【Translation】 Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi

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CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: The Depths of a Crazy Dream


You’re delicious tonight too.

Your place here has gotten so wet from my tongue. It’s cute how it twitches each time I trace around it.

……Makes me wish I could continue licking it forever.


Hmm? Oh, what…? Oh, sleep talk.

That’s right, this is a dream. Very pleasurable, but a mere dream.


Good morning.

Just when I toasted the bread. And fried eggs too, I made them just the way you like it.

Wait, wait…!!! You’ll drop the plate if you hold it like that while still half-asleep, so please just sit down.

I’ve done it previously, and cooking has nothing to do with being a man nor a woman.

And also as an older brother, moving for the sake of my cute little sister makes me happy. So don’t refrain and let yourself be spoiled.


Here, coffee. Drink this and refresh your mind.

Have you gotten a bit more awake?

That’s a relief, but it seems a part of you is still dazed.

Did you have a bad dream again?

That’s a lie. Your emotions show easily on your face so there’s no point hiding it.

Of course, I’d be worried. Seeing that our mother and father are out on a prolonged trip, I have to act as a parental replacement. Plus Ms. Kiyo who helped around the house won’t come for a while because I told them it’d be fine.


Hmm? We finally got some private alone time as siblings, so I don’t want anyone to interrupt us.

Besides, I can’t have you leaving outside with the pale face you have now. Stretch out your arm properly so I can measure your pulse.

Hmm…it doesn’t appear to be particularly unusual.

Hmm? Somehow your face is turning red this time. Like I thought you have a fever, don’t you?

Hey, don’t run away like that, I’m simply touching our foreheads together.


……It doesn’t look like you have a fever either.

Hmm? We’ve done this countless times as children so why are you being shy about it now?

I suppose so, things are different compared to then. You’ve become more beautiful than any other woman and as a brother, I feel proud.


If you believe it’s just the partially of a family member then how do you explain the reactions you get on the train?

A crowded train is crawling with molesters, and even if that isn’t the case, you gather the dirty gazes of men, and I find that awfully irritating. The men who look at you with dirty eyes, I want to eradicate them all from society…..

“You think too much.” it’s precisely because you’re so optimistic that you’re targeted by perverts. Do you understand how much pain that causes me every day?


…..Ah no, it’s nothing.

Anyways, even if you don’t have a fever, you shouldn’t be negligent. If things become difficult, send me a message.

Now then, let’s dig in before the food gets cold.


Thank you. When I hear you call it tasty, then it’s worth cooking. It makes me excited thinking about what dish I should prepare next.


It came out quite nicely if I say so myself.

Hmm? …Like I said earlier, there’s no need for you to be hesitant. If my cooking will bring you health then I’m willing to put in any level of effort necessary.

Thinking back to our past, I can’t help the fact that I’m still overprotective even now.


That’s right, back when you were 8 years old and was first adopted into this family, your body had been surprisingly frail. And as both our mother and father worked in a board of directors, they were never home.

I’ve always had the sense that you’d die the moment I take my eyes off you. Constantly looking after your care and worrying about you has become a habit of mine.


Idiot, there’s no way I’d think of you as a burden. It might be imprudent of me, but there were times I thought of it as fun.


Look, you know that in the past mother and father were quite busy, amidst that loneliness, you came into my world. Whilst thinking that this girl can’t survive without me……

I guess you could say I was saved.


Oh, what? You’ve already heard the tales of the past from Ms. Kiyo? Then it was pointless trying to keep the reminiscent talk all pretty.

Just spit it out?

Morning isn’t the time to be discussing matters. so let’s leave it until later.


I understand, I understand, okay? Don’t look at me with those teary eyes. You know that I’m weak to your tears, right?


Yup, until you came, I was a rascal or to put it simply; an inexcusable brat.

While our parents were occupied and I would go out and play around with unscrupulous people. Thinking that part had a thrill to it, I was truly a stupid, the lowest of the low, kid.


You can’t imagine that now? But that is the truth, I can’t change it even if I wanted to.

Grandfather was sweet to his grandchildren, so it was easy for me to grab pocket money. Also, I excelled at both my studies and sports. So, how should I say it…? Daily life felt boring? Why was everyone living their lives so frantically? Even though living was this easy?

I had looked at people around me with cold lenses.


