【Translation】 Otona no Meruhen Series 「Ningyo-hime ~Sewazuki na Kare~」


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

大人のメルヘンシリーズ 「人魚姫 ~世話好きな彼~」

CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋)

Track 1: Voice


Today’s nice day, the ocean breeze feels nice. Eh, that’s a-that’s?! You, are you okay?!!

You’re still alive…right?

Why is there a girl here in a place like this!? I have to call someone over here, quick.

Please hang in there!!! It’ll be okay, soon there’s going to be someone…

No, it’ll be faster if I carry you.

I’m sorry, but I’ll be grabbing onto you right now.


Are you hungry?

Thank god that you finally opened your eyes.

Here isーー

Uh, I guess you could call it my house, it’s a castle. Ah umm, why were you there at that place? Because uh, you were naked and all.

It’s okay, the servants were the ones that put on your clothes. I didn’t do anything, please rest assured.

I’m talking a lot, aren’t I…? Sorry.


Umm, is it possible that we have met before?

The truth is I’m searching for someone and I thought you looked similar to her, the person who saved my life.

So erm, can I hear your name?

What’s wrong? Your throat hurts? Could it be that you can’t talk…?

Oh, I see. I understand, then it must be a different person.


Well umm, your house? Your family?

You don’t know?

I see. Sorry, I’m being insensitive right now, aren’t I?

Don’t make that face. For you to have lost your memories, surely you’ve met with terrible circumstances. Poor thing, but you’re safe now, I’ll protect you.


Those footsteps… Gramps must be searching for me.

Sorry, I got to leave for a bit. The truth is he said I wasn’t supposed to come here, and if I’m found, I’ll be in for a long lecture.


Oh, you laughed.

That smile of yours just now was wonderful.

I’m glad, you managed to bring out a smile, perhaps you’re feeling a bit better now.

Right! I have to leave now. Until your physical condition is all better, you are allowed to stay in this castle. So take your time and rest.


Track 2: Candy


I already know that! Regarding the matter Gramps spoke about, I’ll save that properly for later!!!


Oh, ah, sorry that I entered without knocking.

How’s your condition? …Of course, there’s no way you’d recover that fast.

There’s a shower room over there and whatever else that’s in this room, you are allowed to use them however you please.

You’re welcome.

Oh right. I heard from the servants earlier, but it seems that you aren’t able to really walk. Just standing up on your own looked difficult, you had an expression as though you were struggling to endure something.

Are you okay? There aren’t any more issues are there?

Is it okay if I see your legs?


Hmm, looking on the surface there aren’t any wounds but…

Here? Does it hurt when I touch it?

Hmm, that’s true. It’s not swollen, in fact, your legs are in beautiful shape. Since your ankles look so slender, I was really worried that they might be broken, but there doesn’t look to be a problem.

Here? Does it hurt if I press on this place?


Ah…!!! Sorry! It’s rude of me to be feeling up a woman’s bare legs.

I’m sorry, I must have been really heartless there. If Gramps sees me doing this, he’ll seriously get angry.


Hmm? Could it be you’re worried about what happened before?

Don’t worry, he is only angry at me. I refused marriage meetings with foreign princesses I’ve been introduced to, so he’s got a bad feeling. After all, it becomes a matter of whether I’ve taken interest in you.

Lately, he’s been nagging me to hurry up and get married, but since I couldn’t decide on anyone, he got mad. And of course, during that time, I so happened to bring back a woman, so the question of what kind of girl it was, has spread all throughout the castle.

But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to protect you.


And besides, I…there’s already someone my heart is set on.

Just a while ago, I experienced a shipwreck at sea. Amidst the waves, the hull of the ship I boarded turned onto its side. The servants somewhat managed to get out of the ship and into the lifeboats. But with the ship barely afloat, I was instead swallowed up by the sea.

My mind pushed me to continue swimming, however, I could not swim in the way I had imagined. When my body was at its limits and that this was it and my consciousness fadingーーat that moment, I was saved by a single girl.


You think it’s strange, don’t you?

Nobody would believe this tale, they say that it was merely an illusion and that no woman exists that far out into the oceans.

