【Translation】 Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru ~KANOE~


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その愛は病にいたる ~KANOE~

CV: Sugiyama Noriaki (杉山紀彰)

Track 1: Honeymoon


If we ever return to that summer’s day, this time around, I’d save you from that darkness for sure. But as I continue that thought, in reality, the one who was saved might’ve been me.


Are you listening?

No, I don’t particularly mind if you’re absentminded. Over the last couple of days, your health seemed poor so I was worried.

…And your bowl is still left in the same state as before.

Don’t push yourself, after such an incident, it’s only natural that food can’t get past your throat.


Ah, it’s unbelievable, right?

To think an incident with the same M.O. as your kidnapping 10 years ago would occur. Seriously, regardless of the era, there’s always pedophilic bastards.

Men who would lay hands on children should just all die.

That’s truly what I believe.


Coffee? Ah, yes I’ll pour some.

I don’t need sugar, I’ve been preferring it black lately.


Just how long are you planning to go on about our high school days? I’m already a member of society, you know?

Tastes and preferences will more or less change.

Well…I suppose so, an image from the past isn’t going to simply just disappear. There was that one time where you wet my futon.

My bad, but to have married you without a hitch and to have breakfast together like this is almost like a dream.


It’s a dream-like level of happiness. After all, until we started dating 4 years ago, it seemed as though it’ll be a forever unrequited love.

Yup yup. The truth is, I was always anxious that you’d be taken away by Haruto.

Though, I probably would’ve agreed to it if it were the Haruto who’s akin to a brother.


Hmm, probably about 50% or no, about 30%?

Just as I thought, it’s impossible, deep down I’d be jealous until the day I die.


Huh? You’ve changed the blend of coffee beans, haven’t you?

I see, so you went ahead and bought the one I said I enjoyed the other day.

Hmm…? I suppose it might just be me taking influence from my senior at work. Lately, I’ve been receiving more opportunities to work alongside him.


My senior’s current situation?

Hmm, I wonder about that. He acts all happy in front of us, but I think that in reality, he’s actually quite depressed.

Regardless if she was returned safely, a major incident of having your own daughter be kidnapped isn’t something that normally happens.

Even if a month has passed, it’s not that easy to return to regular life.

ーーSince that’s how it was for us.


Hmm? When am I coming home…?

Oh, probably at around 10 o’clock since I’m planning to visit my senior’s home for a bit. Whenever we go out drinking my senior’s daughter would play at that person’s house, since she couldn’t stay with anyone else.

I know, I’ll give you the information once I return.

Thank you for the meal.

Well then, I’ll be leaving for the company.


Strawberry jam?

Huh? There’s still some left on my mouth? Sorry, but could you grab a tissue from over there?

You…please don’t do surprise attacks.

Hah!? There’s no way I hate it, idiot. I’m telling you to stop because I’ll get excited.

You’re the one who started this, right?

Then let me stay like this for a bit longer……


Aah…I don’t want to leave for work, I want to make out with you all day long like this.

It can’t be helped right? Since we’re still newlyweds, after all.

The period we spent dating doesn’t matter to me. Or rather, no matter how much time has passed, I’d probably remain this way……somehow I have confidence in that.

Nevertheless, just how heads over heels I am for you…I can prove to you right here and now.

I get it, I get, I’ll get going.


I’ll leave the house-sitting to you and afterwards, when I leave, make sure to lock the doors.

Like Haruto? Me?

If that’s the case, it’s your fault, isn’t it?

Having a wife that lacks vigilance is quite troublesome for the husband.

No seriously, stay cautious. The perpetrator who kidnapped you and the guy who confined my senior’s daughter still hasn’t been arrested yet.


I…if possible, would like to avoid saying anything that would trigger your anxiety, but it’s better safe than sorry.

Though, the culprit’s probably someone else.

Hmm? After all, the M.O.’s different in terms of minute details, right?

Even I can tell that much considering that I’ve always been pursuing that case. That’s why you don’t need to worry beyond necessity, but it’s a matter of keeping these issues in mind.

If something happens, call me immediately, okay?

If there happens to be a suspicious man, I’ll beat them half to death and then drag them over to the police.


I know, I’ll try not to worry too much either.

Though I say that, however……

Okay! Well then, I’ll bring on my fighting spirit.


I’ll be going then.


I’m home.

Leave the food for later, I want to rest a little.

Sorry, I’m a bit tired. Not so much physically as it is mentally, so just let me hug you for a moment.


It’s calming, I’m really glad that you’re safe. While working today, I was constantly thinking about what I’d do if something were to happen to you.

And so sniffing your scent like this, I get the sense of being brought back to life.

Mhm, it appears that the mental state of my senior’s daughter is considerably wrecked.

