【Translation】 In the room


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In the room

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Enter the room


Welcome! I’m happy that you came as promised.

How should we enjoy ourselves today?

The area’s that way.


Not knowing what kind of business you came here for today is not something you should apologize for. You were simply told by one of your family members to please meet with Mr. Shimazaki Seiji, after all.

I am that Seiji.

Did they say anything about me?


Someone who you used to know quite well, huh.

Hmm…? You heard that I wanted to speak with you, right? I’m sorry to have troubled your family.

I told them that I wished to talk with you privately.


Mhm, I know that you don’t remember anything about me so you don’t have to worry about that.

That’s right, I’m the younger brother of Shimazaki Akane, one of your upperclassmen in high school.

No no, I’m always indebted to my sister as well.


Allow me to formally say hello. I’d like us to have a good time today.


Ah, feel free to come inside.

But, my original goal was a bit different. There’s something I had been keeping hidden, including from your family.

The truth is――I called you over for the sake of having sex.


Track 2: In the room


Here is my flat.

Oh, the shower room is over there, feel free to take a shower if you want.


Is there something wrong?

It’s a shame, but it’s not a joke, I seriously meant it.

Mhm, my older sister is not here right now. In this house, there’s only you…and me. Even if you let out a loud scream, it will not reach the outside.

Do you understand the meaning of that?


Now then, what should we do? Even though I desire you, frankly speaking…I don’t want to force you.

A lot of just “Why? …Why? For what reason?”

Because I simply wanted to, that should be enough of a reason, no?


I will give you a choice.

Do you want sex with consent or without consent?

You have no sense of danger.

Even though there had been so many exchanges, you still nonchalantly followed along. You should consider that this type of thing might be on one’s mind too.


The things I might do if you were to resist――I hope I won’t need to do that.

“I don’t like pain,” well of course.

Sorry for attempting to threaten you. It’s the same as always, you can’t reject me, and I take advantage of that.


Aah, don’t resent your family, your mother had not known. If you’re going to resent someone, then resent me.

Ah, I guess there’s not a lot of meaning in that.

It would’ve been nice if you came to hate me…as long as you don’t forget.


I’ll do it before you change your mind.

Let me kiss you.


I’ve been waiting for these lips.


Is it not possible for you to think of me as your lover….?


Your scent……

I’ll be taking off everything, so raise your hips a little.

I’ll take off mine too.


I like your scent.


These cute ears.

Those piercings are wonderful, they really suit you. Antique Turquoise, the birthstone of December.

Well…that was what you taught me.


There’s no way I would forget what your birthstone is.

Ahh, we have met before, but if you can’t remember, there’s no point thinking about it.


Oh…ah, it was for an entirely different reason as opposed to now.

This type of thing, I guess you really are against it? I suppose it’s obvious that you don’t want it.

It’s fine like that. Even if you had readily accepted, I’d have mixed feelings.


Do your utmost to oppose me.


Ah, it feels good. These breasts, and to suck in the palms of these hands…this body, no matter which part it is, no matter what part it isーit’s all to my liking.


I’ll do your navel.


You’re teary, it’s cute.

Please remember……


Is there something you want to try doing?

Oh? That’s a nice offer. For you to use your mouth…hmm……last time you chose your hands though.

Go ahead and try, I want to see your face so come onto my lap.


Put it inside your mouth……seems like you’re overdoing it.

I know what you are thinking right now. If you get me to ejaculate then you can end it without going all the way. That’s you’re thinking, isn’t that right?

Hmm, there’s a high probability of that, if I can’t get it up then we can’t do it.

Haha, I’ve become interested in trying.


It’s amazing. Let me see you hold in your mouth.

Ah, it’s super indecent, now lick it with your tongue.

It feels…good.

Next up, squeeze it with your lips.

Hmm…the force is a bit lacking.


Just as I had expected. It’s fine, you don’t have to do anything, I’ll do it.

That’s right, I’ll hold your head.

I’ll begin moving now. Sorry, but it might be a bit painful.