But yet, I was undoubtedly saved by that girl.


I was barely conscious, so I wasn’t able to fully see her face nor appearance. While sleeping upon the sandbanks, the worried voice that asked me “Are you okay?”,  I clearly remember it even now.

A loving, beautiful voice, as though it were an angel.

No, since I met her at sea. Could it have been a mermaid?


Hmm, is there something?

Oh, you think that my story is a lie too don’t you, but it’s all true though.

That smile is…

You believe me?


You are a kind girl, aren’t you?

There, there.

Ah sorry, you looked cute soーーis this how it feels if I had a younger sister?

That’s right, are you hungry? You hadn’t eaten anything since you woke up.

Wait a bit, I’ll ask the cook and carry it here.


A-Are you okay?!!

It’s no good trying to push yourself to walk on your own, your legs still hurt right? I’m begging you, don’t push yourself.

Oh, what’s wrong? You want to go with me?

Oh, but I want you to rest a bit more if possible. Could it be that you feel lonely by yourself?

Is that so? It’s fine, I won’t leave you alone. It’s only for a little bit, and I’ll be back immediately.

That anxious face, I guess you’re someone who gets lonely easily……


Oh right, I’ll give you something nice. Here, it’s candy, I’ll be back before you finish it.

Eh?! Could it be that you don’t know what candy is?

Hmm, to put it simply, it’s a sweet confection. It’s nothing strange, try putting in your mouth.

Okay, open up wide.

How is it? …It’s sweet and tasty no?

It’s hard so you can’t easily bite into it. So roll it around on your tongue and enjoy the taste. I’ll return before you even finish it, okay?


Okay, good girl. Good girl.

Well then, I’ll be right back, so please wait for me.


Track 3: Outside World


Hmm, preferably, do it without noise. I suppose knives are still difficult for you, but you’ve gotten much better at drinking soup.

Don’t be reluctant, I didn’t think you’d be able to learn things that fast, so it’s okay to practice slowly.

Even so, being at the point where you forgot how to eat is surprising, but it’s fine, you’ll eventually remember all the various things. And until you remember, I care for you properly so don’t be worried.

Well, it seems the dessert has already arrived, I think you’ll definitely take a liking to them.


For the last remaining thing, you use a small fork to eat it.

Speaking of forks, it’s this….exactly, try to use this to eat.

It’s sweet right?

I’m glad, I was sure that you’d enjoy it. Earlier, you were overjoyed with something like candy, I guess you really must like sweet things.

Oh! Nice, nice!!! Suddenly making progress with using forks, maybe you’d get better with knives if I use desserts.


That’s right! Have I talked about the town?

Although there’s a lot of things that can be made at the castle, there’s a lot of new and unusual sweets that are only available there. So if you are…if you are willing, later we can go to the town together and I’ll let you eat a variety of sweets.


Ah. I want to go secretly.

Gramps will definitely get angry if he finds out, he’s already spoken to me constantly about being too caring or being too sweet with you, so I want to go privately.


Then I’ll go pass your room later.


There’s a bunch of hustle and bustle today, is there a festival I wonder?

Hmm? What’s wrong? You were staring at me before.

Oh, this? It’s a temporary disguise, it’s only when I’m going out of the castle. If I’m discovered wandering in the towns like this, there’s going to be a lot of trouble. And that’s why I’m disguised.

As I thought, it’s strange……

Then that’s fine.


Those clothes really suit you…it’s cute.

More importantly, are your legs okay? It’s improved considerably, but it still hurts right?

If it’s hard on you, say it immediately. For the time being, just hold onto my arm tightly, that way you don’t get lost or fall.

Ah, there’s looks to be something happening there, let’s go take a look!


It’s street performers. The place is really crowded, but the things they do are amazing. Those tricks are almost like magic.

Could it be that you can’t see it?

Oh, sorry, it’s just for a bit. So…can you see?

Those people in the middle are amazing, making the objects in their hands disappear. This type of fun you can only experience here in the towns.


Hmm? It’s already enough? Did you see it properly?

