【Translation】 Shuumatsu no Misshitsu


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Cute Pet


That’s pointless, those chains can’t reach beyond the door and no matter much you struggle, you aren’t capable of removing it with your strength.

Haha, your face has stiffened with dread. As the pampered young lady of a major hospital, you can’t bear this circumstance for even a second, right?

Hmm? Are you still dazed?

That’s strange, did I mess up the drug dosage……?


That’s right. Have you finally remembered? While you were on-route home, I kidnapped you after knocking you out with chloroform.

No, this is not some random untargeted attack; I’ve known you quite well.

Unfortunately for you, this is fact. Inside this cell phone, lists your 3 sizes, your interests, and hobbies as well as containing other information unbeknownst to others.


You are the only daughter of a major hospital’s director; however, you have no blood relations to that director. You’re the second wife’s… In other words, you’re the child from his current wife’s previous marriage.

And recently, you’ve been assisting the accounting department of the hospital as a proponent of your bridal training.

Though this might simply appear to be the talk of rumors……

At least for now, I hope you understand that I am not some random assailant.


Is that right?

Then without delay, allow me to ask a simple request of you. It may be sudden, but after suffering pain and humiliation…I’d like you to die.

Haha, I won’t kill you immediately. If I let you die so easily, then it wouldn’t be called revenge.


No, I bear no resentment towards you but by killing you in the most demeaning manner possible, my vengeance upon that man will be achieved.

Good, be more frightened.

Look, do you see that camera? That’ll capture everything, including just how miserable of an end you’ve met, and then I’ll send it off to him.

Haha, you want to know who that guy is?

Well, of course, you’ll be dying all thanks to himーーbut I won’t tell you just yet. Your despair would deepen more this way, no?


Haha…such a bare resistance, come and defy me with the drive to KILL!!!

This way, the video will be even more dramatic.


Your desperate struggle only amounts to this?

As expected you’re a young lady who’s never learned hardship. You’re different in every way to a person like me who’s lived surviving through the dregs.

This porcelain smooth skin, these smooth breasts and without a single scarーーalmost as though a doll.


Truly…makes me want to taint you.

Hmm? It hurts?

Did you think you even had the right to say that? Besides, I’ll be inflicting more pain onto you, so it’s too early for you to cry.



Looks like you’re capable if you try, that hurt quite a bit. Go on, this is the wound you made so you should be the one to lick it!!!

If you bite, I’ll yank out all your teeth.


You’re very skilled with your tongue. If you lick me like that, I’d have the urge to have you lick that.


Haha, I’m sure you’ve seen a man’s genitals before.

Such an innocent response is-

Eh? It’s your first time?

Heh. Then that means for both blowjobs and sex, I’ll be your first.

Hmm? When I talk about blowjobs it could only be one thing. Just like this, swallow up a man’s thing and pleasure it.


Don’t make me repeat myself…!!!

Do you actually want me to pull out all your teeth? Hey, are you even trying? You know I can’t stay this way forever?

More indecently, and lick along the whole length……


Yes yes, it’s gotten better. The next step is to save up some saliva and blow like earlier.


You’re fucking awful at it. Since it can’t be helped, I’ll lend you a hand.

Go on, say “Aaah”.

And If you sink your teeth into it, I’ll murder you right off the bat.


The sensation when my dick hits the back of your throat, I can’t get enough of it, it feels so much better than before.

Don’t choke, just endure it.

The inside of your mouth has a nice hot feeling. Just like that, I’ll pour my semen deep inside your throat.


That teary face is extremely arousing.


This is the best.

That tormented face is great too, it sends me shivers.

Suffer more, come on!!!


I’m cumming, so make sure to swallow it up completely!!!


No, don’t you dare puke. Swallow it as is.

You’re quite the handful, If I shut your mouth like this, you’ll be able to gulp it all down, no?


Did you swallow it? Open up your mouth for me.

There, there, you’ve tried hard.

Well then, next up…how about we get this lower region to accept my semen?

You’ve got some nice panties on, eh. But since you’ve nothing else to spit out, they’re no longer necessary, right?

Then let us unveil this virgin pussy!!!


Hmm? As expected, you haven’t played around much so it’s got a wonderful color and the labia too…it’s soft.

Still struggling?

You’re being surprisingly lively right now. With the way things are, it appears that I have no need to go easy on you.


Can you tell?

My thing’s gotten hard again from looking at your pussy, and it’s itching to quickly penetrate and violently fuck you.


Hmm? Hey, is it okay for you to not resist? You’re going to be raped then murdered at this rate……

Why do you have the look as though you’ve given up on life???

Uh, right. Yes, that’s good.

Yes yes, I know I know. You’re scared, right?


It’s okay, once I ram it in…all you need to do is endure it!!!

Haha! Destroying that hymen is the best feeling in the world. Come on, spread your legs more, else I won’t be able to violate you thoroughly, right?!!


