【Translation】 Meichou (Pantarei) SS 「The Spider and the Butterfly」 3

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The Spider and the Butterfly

Part 3


Whilst holding the fruits of the udensis plant in its four front legs, it was already nearing sunset by the time the spider returned to the olive tree.

Once the berries were placed onto the ground, the spider began to carry each one by one into the tiny cavity it slept in. Still, it simply could not fit, and so the spider constructed a temporary basket with its threads and hung it on a nearby branch.

“Sorry that I ended up being completely late. I’ll quickly go procure some honey for you.”

Said the spider while wrapping the last one into the basket and gently shaking the weave at the back of the web. When listening carefully, one can hear the faint singing voice of a butterfly. However, looking around…no butterfly could be seen. That aside, in the web laid across as many as forty withered stems of common vetches, evolving into what seemed like an old broom.

“Hello, my dear butterfly. Where are you at?”

“Welcome home. I was waiting in the same usual place. But, please refrain yourself from coming near, I am but a mere husk.”

The spider immediately stopped in its tracks.

“While you were away, the ants climbed up all the way here, and so I passed over one of the withered stems that were here on this web; allowing them to approach. Though I notified them that the master of this place is currently absent, they said “You have no need to worry. There was a legitimate contract,” and informed me of the promise between you and them.

The spider’s heart, while recollecting that one very important matter, started to race rapidly.

“Aah, what was I thinking. I thought it had been completely forgotten, but I should’ve properly refused those ants.”

“This is fine. I believe that you’ve done a virtuous deed, though my  wings may have been torn off, plenty of eggs and pupa will be saved in the process.”

The spider, as though strength had left its entire body, stood frozen in that one spot.

“I should’ve fully explained everything to the ants and offered them a comparable substitute constructed from my threads. I ask of you to please forgive me.”

“What are you apologizing for? I, who should’ve ceased from existence long ago… Thanks to you, I’ve been granted considerable happiness until now.”

“It doesn’t matter to me if you don’t have wings. Even after this, we’ll still always be living together. I’ll dye the net to look like your wings, so please…”

The spider pleaded from the bottom of its heart as it felt the words of the butterfly gradually growing weaker and weaker.

“That makes me happy beyond imagination. But I’ve been deeply wounded, I’ve grown weaker than the day I first flew in here. The final call will come at any moment. To have been able to speak with you during my last moments on this earth, I’m truly, truly grateful.”

“Don’t say such fearful things. I’ll sew up those wounds with my threads. And after I’ll bring you lots of honey so… Hey! Hey!”

The spider did not hesitate and promptly ran towards the butterfly in haste.


At that very incidence, in what appeared to be a massive flurry of feathers, a single skylark had flown away with the butterfly’s body.

“Skylark, just one thing. Please return my butterfly to me! At the very least let me stitch up those wounds!!!”

The spider shouted as the skylark drew a circle before ascending up to the setting sun.

“Dear good spider, I’m bringing this to the king of skylarks. The king of skylarks is a good king. You need not fear. All your wishes will be delivered. Wait for what lies beyond the four million years.”

The spider cried for seven days.

After that day, sweeping away the stems that had been stuck onto it, the spider dyed the web into a brilliant azure.

And so, in searching for what little fragments had remained of the butterfly, the spider had turned motionless.

If one were to take a close look, the thorn of the indicus plant has thoroughly pierced through the spider’s brow.

That day, all around the lake, the bells of the lilies of the valley sounded together in complete unison and resonated through the night.


The End.

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