【Translation】 Watashi ga Neko ni Natta Hi


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1: Oh, it’s a Little Kitty. Hello~


That’s strange, usually, she’d reply back immediately. I wonder if she’s still sleeping?


Huh? Oh, it’s a little kitty. Hello~

Whoa! It’s quite lively, isn’t it? You fellas are such good friends, aren’t you? The weather’s great today so we can play lots okay?

Plus I feel comfortable as well. I just wanna take a nap here as is.


Huh? Oh, eh? Could it be that you’re hungry?

Hmm, I already ate my sandwich earlier though. Let me check if I’ve got anything else.

Uh cookies are a no go. Gum, well that’s out of the question. Next is, umm……

Ugh…sorry, but I don’t have anything.



Even though I rarely ever have the chance, damn it, why didn’t I carry any cat treats around!?

Uwah! Ah, to be clinging onto me so much. I’m very sorry but I don’t really have anything on me.

Don’t look me with those eyes. Pleasseeee…….


Whoa…ah ow, it hurts! Please don’t claw your way up, your nails are gonna cut into me!!!

Oh eh? Could you possibly be trying to get away from that black kitty over there?


Heh, listen fella bullying is bad. This girl doesn’t like it, right?

Jeez…if you do any more of this, I’ll get angry too y’know?


Ugh, I can’t do it well. It’s difficult. Mmm, wrrrrmmaao! Hiss, hiss, hiss.


Aah, look like they left. I wonder if it worked? Okay, you’re safe now.

There, there, that was scary, right?

Hahaha, that tickles! Your tongue is all rough, ah hehe… the scratchiness feels nice.

Oh that reminds me, it’s the first time I’ve seen you. Such pretty eyes and your fur is all glossy too.


So how did a cute girl like you wound up in a place like this meow?

Just kidding.

Hehehe, perhaps that black kitty might’ve taken interest in you?

Oh time’s already up.


Soooo sorrrryyy, but I have a lecture coming up so I gotta go soon. I hope we can meet again somewhe-re.



Hmm. Little kitty if you don’t remove these cute paws of yours, I won’t be able to move you see.

Hehe, to become this attached on just the first meeting, you’re the first.

……It makes me happy.


Huh, I wonder if I’m letting out a scent that draws cats?

Sniff sniff.

Hmm, if anything it’s the smell of fabric softener.

Could it be that I’m now able to produce pheromones capable of attracting cats?!! Ah no, since this corresponds to my one week inside the biology facilities. It became an aroma andーー

Uh, this isn’t the time for this.

Little kitty, I’m begging you so please let me go.


Hmm, I wonder if that’s no use. Meow-meow, ah this is troubling.

Speaking of which, you don’t have a collar. Are you a stray cat?

You’ve taken to me so much and I wanted to bring you back with me, however, no but ummーー

Ah, this is bad! I ought to hurry…!!!!


Oh, it’s the black cat from earlier.

Hmm, I’ve got it! It’s gonna be a big problem if you get bullied by that black cat again, so would you like to come with me to my lab for the time being?

There’s also a cage there as well.


Ah, it’s a bit tight, but come inside here for a short while, okay?

Okay, we’re ready!


Track 2: If You don’t mind, Could You Join my Family?


I’ve kept you waitinnggg~

Sorry for placing you in such a narrow cage. Since there are precise machinery and various chemicals, it would’ve been dangerous for you, so I had you stay put like a good girl.



Oh, ohoho. Hehe, what is it? Were you perhaps lonely?

I’m sorry, being left alone in an unknown place was lonely, right…?

For the rest of today, I’ll always be together with you!!!


Huh? Could it be that you were napping until just a while earlier? That was a bit impolite of me, wasn’t it?

Sniff sniff. Ahh, it’s only natural. Fufu. The nice scent of the sun…hahhh, it’s really calming.


Ah, uh…aaah, what’s wrong?

Ohhh sorry, I was being over-familiar, wasn’t I?

