【Translation】 Kouhai Toshi ーHatsujou Drug Choukyouー


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

荒廃都市 ー発情ドラッグ調教ー

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Ignorant Lost Child


Hey, you over there. This neighborhood ain’t a place a woman like you should be at, it’s already sunset.

You should return home as soon as possible…for your own sake.

Y’know about the residents of this city right? The moment you leave the main streets, the probability of crime will increase instantly.


Hah?! You’re lost?

Are you seriously telling me that…!?

Tch…and just as I said it, there’s a quarrel nearby. For the time being, you can stop by at my house and take refuge there.

I am the owner of that bar, William.

Longtime customers call me Liam.


It’s a wholesome shot bar; it’s different from what you’re imagining.

There’s no need to apologize, it’s important to air on the side of caution. Besides, it’s not like I’m calling out to you simply out of kindness.

……You’re making an expression as though you didn’t understand the meaning.

If I leave you alone, I can clearly see you getting wrapped up in something troublesome…is what I’m referring to.

That’s right, you recklessly follow along with a man you’d never met and in the unlikely event of you getting dragged into a crime. Look, the police would come all the way to my shop and it’ll cut into my work hours, right?

To have the interiors searched without notice is a pain.

If you understand then follow me quickly and if there’s a lot of milk, I’ll bring some out for you.


And so, how did you become lost? There must be some reason, right?

Returning home from a client, eh.

So while walking down an unfamiliar road, you ended up outside of the main streets.

Since this neighborhood was made to be complicated, it’s only natural that you aren’t accustomed.


Here you go, it’s milk.

Either way, to call out to you was the correct choice. I might’ve told you earlier, but this city is in ruins. You should be aware of that as well right?

Yes, illicit drugs are circulating and crime’s running rampant throughout the city. To walk down this street is to be resolved to be dragged into crime.

If I didn’t call out to you……what would become of you now, ain’t a mystery.


If you cherish your own body, then you wouldn’t come here alone again. On the off chance, for the sake of work or whatever else and you have no choice but to walk alone around this vicinity; walk while looking straight ahead.

By walking with an experienced look on your face the chance of getting wrapped in crimes will decrease.

There’s no need to worry about your way back, I’ll escort you.


Track 2: Defenseless Body


You…what’s wrong with you? I told you countless times yesterday that this place is dangerous and to never come here again did I not!?

Did you purposefully come here to thank me for yesterday?

Haha, it’s not really something to be concerned about. You’re upright, aren’t you? I don’t hate a person like that, but……

That’s right! Do you have time after this?

If so, let’s have plenty of drinks. The other staff haven’t arrived yet, so the other party shall be me.


Would you mind it if the drink’s the same as yesterdays?

You’re mistaken, it’s not because you’re a woman that I ain’t bring out the liquor. Just that, milk is decidedly agreed upon to be for kids right?

To sulk about being treated like a child is proof of that. If you want to be treated like a woman then act like one.

Don’t pout, it’s just a joke. Today I’ll do it properly.


First of all, the coffee liqueur is poured into the glass and then……


This? This is exactly as it looks, it’s milk. It’s the same one I gave to you before and just like that, it’s Kahlua and Milk.

You’ve heard of it, right?

Try taking a sip, if it does not suit your taste I will prepare something else.


That expression is…it seems like you’ve taken a liking.

Things easily show on your face so I clearly can tell. But since it’s sweet and easy to drink, don’t go off drinking too much.

That sai…hey! Hey! Is there such a thing as a person who’s pushed to drink, when the person next to them is telling them not to over-drink?!

You’re red all the way to your ears. You don’t look fine at all.

There’s someone to pick you up, right?


You know you should’ve said that earlier. If I had known, I certainly wouldn’t have allowed you to drink alcohol.

In this state, I can’t drop you outside, right? Just stay on the second floor of my house for today.

Can you walk on your own? …You’re staggering, aren’t you?

It can’t be helped, wrap your hands around my neck. Hold onto me tight.


You…are you eating your meals properly every day? Aren’t you a bit too light?

For this to be the results of 3 meals a day, I really can’t understand a woman’s normal.


