【Translation】 Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru ~HARUTO~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

その愛は病にいたる ~HARUTO~

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも), Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Honeymoon


S: Don’t sweat it, the two of us are accomplices, right?

S: More importantly, how many more days do you plan to observe her?

S: Hmm…..7…6…5…4……



Ah, you’re awake! That’s right, while I was in the middle of cooking breakfast, you fell asleep on the sofa.

It’s fine, you can continue sitting as is. I’m already done preparing breakfast.


Hmm? Have I not told you that you’re prohibited from apologizing? Devoting myself to you is my happiness, that’s why I always tell you to not worry about it, no?

Or rather I want you to rely more on me, but you’re still stubborn even after a year of marriage……it’s tough on me.

Yes, it’s tough, to not give what I consider a reward, you’re a harsh wife.

And so isn’t it about time, you gave me today’s reward?


Now then, what kind of reward would you give me today I wonder? Since I’ve already made breakfast, shall I plant some flowers you like in our garden? Or perhaps the French cuisine that you said you wanted to eat……

Oh. Oh, hehe, sorry.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had 3 consecutive off-days, so it seems that I’m a bit in over my head.

To serve you for 3 straight days is rousin-that isn’t it, it’s exciting.


Utilize my time on my hobbies, but that’s exactly what I’m using it for right now, aren’t I?

Yup, my hobby is to pamper you, though it feels like I’ve already said that earlier.

You don’t understand? Which part?

Jeez, you’re saying that again. If you don’t understand no matter how many times you hear it, then I’ll keep saying it until the day you die.

……To me, you’re a special person who’s more precious than everyone else.


You’re the cutest in the world or rather the only thing that’s cute in my eyes is you. Doesn’t matter if we’re childhood friends, a cute person will always be cute.

Haha…if this level is enough to sweeten your coffee then tonight’s risotto would turn into sugar.

Yes, it’s that one dish you favorited.


If you say that you enjoyed it to that extent, I’d make it for every meal…but you’ll get
tired of it if that’s all you eat. So in the meantime, let’s just eat this for the morning.

Would you like some coffee?

Ah because you’ve gotten pretty acute from my loving words so you didn’t need any?

Hehe, sorry. Here you go.


Do you feel awake now?

I’m glad. Well then, since you’ve cleared your head, let’s decide the course for today’s date.

Nope, we haven’t decided yet.

While discussing where we’d go, you had fallen asleep in the middle of it.

Like I said, there’s no need for you to apologize. Besides, the reason you fell asleep is partially my fault.


Look, last night I wound up being a bit too persistent……

Heh, that’s cute of you, even after dating together for 4 years, you’d still be shy over such things and so, I unintentionally poke fun at it.


Do you hate it when I tease you?


Well, that’s a relief. Now then, how about I tease you even more tonight?

Haha, everything becomes a challenge.


Me? It’s not embarrassing at all, if it’s you, I’ll willing to show anything.

Hmm? Is something wrong? If there’s anything that’s stuck on your mind could you please tell me?

By keeping it a secret, it’ll be lonely.

I see. That’s fine but ah, are you okay?!


You’re feeling a bit nauseous today, right?

Hey…like I thought, you’re pregnant, aren’t you? How were your results for the medical check-up?

Oh, it was negative eh. That’s strange, in spite of me counting it perfectly……

Ah no, ever since the day you’ve started taking stomach medication, I just thought it was about time for it to get better already.

Even if you tell me not to worry, there’s no I can, right?


Oh was it perhaps a nuisance for me to call during job breaks?

If it’s not a nuisance then don’t worry, my cute wife takes top priority over my accomplishments at work.

Hmm? Trophy? Aah, the one given to me by the company the other day?

It’s nothing major…even if the numbers of trophies multiply, I’m still not perfect yet. I don’t want to be satisfied with the current situation, after all as your husband I must aim for greater height, no?


Hehe, you’re always so sweet to me, aren’t you?

Even though I wish you’d ask me to work more. Oh, it’s fine for you to leave the tableware as is, I’ll be the one to carry them. Save that strength for tonight.

Oh. Mhm, then I’ll entrust the newspaper to you.


Welcome back.

So what’s today’s headlines… Ah, are you okay!?

You can’t stand up again just yet, your face is completely pale. Does it hurt anywhere? Or rather do you feel ill?

Why are you trying to stay strong?! If you don’t properly say it thenーー


This is…could it be that you read this article in the newspaper?

Is that so? Sorry, to have let you read such an article was careless of me.

Ah, it’s true that it resembles that incident, however, it’s merely a copycat criminal. The culprit who kidnapped you in the past and him are two different people.

I can tell. That culprit wouldn’t leave behind a whole trail of evidence like this. Besides, if on the off-chance they come to abduct you once moreーthis time, I’ll be there to protect you.


Yes, I’m serious. I’ll promise you that and so please forget about this case.


Oh, you don’t have to get it, it’s surely a salesman or something.

Ah, wait!!! You shouldn’t suddenly start running.


Investigator: I’m sorry for disturbing you so early in the morning, but there are a couple things I’d like to inquire your wife about.


I’ll get it.

Right now, my wife is feeling unwell.

Investigator: Your intercom is equipped with a camera, right?

Investigator: This is what I am.

Police identification card, why’s the police here?

Investigator: It would be troublesome if I were to discuss it here, if possible, I’d like to have the talks inside.

……I understand, please wait for a moment.


You stay here and wait.


Come inside.

Investigator: Excuse me for the intrusion.

Investigator: Good morning madam. I apologize for disturbing your rest.

Please have a seat over there.

Investigator: The truth is the reason I’ve called upon you today…..

We’ve read the newspapers, it’s regarding that kidnapping case, right?

Investigator: Yes, we’ve found the child, however, the culprit still is not yet in custody. And in order to prevent repeat offenses, we’d like to arrest the criminal as soon as possible but……with so few clues, it’s a shame for me to say that the investigation is currently running into struggles.


I believed that I’ve met you somewhere before. You were the police investigator that came during that prior incident, are you not?

Investigator: Indeed, it seems that you’ve remembered it well. The one in charge during that period was in fact me.

……And so you came to meet my wife.

Investigator: If Sir here is aware as well then the talk will be swift. The M.O. of this crime is strikingly similar to the one from that time and I thought I’d question your wife regarding this.


