【Translation】 Otona no Meruhen Series Wa Yuki no You ~Okorippoi Kare~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

大人のメルヘンシリーズ和 「雪の妖 ~怒りっぽい彼~」

CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也)

Track 1: Night of Heavy Rain



That voice, a woman? Sorry, but the house is…uh, ahem, do you need something?


Hah!? I know it’s raining heavily; however, for a young girl to stay at a man’s house alone……

Sorry, but please go elsewhere.


Like I said, for a young girl to stay at a man’s house alone is irrational right? What were you planning to do if something goes wrong!?

Eh uh, that’s not-I’d never do anything!!! That’s not it, I’m telling you to think about it with some common sense and understand this isn’t allowed!!!

If you understand then hurry up and GO BACK!!!

Even if you say that, I’m the one who’s troubled.


What is it? Are you…perhaps feeling unwell?

Jeez, if that’s the case then it can’t be helped. Only for tonight okay?

Why did you say that you’re sick sooner? I’m not that cruel of a person, if I heard that earlier then I won’t have refused at the start…..

Ah…hey! The steps there are dangerous, so watch out.


Come on, I’ll take a look at you, so sit down over there.

I run a wholesale store for medicine. I cultivate medicinal herbs for medicinal use and produce the natural remedies​ myself. Once I know the symptoms and cause, I’ll create the medicine.

First of is whether or not you have a fever.

Let me see…eh uh, it’s cold.

You, just how long did you soak under the rain!?  Your body’s freezing, isn’t it?!!

Listen, use this to wipe your body and wait for just a moment.


Come on, hurry up and get into the futon and warm your body.

What are you saying? If your body’s that cold, it’s inevitable that you’d get sick.

That’s enough. Come on, get inside the futon.


At last, let’s see, one just more piece. Okay, I guess this should be fine.

Don’t complain, you don’t want to die of illness, right? So endure having to drink this.

Now then, how about I return to work.

Idiot! You should be sleeping!!! Even without the help of a sick person, I’m fine.

Err, where was I at.


Is it not cold over there? If you’re cold, I’ll bring the brazier over to you.


Are you already asleep?

She’s really sleeping. Just how careless could one be to brazenly sleep at the house of a man who she’d never met.

No, the one who told her to sleep was me, though.


Ugh! …That’s freezing! She’s still this cold even after being warmed to this extent, at this rate this girl is going to die, isn’t she?!!

What should I do, I have no more futons beyond this???

It can’t be helped. With this, will it be a bit better?

It’s become something quite troublesome, once it’s tomorrow, I got to tell her to leave immediately.


Hmm? Uh…AHHHHH!!!!!

Why are you?! Why are you inside MY FUTON?!!

Oh ah, I see…last night I sheltered you didn’t I?



Umm, that’s right.

Damn it, even though I intended to wake up before you did…

THERE’S NO WAY THAT’S TRUE!!! It’s not like I particularly slept soundly okay? Last night, I had a hard time sleeping because of you so I simply overslept a little THAT’S ALL!!!



You, you’re laughing, aren’t you?

No, you haven’t smiled since yesterday, so I thought that you were pretty sick.

……I was scared at that time.


No, it’s NOTHING!!! If you’ve gotten better then HURRY UP AND LEAVE!!!


Track 2: Don’t Say Such Stupid Things


If I don’t hurry up and finish this job-

Good grief, because I’ve got a woman around the progress on my work has gotten worse. It still isn’t finished from last night.

So just how long are you planning to stay here?

When in the world is your condition going to finally get better!? Whether or not the medicine I made is or isn’t effective, your body remains cold regardless. Despite that, you’re lively like normal.

Jeez, why it did have to be my house you stayed at.




We-we still haven’t gotten to KNOW EACH OTHER YET, there’s no way THAT’S POSSIBLE, RIGHT!?  What the hell are you saying?!!


Besides, I HATE WOMEN!!!!

Aah, that’s right, I hate women. I REALLY HATE THEM!!!

It’s not…I’m not GAY!!!