I can’t call this a high-end bed, but it’s sleep comfort ain’t bad. I don’t mind you using it however you like for tonight so there’s no need to apologize. It’s also an error on my part for not verifying anything before letting you drink.

Tomorrow, is it an off-day for you?

Then take your time.


Hah?! Don’t be all “please don’t go”, have you got a habit of wanting to be fawn on by people when you’re drunk?

If you look at me like that, I’ll misunderstand.

Or perhaps by putting on the airs of drunkenness, this was your aim from the start? For you to not resist, I can interpret you as having such sentiments.


Such a melted expression, did you feel good simply from being kissed?

Is it because of the alcohol you drank earlier that your body’s burning? Or could it be that you’re in heat?


Your breasts are really soft, they feel nice.

Crying out with such a cute voice, you’ve got quite the sensitive body, don’t you? Your nipples are swollen and have turned risque, did it feel that good to have them stimulated?


But by licking them with my tongue, you’d feel it a lot more, right?

…And the other side too.


You’ve got a nice reaction here as well.

I ought to make this lower part feel even better. Even with your underwear on, I can tell that you’re wet.

Lift your hips.

C’mon, try spreading your legs.

Your place here is twitching, y’know? Ah…it’s already soaked with your juices to the point that my fingers could just easily slip inside.


Even you yourself can tell, right? That this place is making such lewd noises.

It feels like you’re at your limit. Are you already wanting to cum?

Then as you wish……


Your insides are convulsing, is it about time?

That’s good, go ahead and cum as is.


Okay, okay. Are you cumming?


To climax so pleasurably, you’ve got quite the erotic body, don’t you?

I’d want to continue on from here, but let’s stop here for today. You seem extremely sleepy, after all.

You don’t particularly have to mind me, just sleep for now.

Good night.


Track 3: Unknown Reality


Hmm? Oh, you’re awake!

I’ve prepared food, though I say that, it’s something simple. C’mon, take a seat.

There’s strawberry jam but, do you need it?

You really like sweets, don’t you?


Did you sleep well yesterday?

If so, I’m glad.

Ah…I sleep like a rock too. While remembering the face when you climaxed, I took it all off at once and slept.

What are you being shy about?

Thinking that you’re daring, but you’re inexperienced, aren’t you? As I thought, you were drunk yesterday weren’t you?

Haha, if I tease you any more than this I sense that you’d get angry, so I shall stop right here.


Hmm? My bad, but I gotta take the call for a bit.


Hello? Oh, it’s you.

Ah I got it, I’ll make preparations immediately so wait at the usual spot.


Sorry, but I’ll be leaving for a little while. I’ll be back soon enough, so just eat the food.


I’ve told you, didn’t I?

In exchange for making me wait, I’ll be adding on extra costs.

I’m joking. The goods that you wanted are undoubtedly this, right? Rather than injecting with a syringe, it’s more effective when drunk.

Whoa there, before I hand this to you, there’s something you ought to give to me.

You still haven’t made payment yet.


That’s the correct amount. Here you go.

But even so, lately you’ve been using it quite frequently, no?

Your body yearns for this eh. Well, that can’t be helped, if you want it again just contact me any time.


You, how long have you been there?

Don’t run!

I’ve got words with you, come with me.


That conversation earlier..at which part did you hear it?

Heh, what’s this? What are you being afraid about?

For you to not say anythingーーcould it be that you’re undercover police? Or perhaps are you a spy from somewhere?

Did you think I’d believe that?


Starting from today, you’ll live here.

I won’t let you out of here unless you tell me the truth, so prepare yourself.


Track 4: Desire to be Dominated


Yo! Were you well-behaved?

Don’t glare at me so much with those eyes.

Even though you had such a frightened face when I confined you here at noon, you’re already this energetic.

To have such an attitude towards house arrest, you seem different from other women in that aspect.

Hey, the truth is that you’re either police or a spy, right?

Tch. You’re a stubborn one.


If your mouth won’t say it then it’ll be quicker to ask your body, no?


Stop struggling and swallow it properly.

It looks like you’ve swallowed it.

What was that just now?