I told you, didn’t I? I was a nasty kid and so when Grandfather suddenly told me he brought you into this house and then proceeded to leave you in my care. Truth be told…

ーーI wanted to escape.

“This girl’s needs will be watched by Sadatsugu, any other person is forbidden to meddle in this affair,” that was the order he gave.

However, because of the Mamiya family’s values, it was impossible to abandon someone who had become one of our own, so for the time being, I had dealt with you halfheartedly.

Like saying that I was busy and trying to attend to you as little as possible.

I’m sure during that period, to you, I must’ve been a horrible brother.


And so divine punishment soon hit me.

This time I was the one inflicted with a terrible fever. It just wouldn’t come down for days on end. I had genuinely believed that I would die and yet one day as I awakened from an awful nightmare; someone was tightly squeezing my hand.


Yes, that had been you.

Seeing that amidst my hazy consciousness, I sensed that a person had been nursing me.

The truth is I remembered it despite being half-awake, though I believed it to be all but a dream because no one would ever think that you would take the initiative to nurse such a heartless brother.

I was skeptical about whether that behavior was an act of fortune, that’s why I got angry and yelled, “What are you trying to do?!!”

You had been attempting to place the soaking wet towel onto my forehead.

And whilst becoming on the verge of crying; you said “It’s painful when you have a fever right? You feel helpless right? Because I’ve had lots of fevers, I know the pain. You don’t like pain right? You see, I asked my friends at school about how to lower a fever. It’ll be easier once you spread it to someone, that’s why it’s okay for big brother to spread it to me. I constantly catch colds so I think I’m stronger than big brother when it comes to colds”


It was a nonsensical theory, but it was amusing and I laughed. I kept laughing and laughing and in the end, I cried. And at that moment I finally realized how tiny of an existence I was.

Even such a small child is trying their utmost effect to understand the suffering of others……so what the hell have I been doing? While trying to see through everything, I wound up seeing through nothing, and I felt shocked having only noticed that now.


I too, couldn’t have survived without you. Had you not existed, I think I would’ve continued living a life of dullness.

I’m not exaggerating, from that time onward, every single day began to sparkle with you at the center. In other words, you’ve changed my life.

If one thinks about it now, that was probably Grandfather’s aim from the very beginning.


Just kidding. I’m talking like a full-on sis-con first thing in the morning. If I enter the workplace in this state, I’ll be laughed at by all my colleagues.

Now that I think of it, how’s today’s weather?

Could you grab that remote controller over there? Ah, thanks.


Oh, why it just happens to the weather forecast right now.

Today is cloudy eh.

Hmm? No, it’s a better idea for you to carry around an umbrella.

Ah, it’s another promo for another worthless love drama. I’ll be turning it off now.

Jeez, even though I hoped to avoid this type of indiscreet content all morning.

Eh? You, don’t tell me you yearn for that kind of romance!?



As a woman of the Mamiya household, you’ll have a suitable marriage partner selected for you. So until then, there’s no need for you to engage in romance. If you wish to date no matter what, then bring that other party to this house, and once Father and I have determined there to be no issue, only then will it be permitted.


Even if you ask me with a sullen face, this affair had been discussed with you prior. Did you forget already?

When we talked regarding it that one time, you became unusually angry and a section of the paint on your door chipped off because you slammed it so vigorously.

Since that was an imported piece, creating an exact replica was quite the trouble.


Sheesh, you’re the one said it would’ve been nice to have the same blue door. But to me, I’ve always thought of what an irony that was…….

No, it’s nothing.

Oh, more importantly, how do you plan to return home today? If you’re going to be late again, then even if I were to pick you up…

Hmm, is that so?

Well, it can’t be helped that you have a study group session. However, try not to come home too late, I’ll pick you up if necessary.


I know, I know. I’ll trust in you so please return home safely.


Track 2: Fate


Eh? Why isn’t it rare for you to ask for my cooperation?

Isn’t that right, Haruto?

I’m missing out. I thought memories from that long ago would’ve been forgotten already.

Hmm? What? …As expected there’s something else behind the scenes. Hmm, fine then as a fellow scum, I’ll give you my cooperation.

Haha, as always, you’ve got terrible hobbies.

Well then, until next time.


Oh, welcome home.