NGH, AH. Uh aaaah……

You suddenly called me Yukito so over-familiarly, so I was surprised, that’s all.

STOP calling my name so readily.

Like hey, or like you-



It can’t be helped. The thing about calling me Yukito, I’ll allow it.

Hah?! What is it?

No, it’s fine! I’ll do it myself, don’t you dare touch it.


Why are you looking so intently? It makes things harder, you know?

Heh…? What?

Is-is that so.

Medicine isn’t particularly…if you study a little, anyone couldーー

Huh? No, well I suppose so.

You certainly need a wide range of knowledge so it may not be something one can do right off the bat.

Oh, I was raised by my father. My old man did this as his job.



I see. Ahem, look, it’s enough right? If you stare too much, I’ll become uneasy.


Oh, tea?


No, I want to thank you but THIS IS WRONG!!! This place is MY HOUSE, don’t get all familiar SO WILLFULLY, you aren’t EVEN MY BRIDE OR ANYTHING!!!

Like hell I would MAKE YOU MY BRIDE!? I definitely won’t…I DEFINITELY WON’T MAKE YOU MY BRIDE!!!


Just that, until you’re better, I’ll be allowing you to remain at my house, that’s all.


Track 3: Simmered……


Yes, I’m going into town for work.

Today I’ll be late, there’s a number of houses I’ve got to visit.

Well then, I’ll be leaving.


Huh…? What is it?


Of course it’s impossible, so what are you trying to say!?

No, I won’t take you along with me.

D-Don’t follow after me. Ah! Don’t be all emotionally attached to me!!!

This ain’t healthy, don’t cling onto me!!!

Ever since you came, you’ve been nothing but an obstacle to my work.

Like I said, how many times do I have to say it before you understand…LET ME GOOOOOOOO!!!!!


Today was more tiring than usual……

Who’s fault do you think it is?!

THAT’S RIGHT, you kept clinging onto me and attempting to help me…people are going to mistaken us as A MARRIED COUPLE RIGHT?!! I’m already sick and tired of having to explain that it wasn’t the case EACH AND EVERY TIME!!!

With that, they’re going to be left in a state of MISUNDERSTANDING you know!!!


You’re being frivolous​ AGAIN!!! Not only that, when you said you wanted to do shopping along our travels and when you thought of what to buy…TO THINK IT WAS MATCHING BOWLS!? WHY MUST I USE MATCHING BOWLS?!!

Ah…my head is starting to hurt.

Hn! Like I said, don’t CLING TO ME!!! Why is that you just had to be together with me…?


Don’t say that.

That, that thing about liking me. I’m referring to that. It’s embarrassing, right?


But I’M EMBARRASSED…!!! LISTEN to what people HAVE TO SAY!!!


Ah! You know, like meal preparations.

Eh? Simmered radish? Eh no, I’ll leave the stew to you.

As for the seasoning, just your usual feel.

Hah! She’s not my bride, she’s not my bride, she’s not my bride, I definitely won’t make her my bride, I definitely won’t make her my bride…


Aah…I’ve drank a bit too much. The food was too good.

Well yeah, it can’t be helped right? It’s been a long time since I last drank.

Hmm? You…are you not going to drink? You should be able to drink at least a little, right? So how about we take this chance?


What is it?


Jeez. Uwah, that hurt.

My bad, as I thought, it seems like I’ve drank too much. Are you okay?

……I’m relieved.


Eh..S-SORRYY!!! At the moment, it appears almost as though I’ve pushed you down.

I’ll get off immediately.

Oi! Hey, what are you doing?!! Idiot, hurry up and let go…..



I’ve thought this the day we first met, but your body…really is cold. Is this your normal temperature?

Your palms, your arms, and your back are all cold. And your underarms should normally be a bit warmer.

Here and here as well. But right now, your cheeks are red though.

Ah…as expected they’re still cold to the touch.


Huh? Oh, that’s right…I should get up already.

About that, I’m sorry.

I’ll go, w-wash my face for a bit.


Track 4: First Times


Hey, are you there?

Sorry but…could you make some tea?