Is that so…I’m glad, then let’s go to the next place.

What’s it this time? Did you find something interesting?

Ah…the sweets in those girl’s hands.


I see…before you lose your memories, you must surely have had friends. There must be things you’d prefer discussing with other girls rather than with me.

Oh, it’s okay, don’t mind it. There are talks that only girls would understand.


That’s right! Let’s make you some friends!

This time, let’s open a tea party at the castle and I’ll invite over the princesses I’m acquainted with. I’ll work hard, try to maybe bring in some wine. By doing that, then surely you can make friends with at least someone there.

Don’t worry, every person I know are nice, well-mannered girls, so it’s fine.


Okay, then if that’s decided. When we return to the castle, there’s a lot of preparation to be done. I’ll ask gramps for permission.

That’s right, I have to request a dress for you too. Your appearance in a dress, I’m sure it’d be cute.


Track 4: Worry


Today’s finally the day, this is the most nerve-wracking tea party in my life.

You seem worried, but it’s fine, if it’s you, I’m sure you’ll quickly fit in with everyone. The dress suits you and you’re really cute, so you’ll definitely make a lot of friends. It’s already been explained to the attendees prior that you can’t talk, that’s why it’s okay to not say anything.

That’s why bring out your courage and go out there.

I told you it’s fine, well…it can’t be helped.


Everyone, to those that responded to today’s sudden invitation, I give you my welcome.

And in regards to this tea party, it is not in any way formal. So please go on, and enjoy it to your heart’s content.


Now then, join go in.

Those girls over there, I believe are around the same age as you.

And also, I requested for there to be a lot of delicious sweets from the cook. So do your best!


Despite saying all that, that girl, will she really be okay…?

Seriously avoiding the eyes of anyone other than me and without me around, she would stumble every so often. More importantly, she isn’t able to speak.

Ahh…!!! I’m so worried right now.

But, I’ll hold it in. Hold it in.


Though, this type of thing isn’t something you can really see…being overwhelmingly worried that is.

That girl, I want to make her happy. I just wanna make her smile that’s all.

Oh, I was planning to give it to her, but I end up leaving it in my pocket. After giving it her all, at the tea party, I’ll give this candy to her as a reward.


Eh, that’s strange? She’s not there.

Where did she go? Where would she go all on her own…?

Not here, not there.

Why!? She was just here at this venue just a moment ago! I got to find her, quick!!!


Track 5: Don’t Wish to Part


She’s there! Wait a minute, don’t go!

Wait, where are you going?! Don’t run away!!!

That’s not a good idea! Running on the sand is dangerous!!!

Are you okay?!! Ah…uh……


Sorry, it’s my fault.

Those girls must have said something to you didn’t they?

I heard a bit from the servants near you. It’s probably the backlash from me turning the arranged marriage. I didn’t think…those girls would say such mean things to you. They were always well behaved in front of me, so I thought they’d definitely be nice to you.

Sorry…I didn’t think it would end up like this.

Don’t mind their words okay? I keep you by my side because I enjoy it, so you didn’t do anything wrong.


You’re not fit to stand by my side, is that what they said? Is that why you left?

I’m sure they said some other things, to make you show such an expression. Organizing a tea party without much thought is my responsibility……I’m really sorry.

No, I’m really…I’m insensitive and I think I pushed it this time.


It’s really frustrating, even though you look like you really want to say something.

I don’t know, sorry.


Speaking of which, I’ve forgotten about it lately. Earlier, looking at the sea was routine to me.

Over there is the beach where I collapsed after the shipwreck and you have a view from my room in the castle too. I thought of the person who saved me, ever since that day, I’ve always looked towards the sea.

Like hey, right now they’re out there somewhere.

It’s strange isn’t it, people can’t always be around. And during that time, I found you collapsed here. So I, as a result, mistaken you for the one who saved me……because I felt that there was some resemblance in your face.


But, because of you coming to the castle, things got so busy and hectic that I ended up completely forgetting about it.

Somehow, I’m always thinking about you. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about this or I’ll let you eat that next or there’s something interesting that I want to show you.