In the past, she was such a cheerful child, but now she refuses to talk at all.

As though I was looking at you, from 10 years ago, I felt dreary. If I ever come across the culprit, I’d brutally murder them.

I suppose so, this aspect might never change.


I’m sorry for being so pathetic.

Truthfully, even though as a husband I…should be optimistic enough to allow you to forget the past.

No matter how much I try, I can’t escape that one summer.

If I hadn’t proposed to play hide and seek then you wouldn’t have been kidnapped. And whenever I happen to remember, I feel regret.

Even now, I’m still dying to kill the perpetrator.

And towards the part of me who’s seriously considering that…I feel disgusted.


Eh? You’ll make me forget? What do you…?

I told you to stop with the surprise attacks, didn’t I? I already said so in the morning.

You’re so cute that I’d want to pounce you.


Ah sorry, I reek of sweat right? I’ll take a quick shower right now.

Me too. I like your scent, like the warm sun, it’s calming.


Why are your kisses this arousing I wonder?

My heart pounds each time even though we’ve already done this countless times.

Like a pure maiden?

My bad, because for many years a particular someone kept teasing me so my imagination became quite robust.

Ah…I’ve always pictured it.

What kind of reaction would you give if I lick your ears like this or what kind of voice would leak out if I suck on this delicate neck of yours or whether or not you’d cry out with a sweet voice if I bite the tips of your breasts.


Hey, why aren’t you wearing a bra?

Because you’re inside the house…? Jeez, that’s dangerous, y’know? That said, what were you planning to do if a delivery man were to suddenly arrive?

They might suck on them just like this right?

Look, they’re stiffer than before and they’re visible even through your clothes.


Don’t lie, they’re this hard already so I won’t let you say it ain’t noticeable.


Sorry, but your t-shirt has gotten all sticky, so how about we take it all off?

The lights? Isn’t it fine, just leave them as is

Tonight, I want to have a clear view of your face because I won’t be able to feel assured otherwise.

And I want you to look at me as well. And realize that the one embracing you right now is none other than me so that the two of us can overcome the past together.


Like I thought this place’s gotten hard.


Hmm? If you don’t want me to focus on your breasts then where would you like me to lick?

Hehe sorry, you like being lucky here don’t you?


Don’t worry about it, I haven’t taken a bath either. Besides, this way I can better grasp your scent.


This place is twitching, it’s cute.


Is it okay to insert my fingers?

Something different? It’s still too early for that, y’know? It’ll be better if we get a bit more accustomed.

I understand.

Well then, I’ll go grab that so just wait a bit.


There we go.

Huh? I couldn’t do it before? What exactly…?

Hah!? Forget what happened the first time, me not being able to put it on myself gave me a bit of trauma.

Hey, don’t laugh! I’m saying this earnestly, y’know?


Good grief…to laugh at one’s husband’s trauma, some harsh punishment is needed no?


It’s tight.

As I thought, it would’ve been better if I warmed it up a bit more. Even if it’s the first time in a long time, you shouldn’t push yourself too much.

Hah? Because I’ll ignore you…?

Hey, when have I ever neglected you? I kiss you every day, right?

That reminds me, it’s been a month, hasn’t it?


I’m sorry for making you feel lonely.

It was never what I intended, but I might’ve been subconsciously avoiding it.

You’re wrong, it’s not that I’m against doing it with you……I just somehow hated me who lusted for you. Because of the recent incident, the days of the past kept floating through my head.

Since it’s that, it’s not like I’m against doing it with you or anything.

And as proof of that…look, I’ve gotten extremely hard, right?


Your insides’ got a nice reaction as well. Since it’s been a while, it feels good, right?

Me too, it feels really good for me too.


Are you already about to cum?

Quite fast today aren’t you? Were you wanting this, that badly?

I can tell, you can’t endure it anymore, right?

After all your insides are really moving, so go ahead and cum. C’mon, don’t resist.


Did you cum properly?

I suppose so, there wasn’t a need for me to go as far as to ask.

Me? I’m fine. Even if I don’t cum, I felt plenty good enough.


Idiot, don’t worry about it. I’m just a bit tired today, that’s all.

Now then my cute wife, since we’ve gone through the trouble of getting naked, let’s enter the bath together.

In any case, even if I princess carry you……

What’s with that? You let Haruto do it, but you aren’t willing if it’s me?


Of course, I know.

When you were hurt during middle school, Haruto princess carried you right?

It has nothing to do with the reason, I’m simply saying that privileges should be distributed evenly.

Oh well, it can’t be helped. I’ll endure it, only in terms of the princess carrying part, though.


Hehe, this type of carry is fine no? It’s as if we were kids. Haruto often talked about wanting to carry you like this too.

Ah…it’s a talk of the past, just the past. Right now, don’t go thinking about Haruto, okay?