This is something I like, it’s a drug that makes you feel good. Because it’s fast acting, you’d feel its effects immediately and as I say that, your body’s becoming hot is it not?

Becoming breathless and looking at me with such a greedy-looking face……


Despite me being forceful, are you not going to resist?

Your heart’s beating rapidly. It’s a product that shouldn’t harm the body, but I guess you’ve got no tolerance.

And your nipples are standing straight up, aren’t they?

You like being teased here, don’t you?


Raising such an obscene voice, you’re feeling the drug a bit too much.

I’ve never heard of a woman who’d become this disheveled​ because of this drug. Whether it’s because I’m exposed to you, but I’m also reacting quicker than usual.

C’mon show me that lower half!


Hah? Even though it’s not been touched, it’s already dripping wet.


You want it inside so bad, no? You want this thing of mine, no?

Then say it, tell me what you truly are!!!


You’re a filthy woman, aren’t you? It’s extremely tantalizing, but I can’t trust those words.

Even though you’re this wet, it’s tight.


Are you trying to make my thing your own?

So goddamn greedy.

Are you no longer able to close your mouth? Your voice’s leaking out incessantly y’know? Lure in a man just like that and contrive of a way to secure your feat, right?

……I ain’t gonna be taken in by that.


What is it? …For you to squeeze down so impatiently.

Heh, do you want me to thrust faster? Ah, I guess it can’t be helped. Here you go!

You enjoy that part near the entrance, don’t you? As soon as I hit that place, the folds inside move as if they’re twisting.


Amazing. Is it swelling?

When I push all the way, I can’t stop.

Deep is great too right? I’ll scrape even your deepest parts.


For you to be convulsing, are you already about to cum?

Then I’ll dump it all inside!


You…even though you came so much, you’re still making an unsatisfied face.

In the face of the drug, just about anyone would become loyal to their desires. I’ll thrust you some more, so let me hear that erotic voice.


Your insides are really twitching, it’s turned into a complete mess by my cum from earlier.

I’ve never once tasted a body like this.

This depth is good right? When I pounded this place earlier, you clenched down on me, right?


Heh? Is having your nipples pinched really that pleasurable?

Even though you’ve got drugs in your system, to start feeling it from pain…as expected you ain’t from a respectable occupation are you?

C’mon, spit it out!

Are you police? Or are you a spy?!


Tsk. Even after going this far you won’t say it, instead, you’re honest to pleasure.

Are you about to cum again? I too am about to……


Look, what I released earlier has spilled out so I’ll cum inside of you again.




Are you awake?

It’s the first time you’ve used that drug right?

It’s only natural that your head would hurt and your voice’s hoarse as well. Last night, you had to satisfy yourself with just that, so it was inevitable but later I’ll bring you something to soothe your throat.

Heh? Ah…it’s tea with lemon, ginger, and honey.


You, when we talk on the topic of food, you become rather obedient, don’t you?

It’s good that you aren’t troublesome that way, but seeing you like that, I’d become careless.


Oh this? This is also a type of drug.

I’ve been made aware hundreds of times that it’s bad for my health, however, if you’ve used it since childhood you can’t stop that easily.

Yes, ever since I was a child.


As an orphan, I became the leader of a delinquent group and once I plunged into this world, I was picked up by the old man and placed into this position.

……The position of mafia underboss.

Don’t be stupid, I feel nothing but gratitude to the boss who picked me off the streets.


Looks like I’ve said too much.

Tomorrow, I’ll be away from this place for the time being, so don’t get the strange idea of running away.


Track 5: True Intentions Mixed in Lies


Y-you’ve remained here diligently, eh.

On the way back, I was stabbed in the flank with a knife that’s all. It’s bleeding, but it’s just a minor stab wound.

There’s no need for treatment.


The opening of the wound?

There’s no need for you to go that far, right? I’m the one keeping you under house arrest, y’know?

Bacteria will enter? For that kind of reason…?

I get it, I get it!!!

Don’t make such a scary face. I’ll strip right now.


This should be enough, right? Jeez, even though I said I’m fine……

Do as you like, the first-aid kit is over there.


Ow!!! That hurts, you’re awful. Did you say that you’d treat it so unskillfully?