Everything that could be said has been said, you’re cognizant of that as well no?

Investigator: Yes, however, there are potential details that could’ve remembered if given time.

There isn’t! If that’s what you wish to discuss then please return from where you came.

Investigator: Sir, I understand your emotions…

No, you don’t understand!? You have no idea how much my wife’s suffered over this…?!! That’s why you’ve come over to her now and scraped open her old wounds.


Hmm? What…?

You can’t, if you force yourself your condition might just worsen again.

…I understand, if that’s what you say.

Investigator: Thank you and without delay…have you remembered anything from that period?


Investigator: Yes that’s correct. That time you had been immediately blindfolded and never had the chance to see the culprit himself. Well then, how about sound? I don’t mind notable scents either. Those are the types of things that are recollected over time.

Investigator: Oh? A dream from the time you were confined? How long ago was that?

Investigator: Indeed, prior to that one month. There must’ve been some trigger.

Eh?! Is that so, why didn’t you tell me? I’d be more concerned if you were to hide it.

Investigator: Well well…sir, there are things that can’t be said precisely because they love you.


Investigator: So what specifically?

Investigator: You could hear the exact same words? It doesn’t matter what it is, please allow me to hear it.

Investigator: Huh…an accomplice, to think the culprit would be a pair of two.

Investigator: I know these are painful memories, but please allow me to ask a little bit further. How old would you place that man’s voice?

Investigator: ーーTeens. Then that means it was a juvenile crime.


Investigator: The person who confined you is not that owner of that voice…..why do you think that?

Investigator: I see, in other words, when you were kidnapped there were two individuals, but after the exchange, only the primary culprit l remained by your side. So, have you heard the voice of the man who’s the main person in question?

Investigator: Madam are you okay?!

Let’s stop, it wouldn’t be good for you to go any further. Even though you’ve finally forgotten……there’s no need for you to remember it over some unrelated incident!!!

Investigator: How could you say it’s unrelated?

Those are the facts, it has nothing to do with us.

Investigator: But sir.

Please just leave already…!!! You couldn’t save her 10 years ago and now you intend to plague her further on top of that?!!


I’m not okay, I can’t stand to see you suffer.

Investigator: Hah, I understand. It was rude of me today. I thank you for your cooperation.

We both hope that one day you’d apprehend the one who’s responsible.


Can I sit next to you? Or perhaps it would be better for you to be without the presence of men?

I get it.


I’m happy that you relied on me……I had wanted to embrace you as well. But aren’t you pushing yourself? The truth is, you’re against being touched by me, right?

If you say such cute things, I’ll get caught up in the moment.

Wait…don’t overdo it, there’s plenty of time. Let’s just continue on slowly, that way I’ll be able to fully overwrite it once more with the memory of a kiss.

What’s wrong? Was it no good….?

More? By how much?

Since I do it with you every day, I won’t know if you just say the usual. Can you tell it to me more concretely?

This much?


There’s no way I’d be teasing you at a time like this right? I’m genuinely worried about whether or not you’d be startled and that’s why I want you to tell me.

How exactly do you wish to be kissed?

Okay, perhaps like this?


Is it still not enough? Then I’ll do it for a bit longer, okay?


I wonder if I managed to overwrite it?

A kiss with me, does it not feel unpleasant?

That’s fine, but could you wait a moment? If we go beyond this then I won’t be able to hold-


You’re a cruel wife, aren’t you? Even as I attempt to endure it, you’d destroy my reason in this manner.


Can I overwrite a place other than your lips?

……Once again, you’ve stirred me up just like this. Well then, sit between my legs…if it’s from the back it won’t be scary, right?

Mmm. Here, do you not hate it?

How about here?


The nape of your neck is weak too, eh.

Nope, it isn’t strange at all, it’s extremely cute.

Ah, to be so fidgety, I wonder what’s wrong? Is there some other place that you want to be touched?

I won’t know if you don’t tell me.

Hmm…if you’re embarrassed then try pointing it out with your fingers.


Oh, your thighs? Eh…? A little bit higher?

…Is it here I wonder?


We can’t, if we continue any further than this and I’ll end up touching that precious place.

To be touched there right now… It’s scary, right? And so today we’ll end it here.

Like I said I’m not being a tease, I’m concerned about you.

Eh, uh, sorry, I wound up touching it by mistake, but rest assured I won’t touch it again.


Is this okay? If you twist your body like that, my fingers are going to enter inside your panties you know?

I understand, if you’re going as far as to say then allow me to touch it for just a bit.

Huh? Is this my imagination? It’s already damp.

Hehe, that’s right…I think it’s just my imagination though. The regular you would’ve become much more wet right?


Are you okay? If I rub you here, is it not unpleasant?

……That’s a relief. Well then, let’s proceed to a place where you feel good, okay?

You can’t move around like that, look, my fingers about to enter inside. You don’t have to force myself, today I’ll only be caressing this little entrance.


If you look at me with such teary eyes, I’ll misunderstand, you know? It’s almost as if you’re telling me you want it inside.

Hmm? It’s not a misunderstanding?

Hmm…I’m troubled, I don’t wish to frighten you though.

Ah, in that case, bear with just the opening, okay? Could you place your hands on the table and lift up your butt?


What exactly? ……This is what I meant.

Even if I’m only rubbing against it like this, it feels good, doesn’t it?


It’s gotten extremely slippery.

Hey, if you get too wet, I’ll accidentally enter inside, you know? And that’s why I said it’s okay not to push yourself. You see, I’d like to be able to treasure you.


I seriously can’t stop, just by hearing that voice, I’m about to cum.


Are you about to cum too? This place’s been twitching since earlier.

Don’t hold back. Come on, I’ll tease these nipples you enjoy as well.

To be shaking your hips that much, it’s cute. You’re truly skilled at fanning my flames, aren’t you?


It feels good. Damn, I’m cumming.

Let’s climax together.


Sorry, because you were too cute I wasn’t able to listen to restraint. I wonder if I’ve scared you?

Really? If so then I’m relieved.


Ah, darn, breakfast’s gotten cold, hasn’t it? I’ll remake right now so you should sit down.

Huh? You don’t want to sit? Why?

…As I thought, you didn’t want to be touched by me.

