【Translation】 Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi SS 「Beyond the Melting Snow」


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


Beyond the Melting Snow

“Jeez Sadatsugu, you’re off taking photos again?”

Her cheeks glow red behind the view of the lenses.

The steam fogs up the screen as I leaned forward, piqued by her innocent gesture and whilst trying to find a towel to wipe the camera, I fell into the water.

“Ah, that was close”

“Ahahaha, it’s unusual to see you fall Sadatsugu”

It was almost inevitable I would become like this…after all, today is our first hot springs trip together after getting married. After subsequently being busied and occupied by work just following our ceremony, this trip comes close to a honeymoon for us. In other words, there’s no way I wouldn’t be merry right now.

I feel as though I can melt the scene of snow with my fervor.

“Haaah, anyway, hot springs really do feel nice”

“Oh, but I regret not being able to reserve it in every inn we stay in”

“It’s a bad habit to keep blowing money on just about anything. The mere act of staying in a suite with an open-air bath is already luxurious enough”

“It’s not just on anything. I only spend generously when it comes to you”

“Brother, there’s a problem with that”

Incidentally, I’ve already decided that we’ll have our actual honeymoon overseas, though that’s still a secret because I want to keep it a surprise for her.

“You’re doing it again”

“Eh? Ah sorry…Sadatsugu”

Her shy appearance as she calls my name is the most adorablest thing in the world. Although I had nothing to drink, blood felt like it was going to pour out of my nose.

I pushed the shutter, almost without even realizing.

“Fufu, Sadatsugu you really like taking pictures don’t you?”

“That’s not it. I simply enjoy capturing your cute appearance”

“But lately, you’ve been quite enthusiastic about it”

(In the past I never had the opportunity to take fully nude pictures)

After getting advice from Haruto, I slowly expanded the range of images.

Because of that effort, I’ve slowly made her accustomed to it. And finally, even though she is so easily embarrassed; I could now take pictures of her in just a single bath towel. Still, it’s a nice atmosphere.

A situation that would’ve never been possible, I find my groin region growing hard.

(I’m glad there’s a bath towel wrapped around it)

It would have been awful to be seen sexually aroused from just the act of taking pictures. I don’t mind being called a pervert, but I don’t want to be hated a second time.

Panting heavily like an overzealous idol fan, I desperately calmed my breathing and gave a calm order.

“Ah, tilt your head a little”

“Like this?”

“Aah that’s good. Smile, smile, peace”

“Fufu, is it this type of feel?”

Because I was using full-fledged equipment, it looked like a bit of a photo session. I could make an entire photo album out of just her wrapped in just a bath towel.

(With the previous relationship, you could never take a picture like this)

After the accident stole her memories of being violated. She was in the situation where “she woke up and was married to her brother”

Taking advantage of this newfound circumstance, I lied to the best of my abilities. Forcing the world around us to fall in line, I’ve created an impossible narrative; that she and I are bound together because of love.

Thoroughly eliminating those that would dare disturb us. And those who appeared as though they’d become a hindrance, with various methods, I’ve silenced them.

With the help of some questionable friends, we now live a peaceful newly-married life…except the fact that once in a while it feels as though as she would remember

“Next, can you take off the bath towel?”

“Eh. B-but……”

As expected she has some resistance to being photographed naked. Her ears turned red as she mutters “What should I do”

I just need to press on a bit more, and so I excitedly approached with the cameraーー

“It hurts”


Suddenly she furrowed her brows and grasped her head. Panicked I took a look at her face, the color of her face was so pale, there’s no way you’d think it’s from bathing in the hot water.

“Are you okay!?”

“I’m sorry, maybe it’s the fault of the flash, but my head suddenly started hurting. Yet, somehow it feels as though I’m about to remember something……”

As soon as I heard those words, blood drained away from my body.

My mind was filled with fear at the thought of her remembering our past and impulsively pulled her towards me. Her eyes wide with astonishment, I kissed her relentlessly. Cold sweat ran down my back, sensing as though words of rejection would spill out from those lips; I had silenced her before she was able to utter a single word.