That’s good, just like that…open up your throat more.

I’m about to cum. A little more, just hang in there……


Cumming…I’m releasing, please swallow it all!


Was that okay?

Ah, you’ve gotten a bit teary. Sorry, sorry, you tried hard didn’t you?


You were really good. Now then, let me make you feel good.

What exactly?

…By doing this of course.


Your place here…..was ready too. It’s overflowing.

It’s strange, isn’t it? This place, even though I’m only rubbing it, that’s how the pleasure happens. I wonder why God gave something like this to me.


I’ll do it with my fingers too.

The pleasure of being stroked in this place, your body knows it. Every time, this sweet nectar…will trickle out.

……Like a beautiful flower.


It gets wet, it glistens…and eats up my fingers.

Ah, you ate up these fingers. How about you try your best at resisting inside? It’s opened up safely for two fingers…how is it?

End it now…? You’re eating me up like this no?

“Stop, stop” eh. Then I’ll do it to you more.


It’s all sticky, looks tasty.

Those moans are cute. Hmm…? It’s okay if you cum…….


Go ahead and cum.


You came right?


Your face is red, it’s cute.

You seem a bit dumbfounded, were you surprised that you felt it?


It’s about time to let me enter.

Oh that…?

There’s not a lot of meaning in using that, but if you want, I’ll use it.


Scared? You’ll quickly get accustomed. Look. it’s swallowing it up.

Feels good……


Sorry, but I can’t just pull it out immediately. You had tried to avoid it, haven’t you? You didn’t want it in here.

I understand your confusion right now.

Not yet, there’s another 3 cm.


Good…it feels really good.

It entered all the way. It’s me, please remember……

Your insides are just wrapping around it, it seems like it wants me to move. Can you not move and keep still like this?

Though it’d be nice if we could stay here forever.


That’s a lie, I’ll do it properly.  I’ll definitely finish what was started.

For the sake of ending it, let’s begin.


It feels good.

Open up your mouth, let me suck on your tongue.


It’s the best, up top and down bottom, it all feels of pure pleasure.

It doesn’t matter if right now you’re nothing more than an object of affection. This is more than enough.


It feels good. I don’t want it to end, I want to still like this forever.


This is…you’re squeezing down, and it’s getting tight.

Hmm? You’re about to cum?

Then let’s end it soon.


Cumming, I’m cumming……

Kiss me.


Can you tell it’s coming out?

Hmm? But you see, it’s not over yet.

Can you rouse up your body? Just like that, come sit on top of my lap.

That’s right, we’ll go for a second round as is.

Ah sorry, it leaked through the gap between the condom. As I thought, there wasn’t much meaning in putting one on.

I’ll go take off the condom.

I’ll remove it all at once, okay?


Smearing it onto your nipples. Aah, it’s lewd.

We’ll continue like this without it on.


It’s in.

You’re making such a shocked face.

Don’t cum inside? I wonder about that, I’ll have that in consideration.

Turn towards me.


I’ll hold up your hips, so try moving up and down.

You can’t? I understand, I’ll thrust up from under you.


That place you like. The underside……it’s here right?

The sensation is different. Hold on tight.


It feels good…amazing.

Ah, I got pushed over. You want to be on top? That’s upfront, is it because you want it to be over quick?


Amazing, your chest is bouncing. It’s such a nice sight.

Let me touch your breasts.

It’s nice.


Aah, I really can’t stop, the restraint is…

But next will be my turn.

It’s really tightening down on me. Hey, if it’s like this, I’ll end up cumming. Is that okay with you?


Facing each other, we’ll be able to kiss and in this pretense, I like it missionary.

Hmm? It’s fine, isn’t it? I’ll work hard.


Hey, how’s this? That place inside you I reached earlier, I’ll grind up against it.

Oh, try putting that cushion under your hips. The feeling of hitting there will change.


It’s rattling a little here. Seems like this place felt good, then let’s do it a lot.