Oh, you’re already done? Sorry for the trouble.

No, today I’ll be drinking it on the porch. How about you join me?


The snow’s already more or less melted…soon it’ll be spring.

After a while longer, plenty of hydrangeas would blossom in that part of the garden and later in the summers, morning glories would bloom there also.

You’re looking forward to it? Just how long are you planning to remain here?

Oh, thank you.


Today’s tea’s good as well.

I’ve always pondered it. In other words, umm, would you become my bride?

Ah no, this relationship, to continue dragging on living together like this isn’t healthy right? As expected, I thought it’d better if we did it properly.

Is really something to cry that much about!?

You’re a fool, aren’t you?


No, what I said about disliking women is true. Even now I don’t really like them much.

But I couldn’t think of you the same way I did others.

That is to say, from on…I wish to be by your side. Would you become my bride and spend your life together with me?


UWAH! Ah, heh, compared to the time we first met, you’ve changed quite a lot, haven’t you?

Yes, you’ve come to clearly show me that smile. Each I see you laugh, it makes me happy.

It’s rather embarrassing isn’t it? This type of thing is a first. To embrace a woman and to be embraced as well.


A continuation of this…? That’s obvious, right?

Speaking of the bridal night, there’s the part about consummating the vows.

W-What’s wrong with being serious? Everyone else is doing it too, no? The first night’s ritual is, under a lot of bedding, act uncivil, be happy. See, right?

Hey, at very the least wait until we get over to the futon…this is the PORCH you know!?


Eh?! Then…?

Oi! Where are you going?


W-What are you t-t-trying to do?!

I can tell from just looking that you’re taking your clothes off…!!!

Heh? That’s not-it’s like you can’t, just that, to prepare my heart-if you suddenly. This, I never thought you’d be doing this.

Ah no, when making you my bride, it’s not like I haven’t thought of it for at least a bit. Just that, it was a tad different you know?


I suppose so.

Okay! Could you turn your face a little this way?

NGH! Argh…ow!!!

I used a tad too much force. Ah, what I hit just now was your nose right?

My bad, are you alright?



Don’t laugh! Even I’m desperate, okay?!!

So then, let’s try one more time.

It’s softer than I imagined, just one more.


Hey, I want to try putting my tongue inside. Is that okay?


Not yet.


Hmm? Ah, oh was it painful?

Sorry…I was accidentally absorbed in it, but I want to touch you even more.


A woman’s body had been this soft eh, I want to touch it forever.


When your cold body is touched by me, just that part would become warm. Look, the nape of your neck and your bosom have already become this hot.


Here too. I wish to see what’s it like but…could you open up your legs?

As expected, your legs are pale as well. Your thighs, the base of your leg, they’re white like snow.


What is it? That place, I can’t normally see it so I want to see it plenty right now.

Your body, I want to see all of it.

The kimono is still hanging by your arms right? Take this all off, I want to see the back too.


Your skin is so delicate…it’s wonderful.


I want lick the place below, so could you lie on your back?

Would it be better if I caressed it with my finger first? No, it’s not too wet…as expected licking comes first?

Ah no, you should stare at the ceiling as is.


Like I thought, by doing this, a lot comes out. Does it feel good? I want to properly make you feel good, so please tell me what I should do.

You don’t know? Then, how’s here? Or here?

Ah, it’s here.

……It’s overflowing by a lot.


I want to enter inside soon

It’s fine, right?


It’s so slippery, it’ll slide right in.

This, I can’t, it feels too good.


Right now, everything went in. Hey, does this place not hurt? Are you okay…?

I’m relieved, I had wanted to move immediately.


Huh…? What’s wrong?

Of course, it’d be hot. I’m excited after all.

And you, your body more than usual……is extremely hot.


Please stop. That face is so cute that it makes my heart throb you know?

It’s no use, I really am about to lose my mind.


Why are you letting out such a cute voice…?

It’s truly cute, I’ve always had the thought, but you’re extremely cute.

The way you talk, the way you spoil me, the voice you call my name with……I love all of it.