My bad habits all just pop out when I’m in front of animals. Ehehe, even if I’m currently studying veterinary medicine, at this rate, it’ll create a hindrance.


But I’m glad you were able to take your time and get some rest. This room is nice and sunny, right? It’s my favorite. It feels particularly nice during the afternoon and it just makes you wanna doze off, right?

Oh, did you take a liking to it too?

Hehe…next time let’s take a nap together, okay?


Ah! Such a serious face, what’s the truth~? Well? Poke poke.

Kuuu…lying so defenselessly, you’re such a little devil. Awwww, let me squeeze those cheeks.

Ahaha, you’re narrowing your eyes……so cuuttteeee!!!

Oops, can’t be doing that now, there’s something I outta finish in a rush. Please continue your nap and wait for me okay?


Hmm…I wonder if it’s this data?

Yup, it’s wrong. Let me just replace this image here.


Whoa! What?! It’s riding on top of my lap?!!

Haaaa… A cat is on top of my lap!!!!!

The stray cats that would wander onto the campus would never let me touch them and even when I went inside a cat cafe, I couldn’t hold them. Hnnnnn, to think my life long dream would be granted in a place like this.

Haaaaahhhhh, I’m so happpppyyyy……


Hehe, dear cat~ How are you liking my lap?

Hmm? Does that face mean you’re satisfied?

…That makes me happy.


Oh, please don’t mind me. If it’s for your sake, I’ll lend this lap anytime~…I’m fine with being your cushion for the rest of my life, after all.


That’s right, I should take a commemorative photo!!

Oh yes, my smartphone. Please stay as is okay?

Ah! It turned out blurry. Hmm…it’s hard, turn your eyes this way. Pleeaassseeee?

Yes yes, thank you so much!!! Please don’t move from that position okay?

Here I go!


Hnnnnn…got it!!! Why isn’t it perfect? So cuttteeee, as I thought, I’m gonna post it onto my walls.

Oh I wonder if I should send it to her too.

Hehe, she’s definitely gonna get jealous.

……And this will do.


Aaahhhhh, you’re truly so cuutttteeeee!!!

That chin. Tickle tickle.

What’s this? You’re purring? As expected this place feels nice, right?

Next is, between your eyes.


How is it…? Does it feel nice?

Hmm? Yup, it feels nice doesn’t it~

Hehe, aww that face. This fella. Haaaaaaaaaahhhh, if it’s you, I could do this for hours on end.

Hey hey, can I please touch your paws? Please~


Squish squish.

Aahhhh, what’s this? It feels so much better than what I had ever imagined!!!

Haaa…squish squish.

It’s so squishy, hnnnnn, and it’s so soft. Ahhhhh, it looks so tasty, I almost wanna eat it. Kuuhhhhh.


If I just take a little nibble. Haaahhhhhh……

No no, I can’t. I gotta endure it!!!

Hnnn, but guhhhhhhh……ah damn, I started drooling.


Hehe, your paws are really tiny aren’t they?

The more I touch it, the more touching it becomes a habit. Almost as if I’ll end up massaging it forever.

Sniff sniff, to think the scent would be nice too.

God thank you so mucchhhh!!!

Nghhh! Oh! C-could it be? Was that a cat punch just now!? Uwaahhhhhhhh…!!!!!! This is the first time I’ve ever been cat punched!!!

Hey hey….do it again! C’mon this cheek, just one punch!!! Pleaasssseeeee?

Ugh, you won’t do it? Stingy~

Ah…what should I do, I’m completely in love with you……


Say, if you don’t mind, could you join my family?

And there doesn’t seem to be any dogs at the moment.

I wonder if……that’s a no?

If you were to join my family, I wish to sleep together in the same futon!!! Recently, I’ve been holed up in here, but if you were waiting at home for me; I’ll definitely come home every day!!!


And then I’ll pat you like this every day, bury my face on your body, enter the bath together and there’s also brushing.