It feels good…

Looks like that applies to you too. Don’t think about this and that, just give up yourself into pleasure. Come on.

Yes, moan just like that.

Such a cute voice, my ears are overjoyed.


Your hips are moving, you’re so honest.



It’s already the second time, isn’t it?

I can tell. I’ll let you cum.


Aah, that was close. Your breathing is labored too, are you tired?

Continuing like that, I guess I pushed you a bit.

So what were your impressions?


Ah, you’re staying silent. Was it that much of a shock?

I didn’t cum inside so rest assured.

It was difficult though, you were squeezing me and wouldn’t let go. In my eyes, I saw that you were really feeling it.

Oh, your face turned red.

Oh, sorry, my bad for making fun of you, so don’t hit me with them pillows.


The bedsheets are all soaked in sweat.

Hmm…there had been a large towel.

Let’s take a break, I’ll go grab the towel and bring something to drink.


Here, iced tea. It’s orange-flavored.

Yup, it’s a drink that you enjoy is it not?

Hmm? Well, I had known that of course. I know everything about you.

You’re asking “why?” again.

I know because I know.


That’s right, the time is……

Ah, there’s still a bit longer.

Rest assured, I didn’t mix in anything strange. I’ll take a sip too.

Was it tasty? Is that so, I’m glad.

Oh, you see that glass, it’s an antique from Italy.


You’re saying the same thing again, that there’s a lot of antiques in this room. It’s my job, I import and sell artworks and antiques.

That glass lamp there is……

Ah no, you liked those types of things right?

Of course I know, I said earlier that I know everything that you like. How about I give you that lamp as a present?


As expected, you’d decline and say that you don’t want to receive it, it’s unfortunate.

Now then, what should we do?


Let me kiss you.

The smell of oranges, it’s really delicious……just a bit more.

I like this kind of kiss.


Before we continue, let’s continue chatting for a tad longer. Though the misunderstanding could never be cleared that easily.

Even though I know you, you don’t know me at all. That doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Haha, you’re wrong, I’m no stalker. There’s no stalker that dignified here.


While helping out in family matters, you were studying telecommunications, weren’t you?

Ah that’s right, I might’ve heard of that from my older sister.

Was the supplementary studies fun?

Hmm? What did you want to be in the future? Ah, wait, let me guess……a jewelry appraiser.

See, I guessed it.

That’s not it, my my, you’re such a skeptical person. None of these things are my sister’s knowledge.


So that was confirmation that I’m a stalker.

I feel dejected, but I guess it’s okay.

Yes, that’s right, I’ll give a prediction of your future.


Your dream will come true, you’ll become a jewelry appraiser and then you’ll start working at a small jewelry shop.

There you’ll come to meet a man.

The first time was at your house. When your upperclassmen from high school came to play, she had brought along a boy.

That boy was the younger brother of your upperclassmen. And the two of you had hit it off.

The next time was in Europe, where the man had been residing for work. And you who had been there on holiday, had been guided by him inside an art museum and then had dinner together.

And then the two of them fell in love.


Oh, you’re laughing, I guess you don’t believe it.

Hmm, my prediction is right though.

It’s not a lie, it’s okay to believe itーーI guarantee it.


Whoa, suddenly getting close to me like that… What is it?

My scent? Did you remember something?

It feels nostalgic, eh. I see, so it wasn’t that you remembered.


That’s right, me and you have met countless times. I can’t explain it in detail, because it’ll only confuse you.

I suppose that’s true. You’re already confused enough to have the younger brother of your upperclassmen to do this to youーby a man who might just be your own stalker.


No, you haven’t done anything to gain my resentment. This isn’t revenge.

Whether to explain or not to explain, I wonder which would be easier. I no longer know anymore.

And that’s why I chose not to explain.

Now let us continue.


Come and look at my face.

That’s right, stare at it. Take a good look. Do you feel anything?

“Isn’t it a bit cool?”, well that’s one of saying it.

But if you think that, I’m a bit happy. Is my face to your preferences?

Oh, you’re not denying it!