Huh? It hurts?

Well, of course, I’m bigger than average and I haven’t even started making proper love yet…!!!


Ahh…so this is how it feels to fuck a virgin. It’s so incredibly tight like it’s going to eat up my dick.

Such an excellent pussy. That’s a first.


That precious cute face of yours is an utter mess from your tears and runny nose.

Salty. The taste of your tears feels more delicious than any other. It pushes me to make you cry even more.



Your insides are squeezing down nicely, it feels too good that I’m already about to climax.

Hey, you sense it right? My dick’s gotten extremely hard and springing up like it’s going to cum.

I’ll muddy your insides all up with my semen.


Hah, I’m screwing you this deeply, so there’s absolutely no way you’ll escape,e right? Give me a break and spread those legs more!!!


At the base of your leg, there’s a strange birthmark, and not only is it that shape……

Heh, what an ironic coincidence.


Eh, you haven’t noticed it yourself?

Well, if it’s in that place, it’s difficult to spot.

That’s enough, don’t concern yourself with it. You should concentrate on this!


Weep more, scream more, and despair!!!

With your sorrow, it’ll become an exceptional video.

Aah, I’m gonna cum, I’m cumming!


Hehe, if you’re that against it then beg me to not cum inside, I’ll consider it.

You’re so cute when you turn desperate. However, it’s a shame but my resulting decision is still to cum inside.




It’s releasing, it’s all releasing. You might already be knocked up with this.

Don’t cry, even if you’ve been impregnatedーーI’ll kill you before your stomach ever gets big, so there’s no need to worry.

As expected, the interest in murdering a pregnant-

Ugh. Aaah, you’ve gouged a fair amount of flesh off that place on my arm. I was so excited that I never realized, you truly did your best to fight back.


Why are you apologizing? The one who should be apologizing is me……

You’ve got some weird responses, almost as if you’re a person who’s been frequently mistreated.

I can tell.

……Because in the past, that’s how it was for me.

But that’s strange, despite being an esteemed daughter then why were you bullied? And also your body shows no signs of prior abuse?


Why are you avoiding my eyes?

Look at me.

The look on your eyes is odd, in a time like this, shouldn’t it be a much more hateful glare?

Yes, it’s odd. An almost completely sadden look and not the face of a person who’s just fallen into despair.

Where does that emotion of yours stem from? Were you not an over-privileged young lady?


Hah?! Hey, hey, what do you mean “just kill me already”?

I’ll be troubled if you don’t try to resist me until the very end though.

That has certainly dampened my enthusiasm. If I killed off a potential suicide victim then there wouldn’t be any meaning in my revenge would there?!

Since you’ve got a wonderful body, I’ll keep you alive for now.


ーーAs my cute pet.


Track 2: The Master is Busy


Good morning.

I’ve prepared breakfast so please get up and eat.

Hmm? If it’s regarding the chain… Last night I switched to a type that binds both feet instead. Had you still been connected to the wall then it would be hard for you to move your way here.

Come on, hurry up and stand. If walking is difficult then I’ll lend you my hand.


Oh, that’s right. Last night we wound up doing it 3 times so I wonder if you just aren’t able to stand? Well, I guess I’ll carry you.

Here we go.

Hey, stay still. All I’m doing is carrying you.


Sit now over here, and I’ll go bring over the food.


Hmm? What is it?

Why am I treating you kindly? I told you last night didn’t I?

You’ll be my pet for the time being. Therefore the management of a pet’s health is merely the duty of its owner.

In other words, this isn’t kindness.


That aside, please eat. If you were to halfheartedly die, then it wouldn’t be revenge.

Rest assured, it isn’t poisoned.

Well, if you say you’re anxious no matter what then I’ll feed you mouth to mouth……


Yes yes, that’s fine.

Now then, how about I eat as well.

Hmm? What? Are you still suspicious that it’s mixed with poison?

If that’s not it then why?

W-Was it so delicious…that it moved you emotionally? Being able to cook isn’t out of the original, it isn’t something to be shocked about.


Eh? You aren’t able? Oh, is that so.

Well, you are indeed a spoiled young lady.

Just..b-because? Don’t look at me with those eyes. To be baited with mere food, you’re way too straightforward. Have more sense of danger!!!

Speaking of which, after what happened yesterday, you normally wouldn’t think it was delicious today!


Even though you look all dainty, you’re rather unexpectedly bold. And yesterday you suddenly told me to kill you too.

It’s fine, just quickly finish up eating.


There’s seriously something out of whack with you……

Hmm? You’ve gotten sauce onto your cheek. Despite being a young miss, you’re rather careless.

No, not there…and not there either. It’s here, right here.

There we go, I got it off.


Look, this is your sauce so you should be the one to lick my finger.

Good girl. If you lick it so deliciously, I’d want to lick it too.

Hmm…it’s got great seasoning if I do say so myself.

