【Translation】 Shinai naru Thanatos vol.1 Kaikou


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

親愛なるタナトス 第一巻 邂逅

CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

Track 1: Drowning


What’s this? You didn’t die?

That’s what you intended right?

Report? Why? I haven’t. Since you were going to commit suicide, I was here waiting for you to die.

Were you thinking, “why wouldn’t I save you?”

I have no plans on stopping someone who wishes to die. If you want to die then you can go ahead and go.

Though you’re already no longer normal.


If you take a seat there, we’ll have a little talk.

Did you just come to the island today? You’re a face I haven’t seen.

Heh…so this island is famous on that type of site?

And in accordance with that, corpses would occasionally wash up, but the residents on these islands are already accustomed to it.

Ah, is it that?


Choosing the location to die is the individual’s freedom. There are very few people living here, so this is a considerably better choice compared to dying in a place where it would inconvenience an even larger group of people, don’t you think?

Well, it’s a strange idea to be thinking of strangers whilst dying.


Yup yup, I know of a good place to die. That place over there has a coastal cape, if you step off, you’ll surely die and your dead body will then float up onto a beach near a house.

So if you’re going to die, I’d ask you to die there.


Hmm? You’re pretty cowardly, aren’t you? …Even though you’ve already made the decision to die.

So the next step was to drown to death here, right?

You’ve failed brilliantly, haven’t you?

The figure of you frantically running back onto the beach was so idiotic looking that I might’ve even laughed the first time in a long while.


Hmm? What? Did you wish for me to use kinder words?

You’re an easy person to read, it all shows on your face. So why did you think of dying? Money? Work? …A man?


Eh? Despite you being the one that was betrayed, you seem awfully apologetic. Hey, why did you decide that running away was bad?

You felt that this was the limit, didn’t you?

There was nothing more that could be done for you. The one that should’ve understood that best is you, yourself.


…Then there’s no need to feel obliged to run, is there?

You could’ve lived more care-freely, but you’re rather earnest aren’t you? One wouldn’t begin thinking of the times they’ve made mistakes nor start blaming whomever. Living nonchalantly like that would be peaceful wouldn’t it?

However, I understand those feelings.

Mhm, me too. Though the reason’s a bit different.


Oh, me? I’m searching for remains since plenty of fish and mammalian carcasses would wash adrift here.

Haha, such a horrified face.

I regularly sell purses, wallets, and handbags made of real animal leather on the net to generate a living.

This place in relation to the ocean currents is where corpses would often flow to and unlike driftwood, no one is there to collect and there are no circumstances beyond it. But what I desire most is humans.


Oh, saying that I want them is a misleading statement.

Even if the cause was suicide, it would be a pity to have been discovered in an advanced stage of decay. That’s why I thought it would be nice if I were able to find it early and so I’m taking the opportunity to survey the area.


Hey, since it’ll happen sooner or later… Should I just kill you?

Once you commit suicide, I’d be the one to find your dead body anyways. In that case, wouldn’t it be fine if I was the one who killed you in the first place?

Hmm? Since you’ve decided to die, I don’t see the difference between killing yourself versus being killed by anyone else. Then, so that you could die faster, how about I help you?

You hate suffering right? If so, I know of a great method.


Did you hear it as a joke?

You’re being terribly evasive, did something catch your eye?

Hmm, since you couldn’t quite die, I thought you must’ve surely been troubled.

Oh sorry, I have no idea what to say during times like this.


Clothes? …I understand.

Well then, tell me once you’ve put on your clothes because I live just over at the coastal cape you see over there.

It’s a promise.


Track 2: The Isolated Pair


Were you not able to put them on within one day?

Then…what have you done today?

In your situation rather than strolling, you were loitering around. After all, you were searching high and low for a place to die weren’t you?


Hmm? Was this on the internet too?

Hmm, you’re well organized, huh.

Whether that was the aim of those who created it. Ah…this place is no good, you’ll end up injuring your body no matter what.

Hmm. Oh, here’s a nice place, I recommend it.

Ah well, it’ll make dependable work difficult, but it’s too much for someone scared like you right?

Mmm, ah here. It’s close to my house.

Nevertheless, if you’re going to die, I’d like to ask you to do it within this vicinity.

Collection will be fast too and you’ll also avoid decomposition. Anyhow, you’d want to die whilst retaining a beautiful appearance right?


Mmm? Could you be a bit happier?