Hah? What are you saying? Of course, I’m jealous.

Haruto is my strongest and one and only rival. Speaking of which, you went shopping with Haruto the other day right?

Why didn’t you tell me? I wanted to meet up with Haruto too.

That reminds me, I discovered a nice ramen place earlier. How about we visit there next time?


Track 2: Creeping Shadow


Mmm…hmm? Good morning.

Is there someone out there? It might be the delivery man. I’ll get it, so you should continue sleeping.

Eh? It’s fine, I’m no longer tir……hey!!!


H: I came! It’s your big brother and mother, Haruto.

Why are you talking like you’re some girlfriend?

H: Huh? The promised day was today, right?

Eh? Ah, I forgot! That reminds me, we promised to go out together today.

Oh sorry, after hearing that you and Haruto went out alone together, I told Haruto that it was unfair for it to be just the two of you. That’s why, next time it’d be all three of us.


Yes, indeed…I ended up forgetting that it was today.

H: How mean, I even woke up 5 a.m. in the morning to prepare bentos for me to bring.

I’m truly sorry, but why bentos?

H: Now, now. How about you let me in first?

I understand, I’ll open it up for you immediately!


H: Good morning. I’m sorry for arriving so suddenly without your knowledge.

H: Ahh it’s fine, it’ll be compensated with as dreadful of a punishment game as possible later.


H: That’s a sigh that’s unbecoming of this refreshing morning.

Haruto’s retaliation leaves major psychological damage so I’m scared.

H: Hahaha, I’ve never done that to you though.

Not to me, but my classmates became disabled for a period of time after, y’know?

H: That was because they said something heartless to you, no?


They merely said I was an adoptive child, that’s all.

H: Letting out such reckless remarks towards my cute childhood friend is enough grounds for punishment. You think so too, right?

H: That reminds me, it’s true that you weren’t a girl who’d think of revenge. And I have a present for such a good girl. Here, it’s a bento!

Amazing! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen something this fancy.


H: Kanoe, you’ve been a bit careless recently right? I predicted that you might’ve just forgotten today’s promise. While thinking of the worst-case scenario, I made it so that we wouldn’t have to eat out.

H: In case you do remember then you can just refrigerate it and have it in the evening.


H: It’s fine. If you consider that incident, it’s only natural that Kanoe is restless.

H: That aside, would you like to have some of this? I incorporated plenty of things you two enjoy.


Thank you.

Haruto’s cooking is the most delicious in the world, so I’m extremely happy.

H: Why aren’t you good at flattery?

It’s not flattery and besides, it’s all thanks to Haruto that we were able to pass through our high school days healthily. Haruto’s bento has the power to cheer us up.

H: It’s not that grand, I simply wanted the two people I love to eat delicious food.

H: Oh, speaking of which…I forgot chopsticks.

I can just grab something like that.


H: Hmm? For you to be fidgeting, is there something wrong?

H: If you’re referring to that tamagoyaki, I made sure to include it.

H: There’s no way I’d ever forget something that the two of you enjoy would I? No matter how much time has passed, even if we live apartーーyou two are still my family.


Haruto, are these chopsticks, okay?

H: I’m fine with anything.

H: Come to think of it, you two still haven’t washed your faces yet right? I’ll finish the preparation after, so the two of you should change clothes.

I guess so. I’ll change quickly, so just wait a moment.

H: Take your time, since I easily feel at home.

Sorry about that. C’mon, let’s go.


As expected, Haruto’s home-cooking is the best.

H: I’m glad you’re satisfied.

H: Hmm? You aren’t moving your chopsticks, was it not tasty?

H: I see, so you’re feeling nauseous and not only that, recently it’s been more frequent. Hmm, are you perhapsーーpregnant?

I doubt it’s that.

H: Hmm…though even if you use that, there’s still the chance for pregnancy.

Well, it’s not a 100% effective contraceptive but……

H: If that happens to be the case, I’m happy too. I look forward to seeing your child.


H: Why did you suddenly stiffen? Eh…? Your period hasn’t come?

Is…that true?

H: There’s been a lot of turbulence lately, so it isn’t strange that you hadn’t noticed. With this, the day I become a grandma grows closer and closer.

H: I look forward to the birth of my grandchild.

There are various things I’d like to delve into, but let’s leave that to the side.


If you’re actually pregnant then it becomes increasingly important that we don’t remain here. I feel uneasy leaving you alone in such a period, therefore it’s a good opportunity to have you stay at my old man’s place.

H: Weren’t your parents on a business trip in America right now?

Yup yup, promotions are quite troublesome, aren’t they?

H: Are you okay with that? Are you not anxious about giving birth aboard?

