【Translation】 Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi ~Sentaku sareru Sadame~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

そこは狂った夢の淵 ~選択される定め~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀), Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1: False Honeymoon


Hey, hey, are you trying to die inside a bath?

If I hadn’t entered together with you just now, you seriously might’ve drowned. Had you died like this, I won’t be able to face our dead father.

“You’re saying that”? But it couldn’t be helped, could it?

If at that time, I didn’t become the family head, you would’ve been married off in a marriage of convenience. And that’s why Iーーkilled Father.


Though I say that, he was already dying from terminal cancer. It’s just a story of me speeding up that process a little faster.

Besides, it was originally the Mamiya household who gave you to me, and for them to now take you from me… I won’t allow that.


Ah, that’s true, the one who gave you to me as an adoptive sister was our deceased grandfather. Because I was a shitty bastard of a child, you had been offered to me as a means of rehabilitation.

So very pure and cute, a sacrifice meant only for me.


If there were ever a person who’d try to rob you from me, I’ll play my hand…regardless of who they are.

If you think I’m joking, go ahead and seduce someone.

ーーAnd that person will surely disappear the next day.


A sense of guilt?

Hmm, as expected, even I feel it to some degree.

It’ll be sad, that they won’t be able to see your cute appearance anymore.

That’s not it? Then what exactly?


You’re cute when you try things too.

Speaking of which, how’s your health? Since I went a bit too rough today, I was a bit worried. You even fell asleep inside the bath.


But you’re the one that went out-of-bounds, you had spoken to another man without my permission and so I got irritated.

Because was the parcel delivery man?

You should’ve left that to the housekeeper, you’re already my wife, there’s no need for you to do such menial tasks. Right now, your priority over everything else should be to look at only me and to love only me.


That’s why even when we leave the bath……

My bad, lately I’ve been doing a lot of overtime and it seems the fatigue from work is showing.

I can’t afford to rest. Lately, there’s been strong resistance from the other family members after I had forcibly taken you as my wife and if I don’t take the time to establish a firm position, I won’t be able to protect you.


Is there value in that?

Value? That’s a funny thing to say.

My reason to live is you alone. Work is merely for the sake of building a world that the two of us can live in. The truth is, I don’t want to be separated from you for even a moment.


But…ahh, it’s no use, recently my sleep has been poor.

I wonder if that’s why I saw that kind of dream?


Last night, I had a strange dream.

What kind of…? Hmm, probably a good dream. It was a dream about you.

ーーA truly happy dream.


Whoa there. Did you overheat?

I’ll carry you, so stay still.


Alright, your complexion is back to normal. With this, you should be able to sleep soundly.

Come here. Allow me to hold you in my arms tonight as well.


I won’t do anything, we’ve done it thoroughly earlier and you came countless times too.

I got it, I got it, I won’t talk about it anymore so could you grant this little request of mine?


If you don’t come over here, then how about I spread those pictures?

You’re the cutest in the world, so I’m sure plenty of men will stare at them lustfully.

I’m fine with being a demon. No matter what method I have to use, I’ll see to it that you are held within my arms.


There, there, it’s crucial for a human to know when to resign.

You’ve already given up any numbers of times in this exact manner, haven’t you? Each time I embrace you, you become like a doll.

Is that not so?

That’s why, recently, regardless of what I do, your reactions are shallow all the whilst making a face as though you’ve abandoned living.


Ah, I know that I’m the one who made you that way, and because of that, did you think I’d change my mind?

That’s right, now I’ve degraded in an entirely different sense compared to the past. No matter what, I end up wanting to be together with you.


Good night, I love you, both today and tomorrow.


Good morning. I’ll be leaving for work already, but you can go back and continue sleeping.

When you wake up, how about you call over your friends and organize a home party?


Eh? You want to go outside?

You can’t. You’re now the wife of the Mamiya family head, it’ll be a big deal if you get kidnapped.

You’re a good girl, so stay inside the house until I return. If you want to exercise, just go play tennis on the court in our garden.


Well then, I’ll be going. Try not to trouble the bodyguards too much okay?


Man: Madam, where are you planning on going?

Man: A stroll in the garden? Then please allow me to accompany you.

Man: I understand. As long as it’s within the premises of this mansion, the Master would likely allow it.

Man: Well then, I’ll let you be on your way.


Today, you went outside without saying a word to anyone. Did you try to escape from me?!!

There’s no other possible reason, BUT THAT…!!! If you hadn’t been found and brought back by my secretary, who knows WHAT KIND OF INCIDENT you could’ve GOTTEN YOURSELF INTO BY THIS TIME?!!

For someone as cute as you, THERE’S NO WAY YOU’D BE SAFE OUTSIDE!!!


……I’m sorry for yelling.