I want to kiss you.


You’re exactly my type, everything about you is to my liking.

I want to say that I love you. Would you still be troubled if I say that?

I see, I suppose that’s so.


This is the final time.

Can you open up your legs? Let me see that wet place.

Massage those breasts yourself.

Invite me in lewdly and say the line “Please fuck me”. If you do that I’ll end it.


That’s right, this is enough.

……I’ll come and embrace you.


I’m putting it in.

It feels good.

Do I look like I’m about to cry? It feels so good, that it brings tears to my eyes, that’s all that it is.


Bring your hips up to the middle more, at this rate I won’t be able to reach deep inside.


Hmm? It’s difficult? I won’t stop though.

After all, your place here wants it. It’s delighted being fucked by a man you don’t know. And just like that, its unknowingly causing me pain.


Sorry, I said some horrible things.

Please don’t cry……


I’m really sorry, I ended up teasing you a bit.

Ahh, it was no use, it was hard on you, wasn’t it? Let’s do it from the back. Because if I were to continue looking at your face…I might end up saying something again.

Lie face down, I’ll do it slowly this time.

Leave your hips as is, I’ll support them.




It’s almost like a wave, approaching then pulling back.

Ahh, that feels good.

As if I’m swimming in an ocean. This bed is the wrecked ship, and the two of us are in distress. Not knowing, what should we do? Where should we go?

But even that’s okay.


More, I wish to continue this forever. There’s no longer time, if I don’t end it……

I’ll free you, but it’s going to be a bit rough.


Please remember, it’s me, this is…the thing that this place wantsーーis me.

I’m the only one who can do this to you. Just me, only me. You belong to me, so please don’t forget.


I’m already about to cum, sorry, but I’m cumming.


…It’s coming out.


Are you able to move your hips?

Looks like it’s already time.


Track 3: Leave the room


Did you finish showering?

Go ahead feel free, you can go back now.


Is there not something you wish to say to me? It’s fine for you to punch and kick me until you feel satisfied.

You won’t do it huh……

I’ll give you a phone-call later.


Why exactly? I want to make sure you get home safely, I’m a stalker after all.

I have that duty to do so.

Ah, the taxi driver is here to pick you up.


That’s right, you’ll be going home via taxi. Don’t worry, it’s already been paid for.

Hmm? Is there anything else?


If I hear that…

Mhm, I have troubles. I’ve been carrying around something difficult.

Eh? I looked rather pitiful? Me? You’re so good-natured, in spite of me having done such horrible things.

You really haven’t changed in the slightest bit.


Aah, the driver’s waiting.

Careful on your way home――and stay well.


Track 4: Soon Forgotten Words



You got home safely, I’m relieved.

Oh? I’m……

My apologies, I’m Shimazaki Akane’s younger brother Seiji.

Ah, yes it’s nice to meet you and umm…there’s an important matter that I must speak to your family about.

Can you pass the call to them?


Just wait a minute!  There’s something I wish to ask you.

From the hours of 3 to 4 p.m today, where would you say you were at?

…..You believe that you were at home the entire time.

Is that so, I understand. Then please excuse me, leave the rest to your parents.


Oh the call changed back.

I’ve finished my talks with your mother. Umm…the things I’m about to say, can you please quietly listen to it?

To you it might seem like a strange story. If you can’t stand to listen, you can cut off the phone-call in the midst of it, okay?


You would end up forgetting about me, our married life was a short one.

Less than three days after our return from our honeymoon trip……in that traffic accident, you were left handicapped. You had lost your ability to create new memories.

And it was useless no matter how many times I tried to explain it.

Looking at our wedding photos, you’d say you recognize me, but after a while, you’d soon forget.


Who you were……

That was tough, thinking how sad that was, my true feelings were about to explode. Why is it that I’m the only one you’ve forgotten?

You were stable and returned to a life that you remembered.

That’s why, it was good that we separated and I thought that was enough.


But losing you, my heart began to twist. We were husband and wife and yet…

I, who had been forgotten by you alone, who exactly was I?