H: Is that so. If you feel relieved then that’s most important, it’s unfortunate that I can’t follow along though.

H: ……It’s truly a shame.


Track 3: Forced Decisions


Thank you for adding my favorite bath additives.

Huh? Where’s Haruto? Even though he promised to stay until then……

Yes, yes. I’m sorry. You wanted to say that I forgot my promise with Haruto too, right? I won’t forget anymore, this may sound like an excuse but well, lately there’s been a lot of things happening.

So why did Haruto leave?


Hmm? Urgent job…?

I guess things are troublesome both here and there, but I’m relieved that’s the reason.

Why exactly? I had the sudden chill that Haruto might’ve seen your negligee for a brief moment as you sat down on the bed.

Ah, it’s no good. Just me seeing this cute appearance of yours is enough.

Can I turn off the lights?

Then I’ll turn it off. Good night.


Tomorrow is work again, but since I had so much fun today… I don’t want to go.

Hmm…? What’s wrong? I won’t know if you don’t say it. Oh, are you perhaps feeling unwell?


Since you’re going for a medical check-up tomorrow, take the chance and visit internal medicine. It’s probably psychological, but there might be something going on in your stomach.

Of course, I’ll be worried, you’re my wife after all.


C’mon, come over here.

There, there, if I hold you tightly as we sleep, you’d feel a bit calmer, right?

It calms me too, so this time, good night.


What’s wrong?

W-wait a minute, why are you putting your mouth around it all of a sudden!? No no, the fact it’s gotten hard ain’t the problem.

It can’t be helped right? If one embraces the woman they love, one would get a bit excited.

Don’t mind me, worry about your own bod-like I said…stop!!!


Stop focusing on that place, you know I’m weak to that right? Like I said, I never said that you could swallow up to that extent.

Idiot, don’t say bit by bit, if it’s bitter then it’s better to stop, isn’t it?

It’s tasty? Since when did you become this lewd? It’s not like I hate it when you act this way though……


No, we can’t insert it inside. If you really are pregnant then it’d be a big deal, right?

Why is me entering and me cumming the only 2 options? That type of choice is strang……

Wait! Seriously wait, if you do that I’ll cum!

No…please no!!!


I don’t hate it, so let me hold you.

Lately, you’ve noticed that I haven’t allowed myself to cum, right? Even though you knew, I’m sorry that I never gave you an answer.

Why are you the one apologizing? The one in the wrong is me who’s forcing you to remain careful, so don’t make such a teary face.


Wow, it really is bitter. I let out this much pre-cum, didn’t I?

Ah, this is……it’ll fix itself before long. Right now, the greater issue is you overexerting yourself.


I’m really sorry.

After the incident involving my senior, I would constantly remember the events of the past.

Despite you trying your best to get past it, I thought countless times that it was wrong of me to be this concerned about it. However, it was no use.

I want to embrace you, but I’m scared to cum.

Though I can’t quite put it into words, it’s as though I’m prioritizing my own pleasure and somehow, I fall into a strange sense of self-hate.

There’s probably some part of me that is unable to forgive the me who gives into lust.


It might be because I felt that it’d be no different from the perverts who had kidnapped you and my superior’s daughter. Since it’s that kind of response and combined with my disposition…I won’t be able to withstand it.

It’s true no?

Normally when you’re in this state of mind, one would stop reacting completely, right?

In spite of that, this is the current situation……


I don’t even understand myself anymore. For me to be comforted ain’t right, is it?

It’s okay…? But as a husband, it’s cowardly, no?


Hey, what do you mean I was like this for a long time?

Come to think of it, it’s true. During those times in high school, I went ahead and struggled through it all on my own.

In the end, I haven’t grown much I guess.

Eh? I have…?

Then give an example of where I’ve grown.

I’ve gotten better at that? What are you referring to by “that”?


Aah, oh that…I see…uh well……I’m happy about that.

Your jokes are hard to understand, y’know. So is there not anything else? Well?

Tolerance…? Do you seriously mean it?

I see. Thank you, it makes me happy to hear that but it’s slightly complicated is it not? Alongside us is the existence of Haruto who’s like the embodiment of tolerance. Either way, I can’t win against Haruto.

That being said, I have no intention to lose when in regards to you. Even if Haruto asks for it, you’re the one and only thing I’d never hand over.

Yes, definitely.


Tonight, allow me to sleep while holding onto you like this.

Speaking of Haruto, is Haruto okay, I wonder?

Look, your kidnapping incident must’ve been traumatic for Haruto too, right? Just like how I was overly concerned, I thought that he might’ve been affected emotionally as well.

He’s behaving normally, but I’m worried that he might be forcing himself.

Or rather it’s a feeling of indebtedness since I was the only one who was allowed to be happy.


Did you really not notice?