I’m readying dinner so you can go ahead and take a bath first. I’ve already mixed in your favorite bath additives and afterwards…….

I understand your feelings of gratitude but save your hugs for later.

And don’t forget to wash your hands, okay?


How is it? Today I’ve prepared your favorite dishes, particularly this lasagna that you’ve obsessed over.

Oh, it’s my cellphone.

At this time of day who would…? Ah, it’s Kanoe?

Sorry, I’ll be taking the call for a bit.


What’s wrong?

Hmm, mhm……aah, as expected it’s about that.

Fine, I’ll bring it the next time I come over but, there’s something you’ve been hiding from me isn’t there?

Letters? That was just a kid’s prank, no…? Are you still concerned about that?

And also why…

I understand, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


It’s our cousin Kanoe, were you not able to tell from the voice?

….Because it’s been a while?

But you’ve met him during New Years Celebration, haven’t you?

Well, that uncle left the household and more or less semi-eloped with his partner, so they don’t often show their faces here.

Speaking of which, it’s nostalgic. When Kanoe jokingly called my name old-fashioned, you got super angry, telling him “Don’t make fun of my big brother” and proceeded to scuffle with him.


During those days, your body was still weak and I had regarded you as being a very reserved child so it really did shock me.

But it made me happy. Because up to that point I was annoyed with this name. After all, don’t you think Sadame (Fate) plus Tsugu (Inherit) is antiquated?

I wished they’d stop giving this name to the eldest son of the main branch every time. It’s not just Kanoe’s words, it is old-fashioned.


Hmm? Why is it inheriting fate?

At the end of the day, it’s a sense that I’m being steeped deep in karmaーーit’s a curse.


Ah, no. You see the Mamiya household values family and comrades.

In other words, you are taught to treasure all those that enter your midst above any and all else. It is a doctrine handed down from a feudal lord in the glory days of old and the name “Sadatsugu” is the symbol that even to this day, those teachings are still being upheld.

……But I think it’ll be better if we could just forget about it already.


The Mamiya household’s value system has warped far too greatly in the pursuit of protecting its members.

If said nicely, it’s a well-unified family, but on the flip side, you’re faced with a shut door behind you. The attachment towards those around them is outright abnormal and toward those who leave, there’s an emotion very reminiscent of rage.


Kanoe’s alright, but he might’ve received an aspect of that.

After all, that uncle was still a person raised by the Mamiya. Losing all the other senses once they become self-aware of their love is just a nasty habit of those in the Mamiya family.

And that’s what I was worried about earlier in that phone-call.

He seems to be suffering quite a bit because of someone close to them. Since he had difficulties sleeping, he called and asked me for some effective sleeping medications.


Look, the Mamiya has deep connections with pharmaceutical companies, right?

But that drug, is it really being used by Kanoe……?

Ah, it’s nothing. It’s probably just my imagination.


By the way did you not get groped today? You had told me you were groped once while getting onto the train before, right?

Hmm? That expression.

“It happened again, but if I say it he’d be worried and start talking about this and that so I’ll keep silent,” is the kind of face you’re making. And this is precisely why I told you I’d pick you up, if you hate that experience then let me pick you…

My schedule? You don’t have to worry about such things, you are my first priority.


It’s nothing you should be concerned about, I only drink on occasions. That time was…

Yes, that’s right, it’s the same members as usual.

Hah?! You want to join the drinking party as well!? Are you saying you want to join the midst of those members?!!!

You can’t! You definitely can’t!!!

Even if Haruto looks like that, the inside of his head is messed up and Akira is dangerous in all sorts of ways. In other words, both of them are bad news.

Rather in saying that, all my friends are trash and I won’t recommend you see any of them.


My bad, I took the joke too far.

I’ll correct myself. They’re nice guys, but there’s a part of them that’s a bit different from your average person.

Now that I think of it, you’ve consulted with Haruto about something a while earlier?

Hmm, regarding course selections, eh.

Huh? The reason I hang around them?

I guess they’re ultimately trouble, so that’s why I feel comfortable around them. The fact that we were seen as honor students, is simply because that’s the image we chose to project.

But in front of you, I wanted to remain the cool big brother.

Right now? Right now, I think it’s about time Iーー


Myself aside, how have your studies been going?

Why…? Today was a study group session, wasn’t it?

A secret? Why do you need to keep the contents of your studies a secret?