I’m about to cum……


Track 5: The Story of that Day


No…I’m regretting it a little right now.

Ah, no! I don’t mean that. I didn’t think these feelings could be this gratifying. I’ve never known that type of thing until now, so I thought that I should’ve been more honest at the start……

I meant from the day we met.

The truth is, ever since the time we first met…..I thought you were cute. UWAH, AS I THOUGHT, THAT WAS NOTHING JUST NOW!!!

I’m tired, so let’s sleep…?


It’s already enough right? I-I said it in the middle of it earlier right?

About how I think of you, what not……

That’s right, so enough already, okay?


I get it, I won’t say it more than once.

…..I like you.

Okay, that’s it.

Aah, like I said…I like you! Out of all the people I’ve met, you’re the most beloved.

Huh? Uwah!!!


You…I get it, so don’t say it so often. You telling me that you love me, I’m still not used to it yet.

Don’t laugh.


But even so, to think I’d fall in love with a woman.

Like I said, I’m not gay. It’s not that.

In the past, because something occurred, whether I’m bad around females, I just find them frightening.

From then on, I tried my best not to be involved. Yet, for me to be like this towards you…..


Does that worry you?

I didn’t really wish to discuss this but…if it’s you, I guess it’s fine.


A long ago, there was a time where I went into the mountain village for work.

I was still an apprentice and was wanting to pick up the job as fast as I could. But that day, there was a blizzard and I could no longer return home.

Inevitably, I decided to rest at a mountain hut nearby.

In the middle of the night, sensing that I heard a noise, when I woke up to look, next to my sleeping bedside, stood a beautiful woman in a pure white kimono.

Even remembering it now, it’s dreadful.

A pretty face like that of a doll, pure white skin and with an expression as cold as ice…she stared at me intently.


Don’t you think it’s strange?  For a woman to be alone midwinter inside a hut deep in the mountains, perhaps she might’ve even been trying to kill me

That woman was surely a Yuki-Onna…white kimono, long hair and if I remember correctly, her skin was white as snow and on top of that, she appeared in the middle of the mountain on a night of snowstorms.

It can’t be anything but that!

That reminds me, she sort of resembles you a little.


You, when we first met, you wouldn’t laugh and had a blank expression most times, no?

I thought that aspect was exactly the same as that Yuki-Onna.

But well, there’s no way you could be a Yuki-Onna. Because, did you know? The spirit that is the Yuki-Onna would freeze young men in ice and kill them.

That’s what I heard in the past!



Why are you suddenly!?

Huh? Blizzard…?

What is happening?! Huh? This is goodbye???

Oi! What are you saying all of a sudden?!! It can’t be…you’re……from that time!?




This is a lie right? The Yuki-Onna from that time was her…?

These are the bowls she bought that day…and they were even matching bowls.

And to leave while purposefully making preparation……


Track 6: Let’s go Home


…She’s there.

Wait! Hey!!! Please open up, I’M BEGGING YOU!!!

Oi, you can hear me right!? I’m begging you, so please open this door!!! I want you to listen to what I have to say!!!!!

Please, I’m begging you. Please I want to apologize to you for my words!!!

I want to apologize to you face-to-face. Please let me apologize……


As I thought, it was here.

This mountain hut, was your house, wasn’t it…?

I am glad to have met you once more.


Sorry, I’m really sorry, I’ve said some horrible things about you.

I treated you as though you were a murderer, even though that couldn’t possibly be true!!!

No, that’s wrong! I know FULL WELL that YOU’RE MORE KINDER THAN ANYONE!!!


Well…at the start, I didn’t understand your feelings, so there were many things that perplexed me, but you’re kind. You’re a person with a warmer heart than I ever had.

So no matter what, I wanted to apologize.

Although I wasn’t aware, I still hurt you, and I’m truly sorry about that!!!


Even so-

You’re kind aren’t you? I’ll have hopes that you’d still say that you love me..

No, even I know that I’m saying this out of my own hubris.


Heh? Really…?

Are you still going to say that!? After all, I’m truly a terrible man. I’ve always, towards you…

I, too, think of you as special, more special than anyone I’ve ever met.