Because we’re choosing your place of death after all. Normally you wouldn’t be able to choose, as it’s a spur of the moment type thing, but in your case it’s different. You have the ability to select both the time and place and even the manner of death.

You’re quite negative, aren’t you? Is living fun?

Oh precisely because it wasn’t fun you’re going to die?


I have no plans to push you to act immediately and besides, we’re still in the middle of exploring the many locations in which to die.

Just saying…I have no intention of living a long life either. I have no family, when I was young my father inexplicably vanished and my mother along with my older brother died long ago.


Why are you apologizing? Since I can fully concentrate on creating works without anyone interfering…the current environment is best.

Lonely? Why?

M-m, I’m not lonely in the slightest. My father was a nuisance, so if he were to return now I’d be troubled and besides my mother…and my brother will always be at my side.


What are you doing? Sharing an umbrella?

I’ve never written on those sandy beaches. If anything, I’ve never liked anyone, to begin with.

Is it that surprising I wonder?

Speaking of which, are you not going to write anything next to your own name? Being under one umbrella is that type of thing no?


Is that so? But I’m glad you don’t have a person you like.

A thing like that will only become a lingering attachment for you now.

There exist plenty of them. People who call out to their lovers or their family, as they’re about to die.

Then, why is it that those same people had not saved you whilst you were suffering?


You already know the answer. You were never needed in the first place and you simply pretended not to notice and for you to come here alone, I’m sure you’re aware of the answer more than anyone. Am I not mistaken?


It’ll be easier if you just admit it.

I’m not particularly trying to corner you since I don’t want to get caught up with people I dislike.

Oh, that reminds me. Your name, how’s it pronounced?

Hmm, I see. I’ll remember it.

I’m merely interested in regards to when I place down a grave marker, that’s all.

What’s this? Even though I thought you’d be grateful.


I’m Seo Eito. Nice to meet you.

And also, you don’t have to be so respectful. Be sure to remember it, because it’s the name of the person who’ll be watching over you.


Hmm? What? Lead the way?

To the place, you’ll die? …Me?

Ah, I’m okay with it. Tomorrow I have errands to run, so as long as you don’t mind it being the day after tomorrow.


To be thanked, I feel as though I’ve become a harbinger of death.

I got it, I’ll think of a good location for you.


Track 3: Dangerous Interpretation


And so what you see over is there is a bridge.

Oh, look, based on the map, we’re now, here.

No, stop being so impressed. Are you even listening?

In terms of jumping, you’ll faint on the way down. The higher it is, the easier it’ll be and besides, it’s a better height than a mountain ridge, and below is a fair depth of water so unless you have extremely terrible luck; there’s nothing else to be said.


Even that isn’t enough?

Then preferably you could eat the poisonous plants and mushrooms that grow in this region or perhaps be bitten by a venomous snake?

Eh, but then I’ll need to get rid of it so it’s a no go.

Hmm…after that, that’s right!


Hey! Ugh, what are you doing?

Aah, that?

Don’t worry, that isn’t a snake, it’s just a bird.

You were suddenly panicked so I thought that something had happened.


Eh? Oh, just now… It was because I was thinking that if you were to roll over and fall below, you’d end up sustaining terrible injuries.


Come on, let’s move onto the next spot. There are still more places you want to see right?


Just wait a minute.

Cats…? If it’s cats, you can look at them anytime. You know, do I look like I’ve got the stamina?

Right? I haven’t walked this much since forever.

Hmm? Next up is what? Photo? Why? Hah?! Your family is you alone, isn’t it?


Hey, wait!! You, you’re too forceful. I’ve never heard of a family shoot like this.

Eh? I don’t own a cellphone, it’s not exactly an inconvenience either. I’m able to sell my items via PC and I don’t have anyone who would contact me either.

Besides, I’ve told you, haven’t I? …That I no longer have a family.

And neither do I have friends.


You and I are friends? Even though you’re about to die?

Such a strange person. Yup, as expected I’m tired.

Oh, sorry, I won’t be able to go to that location together with you. There are many tourists there, right? I can’t handle noisy places.


Speaking of which, why are you going sightseeing in the middle of all this?

I noticed. Since the complexion on your face has gotten better, after all. So, do you really still have the intention to die?

……Well fine, I just want to rest for the time being.

Oh, then, would you like to come over to my house?

I could bring out some drinks and in regards to living space, there’s no need to worry. It’s messy though, is that fine with you?


Ah, then, it is not that path.

