【Translation】 Yoi no Hate


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CV: Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原徹也)

Track 1: The Trio’s Memories



Pardon my intrusion.

I: That’s dull. I love you, so you should SAY I love you too.

I: HAH?! I ain’t drunk. I did drink though, hehe…

Itsuki? …Itsuki???

I: Hoho!

She’s suffering so let her speak.

I: Argh, you both are cold.


I: Oh! Could you put these inside the fridge? I bought some snacks to be had with alcohol along with the cake you enjoyed.

I: Hah…we still GONNA DRINK!!!

I: Today, since Masamichi got off early from work…we joined up together along the way and so we ended up in a scenario going off to drink at my house after how long it’s been.

I: Our annoying old folks are off on a love-dovey overseas vacation and there are 2 consecutive holidays tomorrow. And so, let’s go and DRINK AS MUCH AS WE WAANT!!!

I: Ah! I’m gonna go take a slight shower, so you go prepare the feast. Thanks.


I apologize for intruding on you so suddenly. Itsuki said he wanted me to see you no matter what today and just wouldn’t listen. In case you’re tired…I could leave pretending that I’ve some urgent business or make up any other logical reason, so don’t hesitate to tell me.


Ah…uh sorry., it’s my cellphone.

Just leave it for later. Anyhow, it’s probably some business that could be dealt with via messages from my mother. I visited my grandmother the other day…so maybe they bought a souvenir for me too.

Yes yes, my German grandmother.

Uh…hhaha, sorry that they’re so persistent. So umm, what should we do?

I see. Thank you. I’m also happy to be drinking together with you.

Now then, please excuse my presence.


Oh, I’ll help with preparations too. Can I wash my hands there? Thanks.

Let me see, the plates you guys normally use are…….

Hmm? Itsuki’s strange? How so?


Aah, that isn’t because the tension’s high. It’s just that things are rough.

Eh uhh…yesterday, you snuck your boyfriend home, didn’t you? And while in an excited mood, Itsuki opened the door to your room right?

Haha, of course I know. Itsuki told me on the taxi ride here after all.

Well, it can’t be helped right? Coming across such scenes of their cute little sister, as expected for the sis-con that is Itsuki, it’s a shock.


After your parents remarried…it’s already been about 15 years? And during that entire period, you never had a boyfriend so he might’ve felt it was too sudden.

But it’s simply that his heart isn’t ready, it’s not that he’s angry, so rest assured.

It’s true. Since I’m saying this having watched the two of you over the past 7 years; it’s a sure thing.

Mhm…there there, have you cheered up?


You’re welcome.

Ah! I’m fine with just a kiss on the cheek.

You used to do it so often in the past though. Or perhaps, do you not want to do it with the current me?

Huh? Thank you, thanks to you I’ve gotten better as well.

Haha, it’s a kiss from me.


I: C’mon Masamichi, don’t poke fun at her so much.

Oh sorry sorry, I was unintentionally remembering the past.

I: Ah..now thennn, what kind of booze shall we drink?

Here, Itsuki’s glass is this right?

I: Thanks. Now then, towards my sister’s first man and woman relationship…CHEERS!!!

Hahahaha…as I thought, you’re still caught about that.

I: That’s not it, I’m not caught up about it. I was thinking of properly celebrating and finally putting an end to my feelings.


Feelings? What type of feelings?

I: Eh, uh, it’s…that, it’s that…….

Aah, ridding yourself of your severe sister complex?

I: DON’T CALL ME A SIS-CON!!! Cherishing one’s little sister, WHAT’S WRONG ABOUT THAT?!!!

It’s a good thing. However, in Itsuki’s case, you love her wherever. She’s already an adult, so could you stop being such a bother?

I: You…such CRUEL WORDS!!! This fella WOULD NEVER SAY SUCH THINGS……right?


I: See? Look, y’see this fella, from the time she was held in my old man’s arms at the age of 5…she was docile, pure, cute. So cute and yettttttーーwhile I was gone, she brought home a man. You understand right?

Mhm, mhm…I understand your sentiments, so here’s a tissue.

I: Thank you. At any rate, let’s take this chance while filling our stomachs, and talk. Ever since that moment, how should I say it?

I: ……There’s been an awkward air around us.


Isn’t that just Itsuki going off one-sidedly?

I: YOU’RE WRONG!!! If it’s about her, I know everything.

Really? Despite not knowing she’s got herself a boyfriend?

I: Eh…

Moreover, it appears they’ve been dating since 3 months prior, no?

I: EH! Uh, that’s, that’s because this fella hid it so cleverly……

She never said it because Itsuki would get angry.