But when I thought about the possibility of something happening to you, it wasn’t just a feeling anymore.

Nevertheless, I’m truly relieved at the fact that you’re unharmed, had there been a man who laid hands on you, I was in a place where I’d beat them half to death.


My bad, that was a joke. I was joking.


But…I’m worried about whether or not you’ve cheated on me.

Really? If that’s so then let me see it right here and now.

Isn’t it obvious? Spread open that cute little place and let me see all the way inside it.


Then, I guess it can’t be helped. How about I forcibly spread it for you using various tools?


I see. You’re going to do it yourself then.

Well then, I’ll sit down over here. Now show it to me.


More, if you don’t open it up more, I won’t be able to see deep inside.

No, I can’t tell within such a short time. If I wait like this, you never know, perhaps another man’s semen will leak out from there. That’s why I ought to sit here and stare at it to make sure.


Oh, that’s strange, even though I’m merely watching you…..you’re already this wet. Since when did you become a pervert who gets aroused from just being watched…?

You say that I’m mistaken, but then what is this?


Ah…I knew it, another man has entered here and that’s why it’s already gotten so moist.

Then I guess it can’t be helped, just as I thought, I have no choice but to check it with my own hands. I’ll put them in slowly, so relax your muscles.

That’s right, just like that.


Hmm? It seems it’s still narrow inside and it’s squeezing tightly on down on my fingers.

No, I still don’t know quite yet. I ought to explore a bit deeper…

What’s this? Merely a little caressing and it’s already overflowing this much. It’s almost as if it’s trying to invite men.


As expected, you’ve invited someone here, haven’t you? After all, just look, I already got two fingers in. I wonder about a third?

Don’t stir your insides? Is it because I’ll discover how lewd this place of yours is?


Jeez, what an indecent body you have, it’s now dripping down to my wrists already.

Like I thought, you did cheat……


You’re a bad girl for continuing to deny it.

I’ve decided to punish you tonight. Place your hands on the window and stand there.

Hurry up and do it.


Now open it up and show me.

My my, it’s already become such a feast for the eyes. I can tell that you’re fully aroused, just thought of someone seeing this, makes me want to kill them.


No, I can’t tell by touching anymore. It appears I need to actually enter inside and make sure of it.


Amazing, it’s squeezing down tightly as if it’s been waiting for it the whole time.

Hmm? It’s not enough. I still have no idea whether or not you’ve cheated. Grind against it even more, shape it. Until your insides are molded into my shape…I ought to keep fucking you.


Ah, it feels good.

You’ve gotten into it… I can’t get enough of the feeling when I loosen up that tense face of yours.


Oh, are you aware? The bodyguard in charge of you today, it’s about time for his shift change. When he passes under there, I’m sure he’ll have a perfect view of us.

It’s true, see?


No, no…I’ll have him get a clear look of your punishment for escaping.

Eh? He’s not unrelated to this. You may not have noticed, but he’s taken an interest in you, you might even say he longs for you and that absolutely annoys me.


At last, he finally turned this way.

…..It seems like he noticed our current state.


You’re making such a shocked face, it’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

And yet, why is it that this place here had twitched so excitedly earlier. Did you get turned on from being seen?

This is punishment for being a liar.


That’s good. Stick out your butt a bit more, I’ll mess up your deepest parts.


Did you actually think you’d be able to run now? Despite me being fucking you doggie style…?


Ahh, come on, cum.

I’m about to cum so make sure to properly accept all of it.

Hey hey, you can’t run whilst he’s staring so much at us. Since we’ve gone through this much trouble, how about we let him see you cum from being creampied?


Hey hey, you love this place, don’t you?

I’ll cum inside you, while you cum, so make sure to cum!


Cumming, I’m cumming!!!

I let out quite a lot.


Whoa, are you-? No, there’s no way you’d be okay……

Don’t force yourself, like yesterday, I’ll be carrying you to the bathroom.

Hah, I’m simply taking responsibility.


Even so, you’re really cute when you cum.

It’s troubling that these days I can not think of any other words besides cute. It would nice if I had more words to describe your beauty and splendidness. But towards you, nothing else springs up to mindーー


Track 2: Unbreakable Chains


Good morning, are you angry?

I apologize, as expected I too am regretful about it. Although I desperately tried to suppress it, because you were too cute…I ended up losing my patience whilst washing you.

I’m serious, I never thought we’d end up doing it three times……

I’m seriously reflecting on it this time…!!! I thought of the burden on your body and had intended to leave it at two.

Eh? Two is no good either?



In any case, today as an apology, though it’s strange of me to say this, it’s okay for you to go outside.

Are you so happy that it made you jump out of bed?

Ahh, but you can’t go alone. When you’re out, it’ll be with Haruto.