Are you really okay with this…? Would you live together with me again?


That’s…my answer is obvious.

I want to be with you. I want to drink the tea you make again. Without that, I can’t get into the mood to work and those matching bowls, if we don’t use them every day, it’ll be a waste right?

So, let’s go back together.

……To our home.


Secret Track


Today’s gotten all the more colder again.

Heh? It’s cold no…?

Oh right, you’re immune to the cold, aren’t you? Ah, isn’t that nice…I feel chilly either way, so I’m not good with winter.

Huh? You’ll warm me?


Hey…what are you trying to do?

Idiot, body heat or whatever else…your body’s always cold. You…you’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you?

Come on, I’ll become needlessly cold so don’t stick to me.

You’re the one who’s freezing!

Jeez, it can’t be helped……


Hah?! I’m cute…?

What exactly are you saying?

That’s not…I’m shy nor dodging it, you’re one misunderstanding it off on your own, that’s all. Even if you call me cute, I’m not happy in the slightest.

You’re slowly making a fool of me, aren’t you?

No, you are…!!!

Get a grip, do you think there’s actually a man who’s delighted to be called cute by a woman again and again!?

It’s too late to gloss over this now! If I were to forgive you right here and now, you’d start saying the same thing and poke fun at me again!!!


There, you understood.

Don’t you ever call me cute ever again. If you do, I’ll make it so you can’t.


It’s somewhat rough, but a man’s true nature…I’ll teach it to you.


You aren’t cold, right? If that’s the case, you wouldn’t mind having it all taken off, right?


Move that hand out of the way, else I won’t be able to touch this place. It’s a hindrance!


Here too.


Your hips are moving…did you want to hurry up and be touched? If so, lift your hips and spread open your legs.

If you’re embarrassed doing that on your own, I’ll lend you a hand.

……It’s so dark, I can’t see clearly.

How about I turn on the lights again?


Eh? Ehhh…even someone like you would panic if that were done.

Somehow, because I felt I was always the one losing their composure…it’s a bit relieving. Though this and that are two different stories.

Err…the light…the light……ah, I know already…so in exchange how about you do it?

It’s genuinely so dark that I can’t see.

The other day, the moon was a tad brighter so I could see, but right now it’s complete darkness so I can’t really tell.


Grasp my hand and you can guide me.

Come on, hurry up…my hand is right here. Heh, something like this is nice once in a while.

Now then, where’s the place you want touched most…?

Ah…is it here? I see. You like this place, don’t you?

Do you prefer to be teased like this or perhaps do you prefer being pressed? How do you want me to move my finger?

Like this…?


You’re lewd, aren’t you? It’s like you’re using my hand and doing it on your own.

Ah hey, don’t let go of my hand yet. Else I won’t touch you.

Come on, where do you want me to insert my fingers? Go ahead, move my hand and tell me where that is…..

Oh, is it here?

Amazing, it’s already overflowing.


I’m going to try inserting my fingers.

Ah, as I thought, only the insides of your place here are hot.

Does it feel good?

You’re letting out quite the voice…it’s cute.


I can’t endure it anymore. I’m putting in.


It feels good…


Hmm? What is it?

Why are you letting out SUCH A SWEET VOICE at a time like this!?

Ah, jeez.

See? I’ll thrust…even deeper, so look, can you tell?

I’m reaching all the way inside……


What is it this time?

I…towards you.


It’s no use, because you said such cute things, I’m about to cum…

I’m cumming!!!


Are you done changing clothes?

Then I’ll turn on the lights.

Since we’d turn on the lights eventually, then we should’ve used it at the start. That way I could see you clearl-oh well, it was good for that.

Hmm? Ah, no…it’s fine now. Anyhow, let’s sleep already.


Annoying, just sleep, don’t mind it.

Well then, I’ll even sing you a lullaby. See? Eh, what was it? Ah!

Hushabye, HusHABye.

Don’t say it’s bad!!! A person is generously going out of their way to lull you to sleep.

This damn fella……

One more try!

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