【Translation】 Otona no Meruhen Series 「Akazukin to Ookami-san ~Nikushokukei no Kare~」

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

大人のメルヘンシリーズ 「赤ずきんとオオカミさん ~肉食系の彼~」

CV: Sugiyama Noriaki (杉山紀彰)

Track 1: Trap


That’s good.

I’ve caught you!!!

Haha, it was worth getting up early and setting up a trap. I didn’t think there would be someone who would fall into such a simple pitfall.

But well, I’ll be having some meat for the first time in a long while.

Hah? There’s a loud voice coming from its mouth…

Eh? what’s this? Isn’t this just a brat?

Damn it!

That place there is all slim, even if I eat it, it won’t fill up my stomach. And I finally thought I’d have a meal after such a long time.

Guess it’s inevitable, I’ll go hit up something else then.


Aah? What is it?

Huh?! Just go climb your OWN WAY out of there!!!

Hah, it can’t be helped. Give me your hand, I’ll pull you up.


There we go!

Ah, or rather, why are you talking to me? Do you not know who was the one that created that pitfall?

More importantly, I’m a wolf so why weren’t you scared earlier?


Doggie?! Are you stupid?!! …I’m not A DOG!!!

You damn annoying little brat.

Well, you still seem like a kid, it’s only natural that you wouldn’t know.

Look, just hurry up and leave. I’m overlooking it this one time and in exchange the next time we meet and once you’ve developed a bit more…

I’ll definitely come and eat you.


You…do you really understand?!

Ah! Just wait a sec, you’ve forgotten your shoe. It fell off earlier, didn’t it?

Now hurry off and run.


By the way, make sure to return safely.


Track 2: Promise


Hmm? Is that a human?


It’s been a long time since I last caught a human and not only that, it’s a woman. It’s not quite meaty enough, but I suppose it’s okay.

Eh? This red hoodーー

You…could it be that you’re that little brat from that time!?


Wow, you’ve grown big…!!! I hadn’t recognized you at all.

It’s been about 10 years since then?


Is that right? You’ve already become this large……

You, whatcha thinking?!! Is there such a thing as a person who would leap onto a wolf just because we haven’t met in a long time!?

Despite your body growing into an adult, is your brain still that of a child?

That’s enough. LET GO of ME!!!

Jeez, tell me why are you in a place like this today? Don’t tell me you’re a lost child?


Grandma’s house? Oh, that house deep in the woods?

Me? I’m hungry and so I was searching for some fodder.

Seems like you get it!

That’s right! A rabbit or a deer or anything along those lines.

Well, occasionally I would come across a human, like today. Though I haven’t eaten one for many years.


Now that I think of it, we made a promise in the past.

……That I’d eat you the next we meet.

It’s too late for you to feign ignorance. I’m sure we promised that the next time we meet once you’ve developed more, I’d come and eat you.

Examining at you, it appears that you’ve developed quite nicely.

Hmm, it seems like the volume has increased compared to before. Although there’s still not enough meat on your bones, your flesh has got firmness to it and you’re still young.

Looking quite delicious.


Just accept it……


What? Could it be that you don’t understand what’s happening to your own body?

I knew it. Even if your body’s grown, your mind is still that of a child.

Well, whatever, that stuff doesn’t matter to me, it’s fine as long as I’m satisfied.


Ahh, I can hear the sound blood flowing through your body….and from there, the sound heartbeats. And through your translucent skin, I can clearly see your blood vessels.

You really do look tasty.


What’s this? Looks like you’re letting out a cute voice? Even though you don’t know what’s being done to you…at least you feel the pleasure.


Hmm? What was that unwanted noise just now?

Hah!? A grape? Why’s that thing here…?

Suddenly shouting like that, what do you want!? Aah. Were you supposed to deliver this to your grandma’s house?

How should I know!? It’s your fault for leaving it in that spot.


Eh?! Ah, I see, when I pushed you down, it fell……

Don’t start crying over some crushed grapes! It was inevitable since I hadn’t noticed them!!!

It’s my fault, alright?

Don’t be crying so loudly like that. On the inside, are you still that little brat…?


Ow?!! I got it! It was my bad!!!