Hmm? Are you still half-asleep?

Haruto is my close friend, an eccentric, and a pervert.

It’s regrettable having to leave you in the care of such a pervert, but looking at it differently, the most assuring person to leave you with is him.


Ahh, Haruto is a man, but he……

Hmm, he has no interest in anyone but his own wife. He won’t, by any chance, ever lay his hands on you.

Oh, it’s already time. Well then, I’ll be leaving for the office today. Try not to randomly end up in strange places okay?

I’ll be going then.


H: Hey, over here. I’m over here.

H: I’m relieved we managed to meet up safely.

H: Jeez, Sadatsugu that guy. If they happen to come…for me to suddenly go out with them, he didn’t bother to give me a precise location either. I was getting impatient at the thought of something happening. Luckily it happened to be on my day off, if I was working, I wonder what exactly he planned to do instead.

H: Hmm? You’re making a surprised face, what’s wrong? Because it’s been a while, did you forget my face?


H: I’m Shimano Haruto. I and your brother have an undesirable, yet inseparable relationship. No matter how many times it’s cut, it’ll revive…type of feeling.

H: I’m glad, you seem to have remembered.

H: Eh?! Why are you suddenly about to cry?! I uh, did I say something wrong?


H: Eh…oh that, there’s no need for you to feel like you’re being a bother. Sadatsugu had taken care of me prior, we mutually aid each other in troubled times.

H: Yup, he appeared rather worried about being despised by his cute little sister. You two had a fight yesterday no? It seemed like Sadatsugu was really reflecting on it.


H: In truth, as compensation, he wanted to be the one to accompany you outside but he’s busy with work. That was without a doubt, the sense I got when he consulted me.

H: Truly, he’s a genius, but he’s an idiot. Even though he thinks that he’s unmistakably hated by you…and then to be afraid of being despised.


H: Hmm? I have only heard the basic details.

H: Rest assured, I don’t have that deep of an understanding of the relationship between you two, so don’t let it weigh down on your mind.


H: Well then, since there are no cumbersome wet leaves today. So let’s have fun, and do lots of shopping.

H: Yup, yup, it’s accurate. Sadatsugu, in regards to you…like wet leaves stuck to the bottom of your shoe. You simply couldn’t rid of him, no?

H: If only he would hurry up and understand that acting that way would only create the opposite effort.


H: And so, today this borrowed knight will be the voice for this princess.

H: Oh right, if we continue like this, we’ll run out of time.

H: If I’m not mistaken more of your favorites brands were located that way. I saw it on my train trip here.

H: It seems like this is the fashion style for the current year. I feel like it resembles the popular fashion from about 10 years back. These types of things tend to cycle after a period of time…


H: Did you find something you like?

H: Hmm? Oh, that. Eh, so you liked that kind of thing as well.

H: After all, isn’t this what Sadatsugu prefers…?

H: Did you not notice? It’s a strange thing, isn’t it? You hate Sadatsugu and immensely and wish to leave his side, and yet the moment you’re apart, your mind’s filled with thoughts of him.


H: Really? Did you really not think of him in the slightest?

H: If that’s true, then that’s extra amazing since it’s overflowing from you so incessantly to the point where you would end up choosing clothing that suits Sadatsugu’s tastes on a subconscious level. You must truly love him. Sadatsugu, that is.

H: Wait!!!


H: I said to wait…!!!

H: ……An old man of this age isn’t meant to run like this.

H: From your perspective, I’m an old man, aren’t I?

H: Anyways, how about we rest at that park over there? It’s been a long time since you last out, so you must be a bit tired, no?


H: Although I wanted us to stay at a fancy cafe, if you show that cute crying face to one of the clerks then Sadatsugu is going to get jealous again and it’s a pain in the ass to deal with, so bear with a park for now.

H: Now then, take my hand, Princess. Even if your vision is blurred from your tears, I’ll guide you towards the bench so rest assured.

H: I am happy to be of service.


H: Here, we’ve arrived.

H: Oh, if you want, you can drink this tea. I thought that you’d feel thirsty at some point, so I bought two of them.


H: I am honored by your compliments.

H: I had chosen this because I had heard that you enjoyed astringent things, but this is more bitter than I had imagined.

H: Are you okay? Should I go buy a new one?

H: …..Then that’s fine.


H: Hmm? Is it always like this? Which part?

H: Oh, the sense that I’m like this in regards to everyone other than my wife.

H: Yes, it’s much more with my wife. Probably, overly so. That’s why even though I compared Sadatsugu to a wet leaf, in reality, I understand those feelings.

H: Yes…the emotions of having concentrated all your affection onto a single entity.


H: But that’s unexpected, I had thought you would understand those feelings as well.