Haruto liked you in the past, though it might be the case even now.

As a bit of an obligation, I thought it’d best if he’d find a good bride. It may just be my own desires, but I want him to quickly have a family. Particularly for Haruto, he needs that type of existence in his life no?


Yeah, ever since his parents died together……that’s what I’ve always thought.

At that time we were young and couldn’t remain with him all night long. And even now, I regret that.

I see, so you’re the same. Since that day, I’ve never seen Haruto cry either and so I’m worried that someway, somehow he’s forcing himself to endure.

If you don’t cry when you should cry, then your heart will wear itself out.


Mhm, I suppose so. I’ll introduce him to someone nice next time.

Even though you were attacking me so enthusiastically earlier, are you already starting to yawn?

It’s fine. Since you’re tired too, it’s better if we hurry up and sleep.

Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting so I’ll be leaving ahead of you. Make sure to take a proper visit to the obstetrics and gynecology ward and in case you’re anxious about going alone, I’ll get out during lunch break.

I get it! I’ll focus on my job and so, good night.


H: I’ve come!

H: Sorry sorry, I know that coming here without notice is thoughtless, but there’s something I forgot to give you yesterday.

H: Mhm…I’ll wait.


H: Good morning, can I intrude on you for a bit?

H: Thank you. Well then, please pardon my intrusion.

H: Speaking of which, you visited the obstetrics and gynecology ward right? So how were the results?

H: Hmm? Why’s it a secret?


H: Don’t put on airs and tell me. As you two’s mother, I’m worried.

H: Heh..? For you to hide it, as I thought, you’re pregnant, aren’t you? And by the way, Kanoe’s in a meeting today, isn’t he? At what time is he coming home?

H: Eh? Why do I know…?

H: Look, Kanoe said it while we were having dinner yesterday, no?

H: Yup that’s right, did you forget?


H: It’s not unexpected, the two of you were tired…though it’s not something I should be saying having disturbed you during such time.

H: Ah, I’ll be leaving immediately so tea’s unnecessary.

H: Saying that I can stay here forever, you truly are kind. The way you’re easily fooled is cute and I love it.


H: Sshhhhh…it’s okay, calm down. If you smell this scent, you’ll fall asleep soon enough.

H: See? You’re gotten sleepy, good girl.

H: If Kanoe knew I kissed you like this, he’ll get angry. Oh well, you’d never meet him ever again though.


H: You’re awake, and just when I finished bringing over the water.

H: Oh that? Sorry that they aren’t cute handcuffs, I had prepared it hastily so I couldn’t find a good one. And I genuinely wanted to straighten up this room too.

H: In the meanwhile, let’s eat. I’ve made the risotto that you loved.


H: Don’t be so frightened. If you’re frightened, I’ll get aroused and become unable to restrain myself.

H: It’s nostalgic isn’t it? During that time 10 years ago, you were also twitching like that inside this room and each time I licked you, your body would tremble.

H: Are you still weak to the ends of your chest?

H: See? Because I’ve thoroughly licked and sucked them, they’ve become red like they did 10 years ago no?

H: Show it to me!

H: Hey, how did Kanoe lick you? If you don’t tell me then I’ll figure it out on my own accord.


H: As I thought, this place reacts immediately doesn’t it? I’m happy that hasn’t changed.

H: Hmm…? What were you saying earlier I wonder? You should’ve realized it pretty clearly, no? The fact that the one who confined you 10 years agoーーwas me.

H: You’re cute now too, but you, who shivered as I dominated you, had been truly so cute to the point I’d eat you.

H: No, it’s the truth.

H: At that time, once I understood your body was too young to become pregnant, I had chosen to release you for that one time.


H: Yup, I’ve deceived the two of you. I wanted a perfect family, after all.

H: Yes…a family. Me, you and your child and with us three, it’ll become perfect. The family that died together and left me all alone hadn’t been perfect. Something incomplete must be rebuilt.

H: It’s a bit unfortunate that the child inside isn’t mine, but well since it’s the child of my beloved Kanoe, it’s a fair compromise.

H: That’s why you should rest assured and give birth to the child, I’ll support you in every way so…

H: ……I won’t allow you to leave for America.


H: Haha, to be in such a state of confusion, it’s cute.

H: For you to bite me, isn’t that cruel? Since when did you become such a naughty girl? And on top of that, you’re trying to escape. What a shame, I was planning to stop it at that for today, but it appears that I must punish you.

H: Don’t worry, I’m mindful of your body so I won’t do it all the way. I’m simply going to lick you for a bit.


H: Aah, it’s been a long time since I’ve sniffed your scent. Your taste hasn’t changed either, just like before it’s delicious.


H: When I suck this place of yours here, you’d get wet immediately. Though the one who made your body like that was me.