Hmm? What is it? I’m simply licking my own fingers. I don’t particularly mind your saliva on it either.


Okay, don’t be so surprised over it, and just hurry up and eat. And I’ll discuss today’s schedule as you eat.

Hmm? Yup, I’ve set a proper schedule for violating you.

After having breakfast and a morning shower, you’ll practice missionary until around 12 o’clock.

Following lunch, you’ll have a break for approximately 3 hours, which will then lead into an intensive training session regarding blowjobs.

At 7 p.m. we’ll have dinner and in an hour, you’ll take a shower and at 9 p.m. you’ll be retiring for the night.

The points to take note of are…


And that’s the general sense.

In order to execute this schedule of violation as planned, if your body isn’t in a perfect state of health then I’d be troubled.

Eh? Oh…now that I think of it, other people have said the same thing. That I’m a bit too much of a perfectionist. But to me, those who live their lives casually without ever setting up a schedule is more amazing though.

Because there’ll be no sense of calm, right?


Anyways, you’ve had a short break after your breakfast, so let’s move onto the next item on the schedule immediately.

A shower of course, were you not listening to my talks earlier?

Come on, let’s go. I’ll be holding onto you again, so grab onto my neck.

Heh, did you think you have the right to veto?

If you understand then good.


Hmm? What is it? Would you rather stay smeared with semen?

I’m joking. Last night after you lost consciousness, I wiped up your whole body so you’re more or less clean.

Even so, regardless, you’d want to take a shower and feel refreshed.


Hmm? What’s strange?

Although I’m a criminal…I’m amiable?

Y-You, are you stupid?!! I already told you I’m not being kind, I merely hate being filthy!!!


Strip and I’ll strip too.

There’s no reason for you to feel embarrassed now right? …Since I’ve already seen everything yesterday.

Look, I’ll help you out so lift up both your arms.

Yes and up it goes!


Eh uh, err…my bad, it’s an old habit of mine. When I look at you, I get oddly reminiscent of the past…..

More importantly, just quickly get inside.


Okay, sit down here. I’ll be the one to wash you.

It’s only washing. Though, if you say you wished for something more…I’d do it.

If that’s the case, then sit down.

Well then, I’ll start washing you from the back. Hmm…today’s body shower should be, hmm, let’s use this.


Hmm? Well, I suppose I might be sensitive to smell.

Smelling a nice scent is soothing.

Supersense? If you say these trivial things, you’re only advancing your time of death.


Then first off, let’s start with this arm.

Hmm…your upper arms are quite soft. I’d say the sensation here, feels close to your chest. You’re particularly, how should I say it? Hmm, mushy?

Hah? I’m not making fun of you!

Being nice to the touch is a positive aspect for a pet since it’s something that pleases the owner right?


Are you weak to your sides? Don’t lie, when I traced along it earlier, you had such a nice response, no?


The area around your navel too. Because I licked it last night, let’s fully wash it.

Hey, don’t run, I’m not done with your legs yet. Come on, stretch out your legs.

Like I predicted, it’s soothing to touch as well. Your entire body is nice and soft, I’d want to stroke it forever.

……This is good.

Next is your chest.

Don’t worry, as long as you give off weird reactions, I won’t do anything peculiar.

Ahh, I’m serious so don’t let out your voice okay?



I thought your thighs and upper arms were pretty soft, but as expected they can’t match the feel here.

Hmm…do you enjoy it when I scoop them up at the bottom and massage them? If you don’t enjoy it, then how do you explain this reaction?

Your nipples have gotten hard and they’re sticking out like they want to be pinched.


Despite me telling you to not let out your voice, you’re still making that response. This is already grounds for punishment.

But before that, I’ll rinse off the body soap so stay still.


Okay, this should be about it.

Hmm? There’s no way this is finished, there’s one specific spot we haven’t washed, right?

Hmm, the soap for washing that area is this.

Nope, we overdid it last night so we have to clean this precious little part here properly.

What’s this? You’re already wet? To feel it from being washed by the hands of your rapist, you’re quite the shameful young miss aren’t you?


Don’t avert your eyes and look into the mirror. Do you realize just how inviting of a face towards men you’re making right now?

Here too. It’s becoming slathered with something other than soap.

It seems that you enjoy it when I gently caress along it. It’s puffing up as though it wants me to touch that clitoris.

This is a particularly sensitive area so I’ll stroke across very carefully and clean it okay?


For your body to be trembling to that extent, what’s wrong?

Oh, could it be that you’re scared?

Then I’ll pinch it together with your nipples. With that sensation, your fear should dissipate.


You’re all too wet and also your voice has gotten sweeter than before.

Taking no heed of his words and tempting your master… You’re such a bad girl, aren’t you?

You’re obviously tempting me. With just these fingers approaching, this little entrance is making movements as though to invite them in further.


Because your place here is moving so indecently, my fingers are going to end up entering no?