That’s enough, afterwards, just cover the opening with gauze.

With this, are you a bit more satisfied?


I suppose so, sorry it took until midnight.

You want to witness me sleep eh. It’s almost as if you’re a worry wart.

Just do whatever you want.

What a strange woman…it’s nothing. Let’s sleep, is all I said.


Hey, wake up! Hey hey!

So you’re finally awake. You’re surprisingly the type that can’t sleep well, basically, you’d never get up earlier than me.

It’s true no?

You’re even more sluggish in the mornings than me who works evenings. It’s quite shocking.

You handle nights better than mornings?


It’s certain that yesterday, you were making sure I slept and so you slept even later than me. The key to the door was out in the open, so why didn’t you escape?

Hah? What’s with that?

You’ve never voiced any complaints about being made to swallow that drug then fucked after?

……You really are a strange woman. aren’t you?


Is that not so? Normally one would think to, first of all, prioritize escaping.

What is it? Is there still some other reason?

Hah? I, when I laugh, am genuine? What’s that supposed to mean?

When I am doing the drugs, I seem to be in pain…?


Don’t talk like a fool. I’ve been living like this for a long time, I laugh only when I’m trying to deceive someone.


Track 6: Pursuit of Truth


I’ve brought your meal.

It’s beef stew, I simmered it last night.

You, really enjoy eating don’t you? I enjoy eating too, but I’m not as gluttonous as you. C’mon, I’ll be having my meal as well so make a bit more room.

Since it’s still hot, make sure you don’t get burnt.


It’s tasty right?

I got my hands on some nice meat y’see.

Idiot, it’s not the meat that you’re imagining. It’s beef I got from the old man who runs a meat shop on the main streets.

Say, you know too right? The owner of that shop is generous, isn’t he?


That reminds me, are you able to cook for yourself?

What’s with the “more or less”? Even though you enjoy eating so much, do you not have confidence?

You prefer to just eat eh.

In other words, it means someone else has made it.

Oh, before you left the house, your mother would make your meals for you every day.  What a nice and unusually family-oriented woman for this city.

……It’s a type that doesn’t exist in my surroundings.

I sense that you were blessed with a truly good family.


Are you really not a police officer?

I’ve heard that the police hired people that are blessed with circumstances like yours but as always you’re a stubborn woman.


How does it feel to be fed that drug mouth-to-mouth?

C’mon, swallow it. You know that it’s pointless to resist, right?


This time it’s a drug that I’m also trying for the first time.

Though, drinking a lot has this effect eh. It’ll come right around before long.


Open your legs.

This place is soaking wet ain’t it? You really are a greedy one, aren’t you?


Look, your good spot, it’s here right?

The other day, each time I had struck here, you were drowning in pleasure weren’t you?

Come on, c’mon, c’mon…c’mon…c’mon…….

Your insides are squirming, so indecent. And your juices are slowly overflowing. Do you want me so bad that you can’t help it?

Turn your butt this way.


Even though I’ve only touched with the tip, your folds are surging up forward and sucking me up.

It can’t be helped.

The thing you wanted……I’ll give it to you!


It went in all at once.

Just from me putting it in, it’s already a mess ain’t it? Making such a greedy-looking face, do you want me to move harder?

Then I’ll do exactly as you wanted…!!!


This place is good right!? Hey, say something!!!


Heh? Despite having such a frightened expression, are you still going to say you don’t know?

Even if you don’t know beyond this and that you’re unrelated, you still witnessed the buying and selling of drugs.

I will not overlook this.

I’ll choke you to death right here and now.


To think that when I squeeze your neck, your insides would clench down this much……


Cumming, I’m cumming!!!


I’ll ask you one last time, are you truly unrelated?

I understand. I’m sorry for doing such horrible things. The door’s right there, you can leave.


What’s wrong? Are you not gonna leave?

The reason why I doubted you to that extent? That’s, you witnessed the drug trade so……

Just that?

There are things once heard, you can no longer go back y’know. Don’t stick your head into this any further, I won’t be able to return you at this rate.

That’s right if you wish to know out of curiosity then stop.


Why are you that stubborn? To not leave this place, you really are an idiot.