It’s this path.


Yes, go ahead. Is coffee okay? I don’t have anything besides this.

Sugar and milk?

Got it. Just wait for a bit until it finishes brewing.

Hmm? What? I told you it was messy, didn’t I?


I’m bad at cleaning, though no one would come to visit either way.

Oh, is there no place to sit?


Here, sit down properly.

Is there something wrong? Eh? Cleaning? Right here and now?

Um, what was that last part?

Oh, right, you were surprisingly meddlesome. I understand, only until the coffee’s made okay? Will that be enough to ease your nerves?


I don’t care for any particular arrangement so it’s fine if you just return them onto the bookshelves.

Hmm? Oh, since those are my father’s books……

Ah, so they were there.

No, I just thought I’d thrown them all away because I didn’t want them in my sight.

Our family had originally migrated to this island over a bankruptcy investigation. However, the islanders didn’t think kindly of our existence.

It’s a very closed off community after all.


By merely being born outside, you’d be shunned, and yet precisely because we lived in such a remote place away from the village, they had found us repugnant. And in the end, predicated by the fact my father got together with a woman from this island, us who were left behind had more or less lost our place of belonging.

But well, it’s simply a tale of the past now.

Oh, it’s done.


If I add in this. Would it be okay I wonder?


Here, thank you for waiting.

For sugar and milk, use this.


What’s this? Are you not going to drink?

Oh, you don’t have to mind today’s events, I was the one who accepted your guide request.

But isn’t it about time you make it clear? If you aren’t planning to die then there’s no need for me to be near to you.

My main point isーー

Is dying that big of a deal?


Plenty of dead bodies would wash up onto the coast in front of this house.

Accidents, suicides, there are endless reasons but in a form completely different from the times of living they would flow ashore. And upon seeing that, everyone would react “Ah, I don’t want to become like that” and avert their gaze. Yet he, whose heart has stopped, and me, who remains alive, where’s the difference?


Those in your surroundings have said it, haven’t they? …That you’re a useless person.

It’s the same as this island.

A living human is the most dreadful and after being surrounded by nothing but those unsightly humans and to be forced into a life of solitude, a dead corpse would appear far more beautiful.

For a human to have worth, I wonder which would it be?


And so as I think that towards corpses, death, and people close to death, any reluctance in regards to those disappeared.

That’s why I wouldn’t tell you to force yourself to live until the end.

As I watch you suffer from the many people who’ve betrayed you, I can’t help but think that it’ll be easier if you’d just hurry up and die. Or rather I found it pitiful to see your hesitation to die, so I had the feeling of “should I just kill you?”


Haha, it’s an unacceptable way of thinking.

If you’ve listened, then speak honestly.


You don’t want to?

To interpret this as impartially as I thought you’re weird.

Perhaps this is what they call too good of a person. I have been rejected before, but this is the first time I’ve been accepted in this manner. Speaking frankly, you’re excessively strange.


Aah, I have no interest in living, only that if I die, I won’t be able to create any more works, that’s all.


Right now…? Yeah, I won’t be able to have conversations with you I guess? Because it’s been a long time since I’ve talked to someone like this. This emotion I feel, I wonder what it might be?

But on the other hand, when you die, I wish to see what kind of expression would be on your face.


I suppose so. This is indeed contradictory.

Living alone in a place like this, without any human interactions, it’s only natural to cling onto a living person.


Why are you making such a sad face?

There’s a limit to being good-natured, you know? For a person like you, it must’ve been hard to survive, right?

……In the next life, it would be nice if you were happy.

You already have a dream?

No, I think that’s good. Continue, I’d like to hear more of it.


Eh? You want to live in this type of house? Fancy? I think it’s just a log house, though…?

Ah. Oh, thank you. I didn’t think you’d compliment my sofa.

To no surprise, creating it from scratch was impossible, so I had reupholstered the covering of a ready-made item. I’ve never shown it to anyone so I don’t quite know the extent of my abilities.


Heh? You can tell?!

That’s right, that lampshade too. I made it completely on my own starting from the framework.

Uh-huh, I suddenly thought of challenging myself to create a large-sized mount so at first, I tried taxiderming birds.


Uh, ugh. Ah, no…I guess you could say I was surprised, that there was a person out there who could understand my works.

Thank you.

Aah, that’s right. Please just wait a moment!


This. If you don’t mind, please accept it.

It’s a work I was planning to sell the next time around, but it’s a leather bracelet and I thought it’d suit you.