I: If it’s a man that could properly defeat me then I won’t GET ANGRY!!!


Ah…good grief, she has it hard, to think it’d be harder to get your brother’s permission than it is your father’s.

I: Hey, you’re talking like it’s someone else’s problem earlier. This is an issue that affects all 3 of us.

Eh? Why…?

I: Why? We PROMISED 7 years ago, right? That we’d NEVER KEEP A SECRET FROM EACH OTHER!!!

Oooohhhhh, I feel like I’ve promised something like that, but what exactly was it?


I: The Masamichi back then had just returned to the country of Japan and…what was it again? A ret…urn.

A returnee.

I: Yes YES, A RETURNEE!!! And so every day, you were overwhelmed.

I: “The Japanese don’t often display their emotions, so I don’t really know what they’re thinking and I don’t understand their words well either”, and so we decided that just between us, we’d communicate our feelings with the UTMOST EFFORT and NEVER HIDE ANYTHING FROM EACH OTHER!!!

I: …That’s what ended up happening.


Aah, I remember Itsuki being all excited like that.



Hahaha…I’m joking.

During the time when I still didn’t know left from right, I’ve received a lot from you siblings. Had the two of you not been there, I might not be here in Japan right now.

7 years ago, For saving the me who lost on campus, thank you, Itsuki. You’ve shown me the way in life.


I: Yup, yup……MASAMICHI!!!



You haven’t been abandoned by her, right?

I: That’s true but, it’s true……BUT!!!



I: Hmm? You’ve been drinking, but ain’t your face pale?

I think what’s bad is your eyes and your brain.

I: Heh, even my best friend is cold to me. The world is over. Ahh uh…I’m sleepy…….it’s painful, it’s sad so I’m gonna sleep.


I: My bad…what more?

Hello? Hello…Itsuki??? Hey, hey???


Hahhhh….falling right to sleep after making a fuss and crying, it’s almost as if he’s a big baby.

I wish he’d share with me that quality he has with sleep, if that was the case, I won’t need those medications……

Hmm? Ah, lately there has been something on my mind so my sleep’s been shallow. Hence a doctor has prescribed me with sleep medication.

Haha, I’m fine.

Since it’s temporary, I don’t intend to be taking it for long.


Though, if I put an end to those feelings…I’d be able to sleep.

That aside, we should place a blanket onto this big man child should’ve we? If Itsuki catches a cold, it’ll be a problem that gets passed onto you.

Now then, I’ll go grab a blanket so could you stay here and clean for a bit? Because Itsuki’s made a mess, there’s no place to put the cake.

Oh, the blanket’s location hasn’t changed from before right?

Haha, this much is an easy task.


Track 2: When Outside the Righteous Path


Okay, this should be enough. Itsuki, that guy… Since he’s always clinging onto you, it’s troubling, isn’t it?

Oh! Shall help with that as well?


Huh? You…there’s something on your neck.

Oh, this? I wonder if some detergent bubbles flew on there, I’ll wipe it for you so stay still.

Ah, it’s dripping down.

Can I go down a bit lower?

Haha, don’t worry, I won’t pull it lower enough to see your bra.

Eh? You…ah…uh…..sorry…….I never thought that you wouldn’t be wearing a bra.


You forgot?

No matter how much time has passed, you’re still defenseless as always. When I’m the other party, I’m happy to say that…but I’m still a man in the end, so you ought to watch out a bit more.

Once you’ve trusted someone, you’d forgive them unconditionally and I’m worried. Itsuki says that to me all the time.

And because of that nature, are you not being pressed by your current boyfriend?


Of course?! Don’t tell me during a moment of carelessness, you were forced against your will?!!!

Heh, a surprise kiss? Well, well.



And with that, you had fallen in love.

But if so, I wonder why you never fell for me? Even though I’m always whispering into your ears like this and have even kissed you as well.

Eh? It’s along the same lines as what Itsuki does???


I guess so. I know, since to you, I’m merely a kind brother figure.

…..Even until the end, my feelings never reached you.


No, it’s nothing.


Hey, how about the two of us drink the rest of the alcohol together? Itsuki opened the wine without thinking, so it’s a shame to let it go to waste, right?

I’m happy. The banquet will take place……starting now.


Track 3: Fruits of Intoxication


Now then, I guess I’ll drink this.

Ah wait! Itsuki is sleeping on that sofa, so please come next to me.

It’ll be pitiful if you wake Itsuki now, right?

Well, once Itsuki falls asleep drunk, he wouldn’t move an inch so I think it’ll be fine, but just to be sure.