Oh! I see.


Since this place’s become a mess and so you can’t sit? If that’s the case, I’ll wash it for you.

Eh? It’s uncomfortable for you to walk around while it’s still wet right? And so I thought I’d hold you up in arms and carry you.

Haha. Don’t hold back, let’s wash it slowly and carefully.


You’re cute when you’re shy too.

Hey, hey, where you going? I’ve told you before that you’re not allowed to enter the room behind that blue door, have I not?

Yes, it contains confidential work documents, after all.

Hmm, it’s properly cleaned already so don’t worry about it.

More importantly, there’s a chink in your armor…

I won’t let you run away this time.


Hehe. Ehhhh? I can’t hear it~

That reminds me, for today’s date…how’s cinema? The one that you said you wanted to watch earlier, it screens starting today, right?

But well, if you’re against crowds an aquarium could work as well or perhaps we could go to the cafe that’s been a hot topic recently?


Mhm, I’ve heard what’s recommended from Sadatsugu the other day. Apparently, all of the cakes there are exquisite.


Track 2: The Consultation that Should’ve Never Been Heard


That was enjoyable, wasn’t it? If it were that movie, I wouldn’t mind watching a second time.

Mmm…your crying appearance next to me is wonderfully tempting after all.

Ah! Haha. Sorry, it’s a joke. Not.

Your crying face was so cute that I wanted to play some mischief during the screening.


Looks like a nuisance has appeared today. How about we disconnect the doorbell?

S: It’s me.

Oh, what? It’s just Sadatsugu. I guess there’s no need to get it then. Hmm? That’s right, we’ve been undesirably inseparable since the past.

S: I heard you there. I brought over the thing you asked for so stop turning me away at the front entrance.

Since you’ve already come this far, I haven’t turned you away, have I?

S: I get it, so hurry up and get the door.

Can’t be helped then… Okay, please come inside.


S: Jeez, the only person who’d act self-important in front of me is you.

S: Ah! Good evening, it’s been a month, hasn’t it?

S: Yes, it’s already been a month since you’ve gotten yourself black-out drunk during a drinking contest with me.

S: Hehe…I apologize. That reminds me, we promised to forget what happened that night, hadn’t we?


Speaking of alcohol, I wonder if there’s brandy at our house currently.

Is that right? Sorry, but could you go buy some right now? Because without it, Sadatsugu would start complaining, you see.

S: Don’t talk as if I’m whiny.

I’m sorry, I’ll leave it to you. Take care and make sure to stay safe.


What? She’s still resisting?

S: No, she hasn’t resisted. Only that, recently, she’ll look resigned no matter what I doーeven though at the start, each time I filmed her, she’d cry. I wonder what should I do to allow her to show me her emotions again?

It’s easy, you should just stop filming in front of her.

S: But then, I’ll lose my enjoyment.

Oh, I’m not merely telling you to stop.

S: What do you mean?

From my perspective, she had liked you in the past. Currently, rather than hating you, I believe that she simply can’t follow along with that perverted conduct of yours.

Good grief, you really are a stupidly perverted man. If only you’d suppressed that perverted personality a bit more of yours and stuck to the plan, you would’ve obtained her nicely.

S: You’ve called me perverted 3 times.

It’s important after all.

S: Yet, you’re the real pervert here!!!


Well anyways, the memory of the time she was forcibly raped is likely drawn-out whenever she’s recorded. If I remember correctly, when you first raped her, you’d shot a video, right?

If so, it’s only natural she’d refuse; just about anyone would avoid acts associated with unpleasant memories.

S: But right now she takes it well, though. While I was taking one, she came 3 times.

Heh. Despite being a genius, you’re quite stupid, aren’t you?

S: My score in Italian was better than yours!

In that case, why hadn’t you taken advantage of that linguistic talent of yours and seduced her instead?


S: That girl is the most beautiful woman in the world. If I leave her alone, she’d be taken by another man.

Hmm…the best in the world is my wife though. But if we were to debate it, it’ll last well into the night so let’s leave that to the side for the time being.


Anyhow, you must change the manner you take them. Behave as though you’ve had a change of heart right then and have now turned into a good husband.

For now, at a time without distractions, say something along the lines of “Because I love you, I want to preserve your smile so that I can sense you even during the times when we’re apart.”

From there, you’ll delve into a pattern taking shots of her in various layers of clothing.

Once her natural smile returns, you’ll start capturing slightly different scenes from the usual.


S: Eh? Like what?

Let me think, the ocean or the pool should work. A place where you’d naturally expose a lot of skin. Once she becomes accustomed to having her bare skin photographed, next up you can take photos while bathing together I guess.

Ah! Here you’re still strictly prohibited from touching her. No rush, no fuss…just look.

Also, at this stage, you must not capture anything other than her face. If you capture up to her chest, once again she’ll equate shoots with filthy schemes.

S: Then when would I be allowed to capture her entire body?

You’ll probably need at least 3 months or more.

S: A full 3 months?!!

It’s 3 months at the very least, you know? Rather if you’re able to seize her heart in such a short time, I’ll revere you.

S: If I were to be revered by you, it’ll be the end of this earth. Is it really that difficult?


Women are different from us men, unpleasant events will always remain somewhere inside their memories. It depends on the person, but to obtain full control in such a short period of time is difficult.

More than anything, an extended time is required.

S: What a pain.

Hmm? Unlike you I’m subtle.

S: Does that not make me sound brash?

Were you planning to say that forcibly taking your adoptive sister as your bride was a sensible act? If so, I want to take a good look inside your head.


S: Enough with the gripes, just tell me the conclusion.

It’s because you’re so impatient that you’re quick shot.

S: I’m not a quick shot! I’ve got the confidence that I can last longer than you.

I purposefully shorten it, since the probability of pregnancy will decrease when freely lengthen. And the matter of Sadatsugu’s premature ejaculation aside…

S: How many do I need to tell you I don’t prematurely ejaculate?!

Once you overcome her resistance, you can broaden your range and create the illusion that this is an act of love and thus nothing unusual.


Along the way, it’s even better if you were met with refusal. After a person has declined once, a sense of guilt would be conjured in relation to that matter and in that case negations would proceed far more favorably.

S: Oh I see. As expected of Haruto, I’m glad I consulted you.