Uh-huh. Oh, I understand now, that theory is certainly difficult to explain, during university it took me quite the time to put it together on paper.


Eh? You aren’t going for seconds? Don’t you usually eat more?

Well, I suppose it can’t be helped if you got remaining assignments to work on.

Wait! I’ll be the one to clear it up, you should quickly finish up your homework and go to sleep as soon as you can.

Your reply?

Good luck then.


Great that you’re working hard on your studies but keep it in moderation. It’s already late, so end it off at a comfortable point and go to bed early.


Track 3: Between Dream and Reality


You’ve gotten wet even more readily today, it’s dripping down to your butt like you’ve wet yourself.

How lewd. Your reactions while unconscious are tempting me again.


Hey, your body is subconsciously desiring me to that extent.

Your true feelings are that, you wish connected with me, you know? And I wish to teach this fact to you one day.


This taste, this smell…I simply can’t get enough of it. I’ll lick it all so please spill out more okay?


It’s overflowing. It’s overflowing, so much so that I can’t no longer catch it all with just my tongue.

I mustn’t, I mustn’t. I ought to leave a reminder of today’s memories.


Aah, cute. I wonder why you are this cute?

No matter many photos I take, it never gets old. Lips tainted by my semen, these steamy pink cheeks, this red and engorged little entrance; all of it is cute.

Mmm, it sends me good vibes at how it’s gotten easy for me to insert one of my fingers.

Huh? That’s strange, this is a reaction different from the usual……

Could it be that you’re slightly awake…?

I wonder if I made a mistake in the dosage of the medication. Well whatever, it’s not like you’ll fully wake up.


There, there, it’s not scary. I’ll do it gently so let’s try out two fingers today.

It’s alright, I won’t hurt your mark of virginity.

Look, it’s already in. And just like that, your insides would start twitching and then eat up my fingers.

Do my fingers really feel that good?


Aah, it must feel good, your hips are moving a little.

Since you’re such a good girl as a reward for swallowing up my fingers so well, I’ll caress that familiar good spot of yours and so let’s cum together.

Because you have such lewd responses……I’m already at my limit. I’m about to cum by simply rubbing against it a bit just like that.


Cute, you’re cute. These lips, these insides, they all belong to me.


This is bad, it’s a tad bitter. I must’ve gotten too much onto your lips.

Sorry, I’ll clean it up for you right now.


Hmm? I wonder if you’re about to cum.

Go ahead, I’m going to cum too see? This time, let’s dirty these smooth thighs…….

Cumming, cumming!


I came plenty tonight too, I wish I could’ve let this all out inside of you.

Jeez, you’re so cute that it’s almost hateful.

Say, why did you end up thinking that it wasn’t appropriate to love your brother? Up until middle school, you were always talking about how much you wanted to marry big brother no?

I still intend to do that even now.


I love you.

The one who loves you the most in this worldーーis me.

That’s why you should also……


Good morning. Today…

What happened?! Your face is completely pale!!!

Could it be that you saw another nightmare!?


Is that so? If it was that horrible then take some of the lighter medication. I’m sure it’s just that you’re tired, so you’ll be better soon enough.

You don’t need breakfast?

Can’t have you do that, if you don’t eat properly then you’ll collapse again. Hey!!!


Track 4: Omen


……Welcome home.

Why is it that I’m at the front entrance?

I was waiting for you.

You see today, something interesting happened. Do you want to hear it?


It was evening and I happened to be attending business close to your university, so I went to pick you up in my car. And when I did, I came across your friend Yuri and while chatting I tried asking about how the study meeting went this time around.

Then, she made a strange face for a brief moment and I was immediately concerned.

Ahh, it wasn’t a study meeting this time. You were having fun at a mixer party is what I heard.

ーーYou’ve lied to me.


There are no excuses. You went against my directions and tried to fish for a man……that is the truth.

FREE LOVE?!! How many TIMES have I TOLD YOU THAT’S UNNECESSARY?!!! When the right time comes, you’ll MARRY THE PERSON that ME AND OUR FATHER CHOOSES!!! To associate with unknown men from shady origins, I SIMPLY WILL NOT ALLOW IT!!!


Sorry, I wasn’t intending to yell so please don’t cry like that……

I-I think of you as important so I do not wish for you to engage in such risky behavior. I hope you can understand that.