You may call me scum, but I did not regret what I’ve done in the past. Just that, I don’t want to lose this happiness that we’ve finally obtained.

“Sadatsugu, why are yoーー”

I swallowed up the gasping voice calling my name. She was perplexed, but I followed her tongue, entwining, licking, saliva overflowing from the edge of her mouth. Amidst all that, I calmly removed our damp bath towels.

While caressing her soft breasts with one hand, my other hand slid between her legs.

“Nnggghhhh, hah……hhahhh!”

Even though it’s an outdoor bath contained within the suite, it is still outdoors.

Turning red from embarrassment, she starts twisting her body.  Pinching the little buds of flesh, I had sealed her resistance.

“Hnnn! Nghh, kuh!”

Squeezing gently squeeze it, rolling my fingertips around.

Sensitive and swollen from the stimulation, the moment I teased both her nipples at the same time, her body jumped up.

Her face relaxed in a mix of both breathlessness and pleasure.

That completely melted facial expression is so cute, it’s unbearable.

Unable to stand the throbbing feeling in my hips, I instinctively pushed my hard d*ck against her thigh.

Even though she had just washed, her lower region started to get wet as I scraped up against her.

“Hnn, hah…brothe……wai…t”

I propped up her tense body and sat her on a rock. I placed my hands on both sides of her, slowly lifting her up, and gradually lowering her onto my fierce member.

“Hnnnn!? Aah, aaaaah…!!!”

The tip gradually pushed against and spread open her entrance.

At the moment her figure curled back, her eyes widening open.

“I can’t. Any more than this, I can’t”

“Hmmm? Sorry, I couldn’t quite hear that”

“Liar, you clearly heard it”

“Your place here is making such naughty sounds. See…?”

I wrapped the hands under her arms and around her back, held her tightly, and drove it in all at once.

The wet noises mixing together with the sound of flowing water from the hot spring.


Her insides were so tight as though it wanted to draw out my semen.

Her insides being hotter than usual felt so good.

I was close to reaching the limit, taking in a deep breath I endure it.

Her insides become soft, as I push up against her entrance and lovingly move my hips back and forth.

“Aaah, ahhh, you’re…m-mean brother, to do this so suddenly…”

“Look, you called me brother again. That is an act deserving of punishment”

“Ngh, punishment?”

My chest hurt from the look as though she was frightened by my lavish eyes.

Even so, I could not remove the thing inside her.

The thought of making everything mine continuously excites me.

While licking her ear, I breathed out with a sigh.

“To make you more aware that you are now my wife, I’ve decided to come inside”

“Such aーーhnn!!!”

Despite her always smiling about how she wanted to have kids, she was panicked at the sudden declaration. Looking anxious, she meekly tried to push me away with her arms.

“Aaah, hahh…not today”

“Why not?”

“……You know why”

I lightly suck on her rose-red lips, with a little laugh.

Of course, I knew. Being familiar with her body, today was a “risky” day.

“You’re against it?”

“Not that I’m agai…but, that’s not the problem…ahh! Ugghh!”

As she tried to answer, I stole her lips and once more roughly engulfed her tongue.

Syncing the kisses with the movement of my thrusts, her insides tightened and more of her love juices began pouring out.

“Nghh! Hnn…!!!”

Inside are twitching, her hips trembling.

Her entrance squeezes down on me.

Sensing that she’s at her limit, I rubbed against her sensitive vaginal walls mercilessly and came deep inside her. Even if her heart wasn’t in it, the entrance of her womb was sucking me up more than usual. The pleasurable feeling as the remaining cum trickled out, my body too began to tremble.

“Ha, haaa….hah. A-amazing, It feels like I’m being sucked dry”

“…Sadatsugu, you idiot”

“Are you that against having kids with me?”

I asked as I continued kissing her forehead.

She puffed up her cheeks and said while pouting.

“It’s embarrassing doing it outside”

“Ahaha. I understand, we won’t do it outside so cheer up”

She may have forgotten, but in reality, we’re done even more amazing stuff before…but I’ll keep that sealed inside my heart.