S: And speaking of which you’ve taken some too, right? How’s the condition of the aforementioned camera?

It’s considerably good, it captures well even in dim places.

S: Then that’s a relief, though that’s a hobby I can’t comprehend. Isn’t it boring to take them secretly?

Sadatsugu, you don’t seem to understand. I get excited at a reality that only I grasp.

S: Hahaha…I feel sorry that she’s loved by a man like you. I’ve seen all sorts of people, but I’ve never met someone as perverse as you.


S: No wait! In terms of degree of perversion, Akira is an equal match.

That’s not a pervert, that’s what you call a savage.

S: Speaking of Akira. Recently, it appears that he’s started cohabiting with someone and I was really surprised.

Oh, Miss Yuki? When I met with Akira, I had a clear look at her.

S: What kind of girl? Since she’s living together with that Akira, she must be an extremely beautiful and almost saintly girl, right?

Hmm…it’s true that she’s beyond kind, but isn’t it different from being saintly? Since she’s keeping pace with that Akira, the girl must be fairly crazy.

S: Heh? Then I want to try meeting her as well.


It’s better if you stop. I had business to take care so there weren’t any issues, but if you were to go meet her without prior arrangements, you’ll get killed by Akira.

S: Is he that obsessed with her? Even a demon would change once they’ve found love, eh.

If you wish to meet her that much, then why not bring him said camera? Akira’s been wanting one, no?

S: Ah…that glasses-wearing guy? I see. That’s a good idea. Since that’s still under development and not currently on market, Akira will unmistakably display interest.


S: Once it’s completed, I’ll bring it over to your place.

Sorry for the trouble.

S: Don’t sweat it, the two of us are accomplices, right? Helping each other is only natural.


Oh, welcome back, you were running late.

S: I apologize for being restless.

How about you come and drink together with us?

Eh? Uh…hmm, I don’t mind if you go ahead and rest first but could it be that you’re feeling unwell somewhere!? Are you feeling sick again?

Oh, then you can try drinking this medicine, it’ll take care of the fatigue and allow you to sleep well.

S: Have a good night.

…….Good night.


S: Look, I’ve brought groceries.

S: Haha, don’t sweat it, the two of us are accomplices right? Cooperating is only natural.

S: Ah! It’s not good to be talking inside this room, let’s chat in the other room.


S: But even so, she’s got no signs of that coming. Has the stress caused her cycle to go off sync?

S: Then it’s best if you release her soon. If you’ve captured her before she’s able to get pregnant then the primary purpose has been lost.

S: Don’t feel depressed, there’s always another chance.

S: ……Yes, all you have to do is catch her again.


Did you somehow experience a bad dream?

No, it’s only 12 o’clock midnight…there’s still plenty of time before morning.

Sadatsugu? Ah, he returned home approximately an hour ago.


How are you feeling?

I see, that’s a relief. Earlier your complexion was a bit poor so I was concerned.

For you to sleep without a change of clothes, you must’ve been pretty tired right?

Mhm, the one who changed your clothes was me.

That reminds me, if you’re going to get up, would you like something to eat? I’ve made some rice porridge thinking that your stomach might be weakened.


Even if you say that you’re fine, like I thought your complexion was a bit poor. Are you dizzy? Do you have a headache?

Hmm…so your head hurts, right?

I understand, I’ll go bring over some cold and headache medication so you stay right-

It’s not a cold? How can you tell?

You sense you’re about to remember something? What exactly?


That’s…isn’t it that one day 10 years ago?!

The police have really done something unnecessary. If it weren’t for that investigatorーー

But is that not so…!? If it weren’t for that investigator then you wouldn’t have remembered so much of those unpleasant memories.

No, it’s something you should forget. Even if you remember, it can’t be used as a reference for the current case because the culprit is different. I told you yesterday, didn’t I?

I can tell, the criminal this time and the one who abducted you are two completely different people.


Look, it’s because you’re trying to forcibly remember like that, that your head ends up hurting.

You can’t, you should rest for tonight.

If you say that by no means can you think of anything else, then how about we have you concentrate on something pleasurable?


You’re tired, right? So there’s no need for you to do anything.

Tonight I’ll make you feel good.

Hmm? I’ve done it with my mouth countless times…why are you getting embarrassed now?

I haven’t taken a shower either, besides, this way your scent will remain and it’s tempting.

It’s fine, I replaced your underwear earlier so it hasn’t been dirtied.

But well, even if it isn’t dirtied now, there’s no difference since it’s going to be sticky with my saliva.


Nope, I won’t let you escape. I’ll erase all of your bad memories.


It’s already puffed up. It’s cute, I’d want to eat you like this.



Each time I play-bite, your scent grows thicker and when this smell changes, I too become unable to stop.


As expected, your underwear has gotten messy. Your love juices and my saliva have clang onto the underwear and it’s become quite the lewd feel.

This is inviting, but you’ll feel uncomfortable being wet as is so how about we remove it?

Hmm…? Lights?

Can I not leave them on today? I want to have a good look at this wet place of yours.

No? I see, that’s unfortunate. Would you let me see it next time?

Hehe, I’ll look forward to it.

Ah! So then tonight, allow me to have just the bedside light on okay?

Mhm…if it’s just this, I won’t be able to see as much. It’s true, we won’t use the ceiling lights. Just this okay?

Thank you.


As expected, I can’t see well with just this.

It’s true, I can’t see it at all.


I can’t see, I can’t see. It’s just your imagination.

Look, if your vision’s lost, they say that your tactile sense and other senses in relation would sharpen.

That’s why I too, in exchange for not being able to see, I can sense even the finest details through my tongue.

For example, the boundaries of this little entrance……


It’s the best. Especially this part on the edge, it’s wobbly and it’s got a really nice texture on the tongue.


Great taste. No matter how many times I’ve tasted it, there’s been nothing that could beat this for the longest time.

I’m serious, so allow me to taste it.


The thing that overflows like this and the feel of involving my tongue…..I love them.

Hmm? Me…?

Don’t mind me. Tonight, as long as you feel good, that’ll be enough.

Hmm, it seems that you can afford to have other thoughts. Then let’s try teasing it together with this swollen place.


No pinching? But it looks like it feels really good though.