In any case, let me reiterate. To your new love. A toast.

Haha. I wonder if you’re strong against alcohol, the color of your face has barely changed.

Eh? And yet, you’re still pretty drunk? You come across a person who’s like that occasionally I guess.

Me? Hmm…I never get too red, so that’s why during company drink parties I’m able to drink much more than others.

Once you enter society, you better be careful. People like us who don’t show it on their faces, unless we’re obviously unwellーーno one else would notice. You’re the type who’ll be easily taken away by any man you’re accustomed to.


No, no, you mustn’t be negligent.

When drinking out as a group, a clearly black-out drunk girl needs a diligent girl to keep guard so that it’ll be difficult for guys to bring them home. And on that note, a girl like you who doesn’t look drunk is going to be attacked by wolves when an opportunity arises and get eaten.

Hahaha, I’m not drunk. When I was over there, I heard my friends say that “this guy here could drink since he was 16 years old” you see.


Hmm? Oh, it’s a message. Is it fine not to look?

Is it not from him?

As your original fiancee, I feel burnt.

Eh?! Did you seriously forget?


Umm, that was a story from around the time that I first began coming over to this house.

You were sobbing away from a broken heart, screaming “I don’t think I’ll ever obtain mutual love for as long as I live” and so I comforted you by saying that you’re cute, so there’s always next time…because I really did think that.

After which, you said this, “Then if I can’t get a boyfriend before I turned 20, would Mr. Masamichi take me as their bride?” and I promptly replied with Ja.

It means yes.

But it seemed like you misheard it and immediately blurted out that it was a joke and that “I too, am unable to look at someone who’s the same age as my brother as a romantic interest. I understand that I’m the least suited to be with Mr. Masamichi, so please forget it.”


Jeez, it was a horrible event. It felt as though I had been thrust down from heaven straight into hell. After all, an age difference of 5 years really isn’t a point of contention.

I guess it’s inevitable that you don’t remember, since you were deeply hurt, confused plus it was no more than a joke.

Nevertheless, I was happy.


Look…particularly in Japan, there’s plenty of people who run away when you speak anything other than Japanese right? Instead, you confronted me who still couldn’t speak fluent Japanese head on.

When I spoke of being teased for not being able to talk, you cried as though it was yourself.

By just how genuinely kind and honest this girl was, I was impressed.

If such a girl were to become my bride, having fun until the day we die, we’d live happily is what I thought.

……And I still think that even now.


Does it sound like I’m courting you?

Well, I wonder which it is? I’m drunk so I don’t know either.

Joke or truth. Which one do you prefer?


Hey hey, if you drink it down so quickly, you’ll end up in a drunken frenzy.

Haha, is this wine that delicious? I bought it because it’ll be easy for you to drink so I’m glad you took a liking, but it’s better to be cautious. This is sweet like juice, however, it’s alcohol content is high.

If you’re careless, you’ll get drunk right away.

That’s why, whenever this is brought out at a mixer, try not to drink too much of it. Else you’ll be messed around with by bad men.

I guess I should’ve said that before you drank.


Mhm, of course right now it’s fine, after all the other party is me. There’s no way I’d do evil.

Come on, I’ll refill it so bring out your glass.

Okay, here you go.


That’s some nice drinking, you’re much stronger than Itsuki when it comes to alcohol.

Itsuki? Itsuki, like what I just said, once he has drunk this much, he pukes or sleeps, either one of the two.

You, on the other hand, get a sense of euphoria.


Haha, you’re already slurring your speech…it’s cute.

Ah I suppose so, I’m enjoying it too. Even though I’m approaching your body like this, for you to not runーーit’s as though we’ve returned to the past.

Whoa! That was dangerous. Were you trying to head-butt a table?

If you’re going to throw up, I’ll bring you over to the toilet…so what are we going to do? Though, you’re really not in a situation where you can reply.


Sorry, as expected you drank too much, didn’t you?

Hmm…since no signs of acute alcohol poisoning have appeared, so until she sobers up from her drunkenness, I guess it’s fine to leave her as is.

Well then, I should go bring in another blanket.


Hmm? What’s wrong? Like I thought, you want to throw up…?

Don’t go?

I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here, so it’s alright.


Eh…? Takuya?

Ah, what’s this? Are you mistaking me for him?

Having the wrong idea, you’re letting out such a sweet voice. You truly do some rather cruel things to me.

…..In this type of situation, you’re calling me by another man’s name huh.


In the final moments, as I held you inside my arms, I intended to give up.

A bit of a light kiss, is fine, right?