H: Mhm. After all, in the past, you loved Sadatsuguーin a rather special sense, no?


H: Haha! If you had such an overwhelming look like that, even if I didn’t want to, I’d notice.

H: Truly, even now I couldn’t forget. That day when he returned home with some female friends, did you know what kind of face you were making whilst peeping out from the shadows?


H: It was almost as if you could kill them with just your eyes, that was how sharp of a gaze it was.

H: It’s not a lie. During the middle school days, every time I had gone over to your house to play, there were these chills up my spine. I guess it’s true that those of the same kind call out to one another. I had even remembered when things went amiss.


H: Sadatsugu? Sadatsugu is a dense brick, so he never noticed. He thought he was seen as no more than a brother.

H: Hmm? Even though I noticed, why didn’t I say anything…? Because it seemed like it would be amusing, obviously.


H: Ahh it was amusing. Watching close up and personal as Sadatsugu descended into madness over a decisive love was truly fun.

H: As expected, having a companion within this hell is a nice thing.


H: I’m very well aware that my personality has a couple of loose screws. I’m playing the role of Sadatsugu’s friend, and you are playing the role of Sadatsugu’s sister.

H: Earlier you denied it and ran, but the truth is that you still love Sadatsugu, don’t you?


H: Hmm? That’s not what my eyes see. What you are truly angry about is probably not the matter of your Father’s murder. Having fallen in love with Sadatsugu, the man had killed your Father, and being utterly incapable of hating himーthe one person you can’t forgive is most likely you, yourself.


H: Mhm, I know he was killed. After all, I had cooperated in order to make a working alibi.

H: You’re making the face of “me knowing despite me stating that I only have a mere surface-level understanding.” Your emotions show easily on your face, you know?

H: But, don’t you think it’s in fact shallow?


H: I only know that Sadatsugu loved you enough to kill based on that. A modest love like yours seems almost like a choice.

H: It’s tameーif you’re looking from our perspective that is.

H: Oh! It’s already 3 o’clock.


H: What do you want to do after this?

H: In any case, after finishing all the shopping in one go. How about we go eat some delicious cakes?


H: I already said earlier that you needn’t worry. Actually, this serves as research for when I bring my own wife here next time, and also, I’m genuinely happy that those of the same kind would increase.

H: Eh? Who exactly?

H: You of course.

H: Don’t worry, just like before, I’ll keep these feelings of yours a secret from Sadatsugu. That way, one can’t tell how far the two of you will fall.

H: Sadatsugu who believes that he’ll never be loved after having raped you. And you who thought they’d finally managed to abandon that love, only to be dragged back into that hell who resents him.

H: …..It’s an incredibly entertaining ride.


H: That’s why I said that I too am mad, and you too have come to join the ranks of this world.

H: That’s right, it’s a bit late, but let’s have a welcome party.


H: Welcome to this crazed world.

H: Eh? The reason that Sadatsugu asked me to accompany you today? Isn’t that obvious?

H: He knows full well that I would never lay my hand on anyone but my wife.

H: Well it’s too bad but, other being one of the same kind, I’m not interested in you in the slightest. Because you see, the cutest person in the world is my wifeーー


Track 3: Imminent Choices


For you to be crying like that… What happened?

It doesn’t seem like Haruto had done anything……

If you just glare at me and not say anything, I won’t be able to tell what’s wrong. Even if I asked Haruto, he just dodges the question.

Hey, what should I do to stop your weeping? It’s unbearable for me when something other than myself makes you cry.

Yes, if it’s for your sake, I’m willing to do anything.


Lick your feet?

No, it’s just that I’m a bit surprised. For me licking your feet is nothing.

Come on, bring out your feet.

If you don’t, I won’t be able to lick them properly.


Did you think by asking me to lick your feet that I’ll hate you? But unfortunately for you, there isn’t a single place on your body I won’t lick.


Your entire body is cute, but this little pinky nail, in particular, is tiny and so very cute. Each time I lick it, I grow to love it more and more.


Hmm? You’re squirming around, what’s wrong? It’s almost as if you want to be lick in a place other than your feet?

Oh…? You want to be licked there eh?

You’re unusually forthcoming today.


I got it, today you’re the Queen that I serve, is what I guess I should say.

No? Rather than humiliating me… I’m so excited that I’m about to cum from simply licking you.


It’s such a nice scent, it seems like you haven’t taken a bath yet.

This is to humiliate me? If anything, isn’t it a reward?


What’s wrong? Your face is red. After having asked me to lick it yourself, could it be that you’re the one who ends up feeling ashamed?

If that’s so, I suppose you still haven’t come to understand me yet. I’m the man who had for many years, licked and violated an unconscious you. If you give me such an order, it’s only going to grant me joy.