Say, to stroke here or to lick that shallow part, which you do prefer? Please tell me, I wish to make you feel even better.

If you aren’t giving me a reply, then as expected, I have no choice but to stimulate them both.


Hmm? Are you about to cum?

That’s good, don’t hold back……let yourself cum.


How was it? Have all the bad things been blown away?

Then that’s a relief. For now on, whenever you’re about to recall something unpleasant…I’ll make you feel good like this.

Haha, I get it, I get it. I’ll do it only once every 3 times.

By the way, my dear Princess…I’d like to fall asleep with you in my arms, would that be okay?

The pleasure’s all mine.


Whenever you call my name like that, I think of my name as a good thing.

Huh? If I’m not mistaken, Sadatsugu has also said this. Ugh, damn it, we’re the same even in that respect.

Oh, sorry, it’s nothing.


Thank you, to call my name nice, that’s surely something only you and Kanoe would do.

It’s not a joke, I’m serious. I may have cut off all ties with my relative right now, but in the past, everyone had called ironic.

You see, my parents had more or less eloped then married.


Hmm? Oh, that’s right. That reminds me, I’ve never talked to you about it, right?

My father’s name had been the name Fuyuhiko (Boy of Winter). Like his name, he was cold like winter. They say he had a heart as solid as ice, he was beautiful…yet opened his heart to no one.

But even that father had changed once he met my mother.

My mother melted the ice that had been inside my father and that’s why my father, feeling as though spring finally came when the two met, left me the name Haruto (Person of Spring).

It’s truly ironic, since a bit over 10 years after naming me, my father ended up killing my mother and then committed suicide. Not only that, it was over some trivial jealousy.

……Spring never came in the slightest.


I’m fine, that’s already over and done with. Thanks to you, I’ve overcome that sense of grief.

Yup, it’s true. I still remember the events of that night vividly.

You too?

I suppose so, the night my parents died you and Kanoe had been by my side. Had the two of you not been there, I’d be alone, spending my time idle, before I even felt the pain.


Why are you apologizing? There isn’t a single thing for you to apologize for, right???

Huh? Ah, that reminds me, the two of you had returned home before midnight, but that was inevitable. At that time you were still young and there’s no way you’d be able to stay up all night long, so your parents’ judgment had been correct.

Eh? Never cried? But you cried, didn’t you?


As for me……


It’s fine for me to not cry. There’s no need for me to cry for the sake of the traitors who’ve left me behind.

That’s right, he was a traitor.

Mother…? My mother was also a traitor. She vaguely sensed my father’s madness, yet she allowed only me to escape.

Even though we were family, I was left all alone.


I was told to be grateful by my mother’s relative who came to her funeral but such are the pretty words of those that merely look in from the outside.

They had absolutely no idea just how peacefully happy we were living until that day.

……And simply say whatever conveniences them.


Oh, sorry. This story wasn’t interesting at all, right? This really isn’t meant to be some bedtime story.

So in order to change the mood and sleep, how about we do it one more time?

What a shame. So then, good night.

I love you.


Track 3: Forced Decisions


Good morning. I’ll start cooking breakfast right about now, so you should go take a shower and during that time I’ll make my preparations.

It’s all good. I’ve already said it numerous times but serving you is my joy, or rather it’ll be sadder if you were to rob this happiness away from me, so go on your way.

Ah, just wait a sec!!! You…even though you’ve slept, your complexion is still poor. Is it just my imagination? Could it be that you’ve remembered something again?

Oh, then it’s fine.

In that case, I’ll create the greatest breakfast and be waiting for you.


I wonder how long it’s already been since I first started keeping these journal entries?

Surely, a considerable number of months and years have passed since the day those traitors, my parents died. It’s been so long, but today…those empty days will finally end.

……Because today, she’s come to my house.

She’ll never leave regardless of the time and she’ll forever stay by my side.

Ah, it’s the best feeling!!!

So now if she’s able to become pregnant, I’ll obtain the perfect family.

But her state is a bit strange. Despite saying that she’s had her first menstruation, I don’t see the slightest sign of it.


Could it be that it was just a lie to match with her friends? If so, then this plan was a failure.

It’s unfortunate, but I can’t avoid setting her free this one time.

There exists the separate method of continuing her confinement, however in a situation without knowledge of when exactly her body will mature, selecting that would be a poor idea.

But I’m worried about what’ll happen after I release her. Since she’s said that she had a crush of a male classmate, what if she and that guy. No, she might just secretly go out with a completely different guy.


For her to choose a guy who’s neither me nor Kanoe…I can’t stand it.


Today, I’ve learned of something regrettable.

As expected she has yet to have her first menstruation…it appears that what Kanoe said about her becoming an adult was all a lie tailored towards friends.

It’s truly a shame, however, I’ve consulted Sadatsugu and now I’ll be releasing her tomorrow.

For her to be gone from this room…just thinking about it makes me want to die. I thought that preferably I’d kill her then kill myself, but I ended up being stopped by Sadatsugu.


It can’t be helped, so instead of dying, I licked her body to death. She who’s wet with my saliva is so cute that just looking at it makes me want to cum.

Cute, so cute.

My one and only beloved.

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I’ll definitely make you mineーーI’ll never let you escape.


Have I not told you that you weren’t allowed to enter this room?

You saw it right?

Even though I thought you weren’t the type of girl to look inside another person’s journal.


Why are you retreating back?

Oh, this knife? I was in a hurry so it got brought along, there’s no way I’d hurt the precious you right?

Come on, come over there. Right now the two of us are husband and wife so there’s nothing to be afraid of.


Why did I do such a thing?

It’s exactly like you’ve seen earlier, I wanted a perfect family.

You’re wrong, it’s not like anyone would’ve worked. The other person had to have been you.

It’s true.

The beloved you as my wife and becoming a family with the child you bore. To me it’s perfection.


Hah…to wait? In a situation where you might end up belonging to another man, are you saying that I should’ve just waited for your growth?

In the face of such an uncertain future, there’s no way I’d be able to wait.

You see, I wanted certainty with you. A point of compromise would’ve been a child between you and Kanoe I guess.

Since I love both of you, if it’s the child between you two; I’ll unmistakably be happy.

Ah. Of course right now it’s different.


After we married, you became even more special of an existence than before. I no longer wish for you to escape.