There were countless repeats of events just like today. Deceiving, threatening then forcibly having sex……

Even though you were against it, I couldn’t suppress my desire to embrace you. I think I’m a terrible egotist, this isn’t what a husband should do.


Yet I was able to somehow manage that self-hatred. But I wonder why that was?

I’d always be forgiven by you and today you even gave me words of sympathy.

It ends up giving me a glimmer of hope that somewhere inside you, there’s still feelings of love for me and it makes me have expectations.


This is the limit.

Let’s stop this time loop with me, let’s end this repetition.

I’m thinking about having you undergo surgery. Your mother had said she wishes for it as well and that the period of time you can retain memories has been getting shorter than before.

When I met you earlier, I had thought that too.  If you’re going to continue worsening if left as is, I want to at least take the chance.

……I want to be able to free you.


Hello? Were you listening?

Ah no, I’m very sorry for saying things that you don’t understand the meaning of. If it was unpleasant to hear, I apologize…I’m deeply sorry.


Thank you for listening.

You’ll be saved by the fact that you’ll forget this phone-call.


Branching End 1: A Room with Just the Two


I’m home.

I wonder if you were watching the house like a good girl?


Oh hello, it’s nice to meet you.

Me? I have no name, please feel free to call me whatever you wish.

Right now it’s big brother eh, in the morning it was brother though. Big brother is fine. Are you not scared of this big brother?


Is that so, I’m glad.

You see, I had gone out shopping and I have a present for you.

These are ribbons, they’re made from organdy, satin silk and also cotton. Since your hair has grown quite long since your surgery, which one would you prefer?

You like pretty things right?


This pink one? Then I’ll put it on for you.

There we go, take a look at the mirror. How is it?

I saw you play with the mirror throughout the day, so I thought this would be exactly right for you. This way you can dress someone up.

The doctor said that you have the same reaction as a baby towards the mirror.

Seems like you even forgot the look of your own face……


Oh the ribbon, it really suits you! The girl inside the mirror is you.

Looks like you’re scratching your head. If you touch the ribbon like this-

See, the girl touches it too!

Did you take that much of a liking to it?

Hmm? I’m glad, this big brother wants to hug you……is that okay?


It’s a nice scent. The surgery failed, you lost all your memories, and any notion of time, gone. Yet right now you look so peaceful.

I’m sorry……even though this isn’t what you want.

I feel a little relieved because I won’t be rejected by you anymore.


Even if you didn’t undergo the surgery, it probably would’ve happened sooner or later.

Oh, you’re looking at me strangely. I wonder if it was difficult?

…No, it’s nothing.


So, would you like to become this big brother’s bride? This big brother really likes you.

Is it okay? Really?

Thank you.


You’re letting out your voice, it seems like your body remembers the sensation…it’s still that of a proper adult woman.

Let me kiss you a while longer.

Turn this way and come sit on the lap of this big brother.


I will only give you pleasure. Feel good sex, beautiful things, delicious food and you can just live surrounded by your favorite music.

Congratulations, you’ve been released from all your worries.


“Thank you,” eh. Replying on reflex without knowing the real meaning, but just hearing that is enough for me.


I’ll be doing some things that’ll make you feel good.


I love you, I love you.


Come and say it too, that “I love you”.

I’m happy to be able to hear those words. Me too, I’m madly in love with you too.


I’ll be removing that outfit.

You aren’t cold, right?

No, I’m not changing your clothes. I’ll be doing plenty of things that feel good, that’s all.


The ones I made yesterday are still there, both here and there as well.

Hmm? It’s a pretty flower that’s blooming all around your body.


Open up your legs wide, just like that.

Ah, it’s already starting to get wet.

Hmm, it still might be a bit early, but seems like it’ll be okay, so please accept it.

……Let the two of us become one.


It’s going to be okay, I know your body.

Look, see? Although there’s a tad bit of resistance in the beginning, as expected, it’ll choose to swallow it all up in the end.