Mhm, I want you to have it.


Oh, that 0-5-2 is the numbering of the work, it is always engraved somewhere.

I’ll put it on for you since I want to adjust the length.


Ahh…it suits you just as well as I’d imagined!!!

I happened to have procured some really nice material earlier, so I had tried making it in that manner.

Uh-huh, it’s natural leather.

Oh, I don’t buy existing ones. Instead, I search for hides on my own and then tan them as well. After stripping away the pelt from the animal, it’ll rot as is and that’s why, in order to prevent it from rotting, you treat it all at once, and that’s what tanning is.

Also, I enjoy this work process too.


It’s fun. Whenever new materials arrive, I’d work for three days and nights without a wink of sleep. I become so absorbed that my hands just won’t stop.

Additionally, my works would have a degree of freshness.

Uh. But lately, I’ve been quite frustrated because I’ve not been blessed with such opportunities.


What’s wrong? Isn’t that just fatigue?

Ah, how about you take a nap at my house? In that state, you aren’t capable of returning to the inn, right?

It’s okay to not apologize.

Good night.


Track 4: Unnamed Sentiments


Oh, you’ve opened your eyes. It’s already night now.

Too bad, but you’re still alive.


Why did you drink the coffee?

In actuality, you’ve noticed that I’ve mixed something in right? So why?

No, that’s not it.

……I wasn’t able to kill you.


I’ve laid my hand on your vulnerable neck numerous times. Yet, I couldn’t do it.

I knew. When you talked about cleaning, near the end I heard you mutter “I wish to be taken at a pretty place.”

You knew I was planning to lay my hands on you.

And yet, I couldn’t do it. I wonder why that is? Even though I thought nothing of people’s deaths? I don’t understand well myself, this feeling…

I wonder what it would be called?


It’s just that, I was happy. You would nestle close to my ideas and you would praise my works.

It may merely be just that, but it made me extremely happy.

I was always looked upon as creepy, being alone was only natural and so I didn’t mind being alone in the future. But for you to be gone, I thought it’d be lonely.


This kind of thing, it’s a first.

I’ve been thoroughly called remarkable by you, it’s shameful, right? It’s laughable, right?



You, every single part of you is good-natured, eh.

It’s strange. I too wish to understand more of myself. If it’s you, would you be able to accept me?


Hey, there’s something I want you to see. They’re my works from inside the studio workshop because those are all of my being.


Thank you. If it’s you, I believe you’d surely understand!!!


Track 5: Sole Understanding


The truth is, I’ve never allowed anyone to see it. I started making these after the death of my family so you’ll be the first.

For you to be that rejoiced, I too am happy.

Ah. Sorry to break your expectations but it’s mostly an extension of the works shown inside that room.

Thank you, I wonder if you’d take a liking to them?

Come inside.


Hmm? There isn’t a single replica inside this room.

Did I not tell you earlier? Even if you collect the corpse, it’ll be damaged in accordance to which spots were hit and its preservation status.

That’s why I only cut off the beautiful parts of these corpses and then stuffed them in this manner.


Come here and look at this!!! It’s such a pretty wrist, right?

By the time this one was found by me, the legs were missing, but nevertheless, it had these lovely wrists and so I made them into this shape.

If I remember correctly it was a young girl whose name I don’t know.

Because the other parts are unsalvageable, hence I tanned together the skin of other people and covered it.


When you had praised me, I was truly happy. It has a nice texture, right?

Hmm? I was referring to the living room sofa of course. At that time you complimented the lampshade too, right?

You might just have the eyes for these.

That was I believe…a university-aged boy, I think?

The state was also a mess and to get a precisely sheer skin, it was quite labor-intensive.


Oh, by the way, I’m currently making this. It’s a bit smaller than the soda inside the living room though.

Ah, come and look at this as well!


I’ll introduce them. It’s my mother and older brother.

They aren’t mere mannequins. You see this? It’s created from the combination of both of their bones.

But, those clothes are a different story though.


Hmm? Mhm, it’s my father. After mother and brother died, he randomly returned home, and so I thought he’d somewhat become like clothes for them.

Hahahaha!!! I was able to find value out of this man. After all, the two of them would be cold with just bones, right?


My kind mother changed after my father disappeared. She started saying the reason that man was gone was the fault of us, siblings. With the face of a demon, she would beat us every single day.

My brother had desperately persuaded her but once a person has turned into that state, they’d never return to normal.