Thank you.

Well then, I’ll go grab a drink whilst I cool my head. Would you like something?

It’s fine. To reconcile, I’ll make anything you’d want as a sign of apology. And of course, it’ll be very delicious.


What is it? Was that already enough?

Certainly, if we were to consider the lecture tomorrow, then it’s better for you to not stay so late. Besides, it is said a sleeping child would grow.

Ah yes yes, you aren’t a child. You’ve now completely grown into a woman.


That’s dangerous!!!

I’m relieved you weren’t hurt. For you to stagger like that…..you must quite tired.

That’s right! How about I carry you like those times we were young?

……I understand, so don’t force yourself, and hurry yourself to bed.


Yes, of course I love you too. ーーMuch more than you do me.

It’s nothing! Good night.


Track 5: Reality


Your place here is all plump and swollen. It’s gotten so sensitive that if I were to lick it a little like this, it feels unbearably good right?


Even so, I can’t forgive you for attending a mixer party. Tonight I must impart a stricter punishment than usual.


I wonder if you can tell? Because of your lewd reactions, my thing has already become this hard.

Take responsibility and make me feel good as well.


Your little entrance has turned so very messy. I can’t get enough of rubbing even just the tip against it.

Hey, is that fine with you? If you’re this wet, I might accidentally enter inside.

It’s no use, your hole is just convulsing like it wants to suck me inside.


I want to put it in, I want to put it in.

Say, is it okay if it were just a tiny bit…? I’ll just push the tip against it, okay?

It’s hot, it’s soft, it feels good. Even though it’s just the tip, I’m about to cum.


It’s gotten incredibly wet. You feel good too, right?

My my, you’re such a naughty girl, because you’re twitching and leaking liquid, I’ll end up entering would I not?


I can’t stand it anymore.

Hey, hey, if you don’t wake up you’ll be violated by me. It’s going to go in, it’s going to enter inside your wet place here.


It’s almost like a lie. It’s in.

I’ve become one with you. It’s really all the way, it’s completely inside of you.



Oh, sorry, I never intended for things to go this far.

It’s true. But your insides feel too good, there’s no way I wouldn’t move.


Amazing, it’s the first time I’ve ever felt this good. By merely giving a little push like this, I feel like I’ll cum any time.

Hmm? Like I thought, it does hurt a little. The front is tender.

But you’re the naughty one, it’s because you were looking at other men that you’re being fucked by me like this.


Cute, so cute. I’ve seen many sides of you, but the you that’s being fucked by me is the cutest!!!


Damn it, I can no longer hold back. I’ll reach your deepest parts, okay?

This is bad, I’m about to cum……



Oh, you’ve woken up? But well, if I thrust up this strongly, even if you didn’t want to; you’d wake up.

What exactly? …You don’t know?

Your insides have been ravaged all the way by me. See!?


You’re cute when you’re confused too.

There, there, be quiet. I’ll be cumming in a bit, okay?


That’s impossible, your insides feel so good that I can’t possibly remove out.

It was nice when you were unconscious, but as expected when you’re conscious, it’s a completely different tightness and the feeling of being squeezed is……


Don’t cry, I told you earlier that I’m weak to your tears. Just seeing your tears will make me cum.

It’s fine, soon enough you won’t be able to live without it.

Just now, it just tightened around me. This place feels good, right? You love it when I stirred up this place, right?


I know all the spots that feel good and I know them all inside and outside.

After all, I’ve been constantly touching, licking and inspecting your body since a year ago.

That’s right, ever since a year ago. To the point that I know the complete shape of your insides……


Hmm? You already about to cum?

You were just a virgin a moment ago and you’re already about to cum. With such an astonishingly lewd body, at this rate, there isn’t a single place who’d take you in as a bride.

Just kidding, I was the one who made your body like this!!!


Like I said, there’s no need for you to cry because you’ll become my bride.

Squeezing down like that, it feels good.


Cumming, cumming!!!


Hmm? I wonder if you’ve gotten sleepy again?

It’s fine, just continue sleeping like that. Tomorrow I’ll take a day off work, clean up your entire body and then drive you to university.


Haha, you’re saying such odd things. This isn’t a dreamーit’s reality.

Yes, that’s right.

Starting tonight it’s become reality.