You’re plenty gorgeous as is, but I can make you evennnn more pretty. It’ll become all glossy y’know?


What else.

Ah…and it’d be great if I could be woken up by cat punch every morning and then I’ll say “Just 5 more minutes” and then get tackled, licked and have my face sat on and so I’d get up and say “Please stop already~” and then……



Ahhh! I mustn’t!!! Again my bad habit is, umm……please forget what happened just now.

And so what do you think?

I’ll definitely make you happy, I won’t let you regret it…!!! Ahaha, that sounds almost like a proposal doesn’t it?

Aah, that’s embarrassing.

But it’s true, I really do like you. So what about you? Do you like me?


Is that okay?!

Hnn, thank you!!! I’m in your care from now on.

Oh! That’s right, name!! I’ve forgotten such an important thing.

Hmm…a name. I don’t have a sense for these though.

Since you’re small, how about little Chibi???


Stare stare. Ahaha,  that doesn’t work eh.

Hmmmmmm…a cute name. I’ve got it! How about little Ohagi?

Ow, ow!!!

Ehhhh? That wasn’t cute? I thought it was pretty good though……


Hmm, I know!! How’s Hana? Look, you’re lovely, sweet and cute, it’s perfect for you don’t you think?


I’ve done it!!! Then starting from today you’ll be Hana.

I’ll be in your care, Hana.


Track 3: Let’s have a Quick Body Check


For the time being, let’s have a quick body check. We’ll go pass by a veterinarian on the way home.

Here we go.

Oh uh. Ah…you were so calm earlier, what’s wrong?

Don’t worry, I won’t do anything that would hurt you…..okay?

Aah, somehow I sense there’s doubt in those eyes. It’s definitely going to be fine so please trust me okay?


Mmmm, good girl. Pat pat. First off, could you let me see your little eyes?

Turn your face this way~

Yup, thank you.

Hehe, they’re so round and also sparkly. It makes me wanna take a lick.

Eh! Ah, egh…aah umm, it’s a joke!!! It’s a joke, I’m sorry…!!!


I wonder why that is? Does she understand my words?

……I better be careful then.

And so umm, hmm…there’s no discharge and it’s not congested either. The runny nose, I wonder if that’s okay?


Please move up a bit. Mhm, okay!

Your nose is all pink and it’s cute. Rub rub. Hmm, and the insides of your ears have no problems either! And your fur coat…100/100 full score!!!

Next is your mouth, please open up wide.


Hmm? What’s wrong meow? Are you embarrassed meow?

C’mon say “Ah”. Please let me properly see the inside of your mouth.

Oh you opened up just a little. Good, good….could you open a tad more?

Yup yup, opened wide so I can see all your cute teeth.


Okay, I’ll be touching your face for a bit.

Uwah! Hey hey, please don’t move your head! It’ll be over soon, okay?

Could you stay still? You can, right?

C’mon, look at my face. Thank you.

Ridges, tongue, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious problems.


Mmm, you’ve done well!

You were great. Squeeze. And I’ll take this chance to touch that belly.

Ahh…the fur on your belly is so fluffy. Stroke stroke.

Aah, it feels so nice.

Oh, sorry. It became a reward for me. Hehe…


Yup, there doesn’t seem to be any injuries on your body. After is……

Hana, could you please cooperate a bit more meow?

Uh-huh. Good girl, good girl and now turn to your back. Could you please let me see your behind?

Uwah, aaaahh wait! Hey!!! Ehh……please wait!!!! Aah, why are you running like that?

It’ll be fine, I’m only taking a look. I told you earlier, right? I won’t do anything that would hurt you. That’s why, c’mon please come over here! Ngh…aahhhh, eh.


As expected of a cat, she’s nimble. It’ll be easier to entrap her with multiple people, but there’s no one else around today.

Umm, hmmm…but if I corner her into this end.


Ow, that hurts!!!

