【Translation】 Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi SS 「Pillow Talk ~Staring at You~」


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

ピロートーク ~見つめる〜

Pillow Talk ~Staring at You~

As the round droplets of sweat on those soft breasts, slowly dripped down.

I felt it would be waste and licked them up, I could feel a sensation of warmth spread from my throat to the rest of my body.

This warmth is the love that heals me like medicine……a poison.

Embracing the adoptive sister who’s now become my wife, sipping up what leaked from her body, I fed into my madness.

While feeling satisfied that tonight I had a taste of her whole body, I felt a cold sweat.

“Hmm? What’s wrong? Does it hurt anywhere?”

I flattened out the creases between my brows and forced a smile.

“Aah, my chest hurts. You are so cute that I thought I would stop breathing”

“Brother, you’re the only one who sees that”

“Look, you went back to calling me that”

“Oh, I’m sorry…… If I’m not paying attention, I end up quickly reverting back, at any rate, I’m not suited to be broth-Sadatsugu’s wife”

“You were already qualified from the moment you were born.”

“Haha, that’s great”

“It’s the truth, my cute wife.”

I’m happy right now, but I’m scared. If I continue embracing you ever night, perhaps one day you’ll remember the memories of the times I violated you.

I wonder if she would reject me once she regains all her memories………

I live in constant fear of that moment, that tonight while embracing her I had tightened my hands around her neck.

It wasn’t just today, lately, I’ve had the subconscious desire to end her life.

Kill her while she loved you in the form that she is nowーーI could hear a voice whisper inside my head.

“Hey, as I thought, there’s something wrong isn’t there?”

“That might be true. Haruto has said love can stop one’s mind from working”

“Fufu, that would include me too. I love Sadatsugu so much, I think I’ll turn in an idiot”

“……Truly, if only I could be a fool who knew nothing”


“……It’s nothing”

As long as I keep a lid on the past, we should be able to remain happy. Even so, why does my heart……feels like it’s sinking deeper into the mud. Every time I see her smiling happily, it drives me down even further.

Haruto seeing my current state said to me “It would be so much easier if you just came clean to her,” but there’s no way I would be able to do such a thing. After learning the happiness of being loved, it is an act equal to destroying one’s own world.

That’s why lately, I’ve been stuck with two conflicting thoughts.

ーーI want to stare into your eyes. Yet at the same time, I’m frightened and can’t help but to look away.

It’s stupid, for it was I myself who chose to walk down this path.

“Even if you say it was nothing……”

I was deep within my sea of thoughts when I heard a quiet voice and raised my head in response.


“It looked as if you were afraid of something”

“Haha, you said it best haven’t you? I’m so happy right now that I’m scared. I’m reaping what I’ve sowed.”

“That is how it is,” I say to myself mentally.


……This is fate. Until the day, this all falls into ruin.

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