Not only that, your insides are twisting so much and squeezing down…

Since I’m a good master, I’ll answer this place’s request and rub both the inside and outside.


It looks like you’re enjoying it, I can already insert a second finger.

Look, see?


I’ve found the place, where you feel it the most.

Even though I was earnestly washing your body, as punishment for feeling it, I ought to stroke it plenty, no?


Hmm? Something’s coming?

Oh is that so. You’ve never cum before, right? There there. It’s not scary, it’s not scary. I won’t get angry so cum by my hands, okay?



Are you already about to cum? Then, let’s just end it off here.

Hmm? What’s wrong? You didn’t want to cum. right? I’ll rinse off the soap so open your legs a bit more.

Getting so disappointed, I’ll end up wanting to put that in, no?

Don’t be so afraid, it’s alright, I don’t need that just yet.


That reminds me, the dish I cooked earlier…

Was there not anything you reacted poorly towards? During my investigation, it was purported that you have no known allergy, so I made whatever I felt like.

Hmm…broccoli and green peas.

Well then, next time I’ll mix them in, in a matter so that you won’t notice them.

I’m not teasing you, this for the sake of maintaining my pet’s health.


This should be about right, it’s completely dry now.

Hmm? Nevertheless, this is not kindness, I’m merely fulfilling my duties as an owner. And someday, once you no longer wish to dieーーI’ll kill you.


Oh, don’t move just yet. I’ve got something important for you.

Ah, with this and that… Hmm, this feels about right.

That’s right, they’re cat ears. I brought them before you woke up!

Reason? To cause you humiliation of course!!! Come on, cry out “Meow”.

How is it? Is it humiliating?


“Not really”?

Take a good look inside the mirror, I’m calling you a pet and had cat ears placed onto you!!!

It’s no use, there seems to be no other method to degrade you other than rape.


If you don’t quiet down, I’ll drop you. Or would you rather be fucked on a floor rather than a bed?

Well then, that’s good.


Open your legs.

Firmly spread them in a display so it’ll be easy for me to enter.

What is this? Aren’t you even wetter than before? Was it that tough when I stopped just short earlier?

You’re a superb pet, aren’t you? Even though you were a virgin up until yesterday, this little entrance here is already making the movements to invite men.

If it’s drooling so much then…

I can’t just not give it to you right?!


Amazing, it’s deliciously stuffing its cheeks.

Is my dick really that tasty? It’s in all the way entirely.


I’m going to start moving.


Your insides are just wonderful, being this physically compatible is a first.

For the last woman I have sex with to be you…I’m glad.


What’s this? You’re already about to cum?

To have such a horny body by the second day, I wonder what will become of it tomorrow?

Yeah yeah, it’s my fault, right? Because I rubbed this nice spot quite a lot earlier, you couldn’t withstand it anymore, right?


It’s overflowing again.

Can you tell? Your insides are already molded into my shape and eating it up deliciously.


I feel good too.


You’ve tightened again. A pet that can learn, I like it.


This is bad, it feels so good that I can’t endure it. Ever since teasing you in the bath…I held back as well, so I’m already at my limit.

I’ll cum inside.

You aren’t against it, right?

You have no right to refuse. Come on, try saying “Master please cum inside me”.


Crap, it’s cute.

I-It’s nothing!!! Then, next up, say “Master, I love you”.

You, that face, that’s foul play

I-I’m not being shy! It’s because you said such cute things so I was simply surprised!!!


As you wanted, I’ll cum inside!!!


Damn it, why are you so fucking cute…


Cumming, cumming!!!


Seems like we climaxed together… How was it? That was surely humiliating, right?

Hmm? Even though you’re a crybaby, you’re quite persevering. It appears that this will become a drawn-out war.


Ah…are you okay?!

You were moaning so much that your throat started hurting right?

Wait here! I’ll bring you some water immediately…!!!

What is it? I’m genuinely leaving only to bring you some water. Eh? That thing earlier? What that means? …Just what exactly?

Oh, the thing about you being the last woman I have sex with.


Once I’ve completed my revenge, I’m going to commit suicide.

…That’s what I’ve decided prior to abducting you.

No, it’s not that I’m scared of being caught. After outright murdering an innocent human being, I’m not capable of living life still unfazed, that’s all.

I’m weak so I can’t bear the weight of my sins and so I plan to escape from them via death.

And besides, there’s another meaning to it.

If I don’t, I can’t suppress my anger. I must force that man to taste the exact same suffering I’ve been through!!!


This is enough right?

Don’t concern yourself with me. Just how far you plan to survive, worry about that instead.

Well then, I’ll go grab some water.

And until then, wait whilst quavering with the utmost dread.


Track 3: Outcome of Murderous Intentions


Oh, was the sound annoying?

My bad, the person I’m indebted asked me under any means and that’s why I ended up working a little. I’ll be finished in a bit so bear with it.

