’s really not, and as proof of that, I’ve been painfully erect for the past while.


Yeah. It’s probably a drug akin to an aphrodisiac that could cause one to force themselves onto another, so that’s why you shouldn’t dare come near me today.

As it is, in the face of Haruto, you’re forced to have sex with me. So, during the periods where he’s away, you’d want to rest, right?

At times like these, I’m glad that both my hands are bound.


Eh? You, what are you-!?

Idiot, just because I seemed in pain you don’t have to lickーー

Seriously, stop! I’m really holding back right now, if you do this to me, I can’t avoid cumming in your mouth.

I’m begging you! Please don’t make me hurt you any more than I already have….!!!


I’m cumming, I’m cumming so please let go!


It’s no use, it’s not calming now in the slightest or rather it’s more……

That’s enough, leave me be. If you don’t, I sense that I might do something horrible to you.

Fuck! I’m the worst!


I truly am the worst, to hurt you like thisーI should just die.

And yet, despite thinking that, why am I this……


I’m already at my limit. I want to enter inside and make a mess of your insides.

No, this is wrong! Damn it me!!!

Wait, if I hit my head 10 more times, I feel like I can regain my composure. Or if I lose consciousness then…

Why are you stopping me!? If I feel your touch now, I really won’t be able to endure it!


That’s it, I’m entering. I’ll fill you up with me.

Hah, it feels all too good.

It’s as if the insides of my head are melting into mush. And your insides have become all mushy too. In the morning, I came plenty of times inside didn’t I?

By merely moving a little like this, it’s letting out sloppy noises.


It’s the best and the worst feeling. To be aroused in this type of situation and to violate you…it’s better if I were dead.

Why are you comforting me, even though you’re being violated…?

Yell at me! Curse at me! Condemn me!!!

No, I deserve to be cursed at. For failing to save you, and then violating you just like Haruto wanted……

I want to quickly die, but if that happens, Haruto will rape you himself. And I definitely don’t want that!


I’m sorry. Even though I can’t save you, I’m sorry that…I can’t even apologize by dying.

You really do have a losing personality, it’s precisely because you’re that kind that you’ll break.


I love you, I love only you.

I don’t want you to be embraced by Haruto. You’re MY wife!!!


Shit, it truly is an awful drug. Despite cumming so much earlier, I’m about to cum again.

I’ll cum on top of you.


It’s finally calmed down a little I think.

You… Even during a time like this you’d smile and say “I’m glad”, eh.


How many more times will I still be able to see your smile I wonder……?


I’m sorry, I made you feel anxious.

It’s alright, I’m not going to die. Never what kind of drugs I’m made to drink, I won’t die. That’s why you too, please don’t die.

Let’s absolutely leave here alive.


Eh? What if your heart dies first?

Even if it’s shattered into a million tiny pieces, I’ll surely gather all the fragments and return back your sanity.

And so the two of us will be……okay. We’ll become happy again, surely.


Ah, we will.

ーーIt’s a promise.

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