H: It’s truly nostalgic, you loved it when I caressed you as I licked, right?

H: You aren’t against it, right? To be twitching like this, you’re already about to cum, aren’t you? Or perhaps unless I blindfold you like I did in the past, you won’t become honest?


H: See? It’s exactly the same as that time, it’s no longer embarrassing, is it? So go ahead and cum.

H: Come on, don’t struggle, I make you cum soon enough.

H: Go on, cum.


H: Amazing, you squirted, didn’t you? I wonder, have you not been doing it with Kanoe?

H: You poor thing. Too much of it isn’t good for the body, so I’ll keep in moderation. But from now on, I’ll be doing it with you every single day.

H: I’m happy that it was so touching that it made you cry.

H: Oh sorry, the food’s gotten cold hasn’t it? I’ll warm it up so wait a little.


H: What?

H: You aren’t pregnant? Really…? Then why?

H: Is that right? So they were unpleasant side effects of stress and as to not worry me, you kept it a secret.

H: Ah I’ve failed. The wiretap I’ve planted went against me.

H: What a shame, I had wanted to see Kanoe’s child. Oh well, if there isn’t then there isn’t, I need to simply make one.


H: Okay, let’s get started right away.

H: What exactly…? It means exactly what it means. You’ll be making a child with me and since you came quite a lot earlier, it’s nicely wet.

H: Don’t cry, you’ll feel good soon enough.


H: I love you. Please stay here forever and then I’ll be happ-

What’s the MEANING of THIS, HARUTO?!!

H: Huh? How did you know?

Ever since that incident one month ago, I set up security cameras just in case. And then it shows Haruto carrying her away.

H: Heh, to place hidden cameras, you’ve become a pervert haven’t you, Kanoe?

H: ……Sort of like Sadatsugu.


Why aren’t you panicking?! Deny it, say it was wrong, say it was a mistake!!! Just…please deny it, please.

H: I won’t, because this is the truth.

Why!? I’ve always thought of Haruto as a brother and trusted you. And then to DO THIS?!!

H: Mhm, I know. The you who never doubted me was very adorable. Like her, you were also a beloved existence.

H: Oh, how about Kanoe come eat the meal with us as well? In any case, let’s all live together.

Give her back!


H: Hmm, what should I do. Since Kanoe has found out, it’ll be difficult to hide, so that might be a good thing. However, I’ll leave that decision to her.


H: Congratulations, with this you’re free and now I’ll give you a choice.

H: Well then take this knife, the heart’s right here.

What are you doing!?

H: Don’t come near here Kanoe. If you do, I’ll kill her.

H: Hey, you don’t want that to happen to you either, right? If so, there’s only one method. You simply need to kill me before I pick up this knife.



H: A world where I’m hated by both of you has no meaning.

You…what are you saying???

H: Well then, choose. If you don’t kill me now, I’ll murderーーKanoe.


Happy End: That Sickness Becomes Love


H: Is that so, so it’s impossible for you. Then I guess I’ll kill Kanoe.


H: Sorry Kanoe, it’ll be really lonely for you to be gone, but for the sake of my dream…can you please die?

H: Huh?



I’m alright. Calm down, it’s not fatal. I won’t die immediately.

H: Why?

What do you mean?

H: Just now during the struggle, I was close to being stabbed, so you protected me……

Heh, it can’t be helped, can it? My body moved of its own volition.

H: I don’t understand, I HAD TRIED TO KILL YOU!!! And yet why…!?

Because I cared for you, Haruto!

Being betrayed was a shock, but nevertheless, you’re our older brother. There’s no way we could let the you who’s always been by our side to simply die.


H: Even if I’m this type of man, are you still planning to call me your brother?

Ah, I won’t hate you. Rather you being unable to abandon this world would be more painful. While being loved by me…suffer!!!

Though I say that, I won’t forgive you if you turn yourself in or commit suicide.

If you turn yourself in, I’ll say it was a delusion.

H: Why……?

If you turn yourself in, then Haruto, you would never cry.


H: Is me crying that important to you?

Yeah, it’s important because I’ve regretted it. Cry, Haruto. We’ll always be by your side, so feel at ease and let yourself be vulnerable.


H: Are you planning to forgive me too?

H: I see. Surely this is hell. I’ve never seen such a gentle and cruel hell.


Ah, Haruto must’ve arrived.

It’s fine, just sit. My wound’s completely healed, y’know?

You worry too much but in any case, please sit.


H: You two should learn some caution, to invite the man who attempted to murder you, you’re out of your mind.

It might certainly be crazy, it’s not as bad as Haruto thinks so rest easy.

H: Are the two of you not scared of me…?

Nah. Rather than feeling scared at that time, I felt disgusted.