Hmm? Oh, you can see the screen from there?

Is this my occupation? Hmm…well to put it simply, it is. I’m a freelance programmer, but I’ve done all sorts of jobs on the side.

It’s boring to stare at this, so just quietly sleep.


Hmm? You can understand……this?

Hmm…I’ve read it within the documents, but you were genuinely majoring in the field of programming.

What is it? Is there an issue with this section?

Hmm…oh, that’s true, that method would be more efficient.

Seems like you’re considerably good, this might be the first time I’ve ever met a person who’s at the same level of skill as me. Somehow, I’ve taken a greater interest in you.


Okay! It’s complete, I’ll be having plenty of drinks but what do you plan to do?

Is that so? Then, what do you want to drink? Usually, I mix together cocktails.

I got it. Wait just a minute.


Okay, here you go.

Now then, cheers to your hard work within this life of confinement.

I know I’m going about this on my own, but it’s funny to have a toast with the person I’d eventually kill. This is the best souvenir to bring to the other world.


Speaking of which, there’s no way that you’ve merely studied programming within the confines of university. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for you to comprehend that.

Oh? There was once a person who was akin to a mentor and then after you followed up with self-study……

That’s pretty impressive. If you have such a level of skill, then why were you assisting as a clerk?

Hmm? …You were told off by your old man eh.


Was that not frustrating? I’ve known you for only a brief time, but you’re not the type of person who’d simply end up as a naive young lady. You’re always adapting and you have this special set of talents……

Is that so?

Though, if you were oppressed since early childhood, you’d eventually lose the willpower to resist.


Me? I’ve followed along this path since, hmm…

In the beginning, it was at the recommendation of the one who picked me off the streets and so I started playing around with it. Then it turned out it was remarkably compatible with my nature and so my ability advanced by leaps and bounds.

There are definitive answers, but I enjoy the room for extra ingenuity.

Eh? That’s right, those were the lines written inside that book.


Wait! You’ve read that book too? That wasn’t even published in Japan, though!?

I know, I know, that book was great however I’d recommend this other book.

Hmm…ah, it’s there!

Here, this one.

Heh? You’ve read this one too? Yup yup, that’s true…….


Haha, this is the first time I’ve had a person who could match my conservation so well.

Ah. Would you like another one?

Hmm, we certainly might’ve drunk too much. If the other party wasn’t you, we’d become best friends. No, if it was a girl like you, I’d undoubtedly propose to them right away.

…Because you’re absurdly suited to my preference.

Your face? Your atmosphere? Aside from that are your interesting reactions, and also you’re extremely…cute.


W-What am I saying? Haha…eh um, it’s the same frame of mind as favoritism toward a pet!

I-I’m…not being shy!!!

If you start smirking, I’ll fuck you one more time!


Also, you’re responding that way again.

Hey, don’t laugh. I’m the man who kidnapped, raped, and even threatened to murder you…don’t make it appear fun.

It’s all because you’re way that I……it’s nothing.


Had they known you were laughing around like this, I bet your fiance would feel betrayed.

I had known based on my investigation. You were about to be married soon, weren’t you?

That man is an excellent surgeon, it was even rumored he’d become the successor to that hospital. However, he wasn’t simply excellent at his job…just and uptight, handsome, a point of comparison for other adults. He’s an amazing man ain’t he?

I’ve heard that your doting mother had pushed to let this happen.


Hmm? Was I mistaken?


That’s the worst…..

In other words, your mother pretended to be an upstanding woman whilst bullying her own children behind closed doors and then proceeds to present her own daughter to the young man whom she had an affair with.

Though that man wears the mask of a fine adult, he has a history of domestic violence. And through pulling on the knowledge from his adulterous lover, the director’s wife, he became a candidate for the next term’s director.

Amazing, it’s the kind of setting you’d think would come out of a day-time soap opera.


That second wife, even the director’s current wife doesn’t love him.

Hmm? I see, there’s a woman that the director could never forget and so that relationship began because of that insinuation is that correct?

……You’ve had it rough too.


Hmm? My mother?

My motherーーgave birth to me out of wedlock.

And I, who was young, resembled my father, who was the subject of her infatuation. That’s right, there’s nothing great about extramarital affairs. It’s not an issue with morality and so forth.

It distorts a person’s mind.

My mother too gradually went insane. Calling out my father’s name…whilst having sex with me.

But I-I loved my mother. I didn’t wish for her to die.


Why did she die then?

You see, she was murdered by your father.

It’s not a lie. This is the truth.


Going back 15 years, your father during a jostle…had accidentally killed my mother. But during that period, a criminal wasn’t able to be identified and so it eventually reached its statute of limitations.

For those 15 years, I kept up the search for the culprit but as I was about to give up and attempt to move forward…….


Despite that he…after it went beyond the statute of limitation, CAME TO APOLOGIZE!!! AND HAD EXPLICITLY SOUGHT ME OUT!!!