Look, I’ll go grab you some grapes so stop crying okay? In that forest, there’s a spot with plenty of grapes, so I’ll pick some up there.

Go together? It’s a great distance away, though.

Even if you try hard…


Since it can’t be helped, I’ll carry you.

C’mon, hurry up and get on my back. Make sure you hold on tight, I won’t care even if you fall off.


Hey, is it enough? Oh looks like you’ve got quite a lot.

Okay, how about we return?

Whatcha going on about? Hurry up and ride my back, I’ll be bringing you over to your grandma’s house next.

It’ll just be for this one time.


This time around you started screaming and crying over something inconsequential and to stop that outburst…..I brought you here because I couldn’t stand it.

I’ll definitely eat you the next time we meet.

Look, just get on quick okay? Now hold on tight!


Track 3: Game of Tag


Yo, I’ve been waiting. Last time I made plenty of mistakes, but this time I lied in wait here ready for an ambush as soon as you’ve properly finished your errands.

Today I’ll finally be able to eat-

What?! Did you just call me…a kind wolf???

I…I’m ain’t KIND!!! I’m a frighteningly fierce and dangerous wolf.

That face is…

Hey, try to be more scared!!!

I ain’t scary!?


It ain’t a funny joke, I’m the strongest one out of all the animals residing in this forest. Even my fellow wolves would bolt at the sight of me and I’ll prove that to you today.


How about we play a game?

It’s gonna be a very simple game that even an idiot like you could understand. I’ll chase you and if you’re able to escape from me then you win and if I catch you, then as promised I’llーー

Eh? Tag?

Well…uh yes, it does end up being that.

Oh, but the game of tag that you imagined is more child’s play. This is more putting your life on line, survival game.

Hey! Hey! Where are you going…..!?


Hey you bastards, this one’s MINE!!

Did you think you’re allowed to simply attack it on your accord without my permission…!? WELL?!!


I’ve gone and said it.

And hey, you too. Don’t just let yourself be attacked so easily. This area here is their territory and to step foot in there yourself, are you stupid?

That’s why you don’t start walking down some path you know nothing about.

Sheesh. C’mon, let’s go back.


Hmm? Why can’t you stand? Did you get injured…?

Let me take a look.

It’s pretty showy, your knees are covered in scrapes and your hands are cut too. Were you cut by those branches?

Are you hurting anywhere else?

Wait. Ah, you’ve grazed your forehead. Just what kind of fall did you even have?

You’re such an airhead. Turn your face here a little.


Don’t move, I’m giving you some first aid. It’s not a major wound, so it’ll be fixed with some saliva.

Next up are your hand and knees.

C’mon, don’t weirdly hesitate. Hurry up and stretch out your hand.

What’s wrong? Suddenly squeezing your eyes shut…

Oh, did it hurt?

Then just hold on, it’s only for a brief moment.

After it’s just your knees. Please lift up the hem of your skirt a little more.


Hey, don’t let out such a strange voice…it’ll give it that sort of feeling. Though, a little brat like you won’t understand the meaning, though.

Of course you’re a brat, did you seriously plan on playing tag with a wolf?

That’s not what that meant.

Hah, that’s enough. Regardless, your brain’s out of whack…it’s the first time I’ve met a human like you.


No, it’s nothing. Look, I’m done with disinfecting so let’s return, I can’t strike while you’re hurt after all.

Whatcha doing? Hurry up and get on.

Hah? Why are you giving that reply now? Usually, you’d jump on happily, no?

…..That’s in the past?

Just the other day you rode on my back, though.


What’s wrong? Your face is red.

It’s nothing? Ahh. Hey!


C’mon, don’t start struggling.

Aah, damn it. You’re already injured so quiet down.

Do you wanna be attacked by those guys again? This is still their territory, if you’re alone you’ll be attacked. Is that still okay with you?

Have you finally comprehended it? …So stay quiet.


Eh? Ah. If I run, your wounds would start hurting, wouldn’t it? It’ll take longer to get home, but it’s better this way.

Hah?! I told you that I ain’t KIND didn’t I?!!

Listen carefully, I’ll definitely eat you next time I see you! Next time, it won’t matter if you cry or scream…I’ll undoubtedly eat you!!!


Do you really understand that?


Is that your house?