“Yes really”

“You aren’t lying?”


Suddenly her eyes gave me a sharp glare.

Completely frozen and I swallowed up my words, but then her eyes proceeded to tremble sadly.

“Sadatsugu, have I done something horrible to you in the past, except that I have now merely forgotten?”

“Why are you asking that type of thing……”

“But Sadatsugu, you were making a strange face”


“Just a while ago, before you kissed me, for a moment…you made a pained expression”

There was a sharp pain inside my chest as if my heart was being torn apart by those words. Even breathing becomes painful.

I was one who’s done horrible things. I was the unredeemable bastard, forcibly keeping you by my side. ーーSo, in spite of that, why do I want to reveal it?

I didn’t want it to be known, and yet, deep down in my heart I still wished for her to know.

Even though I don’t understand it myself……perhaps maybe I wished for her to accept me even if I’ve become distorted.

I laughed at my own arrogance.

“So what’s the truth?”

She tilted her head and asked in a tone as if she was merely poking fun. However, unlike her voice, the look in her eyes was serious.

I instinctively put up that “good brother” face I had kept for 10 years, and smiled.

“You haven’t done anything to hurt me, not even once. I really mean it”

That wasn’t a lie.

“I see, that’s a relief……”

Relieved, the strength left her body.

Paying close attention so as to not drop her, I carried her up to our bedroom.

In my mind thinking, for now, the truth of my past deeds won’t be exposed.


But that night, I woke up to a strange sense of uneasiness.

I look to my side, she who should’ve been sleeping inside my arms is no longer there. I thought she had gone to take a drink of water, but after waiting 5 minutes she still did not return.

Jumping up at this abnormal situation, I caught a strange color from the corner of my eyes from across the tatami mat room

I had caught a glimpse of something outside the window.


A chill ran down my spine. Why is there black in a scene of white snow……

When I turned to look closer, I saw her lying, collapsed in the garden below. The frighteningly beautiful sight of her black hair spread across the pure white snow.


I rushed down barefoot, stumbling my way down to the garden.

Just as I thought that I needed to call an ambulance, a pair of eyes colored with the same black opened and glanced toward me.

“I’m alright, I’m alive. I’m sorry for making you worry. I know it was a strange thing to do”

“W-why are you out here in a place like this! You’ll die being out in this temperature wearing only a yukata!”

“Why…hmmm, even I don’t quite understand it myself. But when I went to take a drink of water, as I watched the snow fall, somehow I had the urge to do this. I felt……as though sometime in the distant past I had seen the exact same snowy sky.  I wonder when that was. I thought that if I could remember this, the answer to the mysteries would be solved and after that, my head started hurting a little.”

As she went on talking, her eyes were empty, the scenery her eyes reflected wasn’t that of hereーーit was of times lost.

Perhaps because of the cold, but my knees start shaking. There weren’t any other words I could say, whilst praying I spoke quietly.

“…….I love you”

“Fufu, I love you too”

“And so, let’s return to our room, okay?”

“Yeah. If I stay out here any longer, I really might die”

The coldness as I held her snow-covered body was reminiscent of death and before I knew it…I had begun crying.

“Sadatsugu don’t cry, I won’t do anything stupid like that again”

Smiling gently, patting my head as though I was a child.

And because of that, I could no longer hold back my tears.

Sobbing quietly, my arms gripping tightly onto her soft body. It was the first time in my life that I’ve cried like this.

“I-I’m scared”

“I know already, I won’t do anything like that again”

I’m scared to lose her love. After knowing the happiness of being loved as a man, the thought of her looking at me with disdain is painful.

The seeds I sowed myself, like knives piercing my heart, I never thought they would cause me such agony.


I traced my hand around her cheeks. Whilst looking at the large snowflake that fell upon it, I unintentionally muttered out my thoughts.

“Like this snowflake, I want to melt and become one with you.”

“Then brother, let’s melt away together.”

The lips that touched mine were cold. Yet strangely, it brings me warmth inside.

I’ll protect this warmth, no matter what kind of lies I have to tell.


……That is what I firmly swore to myself that night.

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