Aah…I know, I’ll give you a proper explanation.


Track 7: Hidden World


Now then, where should I start……

You know that this city is filled with illicit drugs right? The government desperately tried to suppress the problem, but well, the people doing drugs were surprisingly smart.

By the government who cast that aside, a certain project was assigned to those with connections to the government. Only the chosen people would remain inside the city and people who do not meet the standards set by the government are erased in order to reshape the city.

As long as they are born into this world, everyone has the right to live freely or at the very least that should’ve been this country’s declaration of human rights.


And yet, that basis is arbitrarily decided by the government……it’s a dangerous thing.

Moreover, they’re trying to pin those crimes on the mafia. Even if that concerns our honor, we’d inevitably become a hindrance to that plan anyways. Besides, we the mafia are in trouble if the city population decreases.

Isn’t that obvious? Just who do you think we’re doing business with?

Out of our business partners, surely there’s plenty that don’t meet the criteria established by the government so it’ll be troubling if they simply disappear.


Hah? Are you seriously saying that!? This ain’t a game, this is reality.

You’re serious, aren’t you?

You really are a strange woman. You’re completely different from all the other people I’ve met.


No…ever since the time I entered this world, this is the first time that the government’s been turned into an enemy. Though when I was watching television at home as a child, I did see reports on mafia and government disputes.

Aah, I wasn’t orphaned when I was born. Originally I had a proper family, but it was a single parent household

I had my mother and until I turned 6, she was a good mother.


She seemed to be busy every day due to us living in poverty, but on her payday, she’d make my favorite Salisbury steak. Even as a child I could tell that she loved me.

However, after bringing in the owner of a certain barm she changed little by little and once she became pregnant with that man’s child in her stomach, I was treated like something that didn’t exist.

And from then on, I wasn’t able to return home.


Sometime after that, I obtained my current and as revenge, I got both my mother and her new husband hooked on drugs.

At that time, what I snatched away was this bar.

Eh? What did I do that for?

ーーBecause she abandoned me.


There’s no way I’d say “please look at me”, right?

Half of it is because I gave up?

No, but……

To have faith in people, to depend on people. It’s true that until now, I’ve closed off relations with those around me.

Being told that by you who’ve I’ve met only briefly, you really are a strange woman, regardless, this is the first time that I thought I’d try trusting another person.


Hey…don’t stare at me so intently, I feel like I’ll have a hole through me.

Is there something you wish to say?

You’re worried? First off, I’m talking to the boss that’s all. Nothing scary will pop up so it’s alright.

Since you’re staying here, I’ll report that fact, but we need to gather more information about the people involved in the project. I thought that I can somewhat manage with only my network of information, but if there’s power you can borrow then it’s better to borrow it right?

It’d be nice if I could somehow discover the identity of the project creator. By doing so, from there, we could start applying pressure again.


If the cute underboss says it, the boss would lend a hand y’see.

Yes, that’s correct. This is the first time I’m asking the boss for help, so I am a bit nervous.

We’ve discussed this earlier, I’m grateful to the boss, however since I thought that I might be forsaken at any time until now, I never depended on him.

……But you told me to depend on others.

That’s right, if it’s the current me, I want to believe that I could do it.


W-why did you kiss me?

A good luck charm, eh.

Thank you. Thanks to you, I’m a little less nervous.


Track 8: Clever Scheme Opens the Way


My bad, did I wake you up?

Aah…I came back just now, today there was a dinner party with all the caporegimes y’see.

Yes, because it was my first request, the boss summoned everyone in high spirits. Rather than trying to solve it alone, I was told that I can call out to them anytime. After all that’s what a family is.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had this type of fuzzy feeling, so I can’t quite be used to it. But I’m glad……

It’s all thanks to you.


No, revealing the identity of the project creator is a difficult task even when using all the power that is at the caporegimes’ disposal.

We were able to locate a supporter though.

So what have you been doing every day? Oh, I see. You fired from your company, right?

It’s my fault isn’t it…sorry.


So weren’t you bored?

Hmm? You were chatting with the old man at the meat shop, so did you hear something interesting?

A press interview?