Would you even be able to understand my despair at that moment?!

To think the culprit I’ve been searching for in the past 15 years is MY OWN FATHER?!! I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES!!!

At the point where he told me I was allowed to strike him as much as I’d like…..thinking that COULD BE ENOUGH to put MY EMOTIONS AT EASE?!! I was filled with an increasingly great level of hatred……


Do you know what kind of eyes I was met with after my mother died?

Whilst being tossed around by relatives, wherever I went, I saw those blank eyes. There was never one moment where I WAS TRULY HAPPY!!!

I wanted to rebuke him like that, but I was overwhelmed by blood lust so I managed to only get out one line.

“If you were planning to apologize to this extent then why didn’t you turn yourself in 15 years ago?!”


And so…he said this.

“That was an unfortunate accident amidst a quarrel over differences in educational policies. I had no intention of killing her. The reason I ran was that I didn’t wish to turn my children into the children of a murderer.”

Don’t you think that’s horribly self-complacent?

Running away after murdering the person with whom you’ve committed adultery and made bastard children. But once it passed the statute of limitations, he came to apologize without giving the slightest consideration for the circumstances.

The fucking worst…my skins crawl at the thought of that lowly bastard’s blood flowing through my veins.


I…Even murdering him wouldn’t be enough to satisfy my rage.

He deserves to face a fate worse than death is what I’ve decided and that shall be the condolence to my mother……and my younger sister.


Yes, that’s right, my mother wasn’t the only one he killed. He killed MY SISTER TOO!!! EVEN THOUGH MY SISTER WAS MY ONE AND ONLY TREASURE!!!

Why did he go as far as murdering my sister?

I’ve got no idea either, just that……after stabbing my mother, she began wailing so he wound up killing her in a panic is what he said.

Afterwards, he buried her body somewhere deep in the mountains.


To murder and buried such a small and cute child is nothing less than the act of a demon. No matter how much time has passed, it’s not something THAT SHOULD EVEN BE FORGIVEN!!!

That man who broke my precious treasure…I’ll NEVER, EVER FORGIVE HIM!!!!!!


That’s right, I cherished my little sister more than anything.

I don’t care if you call me a sis-con because the reality was, my sister was like a treasure to me.


“Used to it”? To what?

Aah, I suppose so. Instinctively caring for the needs of someone younger……is like a habit from those days.

My sister who was younger than me by 7 years didn’t resemble him nor my mother.

According to my mother, in an atavistic sense, she had resembled her grandmother. Whether or not that was unpleasant, it became a situation where the responsibility of child-rearing was more or less abandoned amidst that fact.


I couldn’t bear seeing my dirtied little sisters so I begged my mother to watch after her care.

But my mother was angered at me for being noisy and said this “You’re my treasure, but you see…that child is not”.

But nevertheless, I persisted, so she responded “Then why not make this child your treasure?” and laughed.


Usually, those words would be deemed utter child neglect and yet I was……happy.

After all, for whatever reason, I who had resembled him, to love anything else was absolutely unforgivable. I was asked to direct all my love and affection towards my mother. No, I was brainwashed to…

In those days I did love my mother, but it was difficult. Even I, myself was aware that this situation was abnormal.

That’s why when there was finally something I was allowed to love, I was grateful.

My sister was the only existence that could ease the suffering from daily life. Ever since she was born, I looked after her tirelessly every single day. Just seeing her made me happy.


Yup yup, that reminds me. The shape of that birthmark, on your……

Eh?! Why are you crying? This isn’t something you should be crying over, right?

Aah jeez, your face turns into an amazing mess from your tears and runny nose.

Here, wipe it off with this. To feel sympathetic after listening to your kidnapper’s life story… As I thought, you’re unusual.


Speaking of which, why is it that you were verbally abused?

Hey, we’ve already gotten to this point with our talks so of course, I’m curious. As such a cute-I mean interesting child, normally you would’ve been loved.

Eh? Is that true…? You’re not the biological child of that director’s wife?!!


You were supposed to be that one step-child amongst all your younger brothers. Then why?!

You don’t know the exact reason, but you were taken from someone…? Then that means you don’t know who your actual parents are?



Eh, uh, no, sorry, I’ve asked a painful question.

It’s nothing. Your life was supposed to be sublime, so I’m a bit shaken. Sorry, because of the turmoil, my tears are flowing unstoppably.

Sorry, sorry…this……was never what I intended.


Heh, even if you searched through the entire world, patting a kidnapper’s head is something that only you would do.

Thank you. Somehow…I, my life’s vigor has surged forward. Right now I feel like I’m capable of anything.


Please go sleep ahead of me, I’ve got a little something I must do.

Ah, it’s pointless to attempt an escape since it’s locked by key from the outside.

Well then, good night.


Track 4: An End and a Rebirth


Good morning, I’m just about finished preparing our breakfast.