It’s the most arousing smell and taste. It brings me back to those days where I kept on tainting your sleeping body.


It’s okay for you to cum. Go on…


Hmm? Something about to come out?

Ahh, you’re about to squirt? Don’t mind it, I’ll drink it all, so don’t hesitate and just cum.


Hey, hey. Tonight, aren’t you the queen…? Is there such a thing as a queen who runs!? Quiet down and let this servant drink it up every last drop!!!


You really squirted a lot. What’s wrong? Today you’re more sensitive than usual, was there a change in your state of mind?


Eh? Ow, wait! Wait!!! If you get angry like that, I don’t know what I should do. What did I not comprehend…???



Just as I had expected, it was a plan to be hated after having broken my pride.

A thing like pride, I have none. If it’ll stop those tears, no matter how lowly of an appearance……I’ll show it to you.

Now then, what is it that I should do next?

Ah, that’s fine. If you tell me to die, I’ll die for you at any time.

Hmm…if I’m not wrong, there was an ice pick over on this side.

Oh, it’s there.

Well then, I’m going to die right now, so can you make sure to look? If you don’t, I can’t prove to you that I made sure to die properly right?

So then, this is farewell.


Why are you stopping me?

Just a bit more, and I would’ve stabbed myself.

Hahahaha, I’m serious. Because it’s a request from none other than the cute you, throwing my life away is nothing.


Why are you crying? Even though I was simply carrying out exactly what you wanted?

Hmm? My own desires?

Isn’t it obvious?

I want to be loved by you, but I know that’s impossible and so I’m keeping you confined so that at the very least I can make your body mine. Even if this relation is twisted, I have no desire to correct it.

And so eventually, everything around us will become distorted and in the end, everything will become even more deranged, and when that time comes, I’ll probably be killed by you.


Mhm, I’m happy because without a doubt, in my dying moments, while reminiscing about the past me…

You’ll cry.

…..And that will bring me the greatest happiness.


Oh, you woke up.

I’m leaving for work, but you can continue sleeping. Last night I was too persistent, your body still feels heavy, no?

I find it to be unbelievably cute how you turn red, even from something like this. I want to just eat you up, starting this morning.

Ah, it’s bad, I’m seriously wanting to fuck you.


Haha…I know. I’ll properly go do my job.

Well then, I’ll be going.


H: Hello, this is Shimano speaking.

H: Oh, it’s you. What’s wrong? Do you have some troubles?

H: Is that so. Sadatsugu will readily die for you eh?

H: I’ve considered it before, but when it comes to you, he’d lose sight of any and all else. So many screws flew off from his head to the point where I seriously wonder if he can go to hell and still not feel any pain.


H: Ain’t it that great, it sounds happy.

H: Ah, yes I’m his close friend and so there is suffering which can only be understood precisely because I’m his close friend.


H: I understand how you feel, the one person you love was about to die…and so you became scared, no? Rather than being hated by him, you’re frightened by the fact he actually might kill himself one day instead.

H: Hmm…tips on how to suppress blood-lust. Simply speaking, after running away from Sadatsugu, go to therapy, and then get a boyfriend. You’ll get better in no time.


H: Well, I’m sure you know that already, so there are only three courses of action that you can take.

H: First, like I said before, is to simply run away and move to a location where Sadatsugu can’t find you and in the meantime, your murderous intentions can be suppressed.

H: Second is to be prepared to destroy Sadatsugu’s social status and reveal his wrongdoings to a person whom you can trust. If he gets put in prison, you end up in a similar situation as before. However, you can’t really make use of this strategy; as the power of the Mamiya family is great, it’s highly likely to get obstructed at any step of the way.

H: The third option. Hmm…I can tell you, but there’s one last thing I must ask.

H: Do you truly wish to be freed from that suffering?


H: Then fine, I’ll tell you. The third choice isーー


H: Has your mind decided?

H: Well then, I’ll be praying that you and Sadatsugu will have the best possible future.


Happy End: The Chosen Fate



Haha, I was shocked. To think you’d use trees to get down to the ground from your window, since when did you become such a tomboy?

What’s wrong? Did you really think you could escape from me this time?

Now come this way and let us return home.

I’m begging you. I, please don’t abandon me…!!! You can hate, you can despise me, just you staying by my side is enough!!!



Why now?

If you truly wanted to run, there were plenty of opportunities to do so up until now. If you were going to run, why did you stay? Were you so scared that you couldn’t run? Or did you seriously think I would release those photos?

You should know that I would never think of hurting your future…?!!


Eh? It wasn’t fear then why?

Eh?! Then that means you…

I don’t understand. Why is it that it becomes even more necessary for you to leave!? The opposition from those around us doesn’t matter!!!