Words would never reach her ears and the situation only got worse.

Coming to such an island, being cast out by the village, and losing her husband.

I believe my mother couldn’t bear it either without having someone to blame.


“You see I had wanted to try dying with you for once. Let’s just finish off our mother already”

The murder-suicide of an entire family.

Since daily life was horrible you see, I accepted that I simply wanted to be at peace. But when I opened my eyes, for some reason I was the only one left alive even though I was certain that we had thrown ourselves off the cape together.


The next day, when I saw both of their washed-up corpses…I was astonished.

The usual expressions of a gentle mother had returned and I could see that my brother beside her was overjoyed. Our former mother had finally returned. I was excited and I felt loved.


At that moment, I became convinced that without question; this form displays a human’s true nature.

It was there all along.

For the sake of preserving their beautiful form in this world, I had to do something!!!

That’s why I began creating my works.


There’s 0-0-1 engraved on this tip right? My first work was my mother and brother.


Hehe. What are you doing?

Hey, what exactly are you doing?

Why did you remove it? You were so pleased with it, right? Hey, was everything up until now all lies?


Don’t go! You said you wanted to know more about me right? I want to know more about you too.

Stop struggling.


Hey, you wouldn’t say anything terrible to me, right? You became the sole person to understand me right? You came to like me. right?


It’s warm and the sound of heartbeatsーーyou’re actually living.

And your outer skin is this soft.

Ah, this is the original form of a woman’s body. Plus these clavicles, I just want to sink my teeth into them.


Haha, don’t worry, I don’t have an interest in cannibalism.

This is just…

Oh, your nipples would turn this way too. Look, it’s gotten hard. Is this the sign that you’re aroused?

That makes me happy!!!


Amazing, a sweet voice is leaking out. Don’t hold back.

Hey, does it feel good? Tell me.




More, more.


It’s no use, from just this I’m already…


I can’t stop, it feels good. Hey, can I just release this onto you right now?

Look, you can tell, right? It’s already this engorged and painful. Don’t avert your gaze, come on.


Cumming, cumming, it’s about to-


This is proof that you’re mine.

Hey, I wish to know more about you.


Does the navel feel good too? Well…?


I’m not wrong, right?

Making up lies is bad, you know?


Since your breathing is labored, your abdomen is moving quite a bit.


And your thighs too. They have just the right plumpness to their flesh, it almost feels like dessert.


It’s so soft.


Hmm? Does it feel ticklish I wonder?

It’s quite sensitive eh, that’s cute.


This place has already gotten wet and it’s overflowing this much. Is this a sign that it feels good as well?

Hmm? Oh, this causes pain.

Heh, it’s a rather delicate place, eh. Even though it’s gotten this slippery, how strange.


Whoa, your voice’s gotten louder. You like this place, right? I wonder what will happen if I increase the number of fingers?

Aah, it swallowed it all up.

The warmth of your insides is amazing.


That voice of yours is, hmm…very strained.

It’s completely different from your regular voice, it’s almost as if it’s trying to invite me. Is this how women tempt men?

These upper arms look delicious as well. The skin is thin and soft.


Now there are red marks. Beautiful internal bleeding, it’s a nice color, right?


I want to suck on your skin even more……


Hey, can you tell?

My place here has gotten big again. I’m unconsciously moving my hips and rubbing it instinctively, as though an animal.


And your earlobes too. If I strongly dig my teeth into them, it’ll start dripping blood, right?


It’s delicious. Every last place on your body is soft and has a very oddly sweet taste.


Why are you crying? Are you happy? Does it feel good?

Look, your vagina has already gotten so soft, it’s even spilling onto your feet and making stains.

Was it really that good?


Hey, it’s about time, right?


Such wonderful sounds. Hey, I wonder if it’s okay if I put it in here?

Ah, hey, can you tell? Just from grinding against the entrance, it’s overflowing again.


Could it be that you’re against it? That can’t be, right?

Inside? Oh, you’re referring to that. I’m not being particularly calm becauseーwe’ll be becoming family.


It’s in.

Look, I’m inside! I’m doing it together with a living girl!!!

Come on, be a bit happier, it feels good, right?

It’s tightening and squeezing down on me. It’s yearning for me, right?


Thank you.

For falling in love with a person like me, thank you. I’m also very happy to have become one with you.

I wonder what this emotion is? Living is wonderful, isn’t it?

I’m glad to have been alive!!!