From here on, you’ll be walking on your own. Don’t fall over okay?

Oh, just wait a minute!

What exactly? …I still haven’t received my thanks yet. Not only have I save your life, I’ve also brought you all the way home, so what would be a fair price?

I don’t need money. There’s no way I’d want such a thing,

That’s not it. Look, chin up and close your eyes.

Truthfully speaking, this isn’t enough. But it’s fine, so hurry up.


Well, it’s like having a small taste and until we meet again, take your time and heal those wounds.


Track 4: Awareness


Why were you fidgeting around just then?

Yo, it’s been a while. What have you been up to lately? Haven’t seen you face arou-

Hey, wait, what’s with that?

That ain’t a reason to run, I was simply talking to you, wasn’t I?


What is it? Did something serious happen?

Not really?

But you’re acting strange. Just a moment ago, you were pacing around extremely restlessly. Were you searching for someone?

What’s wrong? Say something.

Hah?! It’s nothing?


Speaking of which, properly look this way. Why weren’t you making eye contact earlier?

There’s no way there’s nothing going on!!!

What’s up with that? Are you angry?

Then why did you reject me just now? Even though I thought we’d finally be meeting for another time, there’s seriously something off.

It can’t be helped, I’ll carry you around so cheer up?


Why are you surprised? You enjoy this, don’t you? I’ll carry you up to your grandma’s place and you’ll arrive sooner that way too.

OW, that HURTS! Aah hey, wait…!!!


Damn that little fella! This ain’t some joke.

Why did she run away I wonder? Earlier, it seemed almost as though she was trying to avoid me.

Could it be the reason she was scanning all around the forest and walking around so cautiously was so that she wouldn’t cross paths with me?

Damn, I’m seriously hungry. That fella…this time I really will EAT her!!!


Did she actually think she’d outrun me?

I’ll get to the grandma first, drive her out and after I’ll disguise myself and ambush her there.

Voice too…ahh…ah…..aaah……okay! I can somewhat do it!

Hehe. I’ll be giving her plenty of love.


Track 5: Come Bit Closer


Ah, please come in.

Oh…if I don’t cover myself with the blanket like this, I’ll be a bit cold. That’s right, it might just be a cold, I do feel worse than usual.

Eh? Voice? Umm…seems like I’ve got a sore throat from the cold.

Aaah it’s fine, I hate doctors!

Ah no, it’s fine, this cold will get better soon enough. More importantly, dear Red Riding Hood, please come a bit closer.


Why? …Because I wanna see your cute face of course.

So please come here to where my hands can reach.

Eh? My hands are big? Oh, ah, I burned them a little earlier, so they’re a bit swollen and because of it, they look bigger than usual.

I already said I don’t need a doctor?!!

Uh, no, at any rate, please come over here, dear Red Riding Hood.


Heh? I don’t particularly need medicine.

That’s why I told you to LISTEN to WHAT GRANDMA IS SAYING?!!!!

Don’t just start yelling, someone might come, right?

Please quiet down.

Grandma? If it’s about your grandma, she had left earlier. In truth, I had planned to abandon her in the woods around here, but she had some errands to run and so won’t be back for a while.

In other words, for the time being, you and I will be together alone.



I won’t be letting you go.


Track 6: Let’s Eat


Just how much I’ve been looking forward to this day……a little brat like you simply wouldn’t understand. You aren’t a child, yet you have no idea what I’m about to do.

On the outside, you appeared to have grown wonderfully, but on the inside, you’re no different from the past, ain’t that right?


Eh? What did you come to understand?


Hah!? …You got a crush on some guy?

Oh well, anyhow you won’t be accepted by the other party, a normal man hates a noisy woman like you.


That’s right.

Why are you about to cry? Did you…really like that man that much?

Hey, look this way.


Forget about that guy because that makes me feel unpleasant.

Why exactly? How should I know? I’ve got no clue.

I don’t know why but I feel hungry. When I hear you talk about another man, it becomes this displeasing feeling and gets me all worked up.

It’s all your fault, so take responsibility.

And also, I’ll have you fulfill that years-long promise.


I’ve always wanted you.

Countless times over I’ve postponed eating you and after being separated from you, I’ve constantly regretted it.

Why is it that I haven’t eaten you yet…?