If the two of us can be happy then that’s-

I see. I’ll end up breaking that way, and so, you couldn’t accept my love.


True, it might be just as you said. Letting yourself love me would mean choosing a path where we both die.

……So that no one could ever tear us apart again.

I see.

It turns out, I’ve been protecting you this whole time. Despite that, for you to now protect me… It’s almost laughable.

That man, I knew it was only natural for him to approach us, but in spite of that, I can’t help but wish for it.

I want to be together with you.

If that could be granted then hundreds, thousands, I’ll apologize as many times as it takes.



Please don’t go!!!


Hey, hey it’s a lie, right? Why did it…

Hold it together!!! Your eyes! Please open your eyes…!!!

Why?! Why did you shield someone like me!? Wouldn’t it have been better if you just ran away like that???


Idiot, why are you alwaysーー

Aah…I love you too. I’m sorry. I love you.


H: Are you awake?

H: Ah…I’m relieved. Sadatsugu will arrive shortly, so rest at ease. He was chased for a bit of post-mortem processing.

H: Oh, do you need a drink of water?

H: Here.

H: When I heard the news that you were hit by a car, in my mind I was sweating. I thought due to my advice, you wounded up with the worst outcome. It was a great thing that the car wasn’t driving at a high speed.


H: Eh? What exactly am I talking about? Could it be that you don’t remember?!!

H: Umm, could you tell me when exactly was your last memory?

H: That’s-?!! That was 2 years ago.


H: I would like to ask it just in case, but what is your relationship to Sadatsugu?

H: Hmm? Siblings eh?

H: No it’s fine, please feel at ease.

H: In saying that, although there’s a chance it may not be the case, the memory loss regarding the past 2 years is most likely temporary. It’s nothing to be pessimistic about.

H: Yes, it’s true, the two of you can be happy.

H: ……Though I never thought it would end up being granted in this manner.


H: Hmm? No, it’s nothing.

H: From here on are matters that Sadatsugu should explain, so I’ll refrain from speaking.


H: Oh, it’s time for me to return to work. Sorry, but I’ll be leaving now.


H: Hmm? What? The reason you were hit by the car?

H: Oh that?

H: I’m not you so, I can’t explain everything you felt at that time, but there’s one thing I can say.

H: You had chosen…in that final scene, you had prioritized his life over your own. That is the answer to everything.

H: I’ll see you later. I hope you, together with your Brother, can live happily ever after.


Welcome home.

You’ve finally arrived back to this room. While you were hospitalized, I was extremely lonely.

And also, I had wanted to hurry up and hold you like this, to kiss you, to confirm to myself that you are alive.

But I’m really glad you were discharged from the hospital after a month, that’s the silver lining to all this.


The housekeeper, the bodyguards, and everyone else are delighted at the news of your recovery.

Hmm? That face, what’s wrong?

Ahh, that’s right. If Father was here, he surely would’ve been overjoyed.

It was truly unfortunate, by the time it was discovered it was already terminal. But in the end, he went on to be laid to rest at a hospice, I’m sure he passed away peacefully.

Yes, as though falling into a deep sleep.


Hey, what are you searching for?

Oh, the necklace I gave to you as a present 2 years ago?

If I’m not mistaken, in the following days, you began to avoid me. When I interrogated you about your behavior, you told me you loved me and kept a distance because you could no longer hold back those feelings.

……That was what you had said.


It’s true.

And so after that the two of us, with enough persuasive power, although there was a bit of opposition; we were eventually able to gain everyone’s blessing and get married.

Ahh…there weren’t any issues, we may be siblings but that’s only on paper, so there’s always ways, that’s why you don’t have to worry anymore.

We’re mutually in love.


My bad, because I’ve been holding it in for so long, at just the thought of being able to embrace you now that you’ve returned, I simply couldn’t help it.

Is that okay?

If you make such an expression, I won’t be able to stop myself before I can even hear your replyーー


Your heart is really racing.

That’s right, me too. It’s pounding as if this were the first time.

Eh? Today you’re going to be taking off my clothes?

No…it’s not like I’m against it, in fact, I’m so happy I feel like I’ll explode.


It’s fine, now let us undress each other.

Can you not stare at that place so much? It’s embarrassing, become this way merely from you undressing me no?

I too have things I’m ashamed about.


The composure I had earlier was probably because you never cared to notice. It was hidden within me.

Haha, I’m talking to myself.

At this rate, I’m about to explode and so before that happens, let me kiss your whole body.


First, I’ll start from here.

Here. You’re quite weak to me licking your toes. Tickling it with my tongue like this, you give a jolt and tremble.

Every last part of you is cute. So cute, that it’s almost like a miracle.

I wonder why your body tastes so delicious?