How about we get up a little?


Take a look at that mirror.

See? It’s me and you. The two of us got married and are connected in that manner.


Looks like it feels really good……that cute voice.


Every day, I propose to you, and each day you will respond with “okay” in this exact cycle.


I love you and only you, forever and always……


Appears that you’re about to cum.

No matter what it is about you, I know.


Hmm? Go ahead, let’s climax together okay?


I love you.


You’re making such a melted expression. Did it feel that good?


You are the best bride in the world, I’ll protect you for the rest of my life.


Hmm? Oh, you’ve forgotten about me already.

ーーI have no name, just refer to me however you like.


Branching End 2: A New Room


And so we’ve arrived.

You can get off first. Here’s our new home, it’s a rented apartment.

Hmm…as expected you’re mindful of that fact.

It’s unsightly isn’t it? Umm you see, the condo we had lived in as newlywedsーーI sold it.


Ahh damn it, I knew you would say that.

It wasn’t your fault, so no need to be so dejected. Certainly, it cost a great deal of money to treat you, but that isn’t what’s important. The operation was a success and you were finally able to leave the hospital.

It’s good that you remembered the things from the past, but I want you to stop feeling guilty over it. You haven’t done anything wrong.

Now then, let’s go inside.


Well, how is it?

It’s a small flat, but it’s a new building so it’s nice and clean.

Oh did you notice that?

The glass lamp that we bought together as newlyweds. It doesn’t quite fit this room, but it holds an important place in our memory.

Was it a souvenir or was it an antique? We had quite the debate over buying it.


You really…did remember everything……

It’s enough, you don’t need to keep apologizing anymore. To be able to hold you like this…I wonder if I’m dreaming.


I love you.

You too? If it’s a dream, I wish I’d never wake up.

…..I feel repaid with just that.


So…I forgot to ask the doctor about it, but it is okay to return to a married life?

You can go back to normal living? Really?

Then I want to do it, how about it?


The short hair has a nice feel. Though the close-crop during your time of surgery was cute too.

I’m serious!

It suits you. I can clearly see the earring I gave to you as a present and plus it makes it easier for me to do this……


Oh, that’s right, we haven’t done it in the past while so it might be difficult. Tell me if it hurts okay?

You’re gotten thinner. I ought to have you eat lots of food.

Feels good?

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that expression…and a long time for this navel too.


Umm? Eh? What? Take a bath right now?

We’ve already gotten this far, so there’s no way you could.

It’s fine, don’t worry. Come on, your legs……

I don’t like it when you keep teasing like this. If you love me then let me do as I want.

So come on, your legs.


Oh, you’re already wet. Were you embarrassed about that?

Why were you ashamed? This makes me really happy. But it’s been a while for this place, so I have to properly moisten it.


Delicious, your smell……

I’m relieved, you’ve felt it and it’s overflowing like this too.

Were you about to cum?

So what should we do? Should I make you cum with my fingers?


It’s better together?

I suppose so, let’s share this experience together. Both the joyful and the painful, let us both share them together.


I’m entering……

As I thought, it’s gotten quite tight. Does it not hurt? Really?

Hmm? I’m feeling really good right now.

I’ll do it little at a time.


Amazing, it feels good…too good.

Hey, would you be okay if I went a bit rougher?

Then allow me to…


This is already, it’s no good…somehow, it’s gotten dangerous.

Hmm? You too?

I see.


This is the first time I’ve ever felt this good. I’m happy, my feelings are just gushing out.

I love you.


I’m already……

Are you about to cum too? Then let’s cum together.



Ah, let’s kiss.


Was it hard on your body?

Really? Then that’s a relief.


I love you and because it hasn’t been said in forever, it hasn’t been said enough.

Even if you leave, even if you forget……I believed it was something I ought to keep saying regardless.

And so, I’ve done some heartless things.

I made love to you while you were ill, and during surgery, I came to regret it.


“Don’t worry about it,” huh. I’m saved by those words.

Thank you for coming back to me.

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