Is it ticklish? I wonder if your ears are weak.

Then next, I’ll kiss a place that isn’t ticklish.


I’ve finally kissed your lips…I’m happy.

Hey, I wonder if you’ve already had a mature kiss with that boyfriend? You’ve been going out for half a year, so it’s only natural, right?

Ah, it’s frustrating, even though these lips should’ve become mine.


Hmm? That’s right, I’m Takuya so let’s have plenty more kisses.


If this is the last, I wish to touch you more.

It’s okay to touch your chest if I do it on top of your clothing, right? It’ll only be for a bit.

You haven’t worn your bra right? Even if you say you’re wearing thick clothing, in this state, I can clearly see the position of your nipples.


Look…they’re already gotten hard and you can sense it through your clothes.

You’re sensitive, aren’t you?

Almost as if they’re telling me to suck them…..if you tempt me like this…it’ll be impossible for me not to suck.


They swelled enough to point I can tell past your clothes.

Jeez, to drink alcohol together with a man while wearing no bra..you shouldn’t complain if you get fooled around with, right?

Because you’re seducing me like this, I’m no longer able to stand it.

Take responsibility and show me these cute nipples.


Aah…just like I imagined, they’re really pretty. I don’t want to think about the fact that I won’t be able to see them beyond today.


Oh, that’s right! How about we take a picture?

With this, I can remember the events of today anytime.

I’ll make this the treasure of a lifetime, okay?


Ah…it’s no use, as expected, I can’t stand to just look.

I’ll clean you up after, so please allow me to lick them directly for just a bit.


Amazing, I’m actually licking your nipples.

Despite never touching them in the past 7 years…right now they’re that wet from my saliva.


Hey…if it’s only for a bit, can I lick the spot below?

I want to remember your taste.

It’s alright, I won’t be removing your underwear. I’ll only be licking and sucking above your underwear, so……


Sorry, I made your underwear all sticky with my saliva. Or perhaps is this mixed with your love juices I wonder?

It’s already so slippery that my finger might slip inside.


Your clitoris has plumped up and stiffened to the point I’m able to notice.

For your body to tremble this much, it’s cute.

At this rate, I’ll be difficult on you too…so let me lick you directly and allow you to cum.


I wonder if you’re about to cum?

Go ahead and cum.


Hmm? You’re scared?

Haha, what are you saying? Come on, it’s not scary so cum.


You’re shaking, did it feel good?

…I’m glad.

I too was so excited from licking you that I’ve ended up getting hard. I won’t insert it, so could you make me feel good as well?


Listen, I’ll be brushing up against that little entrance from earlier like this, that’s all.


Amazing, it’s all wet. It feels good.

But if you’re this wet, it might just enter by mistake, wouldn’t it?

Ah, you shouldn’t…for your entrance to be twitching this way, if you slurp me that much, I’ll want to go ahead and insert won’t I?

You’re such a bad girl, even though you were so innocent 7 years ago……

Since when did your body become this lewd?


When I think of the fact that a man other than me has developed your body…

Ah, I’m losing my mind. I want to overwrite it. Filling your insides with me, I want to make your body one that couldn’t be satisfied by your boyfriend.


Hmm? Oh, sorry, sorry, right now I’m Takuya, aren’t I?

Yes yes, it’s Takuya.

Right now, you’re doing pleasure things with Takuya.


Hey…if it’s Takuya, would you let them enter inside here?


Why are you wavering? Don’t you love me…?

Then it’s fine, right? I love you too, so I wish to become one with you.

Thank you, I’m happy that you’ve accepted me.


My 7 years long dream has finally been fulfilled.

It’s so great that I wouldn’t mind dying.


I love you so please say “I love you” too.


Takuya’s name is unnecessary, but whatever.


It’s really tight, it seems like your boyfriend was pretty tiny.

Sorry, I made a mistake again. Yes that’s right, right now you’re having sex with Takuya. Are you happy?

I’m happy too.

Your insides feel so much better than what I had imagined that I’m already to cum.


Hey, you cum too. I’ll rub plenty lots both inside and outside.


Are you about to cum? Even though Itsuki is sleeping so close by, you’re going to cum from being ravaged?

Itsuki is pitiful too, even though he’s loved you since 15 years ago, he can’t retaliate at all.


Cumming, I’m cumming!!!


I love you. Hey…can you say that you love me too just one more time?

Ah! This is bad, I came inside.

With this, I must clean the insides too. For the time being, I guess I’ll go bring a wet towel.


Hmm…? What’s with this blood? I never intended to be that rough though?