Every day was spent with you, and even during the short moments we weren’t together, my mind was constantly filled with thoughts of you like it is now.

Saying this would be more strange but…I want to keep you by my side, and I don’t wish to part with you…that’s what I end up thinking.


…I don’t quite understand it myself.


Sorry, I said something weird, haven’t I?

Right now…uh, in other words, um……hmm? What’s wrong?

What’s wrong?! Do your legs hurt?

Are you okay? Hey?! Keep it together!


Track 6: Sea Foam


Your legs?! Your legs hurt right…?!!

Just wait a minute, I’ll get a doctor.

But I can’t just leave you here! If we can’t get back soon enough…….

Eh, what?! What’s wrong?!


You, your voice? …And it’s that voice.

At any rate, let’s go back to the castle and have you see a doctor. I’ll carry you, so hold on tight.



Eh? This, you, your legsーーit can’t be.

You didn’t make it…? What kind of talk is that?

So you were a mermaid? No way. Seafoam..? What do you mean?

Something about you disappearing?

Wait a minute?!

How exactly do you complete the magic!? What exactly was your wish?! Hey! Tell me!!

Why aren’t you talking?!


I-I don’t want you to disappear…!!!

Then what should I do?! For it to end without me having even done anything…I’m against that!!

Tell me. If there’s something I’m able to do, I’ll do it, no matter what it is…!!!


What? A taste that holds memories?

This? That’s just candy. For your last request from me is merely this candyーー

It relieved your anxiety during times I was gone?

The first thing I gave you was this candy and since it was sweet, that’s why you enjoyed sweets so much.

But you see, I’ll always be by your side even without a thing like this!!


Wait!! Don’t disappear!!

I’m begging you, please don’t disappear…

I love you.


Eh? What?! Ugh, this blinding light.

That appearance……eh, what is going on? Your wish?

Eh? Eh?!! That’s what it was?!


Uh…what’s with that? If you had just said it sooner… I’m a bit hurt.

That’s true but, I had already fallen heads over heels for you. Even if I wasn’t fully aware of it myself earlier.

No, it’s just that I wasn’t self-aware. I probably liked you much earlier.

It’s not like that…

Speaking of which, I already had liked you from the time you were a mermaid, that I’m pretty clear on.


But the only thing I remembered clearly was your voice, I definitely liked you first though.

Eh?! Since that time?!

But my feelings of love are greater.

No, I’m more……


Haha, how about we return back?


Track 7: Together


Hey, is it okay if I touch you some more?

If you say something like that, I’ll want to make you mine right here and now.

……Are you really okay with that?

I’m happy, thank you.


Sorry, if you are scared in the middle of it…please run. I can’t keep myself composed anymore.


Is it hard on you? It’ll be better soon…


Your skin is extremely soft, especially here……

The fact that it’s the first time anyone touched there..I’m glad. And then of course here too…right…you didn’t have this part before……

Then if I touch here what will happen? So make sure to feel it.

Let’s start from the legs first.


Hmm? What? It feels strange? That means it feels good.


Hey, it’s no good if you move.

Then just hold on for now, I’m gonna lick somewhere even more amazing.


Where? I’m licking this place here.

Why don’t you check yourself? Right here…understand?

This place is going to feel even better.


You’re aroused here, it’s proof that it felt good.

Are your legs trembling…? It’s not because it hurts right?

If that’s so then it’s fine, I find it cute when you squirm around.


It’s okay, you don’t have to do anything, no need to worry about it. You just have to feel good and let me hear your cute voice.

I’m going to put my fingers inside, please tell me if it hurts.

Hmm…it’s tenser than I thought. Just a bit more.

Uh-huh, if I don’t lick it, it’s going to hurt when I put it in.

ーーThis thing of course.

Are you surprised? It’s okay, I’ll do it slowly so it won’t hurt.


Even though your voice finally came out…are you going to suppress it?

Since I didn’t get to hear it until now, please let me listen to it some more. The sounds that I never heard, let me hear plenty of it.


Does it feel good? Your hips are shaking.

Don’t be embarrassed, it was an unconscious thing no?

It’s fine…all your reactions are cute.