The tips of these breasts taste irresistible as well.


Already no good?

Then let me taste your other nipple.

If this place is no good either, then which part would be good?


Oh, I know, might it be this place?

I like this place the most. When I lick it, it becomes all sticky and it excites me to no end.


Not yet, this is just the beginning.

Today, I’ll carefully lick the insides with my tongue and loosen it up.


It’s overflowing, isn’t it? Relaxing up little by little, it’s saying that it wants me. I want to treat it lovingly like this forever.


You’re about to cum?

It’s fine, just cum. That way, it won’t be difficult on you when I put it in after, right?

That’s no good, it’s been a while so I have to take my time to get it accustomed to everything.

It’s unfair when you beg like that. I won’t be able to hold myself back.


Is that still okay with you?

I understand.

Then I’ll have you take responsibility for making my thing become this way.


I knew it, because it’s been so long…it’s tight.

No, it means that feels really good.

Do you feel good as well?

I’m relieved.


Well then, I’ll be reaching a place that’ll make you feel even better. So can you wrap your arms around my neck?

Yup, in this position…I can grind up against those deep spots that you like.


As expected, you’re weak to this place. Your insides squeeze tightly around me when I rub up against it, it’s cute.


Just a little break, your insides feel too good that I’m already about to cum.

Hey! If you move your hips while begging like that, I don’t know what I might end up doing anymore!!!


That’s good. Your insides are twisting, it’s all a mess……it feels almost too good.


Sorry, but I can no longer resist it.

Hmm? What?

Oh, a kiss?

That’s fine, let us kiss as we climax together.


To think this kind of normal sex was such a nice thing.

Oh…no, it’s nothing.

Hmm? What’s wrong? Does it hurt anywhere?

You’re somehow in a weird daze?

It’s probably because you just came. You should just sleep for now, so that you’ll never wake up from the depths of this crazy dream.


Bad End: A Crazed Fate


What’s this, you’re giving quite the warm welcome today.

Is there something you want?

Yes, if there’s something you wish for, I’ll buy it for you. Jewelry? A hot springs villa? Ah…an old castle overseas is also nice. You were interested in that, weren’t you?

Hehe, my bad, it’s been a long time since you greeted me with a smile so it just relieved all the tension.

So then, what’s your actual request?


Wait-wait a minute, what are you doing all of a sudden?! Even without rushing, after slowly taking a bath together, we’ll-


Suddenly putting your mouth around it…

Were you not able to wait?


You’re such a naughty girl, where did you learn this type of lewd thing from?

No, it’s really great. It feels so good, that I just want to hurry up and enter inside you.


You really are assertive today. Going on all fours, and spreading it open for me to see all on your own like that. Isn’t this a first?

It’s fine, something like this every so often isn’t bad.


Amazing, your insides are already this wet. Could it be that you made preparations before I came home?

Of course…?

To do such a thing-

Ah, it’s bad, simply by imagining that…I’m losing my restraint


So delicious. You are the tastiest thing in the world, both your insides and outsides.

The figure of you being fucked from behind, how about we take a picture of it today?


Good, you’re cute.

Each time I take a picture of you being fucked, I get a feeling as though I have a you who belongs to only me within my grasp.


This should be enough for today. Afterwards, I’ll place it on video mode and place it over here. The face you make when you cum, let’s capture it all.


Today, you had licked me so lewdly so I can’t last for much longer. Tell me, where do you want me to cum?

Good job.

Well then, I’ll push up all the way and make sure to cum a lot inside.


I’m cumming, I’m about to…!!!


You were cute today as well.


Hmm? To be searching under the pillow all of a sudden, is there something wrong?

Eh? A present for me?

So you hid it in a place like that. I wonder what it is, I’m looking forward to it. Though if it’s from you, anything……




I see, so you’ve finally gained the determination to kill me.

You’re murdering me, aren’t you?

Yes, I’ve always felt that you wished for this to happen, so before I end up being murdered by you, I wanted to die and prevent it.


Don’t mind it. My murder will be concealed in the unlikely event it happened, that’s what I’ve requested from those I trust.


You will not be charged for your crimes, so please forget about someone like me.


Why!? Why you as well…?!!


You’re an idiot, dying together with a man like me. Even though you were finally freed from my grasps…

Even though, you could’ve been happy……


Pitiful, so pitiful.

I’m sorry. Being killed by you, dying together with you, and for feeling happy about it all.

……I’m sorry.


Eh…? What did you just say?


It’s exactly the same as what you said in that dream.

Yes, the other dayーーI saw a dream.

Inside the dream, you, after having had stabbed yourself, told me that you couldn’t bear being happy alone.

That’s why when things had first become like this, you had told me you loved me and that was…me being loved by you (romantically).