Right now, I can’t imagine giving you up to another man.


Haha…a normal confession? And then became a normal married couple?

That’s dreadful is it not? If done that way, we might end up broken just like my parents, you know?

Trust…? To trust, eh.

You see, I once believe that that happiness would continue on forever, but it shattered.

It was because I wasn’t able to control it myself, if only I had control over everything, then it wouldn’t have turned out that way.

To be left alone, to become damaged.

…..I would’ve never been tormented by this sense of inferiority.


No, I am inferior. But since you’re here, I have a peace of mind, since you won’t go anywhere.

Is that not so?

Look, it’s the chains from that time. With this, we can once again create a perfect world with you and me.

Heh? Do you still believe that you could persuade me?

As always, you’re pure, aren’t you? Despite witnessing that painful experience, you’re still trusting of people, though there isn’t a single thing to gain from trusting others.

There isn’t…!!!

And even if there is, it’s been lost at the point of this conclusion.


Once you become free, you’d obviously run away from me, right?

You still love me? What kind of joke is that?

That’s enough!!! Shut up and let me fasten these chains onto you.

Like I said, that’s enough. I don’t want to hear those lies!

I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THEM!!! A happiness that might crumble at any time, I DON’T NEED IT!!!!!


Aah uh……I’m sorry for raising my voice.

I’m not angry anymore so come here. I treat you kindly, until the day you die.

This is the truth, so…

What a shame, if you’re going to refuse then I have no choice but to catch you, even though I had wanted to avoid scaring you.


I love you, so don’t leave me.

Stay by my side forever, stay here until death.


You finally understood right?

I’m happy. I also love y-hn guh!!!


A knife doesn’t suit you, it’s dangerous so could you hand over to me, okay?

I’ll never stab you. Please, I truly won’t stab you.


Haha. That’s right, the one who told you not to trust others……was me.


I don’t care anymore, the heart which doesn’t trust me, I’ll DOMINATE IT!!!

I WON’T LET YOU ESCAPE! If you’re going to escape then I’D RATHER WE BOTH DIE!!! Because I HAVE NO ONE ELSE, BUT YOU…!!!


What’s this…? Even you had enough gall to kill a man.

I’ve underestimated you a little. If it were going to turn out this way, then I should’ve restrained you with those chains sooner.

By doing so, we could’ve been forever happy, together with the beloved you for all of eternity.

It’s a shame, it’s truly a shame.


Happy End: Incomplete Completeness


Could it be that you called for an ambulance?

But why? While I’m bleeding out, shouldn’t you…hurry up and run?

It’s true that I might die like this.

Heh. If you say it’ll leave you with an uneasy conscience then I’ll tell you something nice.

This place contains plenty of evidence pertaining to the event 10 years ago and it’ll establish legitimate self-defense so even if I die you won’t be charged.

So that’s whyーー


That isn’t the issue? Then, what else is there?

Because you……love me?

HahahaHAHA! That’s quite the absurd joke, is it not so? I held murderous intentions towards you and toward a man like that, how could you possibly SAY THAT YOU LOVE THEM?!!

No more. I no longer want to hear that lie.

I’m begging you, let me go!!! LET GO OF ME!!!!! A life like yours that might disappear at any time, so I DON’T NEED IT!!!


Why? Even after all I’ve said, you’d still hug me?


You’ve felt my murderous intentions since long ago? That’s a lie, if that was the case, you would’ve already ran.

The same emotions as my mother…?

You had faith that one day I’d expose the insides of my heart? But what were you planning to do if you were killed before then?!!

Haha, if that’s actually true, that means you were resolved for even death by remaining with me. And that’s impossible.


If you truly made that resolution then I question your sanity.

I guess it’s true, surely you’re crazy. This is all, done by the excess of love’s flaws and not a matter of sanity.

No, you’re not the same as me.

You’re different from me. Your madness is warmーーfrightening warm.


I don’t want it to accumulate! There’s something I wish to ask you. Is it really just the shortcomings of love?

Is it that really easy to forgive someone?


You’ve regretted it? What exactly?

Ah, if it’s about the day that my parents died, I told you it was inevitable, didn’t I?

For you, who were young, to stay by my side all night……


Why do you regret something like that? Whether I weep or cry has nothing to do with you, right!?


It’s not going to happen, I’m not going to cry. I can’t see any value in crying. And so, why are you crying?

You’re an idiot, aren’t you?

Precisely because you cry like that in my stead, you were loved by such scum.


For loving you, I’m sorry.


As expected your madness is warm.

Somehow it makes me very sleepy……


Ah…it’s you.

Sorry, there was something I wanted to dispose of. Once this finishes burning I’ll return back inside.

Hmm? It’s already been 3 months, the pain of the injury is almost gone. You worry far too much.

Yup, it’s the journal and photos from 10 years agoーーbecause I no longer need them.


Haha…did you think you’d be able to reform me that easily?

Even now, I still yearn for that perfect world, but I think this incomplete present is happy too. And so that this happiness could last for as long as possible……to have faith and to exert that effort is what I’ve decided.

If you pile up this incomplete present, in the end when we die it’ll become the perfect world.


That’s right, since you foolishly trusted me so I thought I’d try becoming an idiot too.

Hehe. Sorry, it’s a joke.

You’re a brave woman, doing what no one else could; you’ve pulled me back to reality. I’m astonished every day by that strength and I admire you.

And each day, you’re healing me.

It’s burned completely, so let’s return back inside.


Oh sorry, were my hands perhaps cold?

Haha, are you planning to warm them? If so how?

Ah! Where are you going?!


Hey, what are you in such a hurry for?

If you surprise attack me like that, I’ll want to embrace you.

We can’t, you’re scared, right? You’re wrong, I’m genuinely not teasing you. I just don’t want to do anything you hate soーー

I’m floored, I wonder since when did my wife become this good at kissing?


My fault? Then I must take responsibility.

Can I carry you off to the bedroom as is?

Roger that, as soon as possible, right?


Is it really okay?

…..Thank you.

I’ll cherish you more than that perfect world and more than any and all else, so allow me to hold you once more.


Do you not hate it when I lick you?

Huh?! You’ll return the licking? What exactly!? uwAH!!! AHH?!!

Wait a second!!! You don’t have to force yourself, you’re trembling, aren’t you?