It sounds bad to say it, but it’s not a fancy shop nor the subject of a gourmet T.V. program so why?

Hmm…to gather the voices of the increasingly uneasy residents regarding the city’s devastation. Featuring that on a T.V. program…seems like something fairly interesting is taking root.


I’m accustomed to the government applying pressure from above, but I’m poorly-informed about the voices from below and to produce a special feature program……

Oh, I got it! That’s it!

We can just attack from the below. If the general public learns about the project then it’ll create an uproar and the project might get halted.

It’s a bet whether or not the press would lend their ears, but it’s worth the shot.

Except that, there’s the risk of my identity being discoveredーーthat part’s a problem.


Huh? You’ll be the informant?

But are you okay with that!? You’ll be exposed to the eyes of the press and you might even become the target of government personnels, y’know?!

Idiot, ain’t it obvious, there’s no way I wouldn’t protect you!!!

Thank you. I’m forever grateful.


Hey, are you actually okay with going to that interview alone?

In case something happens, I’ve prepared some escorts but……

Of course I’d worry, the internet and television programs would be ceaseless every day on the project matter. At first it’d be a trivial rumor, but eventually, they’d pin down the existence of you who leaked it.

The press may appear to be on your side, but stay cautious.

And then…


Why are you kissing me with this kind of timing? I’m simply worried about you okay?

Yes, yes, it’s a good luck charm eh.

Good grief, I’ll go crazy with you around.


Track 9: The True You


To praise our victory, a toast.

Thanks to you, the project this time has been impeded.

Thank you.

And so, precisely because it’s today, allow me to say it. For doubting you and doing such horrible things……I’m sorry.


What are you laughing for?

It’s not like me eh.

You’re different from all the women that I’ve known. You’re the only one who didn’t abandon me at the end. And nevertheless, the one who motivated me to confide in others was you.

Don’t you leave my side okay? …It means that I like you.


Say, can you embrace you right here?

It’s fine, today I didn’t put out the sign.

That type of thing is exciting……to flaunt the fact that you’re mine to those that pass by outside.


As always, you have such nice reactions.

Stand up and lean on the counters, I lick that place down below.


You get wet easily even without the drug…this place is already puffed and swollen.

What did you misunderstand? That ain’t what it meant, I saying that you’ve got a cute body because you feel it so easily.


I’d want to make plenty of love with it like this……


Hmm? What’s wrong? Did you want me to rub the insides more?

I understand, then first off, let’s spread it all the way with my fingers.


Oh it’s completely wet. Did it really feel that good?

I see, then I’ll rub it even harder.


Are you not able to get enough of this place?

It’s squeezing down on my fingers and your legs are trembling, are you already about to cum?

C’mon, go ahead and cum.


To think it’d get on my clothes, was it that pleasurable?

There’s no need to apologize, we’ll clean after. And more importantly, is it okay if we continue?

Can you lift one of your legs?

I’ll do as much I can to make sure it doesn’t hurt, but if it gets difficult, please tell me.


Are you okay? Does it not hurt?

It’s all in.

Even though your insides are so tight, I was forceful until now…so today, please allow me to embrace you gently.


Hmm? What’s wrong?

Does it hurt?

That’s quite the cute request. I get it, I’ll start moving slowly.


You like it when I grind up against that shallow place, right? But being thrust deep, once your body remembers it, it’ll feel good, y’know?

Like when I reach just under your navel and strike this place, it feels good, right?


Moaning continuously, to see you enjoy it matters than anything.

Well then, how’s this? This place ain’t bad either, right?

For you to clench down this hard… Don’t go making such cute responses. Even though I’ve been enduring it… I won’t be able to stop, y’know?

Idiot, don’t go around saying stuff like that.

If you tell me to do as I like, I’ll end up breaking you this time.


I understand. Then turn towards the counters and stick out your butt.

As if to answer my movements, your insides are strongly tightening around me. With this, I won’t be able to last long.


Are you about to cum too?

Is that so? Then, in that case, let’s both…….


I’m cumming inside!


Did it feel good?

That’s a relief, it was good for me too. You’re more addicting than any drug so I won’t let go of youーーever again.

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