Could it be that you were a virgin?!! That’s a lie, is there such a thing as a man who won’t have sex with a full-grown woman after dating them for over 3 months???


As expected, I can’t cheat this. Hmm… Oh well, it’s fine. If it’ll be discovered either way, I’ll do it some more.

……So that the next time you open your eyes, they’ll only reflect me.


Ich sehe nur dich.


Track 4: A Nightmare’s Memento


You’re awake? You’re thirsty right…? Here you go, it’s the sweet liqueur that you loved.

You won’t drink?

Then it can’t be helped, I’ll let you drink it mouth-to-mouth.

Is it tasty? How about you drink some more?


This place? This place is your room.

Right now, it’s a place where we’re capturing an important memory for both you and me. Look, there’s a camera over there, right?

I put it on video mode so that everything could be recorded.


When I say everything, I mean everything. The place where you and I are connected, all of it.

Oh that’s right, since you’ve gone through the great effort of waking up. How about you turn towards the camera and spread your legs?

You’re a good girl so don’t be all no, no.

I’ll support you from behind like this, that way it isn’t scary, right?


Go on and look at the screen.

Inside your cramped place…I’ve entered all the way. Despite being a virgin just a few moments ago, you’ve grown to swallow it up quite well.

It’s excellent.


You like being rubbed here right?

While you were asleep, I tried various things, but this place gave the best reaction.

When I tease it both your nipples and clitoris together, your insides clench down ever more.

It’s the best. It’s so good that I came inside twice while you were sleeping.


Are you still thinking that it’s Takuya? You must’ve really wanted to have sex with Takuya eh.

Yes, yes it’s your beloved Takuya.

You’re cute, aren’t you? For your insides to be twitching like this, did you want the semen of the man you love that much?

I see, if you want it then…turn towards the camera and make a peace sign.


Mhm, it’s that type of vibe. If you smile, it’ll be even better.

That’s wonderful.

Now then, next up say “I love you.”

Hmm…that’s not it, you can’t use names. The only thing you have to say is “I love you.” Come on, one more time.


It’s a nice feeling, say it some more.

……I love you too.


This will be the evidence of the rape-oops I meantーーI’ve gotten you a lovely present.

I’ll edit it later and hand it to you as well.


At the end say “Please cum inside.” Once you do, while messing up this favorite spot of yours, I’ll cum deep inside.

No? Why…? You were saying that you wanted it earlier were you not?

Huh? Have you perhaps sobered up? I wonder if you realized yourself, who you’re being fucked by.


You’re stronger than Itsuki when it comes to alcohol and you also sober up quite fast. It would’ve better if I had you drink more.

It’s unfortunate, but your hymen…has been torn by me.

Look, you can feel it right? The tip has already reached all the way into your depths.


Ssshhhhhh…if you cause such a racket, Itsuki will-though he may not wake up, we might still get ousted right?

That’s why for the time being, stay quiet, okay?

If you’re noisy, I’ll cum inside.


Aah, I haven’t cum yet. I’ve yet to cum a single time. If I already came, there’s no way I’d be this hard right?


Don’t cry like that.

I got it! Is it because of the position? Have you gotten tired…?

Sorry, let’s do it missionary.


I’m happy, you’re finally looking at me.

That’s right, I’m Masamichi. I’m the Masamichi who has always been by your side.

Hey, I wonder how does it feel to be fucked by a person you had regarded as an older brother?

ーーTo me, it’s the greatest feeling.


Although, I was never a possible romantic interest. Like this, for the first time, to you, I’ve become a man.


It feels good. If it’s your insides then I feel like I’ll be able to cum inside countless times.


I’ll give a reward to you who’s endured it up until this point.

Yes, a reward.

……I’ll cum plenty lots inside you.


It’s a feeling of letting out 7 years worth, with this you’re already my lover.


Haha! Did you think you could refuse?

If you plan to say no, no matter what then I’ll beautifully edit the video I just took and sent it over to your boyfriend. Ahaha, or rather your now ex-boyfriend, Takuya.

Saying that you love me while being thrusted violently, it’s a wonderful video.

I’m sure Mr. Virgin here would shed tears in joy.


Whoa there, it’s not like you’ve completely sobered up, so…it’s dangerous if you suddenly try to run.

Even in such circumstances, did you think that you could grab a hold of the camera faster than I did?

To not give up even in the end is one of your good traits, right?

I admire it.

Now then, continue sitting on the bed and I’ll bring you some water after.


This video, after I finish editing, I’ll burn it onto a DVD and deliver it to you.

Take it as today’s memento.