Hmm? To suddenly jump up…what’s wrong?

Ah…I removed those chains on your feet whilst you were sleeping.

More importantly, is your body already okay now? In case it still hurts, you can go apply this medicine yourself in the bathroom.

Hmm? Are you scared of applying it yourself?

If so then…I’ll apply it for you, so take off your underwear.


Yup, I put on that underwear while you were sleeping too. That aspect of sleeping through the night like a rockーーhasn’t changed at all.

The fact that you were that way in the past was written inside my research materials.

And so, do you need the medication…? Is that so? Then go wash up your face.

Shit! The bread is going to get burnt.


Oh, the towels are up on the shelves inside the clothing closet, so use them appropriately.


Heh…? You like this song too? What a coincidence, this song holds an important place in my memories.

When I sing this, the cute girl beside me would get into a good mood.

Hmm? Is it okay for you to not wash your face?

Haha, it’s the first time I’ve seen you make such a confused face. Without the chains, are you anxious that I might kill you at any time?


Haha…it’s fine. I’ve stopped using you as a tool for revenge, I was undoubtedly mistaken if you really think about it.

Oh, that’s right. If you can’t forgive me then…

Here, a knife. You can stab me to death with this.

I believe ultimately, it would be classified as legitimate self-defense due to the forced confinement.

Hmm? I’m serious, I wouldn’t say this as a joke would I? …If it’s you, I don’t mind being stabbed.


Hmm? You don’t……need the knife?

Feeling pity over my story and to forgive such a thing. Like I thought, you’re quite the eccentric.

Eh? In exchange for your forgiveness, you’ll flick my forehead later?

Haha, it seems like it’ll be quite the painful forehead flick.

Then you can punish me after, so go and wash up your face. That way you’d feel refreshed when you start listening to my talks.

Good girl.


Now then, let’s eat.

Mmm…today’s nice as well if I do say so myself.

Hmm? If you aren’t going to eat, I’ll end up eating it instead. It’s fine, you don’t have to be so rushed, your food won’t run from you.

Ah, try tasting this one here. I thought you’d enjoy it so I made a large portion.

Haha, the pleasure is all on me.


That reminds me, I have something to discuss with you after we finish our meals.

Look forward to it later, since you might be so shocked that you’d start choking on your food.


Thanks for the meal.

You haven’t eaten as much as you did yesterday, did it not taste good?

Is that so? You were concerned over what I was planning to say and lost your appetite.

Then I’ve done something unnecessary. I simply wished to give you a proposition over whether or not you’d run from me right now.


The first impression may have been the worst but what do you think of me now?

I see. You have fun chatting with me too.

Hmm? Except what?

Hmm…I guess so, your feelings of affection may merely be an illusion produced by Stockholm Syndrome.

That’s why I won’t force you anymore. Tf you wish to run then run.


But should that happen, it would be a shameーーfor me to lose the kindred soul I’ve finally attained.

Yes, that’s right, you a kindred soul.

I may be saying this all on my own, but you’re the first person I’ve met who’s capable of reaching an equal footing with me in terms of ability. Talking with you was truly fun and if it’s with you, we’d break through many challenges.

And more than anything……I like you.


From the day that I was born this might be the first time that I’ve ever felt this emotion. It’s thrilling.

All these circumstances until now felt as though they were put into place so that we’d one day meet.

Just kidding, even if it’s out of my own convenience I end up thinking that way.

I’m saying this earnestly, the two of us are different from your average folks. I’m not exactly looking down on others, but the reality is, we are on a completely different level.

Although we can’t share the same world, you and me can share a whole variety of sensations and we’d be a lot happier by being together.


Yes, that’s right….once you part from this place, you’d be unhappy again.

Look into my eyes and think about it carefully. You were disgusted with your previous life right?

Yup, it was a household so despicable that you wished you were dead, so then it should be easier for you to come to me.

Anyhow, the current me would never hurt you plus I’m a person you enjoy being around. Or would you rather return home and get married to that abusive asshole?

Bringing up the courage to escape from here, is it not for the sake of your own happiness?

……If you choose to stay together with me then I’ll be very happy.


What are you saying? You’re no longer the daughter of my adversary, you’re my treasure.

That’s why if you chose me, I’ll cherish you forever and never let you go.


Hmm? Sirens?

Oh…since it’s an easy time to fall into depression, somewhere out there an old man and an old woman must’ve jumped to their death from their apartment.

More importantly, right now you should be concentrating on this……


Hmm? What’s wrong? …Your face is red.

Now that I think of it, this is the first time I’ve kissed you on the lips. Let’s kiss even more from now on.


I want to embrace you, is that not possible?

I’m overjoyed.

So then, let’s go over to the bed.


I’ll be gentle because today is the first time having sex after becoming man and wife.

Hmm? A pair of lovers that vowed to always remain together resembles a married couple, right?