I thought it was just merely, my own desires. And that, it was merely a dream.


I love you too.


Then, let us both rest. You’re already sleepy, right…?


Ah…I’m really sleepy and yet strangely, I’m not scared. Instead, I’m happy.

To fall into this dream, I’m so happy that I’m crying tears of joy.


Aah, let’s go.

We’ll always be…together forever.


Special Track: The Pitiful Advisor


H: I’m happy to return the favor. Well then, until next time.

H: Sadatsugu is pitiful, it would’ve been better if his heart was broken.


H: I’m home. Were you a good girl?

H: Just kidding, you can’t do anything in your current state so there’s no need for me to ask.

H: Was that position hard on you? …Sorry

H: But it was your fault. You tried to run away again and so for the sake of our happiness, I had no choice but to do this. In other words, this punishment was meant for your own good.


H: Though it turned out more wonderfully than I had imagined, such that I managed to find myself excited.

H: Those black leather belts contrast nicely against your white skin, the ball gag really suits you and that tear-soaked blindfold is also very sensualーーit makes me remember the events from 10 years ago.


H: I wonder if you took a liking to that new toy?

H: A custom made item that I requested Sadatsugu to develop for your sake. It’s about the same size as mine and since it’s possible to make the way it vibrates, irregular, you shouldn’t have gotten bored while I was away.

H: If I do this to the button here……

H: Oh sorry, your mouth is gagged so you can’t reply. It’s unfortunate that I can’t hear your impressions on it, but I suppose I can do it next time.


H: Hmmm? Is there something you wish to say?

H: I’m happy that it was so touching that it made you cry. I too am happy that I’m able to monopolize you.

H: You’re so naughty. Twisting your hips like that, you couldn’t wait until I got home, could you?


H: This place has already gotten so soaking wet. I wonder how many times you came while I was gone?

H: Really? Did you really not cum?

H: Hmm… How about we ask this place directly?

H: Like I thought, you were a liar. Your insides are clenching tightly from just me inserting in my fingers. The truth was that was when the toy rubbed against here…it felt really good did it not?

H: You say that’s not true, then what’s this?


H: It’s overflowing so much that it made a puddle on the floor.

H: My my, to moving around like that……you are quite the naughty girl. It’s a shame but, for your own sake, I must punish you again today.


H: Mhm, I know…I’ll be pouring a lot inside for today as well.

H: It’s really squeezing down hard, I’m so happy that you wanted me this much.


H: Why is it that your insides feel this good no matter how many times I fuck you. Each and every time I fuck you, I lose myself in it.


H: You truly are a lewd and naughty girl. It’s because you’re so cute and have such an indecent body, that you end up being punished by me.

H: Hey, I wonder if you’ve understood that…?


H: Hmm?


H: Don’t cry, I already made the preparations so that this punishment lasts as short of a time as possible……so it’ll be over soon. Though I say preparations, it’s simply me imagining your lewd appearance for the entire day.

H: Thanks to it, I made so much progress at my work. I wasn’t frustrated at all when I saw the faces of these useless employees.

H: How I would tease your inside or how I would twist these hard nipples once I return home, just thinking about it made me want to cum. And yet everyone calls me a caring explanatory man……no one can see past my exterior.

H: Don’t you think that’s laughable?


H: The only one who knows the real me is you. You’re the only one who would accept me.

H: Hey, I’ll cum a lot today so make sure to accept all of me.


H: It feels good. It feels good.

H: Hey, you feel good too right? You’re happy right…?

H: ……I’m happy too.


H: Cumming!!!


H: Today was wonderful too. Every part of you is cute.

H: Why are you crying so much? I guess it’s tough not being able to talk?

H: Don’t worry, I’ll take it off soon. Just a bit more and we’d have the perfect family.


H: I love you, you alone are my world.

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  1. Anonymous

    i’m so confused, why did she feel she had to run away in the good ending? How was she protecting him? From how own bloodlust/desire for revenge, but then what man is Sadatsugu talking about here?

    “That man, I knew it was only natural for him to come near us, but in spite of that, I can’t help but wish for it.” Haruto? But Sadatsugu asked Haruto to escort her??

    Please explain!


    1. Criy

      It’s never really made clear who he’s exactly referring to, but most likely, it’s their father. More than anything, she’s angry that she tried so hard to avoid killing him and give him a chance to be with a woman who isn’t overly possessive and easily jealous, and he put that to waste.
      Ultimately, the heroine is more or less someone who lives and dies for his sake. She ran away in order to protect him from herself because she’s been wanting to murder him for a long time now (shown in the never-ending nightmare short story) ever since she realized that she couldn’t marry him under normal circumstances and that even now, there are people hoping to separate them.


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