Oh, that’s right. Before the video, I’ll give you one more present. It’s the spare key to my apartment.

If it’s you, I’ll welcome you anytime. At any rate, you’re my future bride, after all.


Haha…it’s not like me?

What do you even know about me? What you know is, merely the face I’ve shown you regularly over the last 7 years.

The true me is as you’ve seen. Cowardly, selfish, a man who’s loyal only to his desires.

Just that the atmosphere with you two siblings was far too calm, warm and new to me, that I began to think that times like these are great too.

As to not destroy those times, I put on the mask of a kind brother.

That’s why the reasons that you speak of don’t exist. I simply wanted to obtain the you that I loved, that’s all.


Hahahaha! Once you’ve trusted someone, you truly are unconditional.

Didn’t I just tell you that there’s no other reason?

Even if there was a reason, the truth the person’s hiding is surprisingly stupid.

When viewing objectively, it’s insignificantーーjust the troubles of a single individual.

Besides, regardless of the truth, the fact I’m the worst kind of human being doesn’t change.


Well then, once I finish editing the video…I’ll contact you again.


Track 5: Evening’s End


“Even if there was a reason, the truth the person’s hiding is surprisingly stupid.”

“When viewing objectively, it’s insignificantーーjust the troubles of a single individual.”

“Besides, regardless of the truth, the fact I’m the worst kind of human being doesn’t change.”


I: Hey, hey about the two of you.

I: What’s this? Did you doze off? If you sleep without any cover, you’ll catch a cold y’know?

I: Umm…did something happen between you two yesterday night?

I: Why? You’re all dazed and Masamichi is acting somewhat strange. Did you two fight?

I: Huh? Masamichi? The truth is, today I had planned to go out with Masamichi, but the guy never came to our place of meeting. After hanging out with him for 7 years, this is the first time he’s broken a promise…so I’m worried that he might’ve been involved in some accident.


I: Moreover, he’s been making an odd expression lately. I can’t describe it well, I don’t know if he’s being tormented by thoughts or that he’s restless…

I: Huh? Even if you ask me “Since when?”, we’re in the same company so I’m always seeing him.

I: Ah that’s right! It was that phone call…!!!

I: It was about a month ago. When we were out drinking together, Masamichi received a call from a man that was his uncle. After he left his seat for a short while and came back but somehow, he turned really pale. You could say that the color completely drained from his face.

I: Anyhow, I thought that they might’ve been told something unpleasant.


I: Since then, I sensed that Masamichi’s state became strange.

I: I felt that something was off, but even if I asked him what’s wrong…he’d simply reply with “It’s nothing” and go off laughing.

I: But when he had answeredーーhe crossed his arms.


I: What’s that? You never noticed?

I: It’s Masamichi’s habit. Whenever he’s lying, he’d cross his arms as though to protect himself.

I: With there being such a thing, this time I planned to ask him casually during the drinking party at our house. The result was that……..

I: My bad, I’ve caused you trouble as well.


I: Say, you’re concerned as well, right? As I thought, you think that’ll be better to search, right?

I: Masamichi’s apartment? He’s probably not in his room, I’ve gone over to his apartment and rang his doorbell numerous times, after all.

I: What’s wrong? If there’s something troubling the two of you, then consult me-HEY!!! WHERE ARE YOU PLANNING TO GO IN THIS KIND OF RAIN!??


Hmm…ah huh? I wonder why you’re here right now?

Hahaha! I get it, I suppose I’m dreaming again. And for you to come inside with the spare key… It’s a happy dream.

It’s not too bad to be drinking alcohol every so often.

Yes, of course I’m drunk. I drank all the alcohol I had inside this house.

Intoxicated and dying in a state of euphoria would be wonderful, is what I thought.


Haha! That angry face is just like the real thing.

Speaking of which, could it be that you aren’t an illusion……you’re real? If that’s the case, you quite the idiot, aren’t you?

Inside the house of the man who’s threatened you, for what reason did you enter?

Aah…if you came to recover the video, too bad for you, I’ve hidden it somewhere you can’t find.


Hmm? That’s not it? Then why did you come?

Err…my mind might not be functioning properly, so is it fine if I confirm it?

In other words,  I wasn’t acting like myself the day before yesterday, so you were worried and came to visit.

Is that what this is?


Jeez, to what extent do you trust me?

The kind brother Masamichi, never truly existed. I’ve always looked at you with the eyes of a man.

Nevertheless, you were worried eh.

Even on a global scale, worrying about the welfare of their rapist and to come over to their house is something that only you would do.


I suppose so, once you’ve entered a person into your folds, to treasure them to the point that you no longer think with common sense, I pity you.