I understand it now. The reason I felt something special towards you was that…

……Our meeting was fated, right?


You who had thought of suicide came to this island by coincidence and met me by coincidence. This could be nothing but fate, right?

And also, you no longer intend to die, right?

I was able to tell. To live together with me is what you decided, right?


I’m happy. From now on let’s live together, okay?


Your insides are hot and it’s constantly twisting.

I feel it, I can properly feel your body. We’ve become one, right?


I can’t stop. Deeper. More.


Did you cum?

Amazing, it’s clenching down on me. It’s fine, you can cum as many times as you’d like.


Come on, open your mouth. This way we can entwine our tongues, no?

Do it properly. That’s right.


Hot and also, it’s quite soft. I love this.

Not just our sex organs, if we overlap our lips like this, we could feel even better, right?

It’s amazing!!!


I love you, I really love you.

I want to be loved even more by you so, just accept everything okay?


I’m already about to cum……

This time, I’ll make sure to cum inside.


Mine and yours are mixing together.

Ah, could it be that fingers aren’t enough? You’re still squeezing me. You’re quite greedy, aren’t you?

I’m happy, I’ve come to know a new side of you.

Oh, that’s right. There’s one thing I want to try doing.


Hey, could you please lick me? You have a mouth attached so you can do it right?

If you can’t, I’ll remove that useless mouth.

As long as you can get me erect, I’ll be able to thrust you plenty and if that happens you’ll feel even better, right?

We still haven’t done it enough, right?


Aah, that’s it. It’s warm and it feels good how your tongue is also rolling and wrapping around it.

Hey, suck it harder. Please.

Look, I’ve gotten big again. You can tell, right? This is because I love you right?


Lift up your hips.

Heh? If you aren’t able to do it then I’ll carry you.

I’m happy. To think I’d be able to be connected to you again…


It’s more slippery than earlier and I’m packed into your insides.

Amazing, doing it from the back feels good too eh.

It’s a shame that I can’t see your face but from here, I have a great view of your back. Though it feels as though a little more meat could be attached.


I am raising your body. Ah, there’s that type of fun to be had from now on.

……To be producing a living work, this is a first.


Ah, I’ve left some bite marks. It’s easy to leave marks, but I wonder if bite marks like these would simply disappear shortly after.


Because we’re moving, you’ve started sweating.

When our bodies are overlapping like this I get a strong feeling of satisfaction. You’re that way too, right? If you weren’t, there’s no way it’d feel this good, right?


It feels good, you’re wrapping around me and I’m so happy that I can’t stop.


I’m already about to…



Hey hey, oh what? If you’re still alive then reply. A person’s body wouldn’t break just from this so you’re fine.

Looks like you’re fragile, aren’t you?


I finally get it now. Under that shared umbrella, to have a person alongside your own name…….it was for the sake of writing my name, right?

When I die, I wonder if you’d become my lingering attachment?

Well, that wouldn’t be bad either.


Track 6: Warped Family Planning


I’m relieved, you’re still alive. You weren’t waking up at all, so I wonder what I should do.

I’m not angry anymore.

You were just a bit surprised, right?


I reflected on whether I’d appended too much.

For you to praise my work and for you to have fallen in love with me. Because it’s the first time I’ve experienced something so joyous, I ended up going off on my own.

Oh, is your body okay? I overdid it, right?



But don’t worry, you can take your time and rest here because the two of us will always be together from now on.

Why are you saying such strange things? Starting today, this is now your home, right?


At your former place, you weren’t needed by anyone. And so how about you create a new family together with me?

Mother and brother are here as well so it won’t be lonely.


Because I love you, I’ve decided to trust you and wait. And once we live together, you’d immediately understand.

I was taught by you after all.

That…to like and to love were these kinds of emotions.


That’s why the next time would be my turn to teach you that there are various forms of life.

Hey listen, thanks to you, I’ve been inspired to create and I just can’t resist myself.

Hey, what kind of items would you like? To commemorate us becoming a family, allow me to gift you something for the occasion.

Aah, how about some boots?

That’s right, there’s also uh, sandals? Once you’ve recovered, let’s go take a walk on the beach.


It’s strange right?! My mind is entirely filled with you!!!

More importantly towards a living you, it’s a truly strange sensation.

You, who had understood me, I love you to no end. I love you to the point of wanting to monopolize you.


But first off, becoming a family would be our starting point.


Hey, I love you to the point of wanting――to kill you.

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