That’s enough, just leave it to-



This isn’t good. This doesn’t serve you at all.

No, that’s not the…….


It feels good but…


You’re rather mean today. Could you not poke fun at me so much?

I don’t have any composure, I’m accustomed to licking you but I’ve thought I’d be licked……

Just wait. If you do that, then I won’t be able to hold back.


It can’t be helped right?

It’s been a long time and I never you’d you lick me. If you show me such a provocative scene then……..

Uh-huh, it’s stimulating. The insides of your mouth are hot and slippery and I’m really weak to those wet lips.

I wonder where you learned such a lewd way of licking, it makes me feel concerned.


Heh? The normal me had licked you like this eh. So then you’re licking me while remembering how I licked you?

…And that’s why you were fidgeting since earlier.

Sorry, sorry, it’s because you’re too cute.

Huh? Eh? Wait what?! What are you….?!!


Of course it isn’t allowed…!!!

If you insert so suddenly, it’ll be painful for you plus it’s a rare day of commemoration, so this is…….

Seriously wait!!!

This is different from my plans.

That’s right. First off, I’d lick all sorts of places and then get you used to my fingers…one at a time and slowly entwine ourselves, was what I thought.


STOP!!! It’s really bad so wait!

……That was close.

Hey, you’re shaking again, aren’t you!? I’ve said it countless times, but you don’t need to force yourself.

I’m happy about your feelings of accepting me, but I don’t want to frighten you anymore. I want to be connected with you properly.

Do you understand?

Okay, then I’m relieved.


Well, how about we switch?

It was rather exciting for me to see you try your hardest, however, let’s leave that aside for the next opportunity.

It’s just for now but, can I pull it out once? I want to put that on.

Ah, I won’t make you wait so it’s fine. The truth is, I’ve bought a lot of it and have them stored inside that drawer right there.

Eh…? To entice me like this, even though I’ve finally had a change of heart, I’m about to lose my reason.


Jeez…you’re cute, cute enough to kill.

Hehe, it’s really clenching down as if it’ll take hold of everything.

Nope, when I told you to wait earlier, you didn’t listen right? And so on the same token, I ought to scrape against this place, no?


It’s not equal. When I strongly push up against here, you love it, don’t you?


I wonder if it’s because of how long it’s been, but it’s wrapping around me more than usual.

It feels good so let me enter all the way.

Do you prefer when it’s deep? It’s really sucking me up.

Haha, that’s not it. Since I don’t want to do anything you dislike so I’m just asking you, that’s all.


Say, this place, this deepest part here. Do you like it when I mess it up?

Please tell me, I wish to do what you most desire.


I love you too.

……I love your everything.


Are you about to cum?

Sorry, I’m also about to…can you relax your legs just a little? Today, I’ll cum outside soーー

Eh…? But today’s a dangerous day?


Truly, you don’t know fear. Just how fall are you planning to make me fall for you before you’re satisfied?


I’m cumming. I’m cumming inside you.


Sorry, because it’s been so long……I came so much.


I see, then I won’t apologize and so in exchange, allow me to say thank you even more.

Thank you.

For deciding to live together with me, thank you.


Eh? Are you crying?

If these aren’t your tears, then these are-???

……It’s nothing.


You truly are amazing.

Haha, it’s exactly what it means.

So for the next date, where shall we go? The cherry blossoms are about to bloom soon so how about we go cherry blossom viewing?

Ah, that’s right……


ーーSpring has come.


Bad End: Perfect Happiness



Your ankles are slender, aren’t they? So thin that it feels as though they’d break from being grabbed like this…….

Hehe, it hurts?

Ah sorry because you lied, in my sadness, I accidentally exerted some strength. I wonder if I might’ve twisted them a little.

Later, let’s have Sadatsugu called over a doctor to check on them, okay?


Ngh argh, hah! I WON’T LET YOU GO!!!

If you’re going to leave then dying like this would’ve been much easier. Well, that’s fine too though, being killed by you isn’t too bad of an outcome.

Come on, can you please STOP RESISTING?!!

From you trying to squirm your way outside, as I attempt to catch you in desperation, I’ll continue to bleed. And then I’ll probably die from it, and once that happens, you’ll be able to escape.


Even though I gave you such a rare chance, you’re truly, hehehe……kind, aren’t you?

Ugh. Well then, I’ll fuck you right now, but if you wish to run then struggle with all your might. If you intend to kill me, that is.

What’s wrong? Why don’t you try resisting?

If you don’t, I’ll end up robbing you of everything.


Hahaha! That really hurt, but since I’ve caught you, at this moment it’s the best feeling.

Look, I wonder if you can tell?

This is the most excited I’ve ever been until now, I’ll be able to enter inside immediately… But it doesn’t like you’ve made any preparation on your end. I could barely put in earlier.

I’m troubled, I don’t want to hurt you more than necessary, though.


Ah, I’ve thought of a great idea. I should just lubricant it with my blood.



If it’s like this, I’d be able to enter soon enough.


Why are you so startled? It’s almost as if you’re being teased, aren’t you?

No, it’s not it. I’m not teasing you, this is punishment for you being a liar.


Aah, it’s in. Since it’s tighter than usual, you can really grasp that you’re being fucked by me right?

You see I too can understand quite well that you’re being held within these arms and……it lets me truly experience the fact that I’m alive.


Can you endure it a bit more? It’s still not all the way in.

After it’s just a few more tries!!!


It’s gotten nicely accustomed, it’s twitching and swallowing me up. Clenching down on me in a manner different from normal……I can’t get enough of it.

It’ll make me want to just shove it all the way in at once.

Haha, it’s a lie. I’m lying, don’t cry. I won’t jam it inside as we kiss, I’ll insert it slowly, okay? And so, let’s kiss, okay…?


Look, it didn’t hurt at all, right?

It’s the same as always, it’s the same as always, while rubbing deep inside you like this, I’ll cum inside, that’s all.


Haha, that’s right. If you struggle, it’ll take up more time and then I might die, but if you stay quiet…I’ll quickly cum.

Which would be better I wonder? ……To me, either one is fine though.


What are you saying ? The one who’s choosing is you.

And if you don’t hurry up and decide, there’ll no longer be a choice. After all, look…I’ve already become this hard. Since your insides feel so good, I’m already about to cum.