You were like that since before, right?

And that’s why I fell in love with you. I was drawn in by the strength of that love.


There’s no need to get it, it’ll be from the hospital anyways.

Haha. Lately, I’ve been receiving quite a lot of calls, right? Those are actually all from the hospital. My uncle’s the director, so it’s annoying to have them tell me to get hospitalized.

Yup, you see I have a disease that I’ll die of after a year. When the results of the recent checkup came out, I already knew I had no options.

I’m serious.

If you’re so inclined, I don’t mind showing you the test results.


Why wouldn’t I get hospitalized?

It’s because before I died……I wanted to marry you.

As a result of you getting a boyfriend, my decisions were a bit crazy…but well, my goal has been achieved so I’m, by and large, satisfied.

Thanks to that, I’ve obtained a wonderful future.


No no, it’s wonderful.

You, coming to meet me along with your boyfriend while I’m connected to a mountain of tubes and unable to move; that worst ending has now been avoided.

For that to be my final memories…even if I die, I still won’t be able to pass on right?



Oh no, were you thinking it was true? That’s obviously a lie, right?

You truly are easy to fool.


Hmm? Since I’m crossing my arms? What exactly are you referring to?

I won’t be deceived by you putting on a worried expression with that meek face. In any case, your plan is to feign pity and escape, right?

But it’s all useless.

You’ll be married to me after this and live a happy married life. I even bought the white house you liked in the past.

Of course, I paid it all in cash. No loans.


Eh? You told me 7 years ago right?

That, in the future you’d like to live in a large white detached home, surrounded by dogs and children.

And that’s why I did my hardest to save as well as earning money through stocks.

Anyhow, I’ve arranged a circumstance where you wouldn’t experience any hardship. I’ve also purchased expensive life insurance, so when I die you’ll obtain even more money.

Listen, the act of marrying me is filled with so many benefits!!!


That’s right, let’s go to the pet shop during our next break. We ought to buy you a dog you like.

Aah…I’m so looking forward to it.

My future is overflowing with hope!!! As long as you’re here, it’ll become THE BEST LIFE!!!!!

There’s nothing scaryーーanymore.


I’ve drank too much today and can’t get that up so with my tongue and these fingers, I’ll violate you.

Hmm? This day too?

I’ve thought of various items to use but this is just right to restrain you with. This time I’ll use it for the sake of binding you.

I won’t let you escape.

There’s no such thing as a spider who’d purposefully release a butterfly who’s caught in their webs, right?


If you don’t want it to hurt then quiet down.

Okay, it’s complete!


Look, it’s pointless anyways so stop resisting and relax your legs. If you don’t, I’ll send that video over to that ex-boyfriend.

I’m happy that you’ve finally understood it seems. Right now, you have no other choice but to be tainted by me.


If I slowly lick the folds like this, it feels good too, right? Once you get used to the pleasure, you’ll be able to cum with just this.

With that, it’ll feel even better when it enters after.

Your clitoris is already swollen, did you get aroused when I licked its surroundings?


Hmm? What are you saying?

I’m explaining this intentionally because when I put it into words, you’d writhe away in embarrassment.

Besides, with words, I’ll be able to remember that this isn’t a dream of mine.


The place around that entrance is still a bit red, isn’t it?

I intended to have done it in a way that wouldn’t hurt you, but I guess it was one too many times.

When I put my tongue inside like this, does it hurt? Then how about when I insert my fingers like this?

If you said that it hurts, we might have done it without having my fingers inside. You’re answering me so honestly, aren’t you?

Ah, you’re making the face like you’ve just realized.


That honest part of you is cute and I love it.

Well then, today I’ll caress those pleasurable spots inside you with my fingers.

While licking you, if I stimulate the inside together like this, it feels good, right? The other day you came almost immediately this way.

Hmm? You don’t remember?

Sorry, speaking of which, it was during the time you were black-out drunk. Then remember that you’ll cum when this is done to you this time.



If I could get that up, I would’ve inserted it at once. What a shame that is.

For you as well, if I don’t enter inside, this place aches right? The pleasure of having this place spread, your body already remembers it right?

That’s a bunch of lies. The moment you imagined it, your inside had tightened.


Sorry, I’ll increase the number of fingers inside you. So tonight, with my tongue and these fingers……cum.


Don’t hold back, it’s okay.

Hey….the cute appearance of yours when you cum, show it to me.


Tonight as well, you’ve been made to cum by me.

Don’t look…? Because it’ll be humiliating?

