【Translation】 Shuumatsu no Misshitsu SS 「Cursed Words」

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Cursed Words

Tachibana Asahi had never before drowned in such pleasure. People had once flocked towards this beauty that was said to be “frighteningly beautiful” in a ravenous state each time, regardless of gender; both men and women. Casually bestowed upon him like a shower of rain, but to him, it was rather troublesome. As to Asahi, sex was merely a means to earn money.

And yet why it is that――a few hours earlier, the only two words in Asahi’s head was “to fuck”. Each time he pins down that soft body and thrusts up against those hips, that beastly desire grows stronger.


A labored voice slowly cleared the fog in one’s head. The vacant eyes that blinked belonged to the girl Asahi had abducted――a tool of revenge, her neck bent as if in an attempt to struggle. It was white, smooth with droplets of sweat on the surface.

Feeling it to be a waste were it to drip onto the floor as is, he lapped it all up. Not knowing what happened to usual clean-freak, he began to savor the back of her ears.

At that moment, a scent akin to rich honey filled his nose and spread to Asahi’s brain.

“Damn it, why is this. Hah…it’s absurdly good……”

The smell of her sweat. The smell of semen mixing with the blood of being deflowered. A normally foul scent, was for some reason, unbearably “good”.

Amidst the strange intoxication, Asahi traced the area with her love juices.

The entrance of her vagina spread open with Asahi’s thing; was swollen red and twitched away rhythmically.

While scraping the wall of her vagina with the head of his hard penis, he pulled out at the very last moment and the semen poured inside her the first time around overflowed and spilled over onto the floors.

He scooped up the pale red mixture mixed with the proof of her virginity with the tips of his fingers.

The faint scent of blood drifting in the air has unsurprisingly excited Asahi.

He didn’t have a fetish for blood, but somehow――whatever had belonged to her, felt special to him.

As soon as he sniffed with his nose, there was a chilling sensation coursing through his body. Goosebumps stood up from end to end and his desire to ejaculate rose.

If one places that throbbing head up against the mouth of that womb, it’ll suck it invitingly. Towards the unbearable pleasantness, Asahi began to moan.

“Hnnn! Hahhh…..ahh! Cumming! I’m cumming!”

While declaring that, Asahi held the girl strongly within his arms as she shook her slender neck. Mercilessly banged against her hips and proceeded to ejaculate right up against her cervical opening.

Convulsing, her body became stiff.

Asahi reached for the still shaking body and poured in every last drop.

Reluctant to part, he churned the insides and the room with filled obscenely wet sounds.

“Haa, hahhhh…….”

Asahi, who finally turned his hips away, tensed his face at the pain stemming from his arm. Due to the over-excitement, the gash opened up once more. Prior to raping her, the girl had scratched him while trying to resist.

The blood that was flowing out of his arm slowly dripped onto the girl’s cheeks.

The moment he saw that sight, he was shocked to find himself feeling an emotion resembling fear. Shivering as though he’s ill. Despite having commanded her to lick the wound before the rape went down, it was as if he tainted her with something horribly dirty.

He wondered whether his senses went awry amidst the excitement of revenge――.

While Asahi was in a state of confusion and could not move……the girl made a slight noise and began licking the scratch.

“…….What are you trying to do?”

“Eh, ah…umm……because you told me to lick it earlier, I thought about whether I should do so again……..”

He had asked her to lick the wound for the sake of humiliating her. Asahi who was fussy about cleanliness would’ve never allowed such a thing under usual circumstances.

Yet strangely enough, he did not hate being licked by her. Rather was weirdly calming.

While being idly licked, he gazed down at the girl.

“Every so often you would make an odd face”

“You too are making a strange face”


Although she barely had courage, the girl would occasionally reply with surprising responses.

Startled at the words that followed, Asahi failed to continue, and while seeing his slightly wavered behavior, she spoke quietly.

“It almost seems as though, you were the one who would fall apart instead”

Sensing he was being called weak, the blood rushed to Asahi’s head.

Grasping her thin wrists, he shouted.

“You, what do you even understand!?”

She was both shocked and frightened, even so, she stared at Asahi straight in the eyes without looking away for a second.

“……Nothing at all. What I know is simply that you’re an awfully beautiful person…that’s all”

Asahi had his mouth wide open with disbelief. He did not know what sort of face he should’ve made, as he questioned himself whilst stroking his brows.

“You’re calling the kidnapper who raped you beautiful? ……Aah, that’s right, you’ve lost your mind amidst the fear”

“I guess so, I’m terribly scared. I might’ve gotten a bit crazy within all this mayhem. But…I was raised being called “unsightly” and “trash” by my mother, towards a beautiful person like you……I feel a bit envious”

“You’re unsightly?”

(Even though you’re such a cute young lady?)

What terrible humility. Asahi thought that until the darkness within the eyes of the girl he questioned eventually sank in.

When he began to take it seriously, a complex emotion that was neither pain nor sadness rose up from his chest.

As a tool for revenge, he should hate her but――he simply could not convince himself of the words he just heard.

Asahi swallowed repeatedly, struggling to prevent himself from speaking words that were out of place.

Even so, as expected, he couldn’t hold it back anymore……

“……You are, cute”


The moment it was said, something was felt to be lost. Defenses collapsing down in the presence of that sound……a bad omen.

The lingering aftereffects continued on, as though it were a curse――Asahi’s heart was bound.

While looking at the astonished expression on the girl’s face, Asahi was once again taken aback. To conceal his trembling, he covered both of the girl’s eyes with the palm of his hand.

“It’s nothing”

“I-I suppose so…..”

Both parties had let out a flustered voice at the same time.

Unable to stand the delicate atmosphere, Asahi deliberately spoke out in an unfeeling tone.

“After taking a short break, I’ll fuck you again. Be prepared for it”



Despite trying with all his effort to speak in a sadistic tone, he could already sense that he was no longer capable of being rough with her. To that self, Asahi felt disappointment. And in order to once again burn with revenge, he reconfirmed it with a stern voice.

“I’ll use you as a tool for my revenge no matter what. That decision will not be overturned”

Although he spoke it with every intent, Asahi’s heart was rife with anxiety immediately after.


This plan had already failed from the start――that was his gut feeling.

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