Track 6: A Path of No Return


Ah, you woke up…we’ll be arriving at your university in approximately 5 minutes. This is the inside of my car and I’m driving you to school right now.

It seems like you’re still in a daze, but even so, this time around was a bit much. After you fell asleep, you wouldn’t wake up at all, slept through the entirety of me bathing you, drying your hair and putting on your makeup.

I wonder if the medication was a tad too potent or perhaps the mental shock might’ve been far too great?


What are you trying to do? Isn’t it dangerous for you to be removing your seat-belt right about now?

What are you planning to do at this moment to escape? If you get off at this speed, you won’t be left with mere scratches and more importantly, if you were run…..I’ll distribute your embarrassing photos online for the whole world to see.


“Cruel” eh.

Every single day, I would imagine the insults I would receive from you when things had finally come down to this. It surprises me that it would end with merely the word “cruel”.

……I wished you’d thrown more abusive words towards me.

Yup, I’m a pervert. An unsalvageable perverse piece of trash. So is there nothing else you want to say?

Won’t forgive me?

Since I forcibly violated and raped the woman who had once adored me as an older brother; it is undeniably the unforgivable deed of a degenerate, there’s no mistaking that.

So what of it? For the sake of bringing you into my grasp, I’m willing to become a pervertーto become a monster.


There’s quite the number of red lights today.

Are you getting off?

I see. That’s a rather wise decision.

No no, I don’t mean it in that sense. It’s been snowing, no? If you were to go and walk outside, you’d freeze.

Though right now your heart might be more chilled by being together with me.


To be trembling like that… You’re so pitiful. If this was going to be the case then I should’ve just killed (myself) that day.

You don’t remember?

During that time I was in the third year of high school. If I remember correctly, it was a snowy day like today and I simply wouldn’t return home.


That’s right, that was the day.

You see Iーーplanned on dying that day.

Look, see that pedestrian overpass that you have a clear view of over there? I had intended to throw myself off it.

Even though school ended, I had no desire to return home. I stared idly at that one spot for hours on end.

Haha, it had nothing to do with the entrance exams.

I loved you and the feelings of making you mine, I wanted to escape from them. Back then, if I was being loved as a brother then it was painful being loved by you. I constantly wanted to kill myself for holding such disgusting desires towards you.


And so just as I began to climb over the railings and finally carry out those thoughts……I received a call from you.

That’s right, it was the time when you phoned me crying and saying that you were ignored by one of your classmates.

That time you told me “I have no one but you, Brother. I’m fine as long as Brother is there, so please hurry up and come home” while crying profusely.


Although to you, it might appear to be the thoughtless words during a period of weakness, but just like that, something inside me suddenly snapped and broke apart. And having broken, strength drained away from my body.


Whether it’s because it was snowing but that night, there was no one else around. And so in the meantime, I laid down on-top the snow and peered up into the sky.

I remember letting out a weird laughter.

Aah…as I thought, I longed for you. As long as I have you, I don’t care if I have to make the world my enemy. And as I muttered that towards the blanketed white sky, I felt a weight come off of my shoulders.


The once heavy body turned light as air and each day became fun and little by little all of my common sense and reason began to break down slowly. The only thing inside of me that hasn’t broken is my love for you.

Though even that has distorted shape and can no longer be called normal.


I wonder about that. What would happen if that remaining love for you were to break? Even I don’t know the answer to that.

……But I’d probably die wouldn’t I?


Does that sound like a threat?

If such a line were to become a threat then I should’ve said it to someone, even if it were to a priest.

If you’re not around, then even breathing would become impossible.


Now then, we’ve arrived. I’ll come to pick you up on the way home, so don’t step foot outside the university until then. You know what’ll happen if you were to return home without permission right?

Good girl.

And so, see you again in the evening.


Track 7: The Bottom of a Crazy Dream


I’m so relieved!!!

Not just “what?” I heard that you left school early, so I hurried home and couldn’t find you anywhere and even when I searched through the streets on foot…I couldn’t catch a sign of you.

So I thought that without a doubt you were planning to die……I believed it was inevitable that it’d drive you to that point.

Despite saying that, I have no intention to apologize.

Even if you were to hate me, even if you were to abuse me. I will not regret what I’ve done. If you were to be stolen by another man whilst I continued wearing the mask of a good brother then being hated is much easier.