Hah. For you to shout, that’s against the rules, isn’t it?

That’ll be one penalty.

I’m simply silencing your mouth, aren’t I? Why don’t you just breathe through your nose?

Sshhhhh. Calm down.


My blood mixed together with your love juices……it makes such a nice smell, no?




I’m seriously already about to cum.

If I’m not mistaken, today’s a risky day, right?  What perfect timing. I’ll cum plenty deep inside, so make sure to get pregnant with my child, okay?!!


Cumming, I’m cumming!!!


Haha, what? Did you lose consciousness?

This bad, as expected I no longer can breathe……


S: What’s this? You’re quite half-hearted aren’t you Haruto? For you to have been purposefully stabbed, you must’ve gotten pretty kind to, haven’t you?

Even though I was in a good spot earlier, to think the last voice I’d hear would be yours… It’s the worst feeling.

S: Since I came, it’s not the end you know?

S: For the sake of my close praiseworthy friend, I’m pitching in to help, aren’t I? So Haruto, what do you want? While you’re writhing on top of the hospital bed, I’ll grant it for you.


S: Hmm?

I want an eternity together with her.

S: Haha, to cling onto such impossible ideals, it’s pathetic, isn’t it?

S: ……Both you and me.

I wonder if that’s so? I’m happy though.


Here lies perfect happiness.


Special Track: The Sister Loving Accomplice


S: What? It was just Haruto.

S: Now? Oh right now, I’m……if you say I’m busy, then I’m busy.

S: Haha, my work is saved. And rather than worrying about others, why don’t you go worry about your own wounds?


S: Well I suppose so, if it’s you, even after getting stabbed another 10 times or more, you’d still cling onto life like a cockroach.


S: Hmm? Ah, the labored breathing is because…I’m embracing the cutest girl in the world right now.

S: In terms of bad tastes, we’re the same in that regard, no?

S: See you later, and don’t overdo yourself.


S: My bad. I thought it was a work call, but it was just Haruto.

S: Hmm? Would a work call be worse?

S: Haha. As for that, you simply need to hold back your voice that’s all. But well, even if you hold back. If there are such loud splashy sounds, they might find out, wouldn’t they?


S: Being in the kitchen like this every so often……is also nice.

S: There’s a nice scent.

S: Ah, this smell. Is it perhaps, my favorite foods? ..Oh? The housekeeper and Ms. Kiyo prepared them?

S: Thank you. Thanks to you, the fatigue from work has melted away.


S: Don’t be so stiff, I told you earlier that I wouldn’t film in the middle of embracing you, right?

S: I’ve had a change of heart.

S: Yes it’s true, I won’t do it anymore. Right now, I simply wish to bring back your smile.


S: Look, I didn’t bring my camera, right? And so, you should simply feel it as well.


S: Hmm…? Glasses?

S: Oh, these are blue light blocking glasses. Yes, that’s why there’s no need to worry.

S: …….Even this is nice on occasions.

S: Nope, I said that you’re so cute that it can’t be helped.


S: You just squeezed down all of a sudden, are you about cum?

S: Don’t hold back. The place you love most, here. I’ll push against it plenty, so cum whenever you like.

S: You came so much. Did this place here really feel that good?


S: That’s fine, I’m also about to cum.

S: Cumming. I’ll release deep inside you…


S: I love you.

S: I want to live forever with you like this, but it’s impossible isn’t it? After all, I’m eating your poison cooking every single day.

S: Did you think I wouldn’t notice?

S: As always, you’re a girl who doesn’t know the suspicions of others. In falling from the right path, you haven’t fallen at all.

S: No? Both now and then, you’re an angel to me. It might be unpleasant but it’s no metaphor or anything, is what I think.


S: You became a demon…? Funny joke isn’t it?

S: You see, a true demon is what you call selfish people like me and Haruto. A person like you who’s seemingly crushed by a sense of guilt……is still normal.

S: Besides, a demon wouldn’t eat a poisoned meal together. If you truly were a demon, you would’ve observed from afar while smiling as I ate. Were you planning to dieーtogether with me?


S: I see. If so, then just kill me. If it’s you, I don’t mind being killed.

S: Why is that so? Hah, I wonder why that is……

S: It would’ve been nice to say that it’s because I love you. However, in the eyes of others, this isn’t love. And that, I’m merely confining you out of my own arrogant, selfish desires.

S: Yet, even if I am cognizant of this. The feeling of wanting you, I’ll probably never be able to abandon it within this lifetime.

S: No matter how much you resent me, I’ll never let you go.

S: That’s why, if you truly wish to escape, simply continue cooking those poisoned meals of yours as is, and I’ll continue to eat themーーuntil the day I die.


S: Are you okay with that? If you stop now, I won’t die. That poison isn’t effective unless it’s continually ingested over a long period of time.


S: If you’re going to choke me, then you ought toーーapply more weight.

S: At this rate, I’ll regain consciousness……


S: Lately, you’ve been crying quite a lot, haven’t you? But well, it’s my fault though. Are you still angry about the fact I killed our father for the sake of marrying you?

S: Anyhow, he was sick, he didn’t have long, I simply hasted his death just a bit.

S: Yes, I don’t regret it at all. If I didn’t become the head of the family at that time, then you would’ve been politically married off, no?


S: There’s no way I’d forgive such an act.

S: You belong to me, I won’t give to anyone. Those that attempt to steal you from my arms……I’ll bury them all.


S: Hehe. I ended up making a bit of a scary face there, didn’t I? …So let’s end this discussion.

S: That reminds me, if we won’t be eating that food then how about we go out to eat? I’ve found a splendid restaurant, I’m sure it’ll be to your liking.

S: Go change your clothes, and on that topic, how about we buy you a new dress?


S: Hmm? What is it?

S: I’m well aware that I’m hated by you, but even so, I love you.

S: My world exists solely for the sake of loving you.


S: From the depth of this crazy dream, I’ll alwaysーーbe watching you.

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  1. Anonymous

    I was just wondering who is Akira and does he have a track, I was just confused if he’s just like a little side person or a character with his own track


    1. Criy

      Haruto of course, his friends have no interest in his heroine (for obvious reasons). The special track features an entirely separate heroine from the related Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi series.


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