Uwah, she escaped……


At this rate, I’ll make no progress. It would’ve been nice if I had some catnip with me.

Oh, I’ve got it!! Ehehe, you won’t be able to resist this, right?


Okay, little Hana, come over this way.

It’s a cat toy. See? Meow-meow.

Shake shake.

Yes yes, her eyes are following it.

Good good. That’s good Hana, just like that. Ah yes, bend down your body. Mhm, wiggle that butt. Wiggle wiggle, wiggle wiggle. It’s some good wiggling, you’ll definitely become a great hunter!!!

C’mon, over here over here.


I did it, I’ve caught you!!!

Hahaha…I won’t let you run away ever again. Now give me a break and show me that cute behind of yours, okay?

C’mon c’mon. Just kidding, sorry sorry.

We’ve only just met, right? You were a bit against having your butt seen, right?

I’m sorry, I should’ve deepened our trust a little more first.


Okay, that’s the end of the check so it’s fine now.

There there. Hehe, if you look at me with those eyes, I won’t be able to do anything, y’know?

It’s genuinely over.

And afterwards, I’ll have you seen at a clinic.


Aaah…the more I look at you, the cuter you become. I’ll be living together with such a cute girl eh. I’m so happy.

Afterwards, we’ll arrange to go to a pet shop and during that time I’ll get you a collar as well. Hehe, I wonder what colors would best suit you. Since you’re so cute, I feel that any one of them would match you.


Personally, I’d prefer red.

So what colors do you like?


Track 4: Hah… It’s the Birth of this House’s Princess……


I’m home.

Eh what, there’s no one here. Hello???


Aah, even though I wanted to introduce you. What a shame.

Okay, starting from today, this will be your home. My room’s on the second floor, so when it’s time to sleep let’s go upstairs together okay?

Although it appears that everyone’s out right now, I live together with my mother, father, and younger brother. Everybody here loves animals so there’s no need to worry.


Now then, now then. Umm, first off is……


What do you think of this collar? Don’t you think it’s cute?

Come over here, I’ll put it on for you.

Good girl. Just stay still for a sec.


Okay, it’s on.

How is it? It’s not painful right?

It seems to be fine, but even so, hnnnnnnn…so cute!!! You’re the cutest in the world!!! It realllllyyyyyyyy suits you!!!

Hah… It’s the birth of this house’s princess……


Aah, if I say this Mom might get angry. But it couldn’t be helped right?

Since you’re that cutttteeeeeee, I just end up falling madly in love.

Oh? Ahaha, why are you hiding your face? Are you reluctant~? That’s no good, you oughta let me see it. C’mon, take away those paws.

Hehe, I love you. Squeeze.


Since you’ve become part of the family today, you can just stay here forever~. After all, as long as you’re here, there’s nothing to worry about right?

Hehe, I’ve kissed your little nose.

Aah, I wanted to brag to her about you but, for some reason, I can’t manage to contact her today.


Hmm, there’s still no reply. I wonder if something happened…?

Hmm? Sorry, are you perhaps hungry? It’s already dinner time isn’t it? I’ll go prepare some food right now, so wait okay?


……This will be your plate.

I chose it because there are images of flowers printed on it.


Okay and this is your meal. Because I didn’t know what you liked, so I tried buying some pouch type bonito and chicken. Which do you prefer?

Hmm, as I thought, you can’t tell while it’s still in the bag. Then let’s try opening the bonito first.


Yup, here you go.

Oh, you don’t like it? Could it be that you’re bad with fish?

Hmm, is there such a thing as a cat who hates fish? I thought it looked pretty tasty though.

Sniff sniff.

Hmm, it’s a good smell. Let me take a bite. Hmm…just one more bite.


Oh it’s good…!!!! To think the latest cat food would be this delicious!!!!! Yum, you could live on them. If they’re like this, I might just wanna try out other ones too.

Look, it’s really tasty so would you like to have a taste?