Really? You merely had a difficult time returning?

Is that so? Then it’s fine.

It’s a strange talk having been rest assured. After being threatened, it was only natural……for you to come back home.


Listen, if you ever want to die; tell me. If you wish to die no matter what, then I’ll kill you with my own hands.

And so don’t die. To leave me behind like that, I definitely won’t allow it!


I can’t wait until we get to the bed, I’ll embrace you right here and now.


The inside of your mouth is hot, I feel like I’m about to melt.

It’s just that I’m cold?

Well, it’s true that I’ve been outside for countless hours.

Hah?! Is this really the time to be worrying about others? Although you’re about to be raped, you could still afford to say that.


Even though you hate me, stop pretending to be worried…!!!

If you don’t, I’ll get the wrong idea. The possibility of you ever coming to love me again is already zero and yet why is it that despite knowing that, I’m unable to give up on your heart.

In the face of my resolution, I’m an idiot.


That’s why I told you to stop pretending to worry about me!!!

Besides, with this type of thing, I’ll become warm once I have sex with you.


Such a nice view, as you twist your body, your chest sways.

It’s quite inviting, so it’s completely counterproductive. I instinctively just want to suck on them.


You don’t like it? Ah sorry, you felt it more in this place.


Your underwear and skirt are in the way, so let’s remove them.

There, there, crying is useless.

Normally it was a bit dry from the usual bath, but today it’s wet from the very beginning, it’s all slippery and it seems to feel good just from me stroking it. At just the thought of me fucking you whilst you’re awake…I become hopelessly aroused.

I’ll be inserting my fingers inside so relax.


Your “No”s are a bunch of lies. You love being teased there, don’t you? If I rub this deep spot here……it feels good right?

Your insides are twisting and wrapping around my fingers.

It’s okay for you to cum. Your appearance when you cum, show it to me.


It isn’t scary at all right?

Over the course of a year, I had gradually molded this place.

Ah…could it be that one isn’t enough? Then I’ll insert a second one.

It’s incredibly wet, if I put it in now, I wonder if it’ll feel so good that I won’t be able to last.


I can’t? If you say that…it’ll make me want to do it.

This is bad……it’s really squeezing down on me. Hey, could it be that you came a little?

To become that excited from me inserting, you’re such a naughty girl. Because you’re way too cute, I start losing my mind.


Becoming all soaking wet, isn’t this the first time you’ve gotten this wet?

Just kidding, even if I were to say it, you won’t understand. Because you were asleep after all!!


Like before, I’m rubbing deep inside you. Hey, it feels so good that I’m already about to release……inside.

Did you think by fighting back that I’d stop?

I won’t stop.

Today, while pushing up against the deepest part inside you…I’ll cum.


Now then, how about we tie up these misbehaving hands just like this?

This is the best, your appearance being bound by my necktie is so arousing.


Since we’ve gone through all this hard work, let’s take a commemorative photo today.

Cute. So cute. Let’s take not only photos today but also videos. That way I can fully capture your face as you cum.

You’re so cute that I can’t no longer endure it anymore.


Are you that against being creampie-ed?

It can’t be helped.

Well then, if you say “Sadatsugu I love you” 10 times, I’ll cum outside.


Squeezing down on me, it feels good.

Hmm? What’s wrong? You haven’t even said it 5 times yet.

If you don’t try harder then……



I’m so happy, I love you too.

Since our love is so mutual, as I thought, it’s okay if I came inside, right?


Ssssshhhh. Even if you shout, no one will come for you.


I love you.

I love you and only you.

There’s nothing else but you in my eyes.


I came so much, your insides are completely filled with me……

Ah…damn, I was so engrossed at the end that I forgot to shoot the film. Oh well, I guess it’s fine, starting now I can take it at any time.


It’s wonderful, being reflected on your eyes still wet with tears…from now, keep looking at me just like that.

……And I too will always be looking at you.


Come on, say that you love you one more time. If you don’t, I’ll cum inside again.

You’re such a good girl.

I love you too.

Regardless if those words were the product of resignation amidst despair, I won’t let you goーーI’ll tie you down for the rest of your life.

That’s right, your whole life.

You’ll never ever be able to escape from me.


Into this obscenely happy dream, let us fall together.

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