Despite always believing that I’d kill the perpetrator the moment I knew of their identity, I was so badly shocked that those thoughts were knocked out of my head.


H: I’m thankful for your frank opinion.

I’m joking, I’m not particularly scared or anything. I made sure to properly purchase some self-defense weapons, after all.

H: Are you planning to beat me with those?

Yes. If Haruto says anything fishy again, I’ll strike you down with all my strength. And so, let’s eat. Today, the one who did the cooking was me.


C’mon, take a seat.

H: Haa…

What is it? You were sighing quite a lot earlier.

H: I think this is an extremely strange sight.

Ah, I guess so. But to me, hmm…it’s weird to say it but after discovering the culprit, on the contrary, I felt relieved.


Oh, I did a good job if I say so myself.

H: It really is an odd scene.

Haruto, if it’s painful not to be judged. Then perhaps you should think of that as your punishment.

The two of us will continue our hands out to you and we’ll never let you go.

H: Is that so?


H: This is……good.

I know, right? The day where I can match Haruto is near.

H: It’s so good that my tears are flowing.

Huh? Ah I see, I’m relieved. I’m truly relieved.


Hmm? What is it? Are you still awake…? I told you to go ahead and sleep before me, didn’t I?

Oh, if it’s about Haruto, I’ve already properly sent him off.

But even so, to think that Haruto would cry to that extent. It was so surprising that I might just end up crying instead.

Speaking of which, did you take a bath?


Ah, how lame, so you found out in the end.

I don’t know.

Even I don’t know why I’m shaking this much. Like I said to Haruto, I’m not afraid and yet the moment I relax, my body trembles. In one way or another, it feels as though my emotions aren’t being processed fast enough to keep up with the situation.

However, it’s certain that I have a peace of mind.

I’m glad that both you and Haruto are safe. I’m so happy to be able to hold you like this again that……I’m seriously about to cry.


Hey, err, is it okay if I kiss you after all this time?

Don’t laugh, it took me a lot of courage. Somehow, I sense that I’m capable of doing it today.

Haha, I’ve finally got you in a princess carry. I’ve always thought it was unfair that only Haruto got to do it.

It’s pointless, I won’t let you down until we reach the bed.


Since you started it, you’re going to take responsibility, right?

I have no intention of going easy on you tonight……


I wonder if it’s because you’re excited, but it feels hotter than usual.

Hey, is it okay if I leave some kiss marks today? Yay!

You’re my wife, I won’t let anyone else touch you ever again.


What is it? You said it was fine, didn’t you? Not just on the nape of your neck, allow me to create even more.

What a cute voice. And just by hearing that voice of yours, I start losing my mind.


Huh? Oh, this? It can’t be helped, right? I’m excited too.

Wanting to quickly insert this inside of you, I feel like I can no longer hold myself. Although I want to hurry up and enter, if we force it after such a long period, it’ll hurt, won’t it?

That’s why I’ll loosen up the place below.


Hey, you should at least remember the feeling of my tongue, right? I’ll overwrite everything okay?

What’s this? So you did take a bath, to have your scent faded is a bit unfortunate though.

Haha sorry, I’ll keep my real thoughts inside my chest.


What? We were at a nice spot just now, you still haven’t cum right?

It’s sly for you to entwine your legs like that. Even though I went through all that trouble to endure it, I can’t hold back anymore

Sorry, it’s a bit early, but can I enter inside? …I want to enter inside you so badly that my mind’s a mess.


Thank you.

Well then, I’ll go put that on so wait just a second.

Huh? Why are you making such a strange face? We ought to use this, don’t we?

I suppose so. This policy of mine hasn’t changed since before. The one I treasure the most and the one I desire the mostーーis your heart.

Even on an off chance, I don’t wish to do anything that would hurt you.

Let’s leave conceiving a child for a time when all your emotions have completely settled, okay?


Now then, since preparations are done, there’s something I’d like to ask.

Do you want me?

Idiot, I’m not teasing you…I’m serious. I genuinely wish from the bottom of my heart, to do what you desire most.

Is that so? Me too.

I love you so much that I can’t help but constantly yearn for you. I think of penetrating you like this until morning.


You’re squeezing too tightly, please just relax a bit more.

You’re moving like this instinctively? …You really are so lewd to the point that it’s cute.


I love you. I love you, no matter how much time has passed. I don’t need anything but you.


Seriously, why do your insides feel this good? I won’t be able to last at all like this.

I can tell, your place here has been convulsing a lot since earlier, right? Are you about to cum already?

The two of us are truly starved it seems.

Well, the truth is…I am starved. It feels good when I rub against here, right? And so I enjoy this place too.


It’s fine, let’s climax together. Tonight, let’s both…….



It’s been a while since I’ve had this sensation.