Ah, I wonder if she’s willing to eat from the palm of my hands?


Okay, if it’s from my hand, would you eat it?

C’mon, dig in.

Ahh. Aaaahhh…she’s eating from the palm of my hands. Hehe, somehow it feels sneaky.

How is it? It’s delicious right?

…I’m glad.

To have you licking around my hand, it’s so cute…!!!

Ah, there’s some left here. C’mon, lick it.


Mhm, it’s all clean.

Oh, that’s right! I’ll go bring over some water right now. There’s still some on the plate, so take your time and finish.


Track 5: Whereabouts, unknown……?


Aahh, hahhh……it’s all freshly clean.

Hey, why were you so against baths?

I know that cats hate water but I even went as far as buying cat shampoo.

Next time, let’s enter together okay? I’m not particularly thinking of soaking you inside a bathtub, just that if you don’t shampoo……


Ah, could it be?!!

Oh, it’s just my mother.

Yes, hello. Ah no, I just came home. So Mom where are you guys at?

Umm, you’ve said that? Uh ah, I’m sorry.

Hmm? I haven’t met her today. Or rather she hasn’t sent any messages nor any phone calls either.


Eh? Just wait a minute. Whereabouts, unknown……?

It’s true that it’s plenty possible for her to be staying at another person’s house, but are you planning to wait 1 more day for signs of contact??? If so I’ll start searching immediately.


Uh, oh right……

Then I’ll contact any of her friends that I could recall. That’ll be fine with you, right?

Ah, mhm…I understand. Good night.


I wonder if she’s actually okay.  I knew it, I still can’t get connected to her.

Hmm? Hehe, are you worried about me?

……Thank you so much. You’re very kind, aren’t you?


Hmm? What’s wrong?

Aah…hey hey, that’s a precious photo so you can’t.

Hmm? Does it interest you that much?

Ugh, it’s not a photo that features any cats though.

Oh, are you perhaps interested in this person?

Is that so…?


Y’see, this person is my childhood friend. This, I wonder when that was……

It’s a photo from the time we had BBQ together with everyone else. She was eating the food super enthusiastically and I took this photo with that thought in mind.

Her facial expression had changed all over the place and I simply couldn’t get tired of looking at it.


You’re the same as me, you can’t get tired of looking at it either, right?

You just end up following it with your eyes. I’m sure you’ll take a liking to her too. Once I get in touch with her, I introduce you as soon as I can.

Hehe, she’ll probably be pretty delighted, wouldn’t she? I feel like she’d say “Since Touma isn’t home, I’ll keep her as my own.”


Ah but, I won’t hand you over to anyone.

Even if she asks me countless times, I won’t yield. Though in saying that, I sense that she’ll get angry and then I’d cower immediately.

It’s troubling, right?

Well…that part is cute too though.


The truth is, the one I like isーーthis person.

The other side may have never noticed, but I’ve always had this unrequited love ever since I was young. I only became self-aware after I reached middle school though. Hehe…

Ah! By the way, this is a secret so you can’t tell anyone, okay?


I wonder why that is?  I’m able to talk to you about anything, it almost seems as though you could understand my words. It’s strange, isn’t it…?

That’s right! From now onwards, how about I confide in you about love?

Hehe, I’ll leave it to you my reassuring consultant~

Ah! Hey hey, have you taken a liking to this person over here? Y’know, in me?


Hmm…what’s with this reaction? Are you not interested in me?

Whoa! Hehe, that’s a relief.

Incidentally, I’ve had this feeling even in the past. On the occasions where I’d meet up friends from my hometown, they’d often say “Touma never changes”. Whether they were praising me……it’s still weird, isn’t it?


Y’see, I genuinely wish to become a reliable person. One way or another, I get dragged around by other people. As expected, girls prefer level headed guys, right?


……I wonder what type of person she likes?

Speaking of which, we’ve probably never discussed it, because I’ve always tried to avoid that subject.