And that’s why, starting from today, isn’t it fine to just be husband and wife?

Yes, the difference is within the fixable range of errors so don’t you think it’ll be better if we get married?

Aah…I’m not forcing you, it’ll be your own decision.


So which is it?

Do you want to return home? Or would you rather be married to me?

That’s right, rather than returning home, you’re better off married to me. I’ll never, for the rest of my life ever hurt you again and I’ll always cherish you.

So, would you marry me…?


Ah, you’ve decided.

M-m, I think it’s a good choice. This is the fate you’ve chosen.


To have such a melted expression from mere kisses, do you realize how much you fan my desires?

Cute. So cute, it makes me feel faint.

Let me see more of your body.


I’m taking my clothes off too.


These breasts…at the thought of monopolizing them from now on, I become unbearably excited.


Here. To be sucked strongly or licked gently, which would you prefer?

Hmm? Either one feels good?

I got it. I’ll pinch it as I lick then……


It’s gotten hard. If I apply a little pressure, it feels even better right?


This time I’ll lick this place over here.


Hmm? Why are you fidgeting around?

If there’s a place you want me to touch, it won’t be properly communicated if you don’t say it.

I see, so you want to be touched lower down.

Which part of your lower region? This cute clitoris? Or around that entrance?

Ah I understand, is it both?

I’ll make you feel plenty of pleasure, so open up your legs.

That’s right, good girl. Now relax. As you had wished……I’ll stimulate both your clitoris and that entrance together.


You can’t just close your legs like that. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, so spread them wider.


It’s twitching, your place here has gotten more sensitive than before.

Become more sensitive and feel my fingers and my tongue.


Hmm? Something’s coming?

It’s fine. If it belongs to you, whatever it is I’ll lick it up. Don’t resist it and just let it out.

Come on.


This the first time I’ve had a girl who’s squirted this much.

Even the sheets are, hmm…completely soaked.

Hmm? Why do you dislike it?

If you felt good then it’s a great thing isn’t it? Let’s practice a lot so that you could feel even better when you cum.


Hmm? This isn’t over yet, there’s still ways to go.

For example, I can insert this and grind the deep spots you like and have you taste an even more intense orgasm than earlier.

And so is it okay if I put it inside? I want to…pleasure to you.

For accepting me, thank you.


So then, I’ll insert itーーraw.


Amazing, you came so much earlier, and yet it’s squeezing down on it so greedily. Did being filled up all the way with me, became that much of a habit…?

I’m glad. The desire to hold you forever is turning into a habit for me as well……


I love you

The only one in the world I loveーーis you.

Honestly, because I love you, I wish to stay together with you until the day I die.


It’s always cramped but it’s even more wonderful today. It’s hot, it’s slippery and squeezing down……so tightly.


I might cum inside again if it sucks on me like this.

I can’t? But your insides seem to really want my semen though.


Look, your womb already lowering itself this much. If you get creampie-ed, I’m sure you’ll feel even more pleasure.

Huh? What was that?

Sorry, I’m so aroused right now that I couldn’t hear it.


It feels good, I feel like I’ll release a lot. I’ll grind up against that twitching womb and pour it all in okay?

You’re truly cute, you can’t even respond articulately. If you talk like that, I won’t be able to understand what it is you want.

Whether you speak or not, it’s all the same. So, just kiss me.




You can’t. It’s still coming out, so let’s stay like this a little longer.


It was great, as expected we’re extremely physically compatible and in the near future, I’m certain that our emotional affinity would be exceptional too.


Ow, that hurts.

Eh? Was I not supposed to cum inside? Sorry, I was so absorbed that I didn’t manage to hear it.

Well it’s fine, isn’t it? …Since we’re husband and wife.


Speaking of which, if you were to go overseas, where would you like to live?

You see, I’m thinking of selling this apartment tomorrow.

No, it’s not a waste. In terms of savings, I’ve got more than what one can possibly use so it won’t be an inconvenience and if it’s the two of us, we’ve got earning potential wherever we go.


Regardless, let’s start anew. Our selves from yesterday have died here and we’ll live again as a married couple in a foreign land.

We’ll leave behind all the hatred and sorrow here okay?


I love you, my one and only treasure upon this earth.

This time, until death do us partーーI’ll never let you go.

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  1. Kborenai

    Yo….wtf, that was much darker than I expected. Because I’m bad at listening to Japanese, on the first listenings I only understood that MC is actually the guy’s younger sister. Never did it occur to me that he was also abused by his own mother, like yooooooo that is some f’ed up stuff right there man *laughs nervously*.

    Great translation by the way, aside from some forgivable grammatical errors. Keep up the good work! ^^


    1. Criy

      Mhm, yup. There was quite a lot happening with this one… hehe… I was like “oh damn”, when I listened to it the first time.

      And things happens when you do work in the middle of night (I usually go back and fix things every so often) xD


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