What taste does your body have? And just how soft is it?

And if I were to touch it, what kind of reaction would it show me? What kind of voice would I hear?


I wished I did this earlier.

I won’t wait, besides how many years have I already waited? I’ve waited long enough. Waited almost too much so.


Rather, if I’d done this sooner, you wouldn’t have wound up thinking about another man.

Damn it!

I absolutely won’t let you think about anything besides me…


Your heart is racing, are you scared of me?

The fact you told me that I wasn’t scary in the slightest up until now was irritating. But now that you’ve said it, it somehow feels a bit lonely. I wonder why that is?

Rest assured, I’ll do it as gently as possible since I don’t wanna be despised by you after all.

This bit of meat here is…soft and sweet.


Does it feel good? Well?


That’s a very nice reaction……


How should I say it?

Since I’ve always thought of you as a little brat, if you give such a womanly response, I get a tad…flustered.


I realize thatーーyou truly are a woman.

No, it’s nothing.


It’s very cute.

What’s this? Are your ears weak points?


Hmm…I get the same reaction even when I stroke your thighs. If I were to touch a more sensitive area, I wonder what would happen?

Seems like it’s a bit wet.

For the time being, I’ll insert one.

Oh, fingers of course. If a finger can’t fit, I won’t be able to fit either right?

Why are you being so nervous? It’ll be okay…relax.


Just now, one’s in. I suppose this much would be fine, but it’s more cramp than I imagined.

Does it not hurt? If it hurts, you can punch me with full force.

Despite barely comprehending the situation, you’re making quite the lewd face.


Will you be able to do another?

…It’s in.

Though it’s a bit tough right? It’s not impossible, you’ll get used to it soon.

Look, that’s enough, just open your mouth.


Little by little, you’ve gotten better at kissing.


What is it? Do you prefer I lick your ears over kissing?

Can’t be helped then.


I knew it. It looks like you can feel it from your ears.


Right now, three are in. Can you tell?

Even when I try to move…it’s tricky. It hurts right?

This isn’t working, I’ll remove one.


What am I doing?

Licking it of course. It appears to be your first time, so if I don’t do it properly……


I’m glad it’s gotten wetter than I thought.

It’s fine, all you have to do is feel.


Hmm? What is it? Does it feel good?


Am I used to this? Why are you asking whether I’m used to doing this? Are you against it if your first partner isn’t a pro?

Then what is it?

Hah?! You…liked me? And that’s why you were interested?

What’s that supposed to be? Don’t just suddenly start spewing cute things.

Then the talk about having someone you like…was about me?


Idiot, why didn’t you say it sooner? It makes me look stupid for getting annoyed over a misunderstanding.

Ah, I probably like you as well. Even though…I didn’t notice until today. That was inevitable since I never fell in love with anyone before now.

Yes. You’re my first, and same for you too, right?

Okay, then there’s no more hesitation.


I’ll take back what I said prior about being as gentle as possible. If you loved me back then there’s no need to refrain.

Let me do as I like, but well…if it does become too painful, bite down my shoulder and endure it.

I’ll be inserting my fingers one more time.

Oh, it entered in more smoothly than before. Amazing…if I stir inside, it just steadily comes out from inside you.

Does it feel good? …Your hips are shaking.

If you were to properly say what and where, I’ll listen.

Are you not gonna say it?


Though it’s your first time, so you don’t exactly know. But well, it’s probably here……this little pointed part.

Just pinching it with my finger, you came a little didn’t you?


You don’t understand that sensation either?

If I do this in the meantime, your head gets all floaty right? As though something is about to come up… Can you not tell?

Oh well, I’ll do this for the time being, so relax your body.

…..That’s probably the sign before you cum. Just entrust it to your body, don’t hold back from the pleasure.


You’re wrong, you’re not wetting yourself. It’s fine, so quiet down and let yourself be satisfied.

C’mon, just give up already. It feels good, doesn’t it? I’ll make sure to look, so cum…!!!

Damn, I’ll lick your ears as well.

See, it feels good right?


Seems like you came.

See? You hadn’t wet yourself.

…This should be enough, no?


I’m putting it in. And if it’s difficult, go ahead and bite my shoulders.


It’s tight.