It going be difficult for me soon, I don’t know what I’m gonna do if I explode before even putting it in.

I want to hurry up and feel good too.

Ah no, you don’t have to do anything. Then, can you bear with it for a moment because it might hurt a little?

Relax your body more.

There, good.

Hey, turn this way.


It’s all in.

It hurts? Are you okay? Don’t push yourself, if it becomes too hard for you, I can quickly remove it in one go.


Sorry, I want to treasure you but when I hear your cute voice, I want to mess you up…….


It feels good.

I love you.


Whenever I’m with you, I feel extremely happy.

So, that’s why I want to spend more time together. I want to make you happy, so please spend the rest of your life with me.

I love you.

…….I love you.


Secret Track


Is right now okay? I’m entering……

How’s your condition?

Don’t look at a cold so lightly.

You’re mistaken, it’s still “How much longer?” You’re not fine at all.

Don’t say that, it’s your job right now to rest up in the hospital.

Well, it can’t be helped, since you are thinking that……

Here! I brought in some delightful looking sweets. It’s amazing no? Whilst keeping it a secret from gramps, I brought them in from the cook.


Eh, what? Eh?! I-I’m not thinking that, that type of thing, to control your mood with sweets…


Ah, you’re mistaken!!! I, the happy face you make when eating sweets, I enjoy seeing it. I thought it would make you feel a bit better.

I wanna hurry up and see you stuff your face with them.


I’m begging you don’t tell Gramps!!!

Aah, and I thought we’d finally be able to eat them together.

Hmm…? What?

Eh?! I’m fine. Ever since becoming an adult, I’ve never caught a cold.

You don’t see it?

Really,  I’m fine! Even if I were to kiss you right now, I’m certain that I won’t catch your cold.


This is the prince of this country you’re talking about because my health is in perfect condition.

Hmm? You don’t believe me?

It’s true though. Wanna kiss me and test it out?

Now then, close your eyes.

….If you’re against it, I’ll be hurt though.

Then it’s fine, right?


Now that I think of it, it’s been quite a while…we haven’t done it ever since you had the fever, so I withstood it for long enough. It couldn’t be helped, but it’s still lonely no?

Even if it was for a tiny moment, I wanted to touch you. That’s been on my mind for a long time now.


Right now your body’s become hot. It’s not because your fever’s returned, right?

Is that so, if it’s my fault then I’m relieved.


It’s okay, I’ve already told people to not come into this room for the next while. Though it was originally meant so we could secretly eat sweets, but well…the end result was still good.

Hmm? Are you worried about something else?

Now, now, don’t hide it. Even though it was finally taken off.

…..Let me see it properly.


I wonder if it’s because I let you eat too many sweets, but it feels like whichever place I lick on your body is sweet.

I’m serious, it’s so sweet that I can’t stop myself.


Here, a load of something sweet is dripping out……

Can I eat all of you?

There’s a lot coming out, I wonder if it’s because it’s been a while. I want to just hurry up and touch you, even though I thought it was best if I waited a bit longer, but…it was no use.

As expected, after kissing you, I couldn’t stop myself. I’m sorry.


I’m sorry, it’s a bit quick but I want to put it in, I’ve been enduring it this whole time.


I can’t have you feel cold, so let’s do it under the blanket. We wouldn’t want the cold to bounce back.


Hot, it’s really hot. It feels good.


Sorry, but is it okay if I lift up your leg?

It entered all the way, but I want to be connected even deeper…

Don’t let go of me and I won’t let go of you either.


And here as well.


Does it feel good?


Are you okay? You weren’t cold?

I’m glad.

I’m not at all, in fact, I’m sweating a lot. It’s fine, I wanna stay like this a bit longer, I can take a shower later.

I said I’m fine, I won’t catch a cold.


Eh? That’s strange, even though I thought I couldn’t catch a cold…

Oh, I see, then next time, I’ll have you caring for me. I’ve had the occasional thought about wanting to experience the feeling of being cared for.

Exclusively caring for the prince, your salary isーーa lot of love from me.


I’ll be in your care, my cute little mermaid.

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