As I thought, the feeling of becoming one when you properly cum is nice.

Eh? Hey! Why are you patting my head? It gives me mixed feelings when you treat me like a child, y’know?

I see, if it’s the byproduct of love then it can’t be helped.

Then, I’ll pat you back.


When I do this, somehow I feel like crying.

Even though I’m happy, I wonder why?


Ah, I get it. Because I love you to the point it’s akin to a disease, therefore I must let out the illness in the form of tears.

See? It’s like removing poison.

Haruto might’ve felt this way too.

An overly passionate love will turn to poison, and since he didn’t purge the poison…… He became ill.


Rest assured, both me and Haruto are able to cry properly. Even if we grow sick, we’ll return to our former selves.

Ah…that’s right.

This sickness will surely become love.


Bad End: That Love Becomes Sickness


H: Hmm? You want me to reform, eh.

H: Sorry, but I don’t have the heart to reform.


H: See? because you didn’t make a decision, you ended up with this result.

H: Take a look, Kanoe looks so saddened as well.

I’m begging you, Haruto! I’m going to kill someone then KILL ME!!! Haruto, in truth, you don’t actually want to hurt her right!?

H: You don’t understand do you Kanoe?


H: There are times where rather than losing something, it’s easier to destroy it with your own two hands.

That wouldn’t be the PERFECT HAPPINESS at all WOULD IT?!! Happiness with someone else consists of mutual trust with the other person.

H: Haha, I’m envious. As expected, the things that man who had married the person they love would say are different.

H: I had been married to her, I wonder if I could spew out such words as well.


H: Oh, that’s right, since you went as far as to say that…how about you show me that relationship of trust?

Show you?

H: Kanoe, take off your clothes and lay down on the bed over there. And you, put these handcuffs on Kanoe.

H: You can’t? Then how about we have Kanoe die? …Or perhaps you?

I understand, I’ll lie down, so don’t you dare hurt her.


Is this okay?

H: That’s fine, and now you shall handcuff Kanoe.


H: With this the preparations are complete, then let’s start without delay.

Start? Start what?

H: Oh dear, you came this far so you must know, right?

H: It’s sex of course. If you don’t wish to die then make a child in front of me.

Why must I…!?

H: Are you doing it or are you not doing it? I don’t mind either one, though.


There’s no way I could get a reaction in this type of situation, y’know?!!

H: Hmm? Really?

H: Kanoe’s saying that in spite of the fact that he’d cum immediately once you place your mouth around it. That’s right, how about we have you use your mouth? That way, things will carry on smoothly.


H: Hurry up……

I don’t understand the meaning of this. What’s so fun about doing such things?

H: I never planned to have you understand.

H: Even if I did explain, you won’t be capable of comprehending it. Now then, please begin.

It’s impossible, there’s no way I would react.

H: Is that so? Isn’t that what to want to believe?

What do you……

H: Hey, swallow it up more deeply. Save up lots of saliva then suck in your cheek. You can do that right?


Stop! If you do that then…

H: Haha, weren’t you supposed to not react? Because right now, you’re starting to get hard.

You’re wrong! You’re wrong!!!

H: I’m not wrong am I?

H: Kanoe, your possessiveness is stronger than anyone else’s. You talk pretty with your mouth, but in reality, you’re dying to fill her insides with your thing.

H: And in the deep depths of your heart, you wish to quickly impregnate her and tie her up to you.

I don’t have such thoughts!!!

H: Then what’s that? Isn’t it already stiff?

This is…….


H: It appears that the preparations are finished. Now please insert Kanoe’s pathetic thing inside.


H: Just that? If you don’t move it won’t end.

H: No no, with such shallow movements, you won’t be able to make Kanoe cum. I’ll push down your shoulders so swallow it up even deeper!

H: Aah…that’s a nice sound, I can tell your insides feel melted. There’s the part of me making you cum earlier but I wonder if you’re actually turned on by this situation?

H: Why are you crying? You love pleasurable things don’t you?


I’m begging you Haruto, please stop this!!!

H: You believed it was easier than death, so you accepted my request, right? If so, Kanoe, could you please fuck her until the end?

H: Show me that relationship built in trust.


H: This is bad. It appears that Kanoe is resisting. You ought to move faster and teach him that hold backing isn’t good.

H: Hey…if you don’t, I’ll end up murdering Kanoe.

NO, PLEASE NO!!! I’ll cum, so PLEASE STOP!!!

H: After all, look, it’s the last spurt. Keep at it, I’ll be cheering you on as well…….



H: Ah, Kanoe, you’ve finally cum inside her.

H: HahahaHAHAHAHAHA!!! This the BEST SPECTACLE EVER, it’s as if it’s HEAVEN!!!!! And let the 3 of us stay within this heavenーーforever.

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