As I thought, it hurts, doesn’t it? …Of course it does, my shoulder is hurting too.

Don’t worry I’m fine, you seem to be suffering more after all.

I’m gonna move.


It’s gradually getting easier for me to move. Has it gotten better for you too?

Is that so…?


You’re letting out quite the cute voice.


Hey, don’t clamp your mouth, let me have a clear listen. I’ve always wanted to know your voice, your reactions.

Whatever it is, anything and everything, they’re all cuter than I’d imagined.


What is it?

You can’t do that now. If I hear those words…I’ll cum.

I love you too.

I love you.


I’m gonna cum!


Track 7: Captured


Oh, you woke up.

Since you passed out like that, I’m bringing you back home. Your grandma might just return too so I couldn’t leave you as is.

Does any part of your body hurt?

It was pretty much your first time, so I intended to end, quick.

I’m not being kind, I’d simply be troubled if you were to make a racket over the pain. But next time I definitely won’t be gentle, I’ll mess you up however I like.


Why are you laughing?

……What’s with you making light of it?

Looks like I’m still hungry. Y’know, it’s your fault that I’ve now got distinctive tooth marks left on my shoulders.

Don’t just “ah” me, don’t forget it.

In exchange for this, the next chance I’ve got…I intend to do it without fail.


That’s right, next time I’ll be the one to bite you. I’ll leave teeth marks all through your body…and imprint onto you that you’re mine.

Uwah! Hey, don’t run away! Hey…WAIT!!!


I’ve caught you!

Idiot, there’s no way you’d be able to run away from me, I’ll never let you escape again. I’m never letting you go for the rest of my life.


You’ll always be mine.

……I love you too.


Secret Track


Oh, my bad, have you gained weight?

It’s annoying, don’t be so noisy. I sneaked in for a little midnight rendezvous that’s all, therefore you shouldn’t be starting up a big racket.

It couldn’t be helped. You began avoiding me again and wouldn’t come near the woods at all.

What’s with that? Are you still embarrassed?

It’s only natural for you to be attacked each time we meet. When I see you, it doesn’t matter when or where…I’d strike regardless.

Yes, I am a beast though.


But I haven’t done anything terrible right? …Just that the frequency is a bit high.

C’mon, turn this way.


It’ll be okay and besides, you’ll get accustomed to it sooner or later.

No, I’ll be worried if you don’t get used to it because frankly speaking, I’d like to do this all day long.


I’ll be touching you down there.

As expected, I can’t just suddenly stick it in.

Do you know how much I keep thinking about eating you? Truth be told, I want to thrust into you right here and now.


I know, next up is your chest.


You feel it at the navel too……


You’re feeling it surprisingly easy these days, it’s completely different compared to the start.

It’s amazing, it’s almost as if it’s been slowly trained by me.

How should I say it? This is fun.

Hmm? What is it?

Is that you’re asking me how many people I’ve had experience with? That’s…

Do I have to answer that in this timing?

How should I know? I’ve forgotten, I don’t remember.


Rather, you’re thinking about way too much. Don’t think about those things right now.

Does that mean you can afford to have these unnecessary thoughts? Then there shouldn’t be a problem if I just put it in already right?


It’s in fairly easily even as you mutter complaints. As I thought, you were waiting for me, no?

How am I mistaken?

Whilst accepting me, you’re letting out a sweet voice, aren’t you?


Are you ending it off at an excuse?


Talk some more, letting out your voice while moaning…is incredibly cute.


Anyhow, more, say more cute things. Just a bit more. You trying to resist amidst your moans is nice.


Hmm? Are you trying to hold back your voice?

Closing up your mouth and breathing desperately with your nose. It’s cute, so that’s fine too.


No point, no matter what you do, I’ll see it as cute.



Aren’t you the one being unfair this time?

If you stare at me with that face, I’ll cum.

……I love you.


Are you already about to cum?

Got it.

Look, I’ll reach that place you like so cum…and I’ll cum as well.


It feels like I’m continuously revolving around you, even with this, it’s still not enough.

I know, I’ll give you a break for today, so in return, please me stay by your side a little longer. I won’t say until morning, just stay in my arms a bit longer…..

This much is fine right?


You should go to sleep already.

Good night.

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