Could it be that she’s got a boyfriend and she’s staying at his house or uh…at a hotel!!!

No no, there’s no way. At least I want to believe that it’s not possible.


Hah, I haven’t even confessed yet.

Where did you go off to, idiot…? Ah, I won’t be able to sleep like this, y’know? Damn it.


Track 6: Hey, Could You Sleep Together with Me?


Is that so? Mhm, if something comes to mind, it’ll be a great help if you could get in touch.

Yes, thank you. Sorry for disturbing you so late.


It’s no use, there’s no information in regards to that. Updates on her SNS stopped 3 days prior, or rather from the point she didn’t give her usual quick reply……

Ah, what should I do?


Huh? What’s wrong?

Oh, it’s that time of day already. If you’re sleepy, you can go ahead and sleep before me.

Eh uh…is that not it?

Hmm, oh? Perhaps you want me to sleep?

Hehe, somehow you’re like a mother.

……Thank you.


I suppose so. If I don’t sleep properly, I won’t be able to rush forward when the time calls for it.


My eyes are strained, I wonder if I must’ve overused them?

Oh, I’ve bought a bed for you just in case but……

Hey, could you sleep together with me? Please, somehow I just have the feeling of not wanting to sleep alone today.

Ah, thank you.


Eh? What? Are you going to be sleeping above me? It’s a rare chance, so come here, okay?

C’mon, come on over. Ah, just a bit closer.

Hehe, I’ve gotcha.

Squeeze. It’s warm and when I do this, I can clearly hear the sounds of your heartbeats.


Ba bump, ba bump, ba bump, ba bump.

It’s the sound that you’re alive just like me. Hey, can I stay like this until I fall asleep? For one reason or another, I feel anxious.

It’s strange, isn’t it? …And I’d thought I became accustomed to staying alone amidst my research. To be together with you is a real relief and her too, it’d be nice if she wasn’t alone.


In a safe place as long as she’s with someone that’s trustworthy, even if that were a boyfriendーー


Haha. Hehehhh, that tickles…!!!

Could it be that you’re trying to cheer me up?

Ah, despite me being the one who’s done the saving first, somewhere along the way, I’ve become the one who’s being saved.

Somehow, it’s like me and her.


For being by my side, thank you.

Even though we’ve just met, I love you. Though it would’ve been nice if I could say that to her honestly as well.

Haha, I…it turns out, I loved her more than I had imagined and a bit too much right now.


Wait a sec! If you stroke my face so much your paws are gonna get into my mouth……

Jeez, I was trying to be serious here so please stop this, okay?


Okay, once it’s morning let’s go search for her. It might be a disservice to Mom and the others, but I don’t wanna stay still with things staying as is.

I’ve been made better by you, thank you.

I’m fine now and I’m gonna start working hard!!!


And in order to do that, I better get some proper sleep right now.

……Good night.


Track 7: It’s Already Morning……Yawn……


It’s blinding. Ah, it’s already morning……yawn……


She’s slept well, her face is almost like it’s smiling…so cute.

There there. Hehe, let me give you a handshake. Little paw. Shake shake.

Oh, she moved.

Looking at this face, I might just cry. Surely, it’s a real relief to have you with me. Normally I’d feel more restless, but somehow my heart feels light.

To have met with this timing, it’s strange, isn’t it? You’re my hero!

……I’m thankful.




First off, let’s search the stations. It hurts that I can’t rely on the police, but if I continue to steadily gather information day after day then surely something……

Ah eh?!





Wait that’s not it, just then it should’ve been Hana sleeping over there!!! Ah…am I still inside a dream?


Eh…uh. Ah, umm good morning.



Idiot, with that appearance.


Eh? What are you doing? Hah, HAH!? EHHHH?!!




AAHHH…!!! Could you l-le-let go of me a little???

No, there’s no way I’d hate-it’s not that I hate it, but for the time being, please listen to what I have to say!!!



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