Haha, you’re an idiot, it’s not ugly in the slightest. There’s the response when you cum, but your face after you cum also appears drowned in pleasure, it’s cute.

I’m telling the truth, it was very wonderful.

……To me, you’re more beautiful than anyone in this world.


Ah, I’ll unravel it, so relax.

Haha. Even if you cry, I won’t let you go.

That’s not it…? Then what are you sad about?

Oh that lie earlier, you’re still believing it, eh. You’re a fool, aren’t you? Even though I’m this lively right now, there’s no way I’d die, right?


You see, I’ve had a dream since 7 years ago that when I retire at 60, I’d travel around the world with you.

In the world, there’s plenty of magical places that you’ve never known about.

Oh, but, to start off, let’s visit my birthplace. The Wadden Sea is said to have the largest mudflats in the world and it’s also a world heritage site.

It’s an extremely beautiful place.


In the past, I went there with my family. It’s a place full of memories.

Appearing as though there’s a wide sky below, it feels like you’ve traveled to a mysterious world far separated from the reality.

Everyone tells me that sunset is a great time but I prefer noon. Surrounded by the clear blue sky, I get the sense that I could be happy forever like this.

Besides, for whatever reason…I dislike evenings.

Feeling as though everything would end, it’s painful.


At any rate, let’s fly to all sorts of places.

Surely you’d fly into a rage having your life wrecked by me, but ultimately, you couldn’t abandon me.

When I sulk as a troubled old man, you’d come to me.

By that time, there might be grandchildren too.

I wonder what kind of eyes you’d look at me then, it’s fine to resent me but I just want you to laugh once in a while.

I, the truth is……I like your smile the best.

You may not believe me, but it’s true. I wanted to make you happier than anyone.


I love you.


I: Masamichi, please MAKE THIS GIRL HAPPY!!!

It’s not like we’re parting from this life, even if you don’t cry to that extent……



I: Right after finding out about that former boyfriend, it turns out that you two are dating. AND MOREOVER, she’s pregnant now. DID YOU THINK I’D BELIEVE IT!? IT HASN’T EVEN BEEN 3 MONTHS!!!!

Be that as it may, this is reality so accept it.

I: I’m cheering for you, but you couldn’t even wait for a little longer? It would’ve been better if it was after she graduated.

I’m very sorry about that, but she was so cute that I couldn’t wait.

I: Good grief, it can’t be helped. I’ve thought about plenty of things, but the other person is you so I’ll give up. It feels lonely just saying it, though.


I: If you make this girl unhappy, I never forgive you.

Aah, I know.

I: And you as well, don’t make Masamichi unhappy either. And so, may the two of you be happy.

I’m happy, as long as I have her near me.


Uh, heh, hehe…Itsuki’s emotion expression is great like always.


Ahaha, you’re really communicating it…….


I: Huh? Have you gotten thinner again? Are you eating properly at home?

Oh, it’s already time so we got to leave soon. I’ll see you tomorrowーーat the company.

I: Uh…see you again tomorrow too.


You’re remarkable, aren’t you? You didn’t cry even until the very end.

The truth is, you wanted to say that we married after you were deceived by me right?

My pitiful princess, you’re a prisoner for as long as I live. Now then, how about we travel to our love nest?


Hmm? Something you wish to ask…?

What is it? If it’s your inquiry, I’ll answer anything.

About that night? Which night are you referring to? Oh, are you referring to the night where you came over to my apartment and I was drunk?

Since I was drunk, I forgot exactly what I said that day.

Right now, my head is filled with nothing but thoughts of our happily married life.

Yes, it’s true.


……Im Wein liegt die Wahrheit.

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  1. Kborenai

    I roflcoptered the first time I listened to this CD. The bomb drop with the fatal disease came out of freaking nowhere lmfao! IMO, the story was plenty fine without it, and they should’ve focused on the dynamic between the three characters instead. Aside from the yandere I thoroughly liked that MC got pregnant (unfortunate for her), it makes a more realistic feel haha.

    Thank you for this translation!


    1. Criy

      You’re welcome c:
      There were little subtle hints to it since the beginning and while he is actually dying, even he finds it stupid lol. The general feel of the CD seems to be going for–whatever the reason, idc if I’ve only got months to live; it doesn’t change nor justify my actions and it should not matter to you either.
      I do agree Itsuki should’ve had a bit more focus, bcuz he’s mostly there as a bit of a foil honestly hehe…
      Regardless, at the end of day, MC’s the one suffering thorough it all. But I guess she’ll still have Itsuki (who does genuinely love and care for her happiness) around to support her for when Masamichi kicks the